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Carrera E00414 Basic Folding Helmet - Matt Black, 55-58 cm
Carrera E00414 Basic Folding Helmet - Matt Black, 55-58 cm
Offered by Y Frame Discounts Ltd
Price: 46.73

5.0 out of 5 stars Foldable, practical, cool looks, 24 Mar 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Having used this helmet for a while, I must admit that I think it's the best helmet I have ever purchased!
It's stylish, light, airy, and the addition of a (small) fold helps to carry it around in a more compact fashion than a regular helmet. The fit is pretty good too, alhtough I'd say this comes in at a small fit compared to others I have had in the past. I got the S/M and it's ok, but it does feel a little smaller than regular S/M sizes. Maybe due to the design?
It looks great on, and takes away the feeling that a UFO has landed on your head, or a new alien species is growing in your brain!
Overrall, I am very satisfied with this helmet! Looking to upgrade to the "premium version" when this one gets old.

Offered by Analogue Seduction
Price: 169.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing quality at a fantastic price point, 24 Mar 2014
Having used this cartridge/stylus for the past year, I thought I'd give it a review on Amazon.

Previously, I have used the Ortofon OM5 and OM10, and I must say that for the price, they perform their function rather well. The detail you get from the "entry level cartridges/stylus" is obviously not as good as the ones at a higher price point.

The 2M surprised and shocked me: at this price point I was not expecting this performance!

After installing it on my Project Debut SBIII (something which, I must say, is rather scary as the cabling is very fragile), I played Kate Bush's "Sensual World" (from Audio Fidelity, 180g virgin vinyl) and I was blown away by the detail, depth, and overall quality of sound that I was listening to. The vocals were crisp without sounding "clinical", the detail of the bell tolling in the background and the wind were clearly audible (something which was muddled with the previous carts/stylus).

I then played Kraftwerk's "Computer Love" (180g remastered version) and again, the results were not short of spectacular. All the electronic detail in Kraftwerk's tracks was brought back to life, with glorious bass and incredible definition in sound.

Lastly, I played Antony and the Johnsons "Cut the World" (180g audiophile pressing). Needless to say the results were, again, amazing. Antony's voice weaved through the music effortlessly, and in places where other stylus have failed (high notes and hissy words distorted) the 2M just played through with no problems.

I can not recommend the 2M enough. It has brought new life to my record collection. The level of detail it manages to dig from the records is amazing, and I'm keeping it for as long as I can.

Equipment used:
Ortofon 2M blue
Project Debut SB III turntable
Cambridge Audio a350 amplifier
Dali Ikon 1 speakers

Sony SEL20F28 Alpha NEX Series Lens - 20mm wide angle F2.8
Sony SEL20F28 Alpha NEX Series Lens - 20mm wide angle F2.8
Offered by Camera Centre UK
Price: 179.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars A great, compact, all around lens, 20 Feb 2014
Firstly, hats off to GW Cameras for the speedy service in delivering this lens. I am very impressed.

I own the SEL16f28, which I purchased with my first NEX camera, the 5n.I thought that lens was very limited in terms of quality, hence purchasing the SEL20.

I now have the NEX 7 and this lens was tested on it

I must say that it's completely different from the previous, sub standard 16 version. The photos are sharp throughout, and I never have to correct chromatic aberration or distortions like I did with the previous model.
Autofocus is fast and accurate, even in low lit situations. I tried this both at home and outside, and the results were quite good. Pretty versatile when it comes to video too, as I think that after the SEL35f18 (at triple the price), this is probably one of the best for video. The distance on this lens makes video seem more "real" than the others, as they would be too narrow. With this lens you have a more "open" type of perspective, especially if you couple it with the wide angle adapter from Sony too (VCL-ECU1). I can confirm this works for photos and there is no heavy vignetting in the corners, but there is some, which is easily corrected in post. For video it also works fine, and there is a very slight fish eye effect to it, nothing crazy. I actually quite like it.

Photos are vivid, well contrasted and look quite natural. I tend to do more street photography than anything else, and I'm quite happy with the results. From buildings to people, to alleyways and running photos in train stations... results have been good and i'm keeping this lens! I can't see any alliasing or heavy artifacts as of yet, but then again if you go nitpicking there will be something wrong with every lens...
I have also tried panoramic shooting and really like the results, although it's not really my thing.

If there would be something i'd point out as not so good it would be the focus ring, as when i'm using manual focus this is difficult to use, as the lens is so compact. But still usable,

I am looking forward to taking more photos with this little lens, it has now become a favourite and permanent resident in my camera bag, along with the wide angle adapter. It's a great all rounder, and you can carry it without the added bulk of a bigger lens.
It does come with a front and back lid, and a lens protection cap/light shade. And better yet, the price is down to nearly half price! I don't think anyone will have a reason to complain with this low price. This lens was originally above the 300 mark when launched.

My advice is to get it and enjoy it, it's a little big performer and you won't regret it for a second. Versatility is the key word for this lens if you do both photo and video, although it works just as well for either of them.

Hope this helps!

Ray-Ban 4147 601/32 Black 4147 Retro Sunglasses Lens Category 2
Ray-Ban 4147 601/32 Black 4147 Retro Sunglasses Lens Category 2
Offered by SmartBuyGlasses Optical Group
Price: 89.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great sunnies!, 19 Jun 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Waited a while before getting these, as I was unsure at first... took the plunge and yes, they are great, lens color is perfect and they look great with anything you wear (casual or formal).
Compliments all around when I wear them, my colleagues at work all love them.

Sony GW55VE Waterproof to 5m Full HD Flash Memory Camcorder and Case - Black
Sony GW55VE Waterproof to 5m Full HD Flash Memory Camcorder and Case - Black

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5.0 out of 5 stars Small waterproof camcorder with outstanding image quality!, 10 Jun 2013
Ok, first the good stuff...
Fantastic image quality even in low light (1080 50P). Sunsets, night clubs, thunderstorms... I have filmed all these, and the results were great.
Great quality lens, waterproof is best in class with clear images and no noise at all, LCD screen has outstanding quality and very responsive, great preset modes that allow for true "fuss free" operation, manual mode is logical and for a camcorder is actually quite nice!
Also worthy of note is the fantastic image stabilization, one of the best I've seen and I owned many camcorders (even compared to the expensive Canon ones!). You have the option to switch the intensity (low/med/high) according to your needs. It's great for walking shots, as you can set it to the maximum and the camera feels like it's floating. The GPS is fun and works very well, tracking where you are in seconds.

I cannot fault the image in any way, it's truly fantastic. From action shots at the water slide park, to quiet sunsets with very low light, it's been amazing. Finally a camera that you can just throw in your bag and take absolutely everywhere. Obviously, it will still need looking after, that's why I got the pack that came with the waterproof case, very handy to keep in your bag at all times.

Camera file formats work with FCP X on Mac (tried and tested on an iMac 2011 running FCP X).

And now, what I think could be improved in a future version:
Zoom buttons could be better (a little hard to press, but once you get the hang of it they're ok), battery life is only ok, you will need a couple of spare ones, no charger included so you will have to charge in camera, which means it's out of action whilst charging.
Also, when charging, the battery door has to be open, use caution not to snap it or the camcorder will not be waterproof anymore...
Software supplied is not completely MAC compatible, but I'm not that bothered... just feels like Sony is still leaving Mac users out, and I don't know why...
No 25P mode, but it's not a deal breaker, can render it at 25P instead when processing.

Hope this is useful.

Sony Ultra Wide Converter for NEX SEL16F28 Lens
Sony Ultra Wide Converter for NEX SEL16F28 Lens
Offered by Plus Digital UK
Price: 75.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Why did I not get this before ?!, 2 May 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Seriously, i was a bit sceptic at first, although the reviews were good, but wasn't till i saw some youtube footage of the 5N with it that I made up my mind !
Lens is of a very high quality, sturdy build, and you can see immediately where your money has gone: into a well crafted product. The stills quality with it is amazing, very clear, and it lives full time in my bag now (which might tip me over the edge to buy a new bigger bag!). For video, i absolutely love it ! It creates a brilliant cinematic feel to any movie, and has a very slight fish-eye effect to it (only very minimal). Image is sharp, and well contrated. I have yet to see if the corners contain any softness, but at first glance i couldn't see any. I did, however, noticed a tiny bit of CA in my stills (towards the corners), but nothing worrying, and to be honest that's just nitpicking.
All in all, well worth the money, and don't wait around like me: buy it !

Hama Folding Angle Bracket 90
Hama Folding Angle Bracket 90
Price: 13.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars It does the job, so why not ?, 2 May 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Exactly as it says in the title, if you are looking for a cheap L shaped angle bracket, get this. I use it with my Sony NEX-5N, and it works a treat. Sure, it doesn't have the feeling of an expensive product, which is not, but it does the job more than well. I also find it's an added bonus to have the cold shoe bit, since my camera has a proprietary Sony one. Pretty cool.

BestDealUK CN-LUX560 LED Video Light Lamp Camera Camcorder DV Lighting
BestDealUK CN-LUX560 LED Video Light Lamp Camera Camcorder DV Lighting

5.0 out of 5 stars Not bad for the money..., 2 May 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Seriously, I think for the amount you pay you shouldn't expect a professional product !
It works great, the dimmer is very handy, quality is ok (obviously don't throw it around and have minimal care with it), and the included filters are a nice addition to anyone looking for a a different look to their photos/films.
I have used this for film, with my NEX-5N and couldn't be happier. Wouldn't even consider paying more for any other one, as this does exactly what i want for the right price.
Used in a small lighting tripod this works great for me, or with the Hama L shaped grip, which i also purchased with it.
The light is even and well diffused/distributed, no weird patches, and at it's maximum it's actually very strong !
Cheap and cheerful is my description for this light... Get it if you're on a budget.

Sony NEX5NKB Compact System Camera Zoom Kit - Black (16.1 MP, SEL 18-55mm Lens)
Sony NEX5NKB Compact System Camera Zoom Kit - Black (16.1 MP, SEL 18-55mm Lens)
Offered by Digital Depot

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5.0 out of 5 stars Little "big" camera, 18 Feb 2012
Having bought this a couple of days ago from a high street retailer, i felt i had to review it, hopefully it will help any future buyers...

It was a difficult decision between the NEX5N and the NEX7 (yes, they did have 1 in stock), but having tried the NEX7 previously, i can safely say the 5 suits my photography needs better: the low light is simply better, hands down. The built in EVF in the NEX7 nearly did it for me, but at double the price it felt like a huge premium to pay for that... plus, I would be taking pics mostly in badly lit situations, and as i said, the performance on the 5 was better in that scenario... Less noise overall on photos, and the video is exactly the same quality as the 7, so i decided to keep the extra cash and get a spare lens and battery instead :)
Very happy with the build quality, feels sturdy and well put together. Also, no clicking issues whilst using video mode, as this was something widely reported over the internet. I have filmed in a very quiet room, and moved the camera around: nothing, no clicks at all, so looks like this has been fixed.
The video is absolutely delicious: crisp, detailed, and the colours look just right. Video looks "real" and is not over-processed like many cameras i have tried before. The 24p mode looks great on a big screen and has a fantastic "movie" look, whilst the 50p mode throws you back with the sharpness in Slow motion.
Photos are also of a very high quality, with great results even at high ISO. Very impressed with it ! Very little noise visible, which is great, as my old Canon DSLR (EOS 400D) would have been terrible for this.
The touchscreen is actually really good too. I say "actually" because i immediately thought this was a bit of a gimmick... but no ! It's great, and i find myself using it more than the buttons ! Speaking of buttons, these can actually be customised to have any functions you want, so you don't have to dig deep in the sub menus. Really cool.
I also purchased the 16mm lens with the camera, and this is superb for "on the go" as it makes the camera feel really skinny. Quality is great, very sharp with a nice background defocus to it. A nice alternative if you don't want to carry the bundled 18-55mm lens
I am yet to try some of the functions in the camera, but until now i have nothing bad to point out. Only niggle is that i think the lens should be the same colour as the camera body, the silver looks slightly out of place... but i can live with that !... However, Sony seems to think that MAC computers don't really exist, and some of the bundled software doesn't really work on Macs... but there are alternatives and they are much better.

This really is a great little camera. I have now sold my Canon DSLR, as the NEX-5N is just miles better than the Canon. Feels good in the hand, lighter, the touch screen actually works really well, quality in video and photos is outstanding, and the price feels about right for what you are getting.
I did compare the video to the Canon 60D, 550D and 600D, and they were no match to the NEX-5N... People at the office brought the cameras in and we were running around filming things and comparing videos on the big screen in the boardroom. They were also very impressed with the results.
It performs like a "big" camera at twice the price, when it only costs about half. My advice for anyone thinking about buying it is to just go for it, i honestly never thought i would get rid of my Canon DSLR, but i guess the 5N just cuts it in every single way.
So there, my thoughts and brief experience with this great little camera... Hope this helps.

Braun Series 7 720s-4 Electric Shaver
Braun Series 7 720s-4 Electric Shaver
Price: 149.42

5.0 out of 5 stars Seriously... what a shaver !, 4 Mar 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I still own an old Braun (don't recall the model number, top of the range 5 years ago), and decided to replace it as it's now past it's time.
I am the type of person that does not mind paying for something, as long as i know it's good quality and durable. And having previously owned a Braun shaver, i knew this would be a good quality product.
Having seen this shaver for more than double the price in the high street, i decided to take the plunge and purchase from Amazon, which delivered rather quickly.
First impressions were this was a product well made, great design, and much improved over my previous shaver.
After fully charging, i tried it on my 5 day long stubble, and the results were great.
My beard grows in really weird directions, and it's very thick. Impressively, i had no trouble at all getting rid of it, and no cuts, bleeding, or irritation !
To be honest, this did take 2 rounds to achieve, but the results were far better than my previous shaver.
I do have some ingrowing hairs around the chin, and they were the only ones left after i finished shaving (yes, this shaver does not perform miracles !), so for that reason alone i did use my razor to get rid of them.
However, with continued use of this shaver i find my skin is suffering less, and the irritation around the neck is now a thing of the past (and believe me, it was BAD).
Also, being a frequent traveller, i find it holds the charge very well (charged it once and lasted me for 2 weeks whilst in Madrid), and the travel pouch supplied is quite handy too.
If you don't need the charging/cleaning station, get this 720 instead. You can wash it after use, just make sure you remove the cutter and leave it to dry afterwards.
I highly recommend this shaver, and a couple of my friends have gone for it after seeing mine, and they all love it.
Male jealousy can be very bad :)

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