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Dreams Can Come True - Greatest Hits Vol 1
Dreams Can Come True - Greatest Hits Vol 1
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: 3.47

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4.0 out of 5 stars The rise & rise of Gabrielle, 17 Jun 2004
Gabrielle will claim herself that she is nota soul singer as she simply doesn't possess the voice to be one.
But she is a good solid and consistant performer who has churned out some really nice tracks in the last 10 years.
I'm into Rnb/Soul/Hip Hop, but I have no problem saying that I own this really good set of songs.
Her music has never been groundbreaking, but has always been good.
"Dreams" is her signature track, and most people's favourite Gabrielle track. I know it is mine. Its her story. It what she is about. Its a perfect track and one which she will always be able to say is a "classic". This track will get played on radio in another 10 years time.
"Going Nowhere" is a track with that 90's feel which is catchy but its track 3 "I Wish" which I love. Its about someone in her record company she fancied. Its a perfect song for someone you like, and her lyrics are what most of us think of in that situation. Its tracks like this that make Gabrielle not a mega star but a real woman with something to say.
"Because of you" and "Forget about the world" are two sweet track. The latter being more deep about a friend of hers who was a lesbien, whose parents weren't too happy. Great Stuff.
"Give Me A little more time" is classic Gabrille. Its her sound. "If Your Really Cared" is a heart wrenching number, which has some fantastic guitar rifts, and a track which only her voice could make sound so real.
She does a cover of the classic Dionne Warwick track written by the legend that is Burt Bacharach "Walk On By". Its a great effort and one you wont be skipping.
Sunshine was the first single to be lifted from the Rise album. Another beautiful track. The song "Rise" was the killer track that went to number one, and really purt her firmly on the map. Still gets lots and lots of airplay today and will for many years to come.
Ive nearly forgot to mention the absolute classic duet with East 17 "If You Ever". This track was superb when it was released all those years ago - and it still is today.
Newer tracks such as "When A Woman", "Should I stay" and "Don't Need the sun to shine" are all included, which are all welcomed.
Gabrielle will never have the superstar status that some have, but I think that she really doesn't care and is happy to be making music people enjoy.
This set is easy listening and very enjoyable.

Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: 4.70

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5.0 out of 5 stars Simply Excellent, 17 Jun 2004
This review is from: Greatest Hits (Audio CD)
I can't say i'm a massive Simply Red fan or anything. My music taste is soul music from most eras.
But I do have the upmost respect for Mick Hucknell and his music.
This greatest hits package is a must for any music lover.
Simply Red's music is very easy to listen to, and Mr Hucknells voice is really smooth.
Some of the killer tracks on here are of course most of the album!
But from the poinent "Money's Too Tight to Mention" to the beautiful "Holding back the years", to tracks in and its already a master peice.
The infectious "Something Got Me Started" and "A New Flame" are two of my favourite simply red tracks.
"Stars" and "For Your Babies" are just classic tunes, and "Fairgorund" although it sounds a tad dated now, back in the 90's it was unique and total brillience.
As I said before, I can't say i'm a maissve Simply Red fan, but from a guy who loves music, it is easy to appreicate the output from Simply Red.
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Chocolate Factory
Chocolate Factory
Price: 8.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Its all about the music, 17 Jun 2004
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Chocolate Factory (Audio CD)
With new album "Happy People" due for release in a few months I thought i'd look back at R Kelly's last studio album - Chocolate Factory.
If you think you like RnB/Soul but only listen to the likes of Justin and Beyonce then maybe this isn't for you as its more of a grown up album.
I love R Kelly's music. For over 10 years he has been making music which is nothing short of amazing.
This set along the same lines. Its mellow yes, but the tracks are of such high quality.
Obviously everyone knows "Ignition (remix)" which was the first single which went straight to number one both in the UK and US charts. But the killer track is "Step in the name of love" both the orginal and the remix. Voted 2003 best song in Blues & Soul magazine, its not hard to see why. Its a beautifully written feel good track with amazing vocals from the man who put the R in RnB.
My personal Favourite track is "Forever More" which is one of the best love songs i've heard in many a year. With his voice that sounds like its been through a lot, it makes me stop what i'm doing every time.
Other notable tracks are, "Dream Girl" & "Forever" which again gives us some of the best lyrical stuff R Kelly has done for quite a while.
There are a few collabarations as usual with R Kelly.
Ja Rule appears on "Been Around the world", a personal track but nothing really special, and due to the fact that I cannot see any appeal in Ja Rule it doesn't make great listening for me.
Big Tigger is on the second single "Snake" which I would identify as the weakest track on the album. There are also inclusions for Fat Joe and long time collabarator the fantastic Ronald Isley, with "Showdown".
If you can't get enough of the "Chocolate Factory" don't worry as the cd comes with a bonus one. The "Loveland" album is a 7 part extra cd, which has some more absolute quality R Kelly tracks.
The one which most people will look at is "Heaven I need a Hug" which really is his answer to everything that is going on in his much maligned personal life.
The title track on there "Loveland" is another stormer, and real smooth R Kelly stuff.
Overall, you are getting your money's worth here as you do with every R Kelly purchase. Its RnB at the top end of the scale.
Its just music of pure excellence.

Come As You Are [Cd2]
Come As You Are [Cd2]
Offered by Giant Entertainment
Price: 6.31

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2.0 out of 5 stars Why Bev? Why?, 10 Jun 2004
This review is from: Come As You Are [Cd2] (Audio CD)
Beverley Knight - I love you! Your music in your last 3 albums has been fantastic. Your attidude to keep on trying no matter what is inspirational.
Your live show at Hammersmith a couple of years ago was breathtaking.
Now its 204, and RnB/Soul has become the new pop. Its a perfect time to make a comeback with your smooth sounds.
But instead of coming as you are (like what I did there?) you team up with Guy Chambers (guy behind Mr R. Williams) to give us this rock/pop track!
Of course your voice is faultless as ever, but "Come as You are" is not. Its not you Bev.
And I so want you to do well with regards to chart success. But not like this.
I won't be able to get myself to buy this.

Musicology [Digipak]
Musicology [Digipak]
Offered by Mattpuss
Price: 15.98

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3.0 out of 5 stars Still the life of the party? I'm Not sure, 10 Jun 2004
This review is from: Musicology [Digipak] (Audio CD)
It would be a lie for me to say that Prince has come back like hes never been away. It would be lying because this new set "Musicology" is quite average, lacking just about everything Prince has been about.
The title Track opens the album and yes its a very good one. Funky, Fresh, Catchy, good lyrics - its a real Prince track. The video is also fantastic. But it all goes downhill from there.
There are moments where the ear will enjoy. But very few. The album isn't really long enough either.
"Illusion, Coma, Pimp & Circumstance" is not very good. Its just a fusion of different eras, with not that great effect. Like many of the other tracks on this album, it just sounds dated.
"Life of the party" is one designed for the dance floor but again fails to deliver.
"Call My Name" is my personal favourite. Its sweet soulful, and although lyrically we have heard it all before it still is music to my ears, and when purchasing this album, one you should pay some attention too.
There is not much else on the rest of the set. "Cinnamon Girl" is laughable. Its really uuite horrible if im being honsest. I really do try not to laugh when I hear it. What he was thinking I do not know.
"What do you want me to do" is strange to say the least. Got a jazzy feel and can be looked upon as different. But again the word dated is apparent.
"If Eye was the man in your life" is dreadful. Going for this rocky thing tha doesn't work. It sound as though he is stuck in a time warp.
Overall its not a great set. Nothing new on here to make any new fans. For the die hards, it will be nice enough. The title track and Call my name are the standouts.
But Prince will have to do much better than this if he thinks that these set of songs will get him back into the charts.

Price: 6.22

4.0 out of 5 stars Theres No One Quite Like Him, 10 Jun 2004
This review is from: Now (Audio CD)
Most people who like Maxwell's music would identify this album as the weak one. Its only weak simply because the first two were outstanding.
"Now" has a different feel to the others, and was set out to have more cross over appeal. The lyrics are not as deep and meaningful, but the music is still very good.
The album kicks off with perhaps its best track "Get To Know Ya". Its a track which is very catchy and talks about Maxwell simply getting to know a very nice lady. Lacks the depth in which "Sumthin Sumthin" had from the debut set, but still a track to look at.
My personal favourite on the album is "No One" which has gone into my top 3 Maxwell songs of all time. I recommend you by the album for this track alone. Shades of Prince are evident, but there is something about Maxwell's style that makes it his own.
"Temporary Nite" is another stormer. So funky you will fall off your chair. Maxwell dips into the rock/funk that prince did so successfully. To be honest this Track could have easily been the one I was saying was the best on here. Its that damn good.
Ballad wise, there are some nice track. "For Lovers Only" is nice but no where near previous efforts such as "Till The Cops" and "Drown deep".
"Was/My Girl" is better, but still lacks a certain edge that we know Maxwell can deliver.
On his Mtv Unplugged, set of a few years previous he did a cover of "This Womans Work" which was made famous by Kate Bush. He didn't include it on the Embrya album but has doen so here. Its not as good as that live version but it is still a fantastic cover. He makes it his own, and anyone who knows the orginal will know that is a hard thing to do. Actually, trying to cover any Kate Bush track is going to be a task.
"Now/At the Party" is the final track which is again very funky. A long muscial intro is mixed into Maxwell's cool soulful voice, to end the album on a high.
"Now" is not as memorable as his first two. But it still has its moments. Maxwell is a true performer in my eyes, and I cannot wait for his next set because I am almost certain there will be many tracks on there like on here which you just sit back and say, 'yeah'.

This Is Me...Then
This Is Me...Then
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: 3.97

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1.0 out of 5 stars The Mind Boggles, 4 Jun 2004
This review is from: This Is Me...Then (Audio CD)
I don't usually do negative reviews, but I find it hard not to when listening to this woman, and looking at the success she gets through awful music, with her awful voice, keeping the real talent out.
Now its going to be easy to slate this short review, but keep this in mind - i am looking at ther music, not her body parts which I am afraid to say are her only asset.
How anyone can buy this album and enjoy it for its musically content is beyond me.
"Jenny from the block" is the worst single I have head in many a year. It is up there with the likes of a "Cheeky Girls" track. "Jenny from the block" was quite rightly put in the top 10 of the worst pop singles of all time on a Channel 4 top 100 list.
"I'm Glad" is soppy, well produced but damn right awful - why? because Jennifer Lopez cannot sing.
English talent such as Terri Walker and Beverley Knight can sing. But they are not movie starts who have big budgets to make major videos and marry movie stars.
Jennifer Lopez is a fraud - her voice on "Baby I love U" is nothing short of a joke. When listening to it, I thought someone was having me on. What makes it worse is I believe a good vocalist could really do something with this well written track.
Why is she called rnb? Rythem & Blues is what it stands for. She has money so she can do what she wants.
But as a soul music fan this album, her voice, and her ego makes me wonder how on earth she has the success in the music business she does.

Return Of The Space Cowboy
Return Of The Space Cowboy
Offered by Direct Entertainment UK
Price: 4.76

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5.0 out of 5 stars Jamiroquai at the very best, 4 Jun 2004
Its 2004, and for some reason I have never reviewed this Jamiroquai album. I don't know why as is it perhaps the best out of all five.
A musical masterpiece is all I can describe it as. So many different sounds, mixed with some clever and poinent lyrics.
The album starts off with "Just Another Story" which is all about lead singer Jay Kay, and his life so far. The line
" He was just 17 trying to get on like his dead brother" is one that strikes you straight away.
Its musically top notch, with the trumpets blasting, the flute swaying and Kay's voice flowing.
Track 2 is "Stillness in Time" which is beautiful track. This was a single back in 94' and the video (although rarly seen on tv) looks as fresh as anything you would see today.
"Half The Man" is track 3 and one of the best Jamiroquai tracks of all time in my opinion, defaintly the most overlooked. Lyricall, this song is up there with any 'classic' love song yet radio will not play it. Soulful sound.
"Light Years" changes the sound yet again on the 4th track. A great feel good track, which shows yet again to the listener that this album isn't just about one sound as many ingnorant Jamiroquai listeners may think.
Track 5, is "Manifest Destiny". A very cool track, and perhaps the most laid back track on the album.
"The Kids" is number 6. And the album goes up a notch in the funk stakes. This is just musically fantastic, which fast flowing lyrics. The most upbeat track on here. This track makes buying this album worth it for this one alone!!
"Mr Moon" is track 7, and my favourite on this album. Perhaps my favourite Jamiroquai track of all time, along with "Blow Your Mind" from the first album. Not released as a single, which is suprising to me as this has a very catchy chourus and a very funky tune. I urge you when buying this album, to go straight to this track, and listen for a few times. It will not dissapoint.
"Scam" (track 8) is one which is a favourite for the old skool Jamiroquai fans. Its actually got most things which are so great about this funk outfit. The old skool disco feel, the lyrics that make you think, the amazing use of different instruments. 'Scam' completes in my opinion the bulk of 3 great tracks on this set - 6,7 and 8. Not a skippable tune among them.
Track 10 is an instrumental tune - "Journey to Arnhemland"
Every album has a track where your finger cannot stop it self from pressing the skip button. This is this track.
Track 10 cannot be called complete instrumental as there are some lyrics, but not many. "Morning Glory" is far superior to "Journey to Arnhemland", but It wouldn't suprise me if some of you were again reaching for the skip button. Very chilled track though and I love it.
The final track on the album, you will all be saying "they have saved the best till last". Yes, its "Space Cowboy". This is the original and the best version. There is a decent remix which is the one radio still plays today, but this is the original, emotional, superior version. A song which has a simple theme - Cannibis. Most people know this song and sing the first line of the chorus loudly "This is the return of the space cowboy" and then murmer to themselves as they have never actuallyt listened to what Jay is saying!
Basically, as most of you Jamiroquai fans will know, its about the feel good factor of this drug. "Maybe i'm gonna have to get high just to get by" - are the words from My Kay. I wouldn't go along with them myself!!
Superb track though,and one for the greatest hits package in a few years time.
Return of the Space cowboy is possibly the best Jamiroquai album. The first two sets are always talked about as being "Real Jamiroquai". And with a new album to come out within 5 months, it would be great to see them go back to this style.

Price: 9.16

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5.0 out of 5 stars Off The Chart, 24 May 2004
This review is from: Roses (Audio CD)
Both Andre and Big Boi appear on the third single from the highly acclaimed Speakerboxxx/The Love Below album.
"Hey Ya" was the track that got everyone singing, everyone loved "The Way You Move" and I don't see "Roses" being any different.
Its utterly superb.
Outkast do not follow any trend. This is a track which sounds like nothing you've heard.
Roses is a fantastic track which I'm sure will another hit from the Oukast boys.

Price: 5.36

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Ultimate Music Experience, 13 May 2004
This review is from: Thriller (Audio CD)
I don't really know why I have decided to review this album. Everyone knows it, and most people have it.
I just thought I would show my respect for such a talent artist and a superb album.
Althought in my opinion it isn't as strong as "Off The Wall" this set came at a time where Mr Jackson could do no wrong. And with easy accessible tracks as on this set he could not fail.
"Wanna Be Startin Something" is a Jackson track which in my opinion is crimanally underatted. Never one which gets as much airplay as "Bille Jean" or "Beat It" but I really believe this is the album's killer track. Put this on anywhere and i'll be up on my feet. Its such a party anthem that radio needs to be playing more.
On the same subject, "PYT" is another track which is so funky I could collaspe!
Of Course the album is known for its three main tracks - The ever popular "Bille Jean", The title track "Thriller" and the rock/funk hit "Beat It".
But i'm looking at the forgotton track from Thriller.
"The Girl is mine" w/P.Mcartney is great listening. Not a fan of Mcartney (nor the Beatles) but this I cannot deny works well.
"Baby Be Mine" is such a great song it annoys me when its so badly forgotton when anyone mentions Thriller and its tracks. Its possible my favoutite track off this album, and one of Jacksons best. Soulful funk disco with a melody that kicks ass.
"Human Nature" is a beautiful ballad. Sampled many times, this is Jackson and his most soulful. Lyrically he shows some of his best work. This track is testement to his fantastic ability.
"The Lady In My Life" is in my opinion this weakest track.
There is no denying Michael Jackson is the ultimate superstar.
Whatever becomes of him, this album is one of the best ever produced by any artist.
Theres nothing I can really say to make anyone go and buy this - you have probably got it already.
If you haven't then your life just isn't complete.

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