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V. Ryan (London Uk)

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6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Max Marks for Maxwell, 26 Mar. 2003
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Embrya (Audio CD)
I don't know much about Maxwell. Just that he seems to be this cool character who struts his stuff in his videos.
So when I got hold of a copy of this album I was interested to see what it could produce.
And I was very pleased at the outcome.
Its a fantastic album and one which I love chilling out too.
Track 1
Ever Wanting To Want You To Want
The bass kicks in here big style. Its got such a funked beat and this opening track was the track which sold the album too me.
Its such a cool song and one of my favourites.
Maxwell vocally is superb with some real sexy lyrics.
Track 2
I'm You: You Are Me and We Are You
Another heavy bassed track. The funky feel keeps flowing, but this song is different.
Maxwell sings the first verse in Spanish. Spanish is a sexy language and it is fitting that Maxwell delievers the first verse this way. Top Stuff
Track 3
Luxury: Cocoure
This song was a single and I vaugly remembered it. Its such a good track. Its Lyrically better than the previous two (not taking anything away from them though)Another Maxwell cool track
Track 4
Drowndeep: Hula
This is more of a ballad. Its a beautiful track, and one which when I heard it, I just stopped doing anything and listened to the beautiful words and the amazing voice Maxwell has.
Track 5
Matrimony: Maybe You
The most upbeat song on this set. Its such a funky groove. Once again Lyrically Maxwell is so on form. This song has a great little guitar rift which really enhances the track.
Track 6
Arroz Con Pollo
This is an instrumental which has mixed from Track 5. When I first heard it, I hadn't noticed we were into another track as I thought that it was just playing on from Track 5. Its funky, its a bit of an interlude.
Track 7
Know These Things: Shouldn't You
His voice is just amazing here. Its another ballad type track, with more beautiful lyrics. Hes such a cool customer.
Track 8
Submerge: Till we become the Sun
One of the albums big highlights. Its a track which I love. Everything is right about it. Lyrics, vocals and music.
Track 9
Gravity - Push To Pull
Probably the weakest track the album has to offer. But to be honest its hard to fault any of the tracks. This is very good, but I just think musically and lyrically it lacks what the others do so well.
Track 10.
Bit of mouthful is the title. But the song itself is another top draw effort. Cool and realaxed is the tone. It works.
Track 11
Er.. not really a track. Not really an instrumental either! Just a fusion of a few strange noises!
Interesting though!
Maxwell is a real cool performer. There are many great Nu-Soul artists out there (Musiq, Jaheim, Joe,) and Maxwell is up there with the best of them. He is lyrically better than most though and this album is testement to his talents.

A Funk Odyssey
A Funk Odyssey
Price: £2.98

4 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The 5th great album from Jamiroquai, 9 Mar. 2003
This review is from: A Funk Odyssey (Audio CD)
The press don't see to like Jay Kay. His has been seen as a bit of a trouble maker in the last few years. I wish the press would look at his singing and writing abilty. Because that makes up for any mistakes he has made.
This is Jamiroquai's fifth album. The style has changed, with more machines being used.
But it still is a very good album with 10 very godo songs, all different.
Track 1
Feels So Good
There is some nasty bass in this tune. Its an intergalactic funked up bassed track. Not the best vocally but a very good opener.
Track 2
Little L
I think most people know this track. It was a top 5 hit in 2001.
Its actually my least favourite song on this album as its a bit too cheesy pop for me. Its also alleged to be about his ex, Denise Van Outen.
Track 3
You Give Me Something
One of the album's highlight. Its just vintage Jamiroquai. Catchy chorus, funky beats and Jay Kay's sweet vocals making the song complete.
Track 4
Corner Of The Earth
This was the final single released, and it was a bit of a flop in the singles charts. Its very different to anything on this album. Got a bit of an indian theme going on at the start. It a bit of an autobiographical song on Jay Kay's part.
Track 5
Love Foolosphy
Another hit single. Its argubly the best song the album has to offer. Its pop/funk at its best. And listen to it a few times and it will be in your system for ages!
Track 6
Stop Don't Panic
Bit of a rocky tune here. Its a track which doesn't sound very Jamiroquai. But albums are there to experiment.
Track 7
Black Crow
Most people i know who have this album say this is the worst track. I disagree. The group have opted for a slow ballad here. And I think it works a charm. Beautifully lyrics and vocally his best song on this set.
Track 8
Main Vein
My personal favourite on this album. Jamiroquai borrow soul star Beverley Knight for some hard hitting notes on this song. Its just funked up to the brim. A fantastic song with Jay having ago at his critics.
Track 9
Twenty Zero One
Another very different sounding song, with the most use of the machines than any song on the album. Its different. I think its excellent.
Track 10
Picture of My Life
Its Jay telling us where he is now in his life. Its an acoustic track which ends the album in a mellow way. Top Stuff
Its a great album with a very goiod set of songs. Jamiroquai have brought out 4 very good albums. Now its 5 great albums with this addition.

Lovers Again
Lovers Again
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Price: £34.89

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Alexander O'Neal back in the house, 9 Mar. 2003
This review is from: Lovers Again (Audio CD)
1996, 5 years after the chart topping "All True Man" album, 3 years after the dissapointment of the "Love Makes No Sense" album, Alexander O'Neal is back with his Fifth proper album. And he does not dissapoint.
Most people know him from the days of the song "Criticize" and when he sold out 8 consecutive nights at wembley.
This album was his lastest set in 1996.
Track 1
Do You Right
Alexander O'Neal at his funkiest. Keeping along the same lines as the hits "Criticize" and "Fake" , this song is the best on the album. Its soulful funk and its outstanding.
Track 2
Lets Get Together
Mellows a little, but still keeps slightly upbeat. Its a nice song, not the stongest lyrically but Alex delivers it well.
Track 3
Lovers Again
The title track and basically a love song. "We've been through good and bad times, had our cloudy days". Alex keeps it real and keeps that element of love goings strong.
Track 4
Can You stand the Rain
In my opinion this is the albums weakest track. But when Alex gets his voice on any track, it can't be that bad!
Track 5
Baby Come to me (duet with Cherelle)
After the top 10 hit in 1985 with "Saturday Love" when he first teamed up with Cherelle, Alex once again does a duet. This time around its a cover. Nothing spectacular but a good cover.
Track 6
No One But You
A storming track. Funky but a real love song. Alex just knows how to please the women - and this certainly will.
Track 7
Body Talkin'
Like track six alex mixes his funk soul style with lyrics to melt most girls hearts.
Track 8
More Than My Heart Can Stand
Love your girl? Broke up with her? Want her back? This song has all these emotions. Real soul music.
Track 9
Carry On
Sounds a bit like Boyz II Men "End Of The Road". Can't fault it too much but one of the lesser tracks on this album.
Track 10
Alex takes a change from his normal side and gets down with some new style RnB. Hes on the same level here as the like of R Kelly. This song really does testement to his vocal ability
Track 11
Like the previous track its some rouch edged RnB with a real sexual theme. Its Alexander O'Neal in a nutshell
Track 12
Our Love
Along the same lines of track 2. Its a nicely put together song but a bit too corny for my liking.
Track 13
Excellent. Should have been a single here. Its top quality RnB/Soul and its vocally his best song on the album.
Its just Alexander O'Neal doing his Thang in a way he can only do.
Yes Luther is good and has had his hits. But Love Soul is Alex's department.

Lets Get Together [CD 1]
Lets Get Together [CD 1]
Price: £8.28

4.0 out of 5 stars More quality from the Soul Man Alex, 9 Mar. 2003
All songs on this single are from the 1996 release of "Lovers Again".
"Lets Get together" although its a song I like, it seems to be a bit dated. This is why I feel it didn't get any promotion.
The other songs on the album though are very good 90's RnB music.
"Sneakin" is real Alex O'Neal. Talking about women and hows hes Sneaking with the one he loves. Top Stuff
The third song on this single is "Grind" and it is a great great song.
It was released as a single in America and I can see why. Its top RnB and if R Kelly had have done this it would hve been a top 10 hit.
Its got 3 good tracks.
Its all good stuff from Mr Alexander O'Neal

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Price: £5.81

13 of 14 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Musiq at its best, 8 Mar. 2003
This review is from: Juslisen (Audio CD)
Oh my oh my - this album is just stunning. 19 tracks sounds long, but every minute of it is just full of stunning nu-soul tracks.
This may well be the best album I have. This guy has an amazing voice and possess brillient writing abilty.
There are many great Male nu-soul artists out there like Maxwell, D'Angelo, Jaheim and Joe. But I believe Musiq is the best out of the bunch.
After the fantastic debut album Musiq has kept to the same formula but made a few changes with a few tracks on here. But its all so so very good.
Track 1
Scratch Intro
Not a song just an introduction. So put you hands together, together,together, together.......
Track 2
Just out of this world. One track in and it already worth the money. Its a fantastic song and so chilled you just drift into a chilled out place.
Track 3
Caught Up
The hip hop beats are in full flow for the 3rd track. Caught Up is a funky number. Once again the lyrics are off the chart and Musiq just delivers it to perfection.
Track 4
Stop Playin'
My personal Favourite track on this album. And thats a hard thing to choose. This is just so chilled. Lyrically its on the same level of soul music like the greats (Alex O'Neal, Luther, Freddie Jackson)
Track 5
The gospel theme introduces this track, then this amazing beat kicks in with so much bass. The gospel themed vocal stays throughout the song and it just proves that mixing all these great styles like Gospel, soul, and hip hop beats will give you great music.
Track 6
Baby Girl
Yet another storming track. Its a pefect song to play to a woman when you don't know how to tell her how you feel.
Track 7
Half Crazy
I am sure that if you own this album, this is the track you will pick out as one of the best. And I can't disagree. Its simply a great great song.
Track 8
This track is lyrically the stongest the album has. Its written to perfection and the Stevie Wonder influences are very much evident. "Time waits for nothing, and everythings gonna take its time"
Track 9
The hip hop beats are in full flow and this is one of those songs to just bump along to. Its another song with a great message - "don't you ever let someone tell you to grow up and give up on your dreams"
Track 10
This is a sort of interlude. But still long enough to be a song!
Its funky, its chilled, its a fantastic song.
Track 11
Real Love
After the more up beat previous two songs we get back down to a softer tune here called Real Love. Once again you can tell hes been listening to Stevie Wonder.
Track 12
One Night
Bit of a ballad here. Hes telling a girl that he wants he forever - not just one night. He really knows how to charm the ladies it seems
Track 13
Previous Cats
Fantastic. Its real heavy RnB/Soul. Hes vocally on top of his game here. And yet again, another song about real life. "I'm not to blame for the pain caused by Previous Cats"
Track 14
So Long
Another track with a heavy beat. Listen to it in the car and you head will just be moving along to the beat.
Track 15
Best Freind
This track introduces a girl called Carol Riddick. And she does a great job with her soulful style and her voice sounds like a classic soul female artist.
Track 16
Don't Change
Guys, listen up - say these words from this song to your woman and she will love you forever.
It has the best words on any song this album has to offer. And it has some belters.
"I'll love you when your hair turns grey, I'll still want you if you gain a little weight"
Hes got the knack. And this track is just utterly brillient.
Track 17
Mother Father
There is even a song for your parents! This song would be in my opinion the weakest on this set. Its still a nice tune, but in comparison to everything else its a little below par.
Track 18
Yep its the George Harrison track. A strange song to cover. Could he make it sound good? You bet he can. Great beat, same guitar rift playing, and he souled this song out!
Track 19
IfIWouldaKnew (girlnextdoor remix)
Right, if you have Musiq's first album you will know the song "Girl Next Door". Well the same lyrics are used here, but its been given a remix which I think is better than the normal version. Its been speeded up slightly, and if you know the song by Ashanti "Foolish" (yeh course you do!) it has that same tune going in the background. Just speeded up!
The song still retains Ayana who does this duet justice with her sweet voice.
Like soul music old or new? Buy this
Its utterly out of this world.
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Slicker Than Your Average
Slicker Than Your Average
Offered by Todays Great Deal
Price: £2.49

9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Better than average - its very much Slicker, 8 Mar. 2003
You know I don't understand what it is with Craig David. He very very talent, makes very good music, yet people seem to dislike him. I know, everyone likes there own style of music but I do question that is Usher had of done this album, would people be doubting his ability?
I think not.
After the success of "Born To Do It" the question was could he make another great album.
And I think he does a fine job in answering that question.
I think when listening to this album you need to have an open mind. You can't keep comparing it to "Born To Do It" because this album is different.
And a good artist has the abilty to change his style slightly. Otherwise things would get boring.
Track 1
Slicker Than Your Average
I'm really only emphasised what Craid David says in this opening track. Yes he isn't from the streets but hes worked damn hard to get here. And this track really plays on his feelings and for the first time we get an indication on what he really thinks.
Its a great track though and a fitting one to start the album.
Track 2
Whats Your Flava
The first single to be released and a track most people know. Its got a very different sound to any of the songs that were released from the first album. Its catchy and most of you will know the words to the chorus!
Track 3
Fast Cars
Bit of a garage flava in this one, and it has one hell of a beat. Different sound to the rest of the album but still very good
Track 4
Hidden Agenda
The second single from the album and its one hell of a track. One of the best on the album, and its a real Craig David track. Very good lyrically and sung to perfection
Track 5
Eenee Meenie
Its a garage track and will take a bit of getting used to but eventually like myself you will see that its a great song. Catchy chours and if you like your mceeing its got that too!
Track 6
You Don't Miss Your Water (till the well runs dry)
Superb. One of my favourties. Lyrically its fantastic but Craig's superb voice enhances it and makes it a corker of a song.
Track 7
Rise And Fall
Yes yes it features Sting. But why does that make it the best song on the album? Well it doesn't. In terms of the ballads on this album it isn't lyrically the strongest. Still a very good track and one which I sadly I think will become a single.
Track 8
You want a great ballad on this album? Then this is the song is the one. Its got great lyrics and Craig's voice is at its most Soulful.
Track 9
Hands Up In Ther Air
A slice of chilled RnB which will get you in the mood to swing and get down! Good solid track
Track 10
2 steps
Another garage track, and one which could be in contention to be a single.
Track 11
Now this is excellent. The garage beats are swapped for some latino heat with the superb Spanish. This may be the best song on the album and Craig David shows that he can change his style to perfection.
Track 12
Whats Changed
Total class. A great track in which he teams up with the unheard of Katie Holmes and delievers a great piece of pop RnB
A must listen track
Track 13
World Filled with Love
Yep its a cover version. Not particually anything ground breaking and a bit corny but he does it well.
Its a very very good album and one of my favourties from 2002.
Craig David is a very talent artist who is making very good RnB music.
Get this album and listen with an open mind. Don't think about "Born To Do It", don't think about the fact Craig David isn't from the streets.
Think about it from a musical point of view. And you will enjoy.

Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £2.78

41 of 44 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Simply Excellent, 8 Mar. 2003
This review is from: Justified (Audio CD)
I'll be totally honest - I never liked N*Sync. I'm not a great lover of mainstream pop music with boy and girl bands. When I heard that Justin Timberlake was bringing out an album my intial thoughts were of "oh here comes more pop"
How wrong I was.
I got hold of copy of this album and reluctantly I thought I would give it go.
And I was totally wowed by some amazing RnB tracks and some very good vocals.
Track 1
A stunning beginning. One of many many songs on this album which straight away you could say "got to be a single". This song doesn't do Justin's voice full justice but still a very very good track.
Track 2
Like I Love You
You all know this one. Its been played so much over the past 10 months that I don't realy need to review it.
Track 3
(Oh No) What You Got
RnB with hip hop beats mixed together equals a fantastic track and one of the many superbly produced songs on this album.
Track 4
Take it from here
Justin shows his soulful side with this beautiful ballad. Matching the likes of Soul Crooners Alexander O'Neal and Luther Vandross in the lyrically department, we see a softer side to Mr Timberlake.
Track 5
Cry Me A River
Most people should be aware of this song now. Its the second single from the album. Also most of you will be aware of the fact its about Britney blah blah.
As a song its different to many of the tracks on this set, but a very powerful track where we real do see the fruits of the vocal talent this man possess.
Track 6
Rock Your Body
Strongly rumoured to be the third single and if so I predict a number one here. Its full of funk, has one hell of a bassy beat that you won't be able to help yourself from dancing.
Track 7
Nothin Else
I swear I thought Stevie Wonder was about to burst into song here when I heard the start of this track. But no its Justin taking a change in style and succeeding in making every track sound different.
Track 8
Last Night
Simply Superb. Another potential single.
Michael Jackson is defiantly in his voice here but that isn't a bad thing. People seem think its a negative thing when compared to mr Jackson. Just as long as in 10 years time Justin doesn't look like Jacko!
My personal favourite track on the album.
Track 9
Still On My Brain
Justin gives us another touching ballad which sends his message out to a girl, that shes still on his brain. Britney again?
Track 10
(And She Said) Take Me Now
Ohhh this is out of this world. Just one of those tracks where you can listen to once and say "make it a single and you will have a major hit".
A funky edged track with a rough beat and superbly produced.
Track 11
Right For Me
Following on in the same style of "Take Me Now" this track gives us a rough style in the beat but keeps the funk going.
Track 12
Lets Take A Ride
I do think it is testament to Timberlakes talkent that most of his songs sound very different. He makes every song sound like they could be a single in there own right.
This is no exception. Pop RnB with a soulful edge
Track 13
Never Again
Sounds a bit N*Syncy for me. Sounds a bit in the same vein as N*Sync "Gone".
Not a terrible track but I see why its stuck near the end!
Mix Justin's vocals with the producing of the best producers in music at this moment in time - Neptunes and Timbaland then your going to get an album of geniune class.
I cannot believe I actually enjoy an album by Justin Timberlake.
I strongly recommend that you buy this album now.
I usually like to say to people "well think about it" but in this case no. Just buy it - I'll be very suprised if you don't like it.

Saga of a Married Man
Saga of a Married Man
Price: £6.37

9 of 11 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars The Saga continues for Alex, 8 Mar. 2003
This review is from: Saga of a Married Man (Audio CD)
The latest offering from the big soul man. Saga Of A Married man is a story which takes us through the trials and tribulations that a married man goes through. Well, some go through!
O'Neal in my opinion has been very underrated in the last 10 years and has never found the success that he had with his first three albums.
He started in 1985 and this album was released in 2002. The question is - can he still deliver an album to compete with other soul acts today?
I strongly believe he can.
Although this album will never be promoted well enough for it to have any chart sucess, it still a very good effort which further more cements Alexander O'Neal in the top 10 sould artists of all time.
Track 1
He Said She Said
If you've heard other O'Neal albums the you will have a fair idea of his familar sound. But there is a change here. This opening track said to me the moment I heard it -"i'm back but lets change the style a little"
Which is needed in todays music climate.
Great track which really sets the mood.
Track 2
Your Gonna Miss Me
This was to my knowledge, the only single released from this album. This track has the most funk edge on the album, and Alex is following his same formular in telling a woman what he thinks.
Track 3
I'm There
Alex really gets that angry tone which he delivered in the top 4 hit "Criticize" back in the 80's. At the end of this song he actually slips in a lyric or two from some of his past hits. But you need to listen carefully.
Funked up soul from Mr O'Neal
Tracl 4
My Baby's Gone
Hmmm ok well we know Alex likes his heartful soul tracks, but this one is a little too corny for my liking! The Chorus of "My Baby's gone, she could stay faithful" just really doesn't do it for me! But his voice once again is immpecable.
Track 5
It Don't Matter
A bit of pop soul here with a catchy chorus mixed with the voice means a big thumbs up to this track
Track 6
Its Ok
Well acually I don't think it is ok! I believe this to be the weakest song on the album. One of those album fillers!
Track 7
What You See Is What you Get
This isn't a song, just a 10 second or so interlude with Alex arguing with a woman over the fact that shes giving him greif although she has been made aware that he is a Married man!
Track 8
Married Man
When listening to this song I think there is a real indication of how Alex has mmade changes to his style and belts out a song that if done by R Kelly, would be a smash hit.
Track 9
What Is A Man
My personal favourite from this album. When people say soul music has no message I disagree. And this song is an indication of that. A beautiful song which oozes soul and has a real personal edge from the big man.
Track 10
Last Night
Superb! I love it! Once again its true Alexander O'Neal style.
Soul music with a firey edge.
You've caught your woman with your best freind. So what is better than to sing a song which just vents your anger at them both. Excellent.
Track 11
Happy Home
A very touching song to end this album .
After all the things that Alex and his woman have been through in this album he wants his wife back. And says make me a happy home.
And they all live happily ever after!
Overall - A great album which is a tribute to real music from the Soul.
Its never going to be a good as his first self titled album or the follow up smash hit "Hearsay" because although this is a very good album they were great great albums.
If you have heard O'Neals othere material then I advise you to get this album. Its O'Neal at his best.
If your married - get this album. It may come in handy!
Alexander O'Neal - the underrated ledgend of Soul Music.

Alexander O'Neal
Alexander O'Neal
Price: £26.81

15 of 18 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Alexander O'Neal - The Beginning, 6 Mar. 2003
This review is from: Alexander O'Neal (Audio CD)
Alexander O'Neal is a strange artist. Blessed with such a great voice and the oppertunity to work with such great producers in Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis he seemed to have faded out of the spotlight, despite still making great Soul Music.
This was the big mans first album in the year of 1985.
The album is split into two parts - like the follow up smash hit album "Hearsay". In those days it was all on double vinyl LP.
Do not be put off by the fact that there are only 7 tracks. There are more that 2 tracks which go on for over 5 minutes.
O'Neal shows us all for the first time that he can carry the soulful ballads like "If You Were Here Tonight" and then hit us with some uptempo funk like "Innocent"
The album kicks off with:
A Broken Heart Can mend
This track is beautiful. Its soul music in its element. Its from the soul and a message to all heart broken men - "It takes a little time, till you can love again, but I ain't got time to wait through another heart ache"
Track 2
If You Were Here Tonight
The best song on the album and my all time favourite song - By O'Neal and any other artist.
For me it is the best Love song ever written. It was a single and still gets air play today. Its one of those songs that people know but forget who it is by. Vocally O'Neal is at his peak. If you have seen him live then you will know how well he delivers this song.
Track 3
Do You Wanna Like I do
This song follows on from track 2. The same drum beat is evident in the background, but Alex uses his superbly toned voice to make this song sound all so different. A great track.
Track 4
Look At Us Now
A song for any person who is in a relationship. "Look at us now, will we always be together, whos to say?"
Once again - soul music is at its peak.
Track 5
11 minutes of non-stop funk. O'Neal cranks up the volume and gives us a stomping track in Innocent.
Funny thing is with this song, is that it is very seedy!
"I'm Looking for a girl whos Innocent" but that can't take the shine off a great song. The innocent girl is a young Cherelle who Had already had a top 10 hit with "Saturday Love".
Track 6
Whats Missing
Keeping to the theme of Innocent, this is another funk based track, but much better lyrically. Here it a few times and you won't stop singing!
Track 7
You Were meant to be my lady (not my girl)
This track was way ahead of its time. Once again O'Neal is giving us a song about a girl he used to like but realised that she was meant to be his not his girl!
Great song to end this superb album on.
Overall - its just a great soul album. Mixing great ballads with uptempo funk means total class.

Who I Am
Who I Am
Price: £2.99

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Shes Gold, 11 Feb. 2003
This review is from: Who I Am (Audio CD)
One of the finest albums I own. Beverley Knight is one hell of a performer. I had the privalige to see her perform at the Hammersmith Apollo in december of 2002 and she did not dissapoint.
It was her "Who I Am" tour - and that is the title of her third album.
Its great to see a british female soul artist bringing out such quality - something at is lacking into today's music scene.
This album is for anyone who loves to hear a great voice - a voice which is powerful and at the same time clear and crisp.
Track 1 - Get Up
The first single to be taken from the album. Its such a perfect beginning. Has a bit of a reggea feel and is a track you will be humming along to the more you listen to it. Excellent.
Track 2 - Shoulda Woulda Coulda
The top 10 hit should be familiar to many of you. A great song, sung with real heart (as most of her songs are).
Track 3 - Shape Of You
A beautifuly written song with some very touching lyrics.
Track 4 - Fallen Soilder
An acoustic song which I love to just lie back and listen to. Bev's voice is just spine tingling. One of the albums corkers.
Track 5 - Beautiful Contridiction (duet with Musiq Soulchild)
Such a pity this wasn't a single. I love Musiq soulchild and for him to do a duet with the queen of nu-soul is just top notch. The song has one fantastic beat, with both artists adding there style. Highly recommend you listen to this song.
Track 6 - Hurricain Jane
In my opinion its the albums weakest song. Which is not to say its a bad song, but in comparison to the rest of the album this to me is the track which lacks a certain something.
Track 7 - Same (as i ever was)
Bev shows off her funky soul ability. And it works like a charm! Its a message to the world that she is the same girl who grew up in Woverhampton all those years ago. Great song, great lyrics.
Track 8 - Whatever's Clever
Like track 8 - its a funk soul number which I think is just a bit better than Same (as i ever was).
Once again her voice is faultless, and I believe that musically this is the best song on the album.
Track 9 - Ambition (it all comes 2 you)
For anyone with an ambition - this is the song for you. Its such a beautiful song. Beverley knight goes up in my estimation once more for this track. Its a beautiful song. The Lyrics are just breathtaking and add great lyrics to a voice like Miss Knights - and you have a great song.
Track 10 - Bestseller Mystery
The album makes a bit of a music change here with track 10. Blues is the theme of music choice in this one. and after all RnB stands for Rhythem & Blues. But some people forget that. Not Beverley Knight.
Track 11 - Gold
The third single from this album. And yes Bev - you are gold.
I don't know really what to say about this song. Its just fantastic.
Bonus track - Who I am
Can the album get any better? Yep - with this accapella. Her voice is on full display here - shes a performer who could sing anywhere with little preperation - simply because shes a natural talent. Very refreshing.
I've heard many many albums - but none sung with the amount of heart and soul Beverley Knight sings with.
A must for people who appreicate great music.

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