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Some Recent Protest Songs
Some Recent Protest Songs
Offered by DGL Store
Price: £38.74

5.0 out of 5 stars A great album, 25 April 2014
Robb at his absolute best....but £80 for the CD? It's on Discogs brand new for a quarter of the price.

BlackBerry PlayBook - Tablet - 64 GB - 7" TFT ( 1024 x 600 ) - rear camera + front camera - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
BlackBerry PlayBook - Tablet - 64 GB - 7" TFT ( 1024 x 600 ) - rear camera + front camera - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

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3.0 out of 5 stars A decent browser would make this a must have!, 7 Jan 2013
This a a fast machine with good resolution...and good value for the price - but, there is one thing that is SERIOUSLY letting it down, and that is the browser.

Don't get me wrong, the browser is speedy enough, but, it SERIOUSLY lacks functionality.

There is no way to block online adverts (a MUST in any modern browser - and especially true if you are a perent - the web is full of mysogenistic ads for dating sites for one - not that I'm against dating sites, but the adverts for them are crass and as alreadsy said, mysogenistic), there is no script blocker (I use the highly reccomended Firefox add-on, Noscript on my desktop), so one less barrier to getting malware on your pc.

There is no way to change the appearance of a website (as you can with the Firefox add-on'Stylish'), so, if certain colours hurt you eyes, then tough.

When a decent browser is made for this tablet, it will be excellent, and a must have - until then, it is a speedy, low cost alternative and nothing more.
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Nokia 1100 - Pay As You Go (discontinued by manufacturer)
Nokia 1100 - Pay As You Go (discontinued by manufacturer)

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5.0 out of 5 stars If you just want calls and texts, this is the BEST!!!!, 15 Aug 2012
I am someone who likes things exactly so. For a lot of things, basic doesn't do it for me.

For example, I won't use anything but the highly customisable Firefox (with Adblock Plus, Noscript, Stylish and Social Fixer add-ons), to get the web just the way I want.

You know what? As far as mobiles go, this IS just the way I want already.

Here are the reasons...

* Simple and easy to use

* Old style monochrome viewer, with a backlight, which means that, unlike basically every other phone on the market, whatever the time of day...indoors, outdoors, day, night, the display is always - ALWAYS easy to read.

* It has a 'Loud' profile. As someone who is slightly hard of hearing, this means that I absolutely always hear when someone rings me or texts me.

* Unlike a lot of other phones, the alarm clock is loud enough to actualy wake me up.

* Rounded keys...meaning that I don't struggle to type someone's number.

* Durable. I have had this model for over 5 years, in that time, it's been on the roof of a car that's driven off, falen on concrete from 10 foot, been with me when I've fallen over drunk countless times, and who knows what else...and it still works perfectly.

* Long battery life. I only have to charge it once every 12-14 days.

* It's basic, so won't get nicked. It's fallen out of my pocket in pubs, clubs and at a party, and I've always had it back.

Three times, I have 'upgraded' when I've been flush, and three times, I've come back to my trusty Nokia 1100.

I cannot rate this phone highly enough. Shame on Nokia for discontinuing it...

Sony Vaio Pocket Music Player 40Gb Vgf-Apl1
Sony Vaio Pocket Music Player 40Gb Vgf-Apl1

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1.0 out of 5 stars Do NOT buy this product - or at least if you do read this review first, 3 Feb 2012
Do NOT buy this product.

Firstly, to put music on here, you have to use the slow, buggy, memory hungry, "Sonic Stage" program provided by Sony. Nothing else is compatable. You CANNOT drag and drop like you can with just about any other music player.

Also, when you install Sonic Stage, you get other software which is borderline malware.

If that isn't enough, you can only use the first machine you installed the software onto. Try installing it on another machine - tough luck - it won't work. If your hard drive goes pop, or you upgrade your computer, you are left with a machine you can no longer put any more music onto.

The tech support is basically non-existant. There is NO email support (at least for the UK) only a premium rate number.

You want to put a copy protected disc that you bought onto this player? It's not possible.

Avoid this at all costs. If I could give it a zero stars rating, believe me, I would have.
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Some Recent Protest Songs
Some Recent Protest Songs
Price: £29.60

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5.0 out of 5 stars Robb does it again!!!, 3 Jan 2012
The style is indie with a big nod to singer/songwriter with the tiniest element of folk-rock...

The songs are *excellent*, funny, melodic, passionate, irreverant...but, NEVER lacking punch...

If you are new to Robb's music, this is a good place to start...then get 'Tony Blair - My Part In His Downfull', 'Margaret Thatcher - My Part In Her Downfall', 'Clockwork Music', and 'The Triumph Of Hope Over Experience'...

If you know Robb's music already, you will absolutely love this album!!!!

Starting with a humour-laden tongue in cheek dig at the ConDems, it continues at it starts...track 3, a humourous mix of spoken/sung song where Nick Clegg meets a destiture creature on his way home from a hard day 'As the a important deputy prime minister - washing and ironing Dave's jogging bottoms'. The wretched, destiture creature turns out to be one of Nick's principles...

Deep Down Underground is a nod to the courage of the Chilean miners and those that rescued them....the twist being that, in the song, it is bankers that get trapped underground...and ordinary people turn up to bring bricks and slabs of concrete.

I could comment on each individual song...but, that would make for a LONG review...simply put, for anyone left of centre into indie, pop, singer songwriter, or just into good quality pop songs and protest songs....this album is for you.

The Hits
The Hits
Offered by shakedownrecords
Price: £39.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars Still not arrived, 23 Dec 2011
This review is from: The Hits (Audio CD)
Ordered directly from Amazon on December 14th for a Chrismas present. Almost a week and a half later.Still hasn't turned up :(
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TP-Link TL-WN722NC 150Mbps High Gain Wireless USB Adapter
TP-Link TL-WN722NC 150Mbps High Gain Wireless USB Adapter
Price: £9.73

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4.0 out of 5 stars A good piece of kit, but, NOT high gain, 13 Aug 2011
I am right at the back of the house & need a good strong antenna to get any wi-fi signal.

After my old PC died, I found this as a cheap alternative to an internal wi-fi adaptor with external antenna that I previously used.

I chose this model, not only because it was supposedly high gain (it isn't), but, because it had a detachable antenna, meaning I could plug my 12dbi antenna into it.

On the plus side, it is quick and easy to set up...and it certainly does the job of connecting to the net well.

I am getting the same signal strength I had with my old setup with my existing antenna. The antenna that it comes with is, sadly, not powerful to give me a reliable signal. Still, it was cheap and I'm no worse off than before.

The one thing it is lacking - which really should be fixed, is that when you are trying to find the best position for the antenna, the only guide to signal strength is the TINY 5-bar graphic that comes with windows..just about ok when you are in front of the screen, but, as useless as a chocolate teapot when you are a meter or two away trying to move the antenna into the best position.

They really could - and should - have put a decent signal meter on the disc as well.

Wonderful Life
Wonderful Life
Price: £8.52

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4.0 out of 5 stars An absolutely SUPERB album, but, whoever chose the bonus tracks is obviously NOT a fan..., 21 Jun 2011
This review is from: Wonderful Life (Audio CD)
I caannot begin to relate just how good this album is. (Why it got 4 stars rather than 5 from me later).

There are two Black albums woth owning...and this is the pearl. (The other is 'Comedy', after that Black went into AOR-mush territory).

This is the most poignant, emotional album that Black (Aka Colin Vearncombe) ever released - unsurprising when it was inspired by the breakup of his marriage.

And, of course, every angsty teenage kid (it was a BIG seller - most great albums don't make it into public consciousness, but, this is one exception), the words and the music fitted like a glove, along with The Cure's 'Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me' (only surpassed with 'Disintegration' a couple of years later), almost anything by The Smiths, and The Rose Of Avalanche 'Never Another Sunset' deserves a mention here as well...

This was truly the sound of heartbreak, from the tongue-in-cheek-almost-sarcastic-denial of the title track, through the neandethal-testosterone-laden-teen in 'Just Making Memories' to the sheer-heartbreak-caught-in-song that is 'Sweetest Smile' - if you can listen to 'Sweetest Smile' on headphones and not shed a tear, you are not's certainly as close, honest and cutting as anything The Field Mice have written - and from me, that's a BIG compliment.

It truly is an excellent album...but, I will knock off a star for the lack of inclusion in the bonus tracks 'Birthday Night', one of the most bittersweet, but, also most upbeat, songs that Black ever released (it was the b-side to the first release of the 'Wonderful Life' single - and is one of Black's best songs).

Finally, fans of this album should check out the Magnetic Fields '69 Love Songs' album...a triple CD set, but, readily available for around 6 quid here on Amazon - money I GUARANTEE is well spent.
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Sandisk 2gb Sansa Clip+ MP3 Player black
Sandisk 2gb Sansa Clip+ MP3 Player black

1 of 4 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Junk - AVOID at all costs, 22 July 2010
Firstly, the technical details listed on Amazon are INCORRECT.

They simply say QUOTE : "Compatibility: Windows applications, Does not work with AppleMac applications"

This is NOT true.

What they *should* tell you is that you NEED the latest version of Windows Media player for the PC to even be able to RECOGNISE the player.

I only found that out after a fair bit of Google searching. Nothing on Amazon that suggests this, and nothing in the - almost negligable instructions.

If you use ANY other Media player (Media Monkey is my preferred choice generally, also Foobar for Ripping CDs with more control and less junk going on your hard drive) - FORGET IT. This device simply WILL NOT WORK.

After trying to update WMP, it said I couldn't (I need some kind of code or something - I have a fully bought version of WINXP before anyone asks), not only that, I cannot get my old version (9) back without some serious fiddling.

So, not only have I bought a dud, I have lost software (albei software I hardly use) from my PC to boot.

This player should be avoided at all costs. I've bought better in Poundland.
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Contrasts [VINYL]
Contrasts [VINYL]
Price: £2.99

5.0 out of 5 stars This needs a CD re-issue!!!!!, 21 Feb 2010
This review is from: Contrasts [VINYL] (Vinyl)
If you like 60's psych, Byrds, Kaleidoscope, early Creation records, Madchester, you MUST own this!!!! Your ears will love you forever!!!! The small problem being that it's virtually impossible to get hold of :( Seriously, it's an absolutely fabulous EP!!!

Please, please, PLEASE can somebody re-issue it??

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