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A - Z Volume 2
A - Z Volume 2
Offered by records_discs
Price: 16.45

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2.0 out of 5 stars Unfortunately, more is less. Sorry Ash., 1 Nov 2010
This review is from: A - Z Volume 2 (Audio CD)
I read somewhere that Moby wrote over 100 songs when he made his iconic album ''Play''. He then trimmed it down to a concise 18 tracks, which still proved a few too many as a couple of tracks get lost in translation. A large part of the process of making an album is trimming the fat. When artists have previously released double-albums they have often failed to impress as much as their previous records and sometimes seemed a bit too self-indulgent. Take Aphex Twin's ''Drukqs'', Nelly's ''Sweat Suit'' and ''Stadium Arcadium'' by the Chili Peppers. There have of course been some great ones too such as ''Mellon Collie'' by the Smashing Pumpkins and ''In Your Honour'' by the Foo Fighters. Unfortunately for Ash, their second contribution of A-Z confirms this double album as one of the bad variety, implying that more really is less.

There was a lot of quality on Volume 1 from Ash, but this second volume is much worse. A few tracks stand out such as ''Binary'' and ''Spellbound'' but there are lot's of terrible songs here too. I sincerely feel that Ash should have taken 12 of the best tracks (out of 36 in total) and put them together as a solid album. They could have released a couple of tracks as singles and put some of the worse tracks on as B-sides just like bands like Oasis used to. I don't think they should have done this just to sell a few records, but they should have done it so that they gave their fans a short concise album full of wicked tracks instead of making us flick through the albums to find the ones we like.

One thing is definitely clear, these albums are not the sort that you would listen to from start to finish. Not often anyway. And to any Ash fans out there who are wondering about A-Z, I would advise you to buy Volume 1 instead. If you absolutely adore Volume 1 and think it's the best thing Ash have ever done, then you might just about like Volume 2. Otherwise, avoid buying it and simply download the song Binary from Itunes or soemthing.
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Scrubs - Season 8 [DVD]
Scrubs - Season 8 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Zach Braff
Price: 8.40

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5.0 out of 5 stars A brilliant final season (Even though it now isn't)., 14 Oct 2010
This review is from: Scrubs - Season 8 [DVD] (DVD)
As I have been a massive Scrubs fan since the very start I did worry a bit about Season 8. I thought seasons 4 and 5 were amazing, Season 6 was good but it was becoming very formulaic and a lot more like a normal sitcom. Then Season 7 just about managed to get made, with a mere 11 episodes and plenty of evidence that they were running out of ideas. Then there was nothing for nearly 2 years, and now finally the 8th Season is out to own on DVD. So I guess you're all wondering if it's worth buying? Well, if you're a fan, a newcomer or even someone who's never seen it before, I would still have to say 'Hell Yeah it's worth it'.

The season kicks off in typical style with JD pestering the Janitor, then Courtney Cox turns up as the new chief of medicine using the 'hot woman walking through the corridor as her hairs blows and some funky rock music plays in the background' style. It's obvious straight away that it's still the same old Scrubs. There are a few big changes of course, but they are incorporated fairly well. The exception being poor old Dr Kelso who is kept in the series as a lonely old retiree. Kelso was always a huge favorite character for me (much like Mr Burns in the Simpsons) as he was always steaming around the hospital yelling, humiliating people and generally being what the Americans refer to as 'A Douche!'. They should have let him bow out gracefully after his awesome final episode in Season 7. Unfortunately, instead he is still in nearly every episode, pottering around the cafe mostly with a few one liners and a couple of moments with Dr Cox. It's a nice idea, but in reality Kelso is no longer funny in this role, so it's a bit of a shame.

Luckily the other characters are still in top form. JD and Turk, Elliot, Carla, Cox, Todd, Ted (Sometimes) and of course The Janitor who is still as brilliant as ever. Some people might be getting a bit tired of Dr Cox's rants, The Janitor's random pranks, Turk and JDs silly songs and dances or just Zach Braff altogether. But I still find it all hilarious. Plus there are a load of new characters in this season, most of which are really good additions. Ed, the lazy, smart-arsed, chat machine is so funny. Denise, the butch (yet extremely hot) girl resident provides humour through her total lack of sensitivity; eg: "It's funny they call it CANcer, because there's nothing we CAN do for your wife". But best of all is Howie, the dorky looking Nerd with a deeper voice than Barry White, he only pops up every now and then but I found him hilarious. The producers clearly trimmed the fat a bit too, getting rid of (or severely reducing) a lot of the lesser characters like Keith, Gloria, Boon, Lonnie, Lloyd, Rex and Doug (which was actually a bit of a pity because he got a lot funnier since he wound up in the morgue). Bill Lawrence even pops up in a couple of episodes.

As usual there are a few celebrity guests, although Courtney Cox is the only one really worth mentioning. The music is still fresh and perfectly suited. There's a great 2 part episode set in the bahamas. There's not too much in the baby department. There is still a fair bit of Hugh Jackman bashing. And the season finale where one of the main characters leaves was handled pretty well too, featuring about 20 guests in a single minute from loads of previous seasons including Dan, Jill and Tasty Coma Wife. So all in all, I really enjoyed Season 8 and I give it a clear 5 stars. It might not their best season ever, but it certainly improves on the last 2 in my opinion. So a must have for Scrubs fans.

Gone Baby Gone [DVD]
Gone Baby Gone [DVD]
Dvd ~ Casey Affleck
Offered by Jasuli
Price: 3.85

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4.0 out of 5 stars A real thought piece., 7 Oct 2010
This review is from: Gone Baby Gone [DVD] (DVD)
Ok, so this might not be a crime thriller with the prestige of a Michael Mann picture or the fame and publicity of your average Scorsese flick, but it is a surprisingly good movie. It's hard not to focus on the direction by Ben Affleck because that in itself is one of the biggest surprises about 'Gone Baby Gone'. How did such an unpopular actor manage to revinvent himself as a director and produce such a well-conceived and brilliantly shot film as his debut? Perhaps though, we shouldn't be too surprised given the fact that he originally shot to stardom by co-writing the magnificent 'Good Will Hunting', another film full of intense drama and thought-provoking characters. Either way, 'Gone Baby Gone' is a fantastic achievement.

Casey Affleck leads an impressive cast as a young private detective who has grown up in South Boston and uses his street-wise attitude and his connections to help find missign persons with his girlfriend. He is hired to investigate the disappearance of a 3 year old girl by a local couple. They're involvement isn't exactly welcomed by Morgan Freeman's Police Chief but he agrees to let them investigate the case, with the support of a couple of Boston policemen, including Ed Harris. The 2 investigators and the 2 cops probe into family secrets, shake down local criminals, stakeout known pederasts and try all that they can to find the young girl before it's too late.

Without giving too much away, this simple investigative thriller explodes into thought-provoking drama as the main characters turn over clues and discover shocking realisations surrounding the case. Many of the characters have to make intensely difficult decisions, concerning the handling of the case and the film pushes the characters and the audience to the ultimate question, how far would you be prepared to go to save a little girl's life. I have to say, I have never reached the end of a movie and questioned myself so hard. What would I have done if I were in that situation? The cathartic ride the story takes you on is so thought-provoking and the ending is so ominous that you don't even really know if it's a happy ending, or a sad one. The film simply ends and you are left wondering, I wonder if they made the right choices.

It is this whole notion that makes the film such a success. On the surface it is little more than a well-directed, well-acted 2 hour episode of CSI, but the intense moral debate provides the sort of stimulation that you rarely find in a movie, and never find in a TV crime show. It's not a 5 star film, but I would recommend it to anyone. Both Affleck's shine in their respective roles and the supporting cast is fantastic. James Newton-Howards sombre soundtrack compliments the mood perfectly, the cinematigraphy of urban life in Boston is gritty and realistic and even the narration (Which I usually can't stand (Blade Runner original cut!)) is very honest and sincere. In conclusion, a well thought-out, well acted crime thriller you will probably enjoy watching again and again.
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Behind the Sun
Behind the Sun
Price: 10.59

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5.0 out of 5 stars In my eyes, this is the best club album ever., 4 Oct 2010
This review is from: Behind the Sun (Audio CD)
I'm going to keep this review very simple. I'm not going to talk about genres, about musical politics, about critical acclaim or about Chicane himself. I am simply going to explain why I think this s the best 'club' album of all time.

The album opens with the beautiful, epic and lush synths of the ambient masterpiece 'Overture'. This 4 minute prelude is the epitomy of a cinematic sound and every time I hear it I think of the deep sea footage from the BBC documentary 'The Blue Planet'. (5/5)

After the overture, a gentle balearic rhythm emerges as 'Low Sun' begins. This 7 minute track is a totally blissful, chilled out piece consisting of little more than a few light melodies, some ambient textures and a very simple shaker keeping the rhythm. (4/5)

Next comes the beautiful song 'No Ordinary Morning'. Almost every club album has a song like this one, but very few are this beautiful. Chicane's gentle beat, soothing synths and light bassline are the perfect accompaniment to the lush, rich vocals. (5/5)

Now the album starts to pick up the pace a bit. 'Saltwater' opens with more of the same gentle synths and the sampled vocals from Irish new age band 'Clannad' before bursting into energy. Some good old fashioned 4/4 club beats kickstart a powerful trance masterpiece with an incredible and unforgettable climax. At the end, the tracks winds back down with some relaxing breaks, reminiscent of Chicane's previous album. (5/5)

'Halcyon' begins is a very similar way, only without any sign of vocals. It builds and builds into another beautiful house track with an abundance of melodic sequences and another great climax. It's not the most memorable track on the album, but it is pretty much the epitomy of Chicane's sound. (4/5)

'Autumn Tactics' is short, sweet and catchy but is quickly forgotten. It's a fairly typical dance track with the usual female vocals. But as the weakest track on the album, it's not bad at all. (2/5)

The album then takes an interesting turn. Another gentle hum emerges before a brilliant, yet simple, beat kicks in. With it arrives a warming bassline and some lovely ambient textures as the wonderful track 'Overlap' plays through. This is, in my opinion, a very underrated track from Chicane and it's chilled out feel is a perfect prelude to the following track. (4/5)

Then the big one arrives. Chicane's collaboration with Bryan Adam 'Don't Give Up' really deserved the acclaim it received. It starts simply as most house tracks do, building as the vocals start to develop. The beat, the bass and the vocals all sound great... and then the break comes. Out of nowhere comes a wonderfully catchy, hypnotizing melody than simply threads through all the other elements of the song and weaves them together perfectly. As the song reaches it's climax I can't help but feel that this is my favourite Chicane song ever, and at 8 minutes long the album version is so much richer and more fulfilling than the radio edit. (5/5)

After such a rush, it's only fair that we are allowed to calm down afterwards. The Thrillseekers remix of 'Saltwater' allows us to do just that. It's not the best track on the album and is nowhere near as powerful as the original version, but this lush, visceral track does it's job. (3/5)

Finally, we arrive at 'Andromeda'. Again, this is not the most special track on the album, but it's calming, upbeat mood sees us to the end of the album in fine form. (3/5)

So, to summarise, this club masterpiece really is a journey. It's an album of ups and downs, highs and lows and contains some breathtakingly beautiful music. If you have never owned or listened to this album, then why not try to get hold of it now. Take it with you next time you go on holiday and chill out with it by the pool, in the sunshine. That is why it was made. Enjoy.
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Price: 11.15

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3.0 out of 5 stars If you thought Clarity was their best album, then you'll probably love 'Invented'., 2 Oct 2010
This review is from: Invented (Audio CD)
If you don't really like the whole cheesy-pop rock, American band style of music then you probably won't enjoy the music of Jimmy Eat World, but I have to say that in that particular genre of music, they really are a cut above the rest (Dashboard Confessional, All american Rejects, Death Cab etc..). If you already like Jimmy Eat World then you'll probably understand when I say that they never make bad albums. Most music critics always credit 'Clarity' as their defining album, although it certainly wasn't my favourite. Yes, it was a rich, emotional and catchy selection of tracks which stood out from other acts at that time, but in my eyes they're albums have always just kept getting better and better. I loved the classic appeal of the commercial hit 'Bleed American', the epic feel to the more adventurous album 'Futures' and the straight forward, radio friendliness of their most poppy album to date 'Chase This Light'.

Chase This Light and Futures were particulalrly brilliant for me for different reasons, although for other people they were the sign of a band 'selling out' as every band tends to do at some point. 'Invented' is a definate return to their roots, with a more stripped down sound, less of that cheesy-pop nature and perhaps a bit more consistency. To me it sounds a great deal like 'Clarity'. If you loved 'Clarity', liked 'Bleed American' and then thought that the band started to sell out then I think you'll be pleased with this latest offering. However, if like me you preferred their later albums then you may find this album a tiny bit bland and dull in comparison. Certainly there is nothing here to match the accessibility of tracks like 'Always Be' or 'The Middle', neither is there anything close to the epic feel of tracks like 'Polaris' or '23', there are no mellow tracks that quite match the beauty of 'Chase This Light' or 'My Sundown' and there is nothing quite as rocky as tracks like 'Pain' or 'Big Casino'.

'Invented', in my opinion, is a solid collection of mediocre tracks from an amazing band. While it does very little in terms of offering anything new and fresh, it does kind of remind us why we first loved the band to start with. For a fan, it's definately still a must have, but don't expect it to be their best album to date.

If you wanted to preview the album I would recommend the following tracks: 'My Best Theory', 'Evidence' and 'Coffee and Cigarettes'.
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There Will Be Blood (Single Disc Edition) [DVD]
There Will Be Blood (Single Disc Edition) [DVD]
Dvd ~ Daniel Day-Lewis
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: 3.42

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3.0 out of 5 stars A funny film in many ways., 29 Sep 2010
To say that the point of 'There Will Be Blood' was lost on me is a huge understatement. The first time I watched it, I looked again at the DVD case with all the lists of award nominations and I thought 'They've given me the wrong bloody film'. Still, I understand that the acadamey doesn't often pick the most enjoyable movies as their oscar bait, I mean this was the same year as the equally perplexing'No Country For Old Men' gained so much success. Safe to say, I put the film away and didn't watch it again until today. And now I get it!!! For me, this movie is now a black comedy full of curiously funny moments. These include "I WILL EAT YOU UP ELI!", "GIVE ME THE BLOOD LORD!", "I'M THE THIRD REVELATION!!" and of course "I DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE!!!!!". And seriously, it makes me laugh. It's like watching that bit in the Big Lebowski where Walter goes mental and starts screaming at his fellow bowler about the rules of engagement in Vietnam. This film is all about the main character and his wild rage, and I for one actually enjoyed it on a humerous level.

This even helped me to understand that the appeal of this film is all about Day-Lewis' character, the depths of his depravity and the excellent performance used to bring him to the screeen. I admit that this made him utterly compelling to watch, but I have to agree with another amazon reviewer. One good performance is not enough to make the film a 5 star watch. I personally hated the muisc, I found Paul Dano's character so cringe-worthy that I wanted to beat him to death with a bowling pin myself and I feel that the lack of explanation behind every important character was very unhelpful (others have said 'unsatisfying'). Take Plainview for instance. He is a conflicted, horrid, emotinally-scorned hate-monger who enjoys seeing other people suffer and reaps the benefits. But why should we care? What do we know about him? Why does he act this way? Why does he hate everyone? and why is he such a C U Next Tuesday? P.T.A. obviously left out a character background for a reason, either that or the novelist did this in the book, either way I think it's a mistake. Take 'Apocalypse Now' in contrast. Another dark, masterpiece with a main character (Kurtz) who has gone off the scale and is committing some very evil deeds. Yet his reasons are almost understandable because we get an idea about where he came from, what he went through in Vietnam and why he felt so scorned by everyone around him. We don't have a clue why Plainview is the way he is, and you do feel a bit unfulfilled at the end when you don't find out. Plus, Why does he look exactly the same as 'Bill The Butcher'.

If the idea was to portray an anti-hero so vile and unreasonable then I feel the story has a major shortfall. I think that it seems totally out of character for such as hard-hearted abomination to suddenly drop all his barriers and immediately accept his long-lost brother (imposter) with such hope and kindness. This seemed a total contradiction to his behaviour for the rest of the movie, but I guess was thrown in there to show a bit of depth? Hmm... Not convinced myself.

Did I mention how much I hated the music? Oh, I did. It was like a Kubrick soundtrack. In fact, the whole Film felt very Kubrick-esque to me. Flawed masterpiece!
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FL Studio 9 Fruity Edition (PC DVD)
FL Studio 9 Fruity Edition (PC DVD)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Here's a more helpful review., 21 Sep 2010
There are hundreds of music software packages out there so let me try to fill you in on what this one does.

There are top end bits of software like 'Propellerhead - Reason', 'Cubase' and 'Ableton Live'. These are all incredibly expensive products (200 - 600 pounds) designed for people who want to make their own home recording studio, or for schools who teach music technology. They have hundreds of professional tools, plug ins, samples and sequencers and they give experienced creators a basis for recording and compiling live samples and pre-recorded ones too. These are definately not 'easy', 'fun' 'simple' or 'recreational'.

On the other end of the spectrum you have your very basic packages like 'Magix Music Maker', 'E Jay' and others like that. These are simple programs usually with 16 channels and a 'drag-and-drop' interface. The idea is you pick a beats you like, a melody, a bassline and some samples, drag and drop them where you like and you make a song within minutes. These are brilliant fun for people who want to play around, make quick and easy songs, remix songs by taking small samples etc... A great starting point for younger or inexperienced music makers which are usually no more than 30 pounds.

Fruity loops is a very nice bit of middle ground. It is NOT a 'drag-and-drop' program. There are no pre-made beats, basslines or guitar riffs that you simply listen to and put together. Everything has to be made from scratch. You are given a blank sequencer. You have to select a channel (eg: channel 1), give it a name (eg: bassline) find a bass sound (just one stabbing sound) you like and put it into that channel. Then inside that channel you choose when that bass sound happens, (eg: fill in every other bar). You then go onto channel 2 and make a beat sequence (eg: a kick drum every 4 bars and a snare every 8). You have to make all the samples yourself and then arrange them as you would like. It sounds so complicated, and compared to the lower end programs it is. I wouldn't recommend it to very young children or to complete beginners. But you get what you pay for and the music you make on Fruity Loops is 100% your own, and a great deal better than the music you'll make using E-Jay.

I hope this information was helpful. If you're not too sure about forking out nearly 100 pounds, I did and I made about 3 great albums which I will keep forever.
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Sony Movie Studio HD 10 Platinum Suite (PC)
Sony Movie Studio HD 10 Platinum Suite (PC)

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1.0 out of 5 stars The most infuriatingly frustrating piece of software I've ever used., 21 Sep 2010
I always used to use 'Magix Movie Edit Pro 11' on my old XP computer and it was the most useable, practical bit of video editing software ever. I used to use it to make edits of films I like (some which were up to 3 hours long), I always used it to compile my holiday videos into excellent quality movies and I used to make experimental home movies with my mates. If you wanted a bit of software for any of those reasons and you don't have Windows 7 yet, please, please get 'Magix Movie Edit Pro 11'. It's fantastic.

Unfortunately, when I got a new PC with Windows 7, it no longer worked so I had to get myself a new bit of software. I looked on here and found this Sony product which looked more-or-less exactly the same, and I noticed that Sony had very helpfully posted a free trial download so I could try before I buy. I thought that was brilliant. So I downloaded the software, installed it and voila! A truly super package. It wasn't exactly the same as my old Magix one, but it had the usual pros and cons. I spent about 4 days putting together this really impressive 30 minutes montage of clips from my old camcorder and it looked amazing. I was so pleased.


I soon discovered that this amazing piece of software has a truly fundamental flaw. A flaw so inconceivably terrible that it made the whole bit of software completely useless. IT WOULD NOT CREATE THE VIDEO I MADE!!!

Just to make it perfectly clear, the problem was not that it was a trial package as I had managed to create a small 30 second trial video before (in MPEG format). Neither was it the fact that my computer was too weak as I bought myself a very decent Packard Bell Iextreme with a brilliant processor. However, every time I tried to render my video it would get about half way through and then give up saying 'Not enough memory'. It made the first 10 minutes and 35 seconds of my 30 minute video.

So, I shut down every program, every background thing (including Anti Virus), I increased the virtual memory and I tried exporting the video at a lower rate. Guess what, it made exactly the same error, I got myself another 10 minute 35 second video. I realised then that this was not the fault of my PC or a lack of memory, since I have a 3Gb RAM and 500Gb of hard drive space. No! It's a flaw. A huge flaw. I went online and found out that many other people had had the same problem on chat forums. Some people had had the same problem I had, others had found that it took over an hour and a half to render a 2 minute HD video which is truly dreadful. Someone gave me a solution which I had to take in order to have not wasted my 4 days. I had to cut up my (mere) 30 minute video into 5 shorter sections and then render them all as smaller chapters. Even this was difficult. I tried rendering different formats (MPEG, AVI, FLV) and nothing worked, I tried different bit rates (from 1,700,000 - 15,000,000) and nothing worked, I tried changing the picture quality and still nothing worked.

In the end, and after about 30 (?) attempts (each one taking about 20 - 30 minutes) I have finally managed to export my poor little video into 5 smaller videos. They're not even as good quality as they should be considering I made a very similar video on my old bit of software which looked beautiful.

So if you want a lovely bit of video editing software, which will let you fiddle and tweak to your hearts content but won't ever let you make the video you've put together, then this bit of software should be right up your street. However, I have uninstalled it and I have just ordered myself a copy of the new 'Magix 16' with very high hopes. I would say though, I am at least grateful that Sony let my try this before I wasted 50 pounds on it.
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Price: 12.55

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5.0 out of 5 stars A solid, mainstream, effort from one of dance music's finest., 6 Sep 2010
This review is from: Barking (Audio CD)
Wow! I just finsihed listening to 'Barking' and I must say I'm so happy. As a long term Underworld fan, I have been dying for a good album from them for nearly 8 years, since Hyde and Smith released 'A Hundred Days Off'. Since then they released an unnecessary Greatest Hits compilation, a disappointingly ambient soundtrack ('Breaking and Entering'), a host of sub-par rare material under the 'River-Run' project name and a totally mediocre comback album ('Oblivion With Bells'). In 'Barking', I feel that Underworld have finally come back strong and released an album full of top quality material.

The album starts off a tiny bit slow with the all-too-familiar track 'Bird 1', and at this point I feared the album might not amount to too much. However, soon enough I'm treated to the sounds of the epic single 'Scribble', which is an incredible, lush, synth-heavy drum and bass track. This song was a key factor in promoting the album too as it truly signalled their desire to branch out more into different genres. This attitude is evident as the album plays through as there are several tracks with a very club based feel to them including 'Between Stars' and 'Diamond Jigsaw', both of which are excellent. As usual, there are also a couple of light, airy, ambient numbers towards the end called 'Louisiana' and 'Simple Peal' (Hidden Track) which round the album off nicely. There is even a lovely little chilled out number named 'Moon In Water', overflowing with typically random Underworld samples.

I got to the end and I just had to listen to it again, straight away. There are very few electronic/dance albums these days which make me do that. In fact, the album is even more brilliant due to the recent abundance of truly disappointing albums from other renowned dance/electronic artists, including BT, Unkle, The Prodigy (Yes, 'Invaders Must Die'), Chicane and even The Chemical Brothers.

Some Underworld fans might question the clubby feel to the album, but it works perfectly for me. Their previous album ('Oblivion With Bells') was more comparable to their older material, but aside from a few tracks like 'Beautiful Burnout', 'Heal and Restore' and 'Best Magmu Ever' it got old very quickly and left me thinking 'Is that it Underworld? Is that the big come back?'. Even though they are still kicking ass in their tours, they really needed a strong album, and they've delivered with this one.

As a fan, I even feel quite confident in stating that this is their best album to date and I'll explain why. It has a stand out track in 'Scribble' which is easily as good as classics like 'Born Slippy', 'Pearl's Girl' and '2 Months Off'. However, unlike other albums there really are no weak tracks (with the possible exception of 'Hamburg Hotel') making it a very strong and consistent listen. Traditionally, a lot of Underworld's best material has popped up in soundtracks, EPs and as B sides and not necessarily on the albums themselves, however on this occasions their B-side material is available simply by buying the collector's edition of the album. The collaborations worked a lot better than I thought they would do and helped to strengthen the album in terms of it's diversity. Even the artwork is lovely and colourful, reflecting the mood of the album very well.

In conclusion, Underworld fans should be delighted with this album. Non-fans will probably like this it as well, certainly a lot more than some of their older albums. If you want to try a few tracks before you buy then you can't go too far wrong listening to 'Scribble', 'Diamond Jigsaw' and 'Moon In Water'. Happy listening!

PS: I've come back to this review to add a quick after thought. Since I wrote my review so many 'Underworld fans' have come on here and slated the album. It's always disheartening when a band tries something new (for them) and get so heavily criticised for it, but it happens every single time a band makes a more 'mainstream' album. People can't wait to say "Well, I loved Underworld since I was 4 years old, but they've sold out now so I don;t like them". Most of the newer reviews are saying that it's too mainstream, too full of 'catchy dance' and nothing like their classic material. I would like to add three points:

a: 'Second Toughest In The Intants' was 14 years ago and Underworld haven't made an album like that since then.

b: It's up to the band what they do. Maybe they wanted to spread their wings a bit more and try a few different things.

c: I remember watching an interview with Karl Kyde once. He was talking about how dance music is such an amazing industry because it's really a brotherhood where different artists admire and respect each other. Take rock music on the other hand, most indie fans wouldn't be seen dead at a Green Day concert, and heavy metal fans probably wouldn't be seen dead at Foo Fighhters gig. Dance groups like Underworld, Orbital, The Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy on the other hand, have always supported each other, remixed tracks, done live gigs together and generally worked well together. So, given Karl's philosophy, I was quite appreciative of the fact that Underworld had done some collaborations on 'Barking', and although I don't own any Paul Van Dyk music, I thought his co-production on 'Diamond Jigsaw' was great!

Please be open minded folks or they might not bother making another album, which would be a real shame.
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The Godfather [DVD]
The Godfather [DVD]
Dvd ~ Marlon Brando
Offered by claires_media_store
Price: 7.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars 20 Reasons why the Godfather is really over-rated:, 12 July 2010
This review is from: The Godfather [DVD] (DVD)
(Just before we get started, I do like The Godfather, a bit. But it really is nowhere near as good as everyone thinks).

1. Genius or Idiot? Marlon Brando was a classic actor, no doubts there. But his 70s career was apalling. Why on earth does he play a hard as nails Italian Mafia Don like a disabled idiot who can't talk because his mouth is full. It didn't sound Italian, it just sounded really annoying. I had to put the subtitles on to catch what he was saying. And those of you who think you know exactly what he's saying, put the subtitles on and I bet you'll be surprised.

2. James Caan's fake punches on Carmine are terrible even for a 70s movie. At one point he CLEARLY misses him by about 12 inches!

3. There have been much better gangster films in the last 20 years, including Goodfellas, Road To Perdition, Donnie Brasco and a host of excellent British movies.

4. The bit in Italy with Al Pacino is all totally unnecessary. It's never even referred to in the rest of the movie. He goes there to hide, gets married and loses his wife in an explosion then comes back to America and never mentions any of it to anyone. Hmm! I made a cut of this film, took out all those parts and it was a lot better.

5. When Luca Brazzi is being strangled, he slowly slumps to the floor with his tongue out not even trying to escape. Watch the cop getting strangled at the start of 'No Country For Old Men' to see how that scene should have looked.

6. How in the hell did they get an 80 pound, bloody horses head into someone's bed and smoother the blood all over his pyjamas without him waking up. (Plus who did that? Robert Duvall?)

7. Al Pacino gets back to New York and everything is forgiven of him, yet he waits a whole year to go and find the love of his life and tell her he's back. Why didn't they just change that line to "I got back 3 days ago", then I wouldn't be complaining.

8. The films old! Very old!!!

9. Godfather 2 was better.

10. Coppola was definately not the genius everyone had him down as. Don't forget he also made the following stinkers: Jack (with Robin Williams), Captain EO (with Michael Jackson), Peggy Sue Got Married and 'Roger Corman's The Terror.

11. It's not really moving or emotionally engaging in any way.

12. There's not even a whiff of hunour anywhere. So it's not emotional or funny.

13. It's a 3 hour movie with about 4 action scenes and 1 or 2 suspensful moments. So it's not really emotional, funny or exciting. So what is it then?

14. It's a blooming long, 3 hour movie like 'Magnolia'. Not a good 3 hour movie like 'The Green Mile' or 'The Fellowship of the Ring', both of which are exciting, emotional and funny in various places.

15. Talia Shire is even more annoying in this than she was in Rocky.

16. One guy shuts a man in a revolving door and then shoots him, but he's on the inside. So how the hell did he get out to escape with all those people around and a dead body clogging up the revolving door?

17. It just doesn't have the same timeless appeal of other old classics like Jaws, Alien, Star Wars, The Shining, Blade Runner or The Sting.

18. Wil Ferrell doesn't like it.

19. Some people pretend to like it! I've met 15 year old media studies students who claim that it's their favourite film. But why? I can understand why 60 year old men, who went to watch it when it came out, have a sentimental fondness about it but come on and get real kids.

20. It's always at either number 1 or number 2 on any list of top movies which is really irritating when you don't like it that much.

Thanks for reading.
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