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Phill "thanewdanger" (London)

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It's About Time
It's About Time
Price: £1.50

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Better Than Debut, 17 Feb. 2005
This review is from: It's About Time (Audio CD)
Christina Milian is multi-talented she can sing/write/act and produce her 1st album self titled wasnt all that great not many songs on it really caught my attention but 2wards the end of '03 i heard "Dip It Low" it was such a transition from AM to PM working with Paul Poli who produced and wrote with the Black Eyed Peas as well as new comer Teerda Moses to make this masterpeice though it sounded a bit flat b4 the release of the video many people brushed it a side den the video was released it had a better and much more R&B soundin beat it was sure to b a massive hit (it reached #2)which convinced me to buy the album
1.Intro - A bit like X-tina A's stripped intro 10/10
2.Dip It Low (Featuring Fabolous) - The 1st single but the album version features New York rapper Fabolous(who is great)he gives the song a nice hip-hop flava great song it'll neva get old 10/10
3.I Need More - Sounds like it was supposed to be for Britney it really sounds like it belongs on "In The Zone" its not bad but its too poppy 7/10
4.Whatever U Want (Featuring Joe Budden) - The 2nd catchy single i honestly didnt like it when i 1st heard it didnt think it was a strong follow-up to "Dip It Low" but it reached #4 its very radio friendly and ridicuously catchy u end up lovin it 8/10
5.Someday Oneday - This song was also on the Japanese version of the album its a nice song but its not the strongest song her vocals are really sweet but its not great 7/10
6.Highway - One of the best songs its like the female version of R.Kelly's Ignition its very sexual but in a sutble way "Love it riding on ur highway" i love her vocals as well its beautiful 10/10
7.Get Loose - Darkchild produced club banga really love this song it just makes u wanna get up and dance they play this sumtimes wen i go out its infectious u cant help but tap ur foot 10/10
8.I'm Sorry - Another slow-tempo song it reminds me of something Mya would sing she sings about a man that likes her and she says no n he gets hearbroken very nice song 10/10
9.L.O.V.E. (Featuring Joe Budden) - Honestly Joe could have been left off the song coz Christina on her own makes this song great the 80's like beat its great could have been a single coz its hella catchy 10/10
10.Peanut Butter & Jelly - I really dont know why people go crazy for this its very average and very poppy not a favourite of mine 6/10
11.Miss You Like Crazy - I LOVE THIS SONG its so sweet and its very heart-felt its similar to Case' "Missing You" this could have been a single as well 10/10
12.Oh Daddy - Samples "Cause We've Ended As Lover's" from Stevie Wonder's protoge Syreeta this is a heart felt ballad about Christina's dad i think people who have been thru this will definatly relate 10/10
13.I Can Be That Woman - This is terrible it sounds like a ringtone 3/10
14.Hands On Me - Should have been on the tracklist and not just a bonus track its a sexy club banga really good 10/10
15.Dip It low (Video) - Great video she looks beautiful 10/10
Top 5
2.Oh Daddy
4.Hands On Me
5.Dip It Low/Miss You Like Crazy
Buy it you will be impressed

Price: £1.50

4 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The Princess Of Crunk&B, 24 Jan. 2005
This review is from: Goodies (Audio CD)
Ms Ciara is the first lady of the new wave that hit called Crunk&B which basically club banga's if u no who Lil Jon is you'll kno what i mean.
Goodies is a really strong debut for the 19yr old she have an all round average voice it has a nice soft tone sorta like Ashanti's but not quite here's my review
1.Goodies (Featuring Petey Pablo) - Following the success of Petey's own hit Freak-A-Leek he lends hes talent on this #1 US & now #1 UK single i dont really no anyone that doesnt like it the beat is just great and its great in a club 10/10
2.1,2 Step (Featuring Missy Elliott) - Produced by her mentor Jazze Pha this song is one of the best in the same vain as "Goodies" but even more Crunk! this will be the next single release the video is really great 10/10
3.Thug Style - A really nice song a bit more mellow than the other 2 songs Ciara goes all sexy and sweet "U changed the game i like ur thug style/when im around u,u always make me smile" aww how cute 10/10
4.Hotline - This song is really good mid-tempo song the lyrics are a bit simple and is a bit poppy but its really catchy and if released could be a really bit hit the beat boxing is really good 9/10
5.Oh (Featuring Ludacris) - This song is just sooo great the beat is out of this world its a song about living in the south and which wouldnt be complete without a rhyme from the king of the south Ludacris he makes this song even better supposed to be the 3rd single 10/10
6.Pick Up The Phone - This song didnt grab me at first me but it really grew on me its about her man not callin her "Ive become bestfriends with the dial tone" got a nice laid back beat 9/10
7.Lookin' At You - Really crunk! Jazze Pha is a really good producer the beat is sorta acoustic with a slight asian undertone its a really nice song kind of a club banga 10/10
8.Ooh Baby - Im not feelin this one its too poppy and this is the only track i dont like maybe it'll grow on me 4/10
9.Next To You (Featuring R.Kelly) - One of the best songs but it does sound like it was left off Js' album she actually sounds a bit like them this is a great sweet song about not gettin next to a person coz u dont want anything freaky to go down lol 10/10
10.And I - Another of my favourite irs such a sweet ballad you really need to listen to this is shows of Ci-Ci's voice 10/10
11.Other Chicks - Another nice slow song i like the chorus shes really talented the beat is cool sorta like a song Brandy would have sung back in the day 10/10
12.The Title - While Goodies was working its way on the mix-tape circuit n proving a big favourite The Title was also working its way round it has an old skool vibe a nice way to end the album 10/10
Bonus Tracks
13. Goodies (Remix) (Featuring T.I & Jazze Pha) - Well im in love with T.I hes flow is off the hook but its not really a remix 9/10
14.Crazy - The beat is a muddle but its a nice slowjam singin about she dont wanna let her man go 8/10
Great debut i think she'll be around for a while
Top 5 Goodies Tunes
1.Next To You
2.And I
3.1,2 Step
5.Goodies & Thug Style

Aaliyah - Limited Edition Slipcase
Aaliyah - Limited Edition Slipcase
Price: £7.88

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars 4 Years On Still One Of The Best Albums Of The Milliennuim, 22 Jan. 2005
Aaliyah sadly died on the 25th August 01 she left behind 3 near-perfect albums and a horde of fans (true fans not "More Than A Woman" fans")."Aaliyah" was the 3rd album from the 22yr old its her most creative,mature and personal record for her she get helps from long time producer/friend Timbaland as well her friend Missy Elliott along with Static from the R&B group Playa each of the 15 cuts on the album has a personal significance to her life u can tell the way she sings the amount of emotions come thru her voice is fantasic.The album starts with the 1st single lifted "We Need A Resolution" (my favourite cut) is about a fighting couple trying to salvage what little of a relationship they have topped off with production and a rap cameo by timbaland if gives the song a raw hip-hop beat with a light asian feel to it next up we have a song produced by Static "Loose Rap" is about people pretendin to be ur friend but they hatin secretly (who would have hated on Aaliyah c'mon b serious)this song is edgy and quite adventurous for her great song as well the wailing near the end of the song is so cool!.
Track 3 is a fan favourite "Rock The Boat" is shows Aaliyah's sexy side the lyrics are racey and flirty more like breathing the lyrics than singing 'em she makes this summery sex song one of her best yet! "More Than A Woman" is #4 it won her alot of new fans its radio friendly r&b lite song its more pop with an edge the song basically says shes down for her man and she's more than just a pretty face.It was a dance hall smash and was a UK #1 too bad she wasnt around to bask in her glory.
"Never No More" touches on abuse its light and airy her voice shines on this one the beat is crazy i love this one its very emotional like WNAR its about a relationship on its last legs Track 6 is also a fan favourite "I Care 4 U" was originally slated for the '96 release "One In A Million" but didnt quite make the end result so she put it on this one Penned by Missy Elliott shows Aaliyah's loving side it was one of the best slowjams of 01 its heartfelt and indeed made for lover's."Extra Smooth" shows Aaliyah her girly side is about what she likes in a man and also bout fast men that just want one thing she jus wants a Smooth brotha "Read Between The Lines" & "U Got Nerve" are about lying,cheating,dirty men RBTL is about a brotha caught out there while UGN with its bouncy,fresh beat is bout takin a woman for granted n jus running around doin her wrong the jazzy undertones and the bridge make this song really original Track 10 is another of my personal favourites "I Refuse" is the big 6min mello-drama its for all those women who be done wrong yet again and jus "Refuses" to be takin for a ride her vocals are supreme on this track has to be one of my all time fav songs and thats an undertstatment how good this song is!!!!!.
"Track 11" the sultry Aaliyah comes into play "It's Whatever" its nice laid back Nu-Soul track something Jill Scott would concoct with its nice piano loop and her sweet honey-dipped lyrics this song is perfect "I Can Be" thinkin at the start this is gonna be a slowjam but ur wrong the biggest stand out on the album people were shocked that she had rock influences got that sorta Micheal Jackson "Dirty Diana" feel to it a great song and its so short it definatly isnt long enuff "Those Were The Days" it just reminds me of a Brandy song its a good song shes just reminiscing on how her man used to treat her now she dont get nuffin they dont feel the same way "U aint cute no more" poor 'Liyah.I gotta say this is the strangest yet one of the strongest cuts "What If" another rock influenced track she turns funky chick she should have (if she was still alive) released this fantastic song though a bit reptitive at times the song is flawless the beat is nuts love it the last track #15 "Try Again" was featured on the soundtrack of "Romeo Must Die" it was the 1st us fans heard from her in 5yrs alot of people didnt recognise her as she totally changed her look for the Japanese influenced video with one killer of a dance rountine this song is a classic and remains one of the most original tracks ever produced!.
Ovrall this remains in my top 5 of all time favourite albums she will be greatly missed but still be in our hearts and in her music she will live on.
Top 5 Aaliyah Tracks
1.We Need A Resolution
2.It's Whatever
3.What If
4.I Can Be
5.Rock The Boat
1979-2001 XXX

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