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Face/Off [DVD] [1997]
Face/Off [DVD] [1997]
Dvd ~ John Travolta
Offered by gowingsstoreltd
Price: 2.75

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3.0 out of 5 stars Plenty of better action movies, 16 Jan 2001
This review is from: Face/Off [DVD] [1997] (DVD)
I'm sorry to have to say that this is a pretty poor film. The plot has more holes than a rusty bucket! John Woo has an eye for high-octane visuals, and this film is full of them. It turns out to be a very shallow offering that uses explosions and shoot outs like wedding guests use confetti.
When all is said and done, John Travolta and Nick Cage give good performances (as one would expect from such seasoned actors). The action is of the usual high standard that we have come to expect of the director (with his trademark slow motion scenes of course). The plot was poor, the script was cheesy, and the characters were flat and unreal.
If you've seen and enjoyed some of JWs other films, then go for it. If, however, you prefer a little more to your action flicks, you might try giving this one a miss.

An Introduction to Database Systems: International Edition (World Student)
An Introduction to Database Systems: International Edition (World Student)
by C. J. Date
Edition: Paperback

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4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent content, shame about the style, 4 Jan 2001
If you are interested in database theory, then this is a great book. If I were rating this book purely on the information it contained, I should award it five stars. What struck me, as much as anything else, were two things in particular
a) The writing style is poor.
b) The book appears, in large part, to be a forum for sniping at the rest of the database industry.
With regards to my first criticism, I should begin by saying that the layout is very good, each chapter follows a format of introduction, body, summary, exercises, references & bibliography, and answers to selected exercises. It lets itself down, however, by presenting the reader with an overly verbose, repetitive, and convoluted writing style. I could have put up with style for the sake of the content (which is excellent), were it not for the incessant attacks on the rest of the DB industry. It surely was possible to point out the shortcomings of real world practices in a more neutral way. It is quite right and proper that the author should point out those common (and not so common) mistakes that are often made in the field (no pun intended), though not in the way this book does.
In summary, this book is well worth the money, and I'm sure that it will prove an invaluable reference for a long time to come. As for Mr. Date, he would serve his cause far better by moderating his critical style.

Phenomenon [DVD] [1996]
Phenomenon [DVD] [1996]
Dvd ~ John Travolta
Price: 3.75

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4.0 out of 5 stars A beautiful film, 14 Dec 2000
This review is from: Phenomenon [DVD] [1996] (DVD)
A very underrated film! The story has our main protagonist developing a genius IQ overnight and discovering that his lifelong friends grow to fear and distrust him as his IQ rapidly increases. As a sub issue, he also develops weak telekinetic abilities. Refreshingly, this ability is employed in such a way that it remains subservient to, and supports, the main thrust of the film, which is not about a man with telekinetic powers, but rather about a man who is struggling through the changes going on both within himself and around him.
It has humour, depth, and feeling. Wonderful performances all round from JT, RD, FW... I found the film immensely enjoyable and I have to say it's one of my favourites.

Good Will Hunting [DVD] [1998]
Good Will Hunting [DVD] [1998]
Dvd ~ Robin Williams
Offered by Jasuli
Price: 3.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Cracking film, 13 Dec 2000
A superb film in which the central character is a young man from a broken background who is an uncertified genius. A wonderfully unpredictable script and plot coupled with fine performances by all concerned combine to produce an enchanting, and often touching, story of a youth struggling to find himself and come to terms with his past.
It's one of those rare films that intelligently deals with the complex issues of relationships. None of the characters presented is there for window dressing, and each has depth, and plausibility.
Will (our main man) spends much of his time hanging out with his gang of friends, but with whom he can never share intellectual parity. Discovered by a world-renowned mathematician, who wants him to pursue a career in mathematics (what else?), he finds himself balking at the prospect. His emotional problems lead him to a therapist and the film spends much time exploring this relationship. Whilst in therapy he meets and falls for a college girl, but because of his emotional problems is unable to commit to her.
The whole film is a beautifully balanced mix of humour, pathos, and emotion. Certainly one of, if not the, best films of 1999. Don't miss it!

Ghost in the Shell [DVD] [1995]
Ghost in the Shell [DVD] [1995]
Dvd ~ Atsuko Tanaka
Offered by HarriBella.UK.Ltd
Price: 10.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars Top quality manga, 13 Dec 2000
First of all, you have to have an interest in manga to stand any chance of enjoying this film. Having said that, if you are one of the aforementioned then this is a must-see film! Of course it's all personal taste, but I found the animation stunning, and the soundtrack compliments the film wonderfully.
It's not as gory as some other manga and the fight scenes aren't quite as prolonged. The film goes for quality not quantity, and on this level it's tough to beat. On the first viewing I thought the dialog was quite cheesy and incoherent, on subsequent watches I discovered that the dialog is just the over-simplification of some very profound ideas for which there simply was not enough time to justify properly. More correct to say that it is the actors' delivery of the dialog that is poor.

Aliens (Two Disc Special Edition) [DVD] [1986]
Aliens (Two Disc Special Edition) [DVD] [1986]
Dvd ~ Sigourney Weaver
Offered by skyvo-direct
Price: 4.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars More please, 13 Dec 2000
A good example of a sequel bringing something to the party. Personally I enjoyed this more than the first film (though it is rather unfair to compare them). Cameron is in his element with a film of this kind. Lots of attention to both visual and scripting detail, which really counts in a sci-fi flick. Tension is stepped up all the way to the climax as the action explodes on to the screen.
There is much to commend the film and little I can think of not to.

End of Days [DVD] [1999]
End of Days [DVD] [1999]
Dvd ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger
Offered by Jasuli
Price: 3.95

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1.0 out of 5 stars Choose another, 13 Dec 2000
This review is from: End of Days [DVD] [1999] (DVD)
Let's see now, what was wrong with this film... terrible script, cheesy plot, forgettable effects, unrealistic characters, the list goes on. Perhaps we should focus on what was right about the film, well, er, yes... maybe not.

Chicken Run [DVD] [2000]
Chicken Run [DVD] [2000]
Dvd ~ Mel Gibson (voice)
Offered by Quality Media Supplies Ltd.
Price: 10.29

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3.0 out of 5 stars Worth a look, 11 Dec 2000
This review is from: Chicken Run [DVD] [2000] (DVD)
I had high expectations of this film and I must say that I was a little disappointed. I wanted to be wowed but instead I found myself passing a couple of pleasant hours with my seven-year-old nephew. It's difficult to say exactly what it was about the film that did not quite connect for me. I'm in favour of supporting British films, I've enjoyed the directors' previous work, the script was good, and the animation was good (even if it was not quite ground breaking in its animation, there were plenty of scenes that were cleverly done). So I'm forced to conclude that it must just be me!
I would urge others to see the film, as I'm sure they will enjoy it, just don't expect anything stupendous and you may well be pleasantly surprised.

Toy Story 2 [DVD] [2000]
Toy Story 2 [DVD] [2000]
Dvd ~ Tom Hanks
Offered by WorldCinema
Price: 14.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Great fun for the whole family, 11 Dec 2000
This review is from: Toy Story 2 [DVD] [2000] (DVD)
Toy Story 2 explores the simple (though intriguing) theme of the meaning of life for a toy! This was touched on in the first film but it is central to Toy Story 2.
The animation is excellent, and the film is commendable simply on this basis alone, but the characters are even better. The pace of the film is handled very well with never a dull moment.
Some may dismiss this as a film for children, but I think that would be a mistake. There's plenty there for children and adults alike. No need to get too deep and meaningful over this as it's just good wholesome family fun.
If you enjoyed the first film you will certainly enjoy this one!

Tarzan (1999) Disney - Collector's Edition (2 Disc) [DVD]
Tarzan (1999) Disney - Collector's Edition (2 Disc) [DVD]
Dvd ~ Tony Goldwyn
Offered by CP UK And Global LTD
Price: 13.62

4 of 8 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Watch it before deciding to buy it, 1 Dec 2000
This film pleasantly surprised me. I was expecting the usual Disney mix of top animation, cliche, over-sentiment, and worst of all those awful musical scenes that Disney insists on including in every one of their cartoon films (personal taste I know). I'm pleased to say that I was wrong, except for the musical scenes of which there is only one thankfully, though the incidental music is good. I found the film both funny and touching. It's nice to see that the team managed to keep both aspects of the film in good balance with neither dominating. It's also interesting that in the bonus material we hear it said that the animators were able to show Tarzan moving through the jungle in a way that a live actor could never do. I think this is obviously a case of Disney spreading misinformation and I wouldn't be surprised if Disney were the first studio to produce what they say is not possible (you can bet it's only a matter of time before someone does)! The price of DVDs in general is too high, having said that, if you are a Tarzan (or Disney) aficionado then your collection will always be light without this film. All in all it's a thumbs up for the film. Disney says it's a classic, I simply say, it's well worth watching.

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