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Extreme Championship Wrestling: House Party 96 [DVD]
Extreme Championship Wrestling: House Party 96 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Ecw

3.0 out of 5 stars ECW Houseparty '96, 5 Nov. 2007
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This was the first major ECW show of 1996, and following on from Holliday Hell, it has a preety star studded card. The matches are as follows:
The Eliminators vs 911 & Rey Misterio Jr - This is a crazy opening match with a lot of feuds running through it. In a way this makes it an entertaining opener, but it also makes it a little over-chaotic as there is constant interference. The match itself depends on Misterio working with The Eliminators, which is a problem as the seize difference is so great that most of Misterio's offence looks implausible, but he still manages a couple of decent moves to save the match. Good chaos but not a good match.
Rob Van Dam vs Axl Rotten - This was the ECW debut of RVD, and though it is certainly not a classic, it is a good solid wrestling match. RVD had clearly not developed the style that would make him a top star in ECW or WWE, but this match does carry a novelty value of sorts.
Too Cold Scorpio vs Mikey Whipwreck - A rematch from the Holiday Hell show where Whipwreck won the Television Title from Scorpio. I found this to be a slow and slightly sloppy match. As always with Scorpio, there are some nice spots, but also some slow moments. Whipwreck spends most of the match getting pounded. Decent, but they can do better.
Taz vs Hak Myers - A standard Taz match for the time. That means suplexes and submissions. Fine by me, but watching Taz selling weak punches from Hak Myers does damage his credibility slightly.
Buh Buh Ray Dudley vs Gigilo Jimmy Del Ray - We only get highlights of this match, which may be an act of mercy, but is annoying none the less. Watchable while it lasts.
Sandman vs Konnan - Two wrestlers who have nothing in common in terms of their ring style, and it shows for the first ten minutes as the match plods along in a typical messy Sandman fashion. For the last five minutes, the blood starts to flow, the action gets extreme and the match becomes mildly interesting. Once again, watchable.
Sabu vs Stevie Richards - A good match simply because Stevie gets the opportunity to perform in a big match and Sabu is in the ring with a smaller wrestler who can work with him for a change rather than just get in his way. This match has some good wrestling and nice bumps by one great wrestler and one great personality that renewed my interest in this show.
Public Enemy vs Gangstas - The ECW farewell match for The Public Enemy, and it is your classic ECW arena-wide brawl, which actually makes a nice change on this show, compared to many early ECW shows which are top-heavy with these matches. One of the more entertaining PE matches. Good stuff.
The show wraps up with a PE video highlighting their time in ECW. On the whole this was a hit and miss show, but there is enough good stuff for a serious ECW fan to make it a worthy purchase.

Extreme Championship Wrestling: Holiday Hell '95 [DVD]
Extreme Championship Wrestling: Holiday Hell '95 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Ecw

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3.0 out of 5 stars ECW Holiday Hell, 30 Oct. 2007
Holiday Hell was the much-hyped debut of ECW in NYC, and was held in Queens, NY, on 29/12/95. The matches are as follows:
Taz vs Koji Nakagawa - A typical Taz squash from the early days of the shoot fight gimmick. Preety typical stuff, some nice mat wrestling, some sick suplexes, but nothing special.
Hack Myers vs JT Smith - This was basically a comedy match, as an entertaining serious wrestling match was never on the cards with these two. Short and watchable.
Too Cold Scorpio vs Mikey Whipwreck - A nice wrestling match, but one that is mostly one-sided and as a result never really makes into second gear. A suprise ending is a little ridiculous, but that is the way things were done in ECW at that time.
The PitBulls vs The Eliminators - An odd tag team match that starts in the ring, then goes outside for some hardcore, and then goes back inside and continues as though the hardcore portion of the match never happened. There are some nice spots from The Eliminators, and some sloppy ones from The Pitbulls. Decent, but should have been cut a couple of minutes short.
Raven vs Tommy Dreamer - A solid match that manages to combine hardcore with humour. If there was a problem with this rivalry it was that there were so many matches over such a long period of time that it was difficult to make them feel distinctive and important. A good fun match though.
Bruiser Mastino vs El Puerto Ricano - Why would Paul Heyman invite Mantaur to ECW? There really is no excuse for matches like this on what is supposed to be a major show. A squash.
The Blue Meanie vs Buh Buh Ray Dudley - Very short and not very sweet. Ugly match.
Sandman vs Raven - Like most Sandman matches, this was low on athletic ability and lower on wrestling skill, but still oddly compelling. Watchable, even if it isn't exactly thrilling.
Public Enemy vs Gangsters - Like a lot of Hardcore matches in the early days of ECW, this one was so high on wapons and blood, that it quickly becomes numbing and the match degenerates into a boring mess. Very violent, very dull.
Cactus Jack vs Sabu - Jack cuts a solid pre-match promo during which he suggests that the match should be contested under olympic rules. The performers get some good humour out of this at first, until Joey Styles continues the joke ten minutes into the match. Some good hardcore action in this one with some nice spots. Sabu/Cactus Jack matches never did manage to live up to the hype, but a solid match all the same.
So this was a mixture of good and bad wrestling, but it ignores the fact that the MVP of the night was Stevie Richards, who made several appearances in front of the microphone and always proves entertaining. On the whole, Holiday Hell was a decent show, but by no means essential. For collectors only.

Extreme Championship Wrestling: The Doctor Is In [DVD]
Extreme Championship Wrestling: The Doctor Is In [DVD]
Dvd ~ Ecw

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4.0 out of 5 stars ECW The Doctor Is In, 28 Sept. 2007
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Held at the ECW arena in August 1996, this show caught my attention becuse it was held at the time when many hardcore fans claim that the company was at its creative peak.
The show opens with Mikey Whipwreck taking on Devon Storm. This was a good opening match, though it was given a little more time than the two wrestlers knew how to fill. Still, it does have some impressive spots.
Match number two features two ECW newcomers at the time Louie Spicolli and Johnny Smith. Though neither would enjoy much success in the company, they put on a decent if unremarkable wrestling match here. Keeps the flow going nicely but hardly essential.
Advertised on the back of the DVD as match number three is D-Von Dudley vs Axl Rotten. This match never actually gets started as the rest of the Dudley clan get involved, and what should be a match degenerates into a very long series of chair shots. Odd, and not very entertaining.
Up next, Stevie Richards replaces Raven in an ECW World Title match against The Sandman. I personally prefer the ECW technical wrestling matches to hardcore, which often comes across as a mess, but this was a very good match. The Sandman had a gorey eye injury coming in, and has to fight off the group that would become known as the BWO. Hardcore in some places, silly in other, this was a good fun match.
Chris Jericho takes on Too Cold Scorpio in a match that starts off with some good technical and athletic wrestling, but begins to drag as the pace slows down. Maybe the infamous heat at the ECW arena got to them, but the match does drop off. All the same, it does feature some great wrestling at the start.
Shane Douglas defends the ECW TV Title against Pit Bull #2 in the first match after Pit Bull #1 broke his neck. My hopes were low for this after seeing the dreadful match they had at Barely Legal, and this was better (just). The crowd keep it interesting.
A four -way dance for the ECW World Tag Team titles follows. The only teams worth mentioning are The Elimenators and The Gangstas. A dull, sloppy, match that explains why hardcore wretling has so many critics. Because most of the matches look like this.
Finally, in the main event Sabu and RVD go one on one in a stretcher match. Some good spots, some mistakes, same as ever when these two meet. Not their best match, but not their worst either.
This was a good show from the ECW heyday. Well worth checking out.

Extreme Championship Wrestling: Hostile City Showdown [DVD]
Extreme Championship Wrestling: Hostile City Showdown [DVD]
Dvd ~ Ecw

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3.0 out of 5 stars ECW Hostile City Showdown '96, 20 Sept. 2007
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This ECW show took place at the ECW arena in September 1996 and like a lot of ECW shows from this era it combines jaw dropping bumps with sloppy wretling performed by barely talented performers. The opening couple of matches on the show are dominated by the tag team rivalry between The Gangstas and The Elimenators. New Jack opens up the show with a typically colourful and entertaing interview, which leads to a brawl between the two teams. The brawl gets broken up and then starts again during a match between Super Nova and El Peurto Ricano. It then gets broken up again after an arena-wide fight. This was a good, entertaining way to start the show. I always enjoyed the way ECW events would open by making the audience think that they had abandoned the format, and this chaos suited ECW well. After the brawl, the show reverts back to the format but the chaos continues.
The Dudley Boyz take on The Pitbulls in another arena-wide brawl. As chaotic hardcore wrestling goes, this was very well done, and the fan interaction alone makes it worth watching.
The show continues with Taz taking on Dangerous Devon Storm (Crowbar in WCW). This is a short match created to continue the Taz/Sabu rivaley as Devon Storm imitates Sabu all through the match. Badly. Despite some mistakes and an entirely unimpressive Sabu impression, this was a good piece of promotion for the classic Taz/Sabu match at Barely Legal.
Little Guido vs Axl Rotten follows. This is a pure filler match. Fine for what it is but don't expect much.
The Bruise Brothers take on The Sandman and Too Cold Scorpio in a tag match. Sloppy match. Too Cold is the only talented wrestler in the ring and he has spent most of his career underachieving. Just poor.
We get the first of the big rivalry matches on the show next when Tommy Dreamer takes on Brian Lee. Another ECW hardcore brawl. Fine, but all this hardcore stuff does get old after a while.
The most anticipated match on the card is Sabu vs RVD. A very good match with some amazing bumps, this is the best of their original run of matches in 1996. It still has some embarrasing mistakes as all of their matches did, but the bumps make up for it. It also has a much better flow then the other matches in this rivalry.
Finally, in the main event, Shane Douglas takes on Raven for the ECW world title. A slow match at first, it picks up towards the end with some false finishes and outside interference without overdoing it.
On the whole this is an entertaining show but is really nothing remarkable. I have not seen many of the early ECW shows, and am discovering them for the first time now. Inconsistent, but good.

Judgement Day 2007 [DVD]
Judgement Day 2007 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Wwe
Offered by aardvark-games
Price: £3.98

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4.0 out of 5 stars WWE Judgement Day 2007, 12 Sept. 2007
This review is from: Judgement Day 2007 [DVD] (DVD)
Judgement Day 2007 was a PPV that was dominated by storyline development rather than wrestling, but still managed to become an enjoyable event.
The opening match was a grudge match between Ric Flair and Carlito, and after a sloppy start the match gains momentum and reaches a fine ending. Not as good as their Unforgiven 2005 match, but still a solid opener.
The second match is a re-match from Backlash as Bobby Lashley takes on the McMahons and Umaga in a handicap match. This is what i mean by Judgement Day being an event dominated by storylines rather than wrestling. The match barely lasts a minute, and was designed to keep the story going, nothing more. Still, fine for what it was.
Match 3 is CM Punk vs Elijah Burke. Quite a slow buildup, but if you enjoy old fashioned wrestling storytelling than this is a reasonable match.
The Randy Orton/Shawn Michaels match only happens to re-establish Orton as the legend killer, and give Shawn Michaels an excuse to be off television for a while. Despite being short, it is actually quite entertaining, as the story is well told and Randy Orton is great as the sadistic legend killer.
The Hardys against Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch is match of the night. The only wrestling match on the show that is compelling because of wrestling, this is easily superior to their Backlash match, and the crowd are into the action. Great tag team wrestling.
Batista vs. Edge was a last minute addition to make up for the injury of The Undertaker. Slow, but watchable, this match has a nice ending that makes up for the slow pace.
Chris Benoit has his final PPV match against MVP in a two out of three falls. Their first two PPV matches were easily forgotten, and this is worse. Slow and boring, it is a shame to see Benoit go out this way.
The final match is the WWE championship match between John Cena and The Great Khali. With the help of Cena and a very enthusiastic crowd, Khali has the first good match of his career. Short but very energetic, a great main event.
On the whole this is a very entertaining show. Well worth a look for any WWE fan.

Extreme Championship Wrestling: Gangsta's Paradise [DVD]
Extreme Championship Wrestling: Gangsta's Paradise [DVD]
Dvd ~ Ecw

2.0 out of 5 stars ECW Gangstas Paradise, 12 Sept. 2007
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I brought this show on DVD because i have never seen an entire pre-Barely Legal ECW show, and wanted to do so before these DVD's dissapear for good. I chose this show because i was drawn by the supposedly classic tag team title match and the debut of Extreme Lucha Libre. However, i found this show very dissapointing.
As other reviewers have already mentioned, the first three matches on the card are throw away matches that in all honesty do not belong on an ECW event. The Broadstreet Bully and Bull Pain meet in the opening match, and have an unispiring brawl to match their ridiculous WCW names. The second match features the original, and certainly not the best, Dudley Boyz taking on a couple of jobbers. There is just no excuse for matches as bad as this. Finally on the undercard, JT Smith takes on Hack Myers. The match has a number of cuts made, which is odd given that the DVD is only 95 minutes long. Still, it is reasonably entertaining due to the interaction between JT and the crowd.
The second half of the show is easily superior, starting with the two out of three falls dog collar match for the tag team titles. The match features Raven and Stevie Richards taking on The Pit Bulls. In many ways this is a messy hardcore match, but it is done well with some good spots and a lively crowd that help the action along. I know a lot of fans enjoyed the way the match ended, with a number of storylines coming to an end in one match, but seeing it for the first time twelve years on, it seems overcrowded and ridiculous at times. Too much happens, and in the end it is Todd Gordon rather than a referee that counts the final fall. An odd ending that spoils the match slightly.
Folowing this, it was the debut of Extreme Lucha Libre. Having seen other Extreme Lucha Libre matches i was looking forward to this. Though it was a very entertaing match, it could have been better. A young Rey Mysterio always manages to liven things up, but Psicosis seems to work a traditional American pro-wrestler heel style and does very little Lucha Libre. In the end it's a solid match but nothing remarkable.
Finally, the show ends with a six man steel cage match, which sees The Sandman team up with Scorpio and New Jack to take on The Public Enemy and Mikey Whipwreck. This is just an appalling match that destroys the momentum of the previous two efforts. There was little point in the steel cage as it was only used in one spot and the wrestlers still brawl all over the arena. The Sandman lived up to his sloppy reputation and the other five were not any better. Despite featuring some very violent wrestlers in a twenty minute match, not much happens and the ending is a relief.
On the whole i found this to be a dissapointing event. The tag title match and Extreme Lucha Libre are solid but the rest varies from average to dreadful.

WWE - Backlash 2007 [DVD]
WWE - Backlash 2007 [DVD]
Dvd ~ WWE
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £4.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars WWE Backlash 2007, 12 Aug. 2007
This review is from: WWE - Backlash 2007 [DVD] (DVD)
After reading some good reviews i saw this PPV on DVD for the first time after i stopped watching WWE last year. From top to bottom it is a soild show, if a little uneven.
The first four matches on the show are all amusing enough but preety forgetful. The Hardys put on an enjoyable tag team opener against the underrated team of Cade and Murdoch. The match shows that at least a small bit of hope remains for tag team wrestling in the WWE.
Chris Benoit and MVP had a better match than they did at Wrestlemania. JBL reffering to that match as a classic was one of the biggest stretches i've heared in wrestling for some time. A reasonable US title match with some good psychology.
The womens title match between Melina and Mickie James was watchable. As womens championship matches goes, watchable will do.
The only ECW match on the card only had one ECW wrestler in it. So while RVD and CM Punk had nothing to do, Vince Mcmahon once again demonstrated the fact that he considers himself to be more important than his wrestlers. Luckily, most of 3 on 1 handicap match was carried by Lashley and Umaga, which means that once again it was watchable and not much more.
The last man standing match between The Undertaker and Batista was a very good mostly convincing brawl, which isn't always easy to do as recent matches like the last ride match at Armageddon prove. The only problem was the ending. Though i don't have a problem with the decision itself, the melodramatic explosions and having the set fall down was laughable.
Finnaly, the fatal four way main event was one of the best WWE PPV main event matches in a long time. Cena is an underrated worker, and the other three are superb wrestlers, making this a great match that really lifts the PPV up to be well above average. The ending also works well as it elevates the winner without damaging the reputations of the other three.
On the whole this is a very good PPV carried by the last two matches, but even the undercard is fine with no really bad matches.

Price: £5.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars Static x have lost their way, 17 April 2007
This review is from: Cannibal (Audio CD)
After reading some good reviews of this album from both fans and critics (who are never normally kind to Static x) i was looking forward to this album. But i found it dissapointing. Things start well with the title track, Cannibal, One of the heaviest songs of the bands career. It has a great riff, the vocal delivery is solid as always from Wayne Static and the total package is a classic Static x song. But as the album goes on i can't help wondering why they really bothered. The only thing that has really changed is the debut of solos on a Static x album. Wayne Static does a compotent job with the solos but they don't add anything to the songs and are basically in the background for much of the album, drowned out by heavy riffs and techno noise. Having always wished the band would abondon the electronics i was saddened to realise their quite prominent here. Another problem for me is the lyrics. Though the quality of the lyrics themselves has often been debateable in Static x songs, they seem to have taken it a step further here and provided an album made up mostly of complete nonsense. It wasn't such a problem in the past when the band were able to fuse the silliness with entertaining music but that just isn't here for me. The album hits a low point lyrically with Chroma-matic and musically with Reptile. I don't deny that their are some good pieces of thrash style riffing to be found on this album but it's not enough to save it. Still, i might have given this album a two star review if it were not for Reptile. Possibly one of the worst songs i've ever heard. For people who are new to the band i would advise you check out the excellent debut Wisconsin death trip and the superior follow up Machine first. If you like those, Shadow Zone and Start a war are certainly worth a look.

The Mummy [VHS] [1999]
The Mummy [VHS] [1999]
Offered by londonstorehouse
Price: £12.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars best adventure since Indiana Jones, 16 Aug. 2005
This review is from: The Mummy [VHS] [1999] (VHS Tape)
If pure entertainment is your thing then you don't need to look any further than the mummy. It's a film that sets out quite simply to entertain, and succeds.
Their are several aspects of this film that i enjoyed. The introduction is tremendous, as a narrator sets up the film, telling the viewer the story of Imhotep and how he came to be mummified. Throughout the film there are some spectacular visual images and some of the most memorable occur in this opening section of the film.
As the characters are introduced the pace and the mood of the film change greatly. We are introduced to three more important characters. Rick 'o Conell, an Indiana Jones style adventurer, evelyn, a clumsy but attractive and keen character desperate to live up to the reputation of her adventurer parents, and her brother johnathon desperate to find some treasure with as little danger and adventure as possible.
Their is a tremendous chemistry between the members of the cast. They all seem to have a naturally established banter between them and this comes across well on screen as there is a lot of good humour. You get the impression that everyone involved had a great time making the movie. I also really enjoyed the support acting of the jailor "He's going to be hanged. Apparently, he had a very good time".
Many of the CGi scenes are impressive despite one or two times when it is a little over the top as other reviewers mentioned, but those moments are rare. I like my CGI to loook impressive and colourful but realistic, which is achieved here most of the time. The famous face of Imohtep apperaing from the sand and regeneration of the character from decomposistion to a completley human body are both very impressive.
Their are one or two scary moments in the movie but by no means is it a horror movie. Although i did find the scene where an American adventurer has his eyes and tounge removed by Imhotep to be quite disturbing.
As other reviewers mentioned their is also a small romantic sub-plot between 'O Connel and Evelyn, but lets not forget that the basic plot of the film is romantic as Imhotep hopes to ressurect his long dead lover, though this backbone of the film does get forgotten as you get into the story, until the exiting ending.
All in all this a fantastic movie made complete by a great story, good direction, some impressive CGI and most of all some very enthustiatic and enjoyable acting. The best adventure movie Hollywood has produced since thev Indiana Jones trilogy>

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