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Clarkson - Heaven and Hell [DVD]
Clarkson - Heaven and Hell [DVD]
Dvd ~ Jeremy Clarkson
Offered by FREETIME
Price: £1.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars It's NOT Top Gear, and therefore, BETTER!, 5 Jan 2006
All of the reviews that compare Heaven and Hell to The TV series Top Gear should be rated null and void. Besides these indifferent reviews being biased and subjective, they are comparing a television show to a movie. They may star and even be written by the same guy, but the two completely different genres cannot be put in the same category.
The tv series is more technical and scientific designed primarily for the car nerds who want mind numbingly boring details of cars like piston ring construction and shifting strategies that would cuz my mother to faint of tedium.
But this is a movie. Which means it has a plot. Something the tv shows will never have. Clarkson tells us the theme at the beginning, which is sort of a mission to find, test, and then sentence a series of cars.
It doesnt bog down by attacking you with wearisome minutia of specs and figures like top gear. Its just simple car entertainment.
If you are used to Top Gear, then this will blunt you with it's 'low-budget' nature because, well, it is. The music isnt from the top 10 and the editing isnt cutting edge. It's just Clarkson, unplugged. And you buy it simply because you like him (or his style) and not because you like the eye candy of the show. Only some of his opinion are repeated, but never verbatim.
That said, it is a great video and definetly worth the price here. However, it has to be Clarkson's worst ever Movie in the history of his 9 films. Every year, his videos get less creative, less enthusiastic, and with less impressive locations, stunts, and destructions. Because in his first video, he borrowed a tank from the army to blow up a certain car. And then proceeded to run it over with the same tank. In this video, he takes a hammer to a car. Though equally interesting, not nearly as impressive. Maybe it's his old age or maybe he doesnt have to try as hard anymore because of his celebrity status. He definetly doesnt need the money. And it shows.
Verdict: Recommended but only at this reduced price

Clarkson - Hot Metal [DVD]
Clarkson - Hot Metal [DVD]
Dvd ~ Jeremy Clarkson
Offered by MediaMerchants
Price: £2.48

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4.0 out of 5 stars His worst yet, but still one of the Best!, 26 Jan 2005
This review is from: Clarkson - Hot Metal [DVD] (DVD)
Had this been his first movie, I would've rated it a 5.
It had all his usual road testing comical flair. Very entertaining and worth the price.
Clarkson has been known to say "being older makes you wiser". Likewise, this video was about how many things from the past are better than the current stuff. And I would have to agree with him and add to the heap, his list of videos. Ten years ago they had, for me, more humor and a more fiery entertainment flair than his more current stuff. Dont get me wrong, Hot Metal was great, but his flicks arent getting any better.
The first run didnt even have the sound of the cars racing, just his voice. It was like reading an article about a drag race!
He was more fun and funnier when he was younger. His movies went from being more like 'jackass' to now more like the 'discovery' channel.
Almost as good, yet different.
The sound track in Hot Metal though has never changed and is still as good today. Its a Clarkson staple from the past and is best left as a retro touch in my book.
My biggest pieve however, is that he spends too much time trying to contradict the bad press of his beloved Astons (like he always does). He's an honest journalist, but English cars just arent as good as he says they are.
All in all, if you are a JC fan, it is well worth the hour. But just expect some hot metal, and nothing most outrageous.
Such are the excesses of old age I guess.

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