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The World Is Saved
The World Is Saved

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2.0 out of 5 stars Umm Ok Then...., 4 Dec 2006
This review is from: The World Is Saved (Audio CD)
This is probably the most disappointing,uneven album i've listened to, after a friend recommended it to me with grate praisal i gave it a go and didn't really think much of it considering she has been singing since 1991 you would of thought she had perfected her craft by now. I cannot downtred her too much there was some good moments like the opener "Get On With Your Life" which is reminiscent of Emiliana Torrini i loved the swooping beat, yet keeping it on a low key level and i really enjoyed " The Morning Belongs To The Night" which reminded me of a musical it doesn't really pick up the pace nor seem to go anywhere but i liked the introvertive feel to it which its fluttering beat and clanging of the bell-like instruments almost puts into mind of being in a glacial cave.

The downpoints are truly that "Winter Calling" is horrible and " From Cayman Islands With Love" is like some lacklustre industrial caberet song which i thought i was going to enjoy but listening to it more it sounded like a poor Bond song.The title track wasn't too bad not the best though again reminded me of Ms Torrini.

Top 3 (wasn't 5 songs i liked)

1.Get On With Your Life

2.The World Is Saved

3.The Morning Belongs To The Night

I will give her previous efforts a listen 'coz i like her voice and the stuff i did like was satisfying enough for me to venture her more.

The Revelation Is Now Televised
The Revelation Is Now Televised
Price: £4.42

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5.0 out of 5 stars V.Good, 8 Nov 2006
V is a protegé from the beautiful soulistics such as Jill Scott and Eric Roberson. I gotta admit i didn't really know this album had been released till a couple of months ago, A friend of mine had the Jazzy Jeff album "The Magnificent" which featured a track with V on it such a great track we loved it after tracking down this album it was apparent this guy has some serious underrated talent.

1.Intro - He sings about how he fell in love with music and wanting to be apart of such thing.Just under two minutes long it has a really nice beat with sweeping strings and a great harmony 9/10

2.Confess - I wasn't all that keen on this song the first time round but after a few listens it's one of the best tracks the intro to the song is really great it's typical A Touch Of Jazz production and he sounds great he is a cross between Musiq Soulchild and Dwele. 10/10

3.Best Friend - A very strong song with a jazz undertone and a subtle hip-hop vibe to it, it's hard not to keeping bringing him up but this is like a Musiq Soulchild song 'coz V nearly has an indentical voice! its a brillant song he sings about being thankful he has his best friend in his life 10/10

4.Picture This - A social conscious song which touches on his ideal version of the world, no segregation,equal pay and just a harmonious and great experience to be alive.Definately one of the stronger cuts (even though there isnt a duff track) 10/10

5.Still - This has one of the sickest beats i think this is my favourite song from the album it's just under 5 minutes and i wish it never ends it's about keeping love alive and 'still' knowing that you have love for each other its just so sexy and his voice is smooth and sublime very easily relatable if you ever been in the same situation 10/10

6.Hey Pretty Baby - I really tried hard to really like this song 'coz i think it has a really nice beat and the vocal harmonising its very pretty but it's just so run of the mill it comes of a bit disapointing, I still listen to it though 'coz this is one album you can listen to from start to finish 7/10

7.Would You Be Mine - A clear favourite of mine it's so beautiful this is why i'm thankful i have ears. It's sick! it's almost acapella at the start reminded me of the groups Shai and Jodeci with a hint of Dwele and Glenn Lewis it runs near a satisfying 6 minutes he truly has a great voice.Play this when your trying to impress a potenial partner ;)10/10

8.Born Again (Featuring Jill Scott) - I've come to terms with whatever Jill Scott is on or apart of it's gonna be the sh*t and this is no exception at all i absolutely love this song it's so damn sexy it drips! the rain in the background gives it a mysterious beauty to it Jill herself doesn't really sing till the end which she also voices a few verses of poetry...its one of those "babymaking" songs 10/10

9.Anotha Phase - The one and only upbeat song and still doesn't seem out of place 'coz it's just so damn good! this one is about trying to forget an ex but still having love for them and keep going back time and time again but as V says it's time for anotha phase which basically means MOVE ON! lol 10/10

10.Who Would I Be - The longest song on the entire set clocking at 7 minutes the second socially conscious song, it delves into the questions and thoughts V has about society how he would do things and so on a real eye opener if you like this sort of thing, I personally think this is one of the stronger songs on the album maybe a little on the long side but very good 10/10

11.Melody - An acoustic affair with a great instrumentation and a excellent way to end it and it's a very sweet song he sings that how his girl (could be possibly talking about music in general which is clever)

A nice way to end it as i said give this one a couple of listens and it'll make you smile.

Top 5


2.Born Again

3.Best Friend

4.Would You Be Mine

5.Who Would I Be

If your a fan of A Touch Of Jazz productions (Jill Scott,Kindred,Lina,Vivian Green) then i suggest you pick this one up.

Boys for Pele
Boys for Pele
Price: £8.17

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5.0 out of 5 stars I Need A Big Loan From Tori Zone, 6 Oct 2006
This review is from: Boys for Pele (Audio CD)
Now anyone who's ever had the pleasure of listening to Tori Amos falls in love with her deeply personal writing style although sometimes hard to comprehend she is a legend in her own right."Boys For Pele" is her 3rd album released in January 1996 and started massive Torimania,even though shes never been a massive single seller her albums do extremely well and this isn't an exception.

Most of the time her albums come as a sonic novel and often pick up where older songs left off.

1.(Beauty Queen) Horses - starts off with the horses from "Winter" taking us to go find demons it's a very dark song and the start of it is just chilling.The delicatecy starts to grow harsher and deeper then going back to something soft and gentle making it seem like it has a split personality (we all know Tori refers to all her songs has her 'girls')

great opener 10/10

2.Blood Roses - A very strong indication of hurt and pain, It's a song refering to Tori's own rape once you know what the song is about it can be hard to listen to it the line that is very disturbing is "he likes killing you after you're dead" she basically saying hes praying off the humilation and how scared she is good song but very disturbing 10/10

3.Father Lucifer - When i was younger and the album was just release a family member loved this and this was one of the songs i loved to listen to,the piano is wonderful.The song isn't about Tori's father (has he is a minister) but while taken drugs she had hullicinations of drinking tea with the Devil it has a humourous tone and is just fantastic 10/10

4.Professional Widow - The original of the UK #1 club version,I gotta say i do enjoy the club version but this version is so suprior.As i got older i realised this song is about many things sexual appitite,sexuality and it's just about not being controlled by men and taken the feminist route and standing up for what she believes in 10/10

5.Mr.Zebra - One of Torifans most beloved song it's just totally nuts! and also Tori at her most playful dealing with hidden sides of women people don't usually see and the she offers people "Ratatouille Strychnine" to poison them it's a funny song 10/10

6.Marianne - Is another sad song dealing with the suicide of a friend Tori knew years before of the same name.This is probably one of Tori's most straightforward songs in terms of subject matter,as shes just saying how Marianne was a good girl she'd never kill herself but we later find out it was a drug overdose.Tori sounds very good on this song in some instances it sounds like her voice breaks up 'coz of how sad the song is one of my favourites and the strings in the middle of the song are just fantastic 10/10

7.Caught A Lite Sneeze - Probably my favourite song from Boys For Pele.The meaning of this song is about guys thinking they has such an impact on your life while you was with them and it turns out they wasn't they played a very "Lite" position in your life and wanting to do anything to keep a relationship going, knowing that it's over, knowing that it's slipping through the hands very good song and the video is effin' fantastic this was also the first single 10/10

8.Muhammad My Friend - This is a good song but not the greatest i get the feeling she is singing about the muslim prophet Muhammad.Like alot of her songs she lightly flirts with religion.Also she name drops someone called Gladys who i found out she was singing about Gladys Knight,there is a slight jazz feel to this song towards the end it is a good song but not a favourite 8/10

9.Hey Jupiter (The Dakota Version)- The original is great and very intimate but this version is better and one of my all time favourite Tori songs.The song really is about the pain of separation when you start to realise that you have no-one to talk to when your down abeit friends of a partner easily relatable 10/10

10.Way Down - This song is so short but it's so gracious i find it very beautiful (always have),this is when you know a relationship has definately ended and you enter the grieving process and thats how you feel 'Down' 10/10

11.Little Amsterdam - I never really got this song and honestly hardly listened to it,but recently i've found the beauty of this song, a very angry song almost borderline psychotic.The way this song is produced is just some of the best from this album.In a nutshell it's a song about having the feeling to kill 10/10

12.Talula (Tornado Mix)- This version was featured of the Twister soundtrack.A good song about feeling free from all the stuff you've had to put up with.This is a great song especially when performed live isn't the best song nor my favourite but i like it 8/10

13.Not The Red Baron - Not The Red Baron is the moment of compassion for all the men on the album its almost like shes saying sorry i've never really liked this song much it just doesn't stand out like the rest of them do 6/10

14.Agent Orange - I love the intro to this song like alot of her "mini" songs it's a good one a song about possibly making light of a heavy situation and almost like hiding from anything deep or emotional cool song 10/10

15.Doughnut Song - This was originally a b-side and to be honest it should of stayed that way it's probably my least favourite Tori song it just doesn't seem to go anywhere the only thing i did like about it was the jangly HA HA guitar used 6/10

16.In The Springtime Of His Voodoo - When the album was re-released in 97 after the success of the PW remix this song was left off and alot of fans where annoyed by this luckily i was able to track down the original version.I enjoy this very much it was released as a club single but no video one of Tori's finest moments 10/10

17.Putting The Damage On - Another sad song which is one of my favourites i actually can play this on keyboard!(can't sing though lol).The song really speaks for itself about feeling sorry for yourself when your feeling good you find a way to make yourself sad again i love this song 10/10

18.Twinkle - The closer is intimate and classy,it's like a reprieve still has alot of anger and hurt but can move on its hard but shes "gonna twinkle" 10/10

Top 5

1.Caught A Lite Sneeze

2.Hey Jupiter


4.Putting The Damage On

5.Way Down

She is one of the most beloved women or rock history and this album is just a glimpse of the sheer genius she really is.

Best 1991-2004 [2CD Set: Hits & Acoustic]
Best 1991-2004 [2CD Set: Hits & Acoustic]

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5.0 out of 5 stars One Of The Top UK Soul Artists, 16 Sep 2006
As i said while reviewing Massive Attacks greatest hits i very rarely buy them because most of the time they leave too many good songs off and either include rubbish ones or remixes when you just want to hear the originals!.Since 1991 Seal has been wowing audiences around the world with his silky smooth soulful voice although this was released two years ago i've only just purchasing it after being given his muchly underrated album "Human Being".

1.Crazy - A fantastic song which broke him into the mainstream being a hit all around the world (peaking at #2 in the UK).One of his most beloved songs and one of my personal favourites he sounds excellent and even though it was released in 1991 it still sounds fresh 10/10

2.Kiss From A Rose - When this was released it was played to death! it was the theme to the Batman Forever movie it can actually listen to it now it's been a few years!.This song also scored him his first #1 in the US and won a grammy,I love the words to this song so sweet! 10/10

3.Killer - I'm glad this isnt the Adamski one (which was a #1 here in the UK)It's not a bad version but i prefer this one much more it's less electronic therefor making it sound less dated.Has a great edge to it.I think the chorus is so good lol he sounds absolutly fantastic if you've never liked this song then your so strange lol one of the best singles ever! 10/10

4.Prayer For The Dying - This is my favourite Seal song it has such a great message if i'm not mistaken he wrote this after being in a motorbike accident so it was released at the right time for him even though this wasn't as big as his other songs i feel this is his strongest 10/10

5.Waiting For You - This song steps up the tempo and was released from his 4th album "Seal IV" Has a great jazz feel to it like a throwback from the 70's he still sounds as good as he did back in the day lol,Too bad this song didn't do very well 'coz its really great and funky 10/10

6.Don't Cry - Is one of his more depressing songs it's still very good though it starts off with a great acapella if you didn't know how good he sounds! But it gained him alot of attention after he won grammys as this song was nominated for a VMA award and reached #8 in the US 8/10

7.My Vision (Featuring Jakatta) - This put Seal back into the mainstream which peaked at #6 in the UK it's a great dance song and Seal later re-recorded it for his Seal IV album very good feel good song although it does seem a bit out of place but great song 9/10

8.Love's Divine - This is one of the highlights of his acclaimed Seal IV album such a sweet song could be dedicated to his wife Heidi Klum? this is a favourite of mine from this album 10/10

9.Walk On By - His version of the muchly covered classic by Dionne Warwick.It's produced by mega producers Soulshock&Karlin (702,Christina Milian,Mary J Blige,Monica)It's a very good cover which earned him a grammy nomination i'm actually not a big fan of this song in general but his along with Gabrielle's version make it enjoyable for me 10/10

10.Get It Together - This was a massive hit on the dance/club scene it's a funky song,It sounds like hes singing in bar and i like that makes it sound live,I love the band really good song reminded me kinda of Earth,Wind & Fire 10/10

11.Fly Like An Eagle - Is a remake which it's gotta be said makes the original sound like a cheesy cover.I love sing song one of his best songs it was one of the theme's for the movie Space Jam. 10/10

12.Lips Like Sugar - Such an odd cover but it's really cute it was from the movie 50 First Dates giving the Echo and the bunnymen classic a slight reggae vibe.Not really a massive fan of it but its listenable 8/10

13.Human Beings - Very dark song that was lifted from his highly underrated masterpiece "Human Being",He said that the inspiration of this song was the passing of Notorious B.I.G and Tupac.I love this song it is one of my favourite the production is so good 10/10

14.Future Love Paradise - I felt it could have been left off it's not really a favourite of mine and i rarely listen to it, That doesn't make it a bad song i just get so into 'Human Beings' i just play it alot 7/10

The second CD is acoustic versions of the previous songs (with inclusions of Just Like You Said,Touch,Colour & Bring It On)which i felt was really good "Prayer For The Dying"

is one of the best as is Killer,Colour,Crazy and Love's Devine.

Top 5

1.Prayer For The Dying


3.Human Beings

4.Fly Like An Eagle

5.Walk On By

Seal is one of our best soul musicians sometimes greatly over looked but he can blow you away with his voice. Get This Now!!

Fisherman's Woman
Fisherman's Woman
Price: £11.18

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5.0 out of 5 stars Memoirs Of A Fishwife, 31 Aug 2006
This review is from: Fisherman's Woman (Audio CD)
When i heard Emiliana's song 'To Be Free' in the movie 'Crazy/Beautiful' i fell in love with her voice i tracked down the single and listened to it over and over again.Her second real commercially released album "Fisherman's Woman" is a calming,pleasurable piece of music to listen to her voice is so capivating.

1.Nothing Brings Me Down - The whole album stays in a beautiful calming tempo and the opener obviously sets the whole album off.

She sings about how content she is with her situation and is just a happy woman i could of made a video for this song her words give you alot of ideas to play window 10/10

2.Sunny Road - Dispite this song having little to no success which is a shame,this song had a cult following (very much like Sia's 'Breathe Me'),The video was very cool for this song.It is like she is singing a letter she wrote to someone she hasn't spoken to in a few years..well i'd meet her on the sunnyroad hehe great song 10/10

3.Snow - A very short song almost like an interlude,it seems like another letter to someone,To me it feels like she has been on a boat for many months with her husband and she feels depressed and misses dry land and a certain person as she just wishes to see them again which many never happen 10/10

4.Livesaver - With this song it gives a clear indication that Torrini wanted to give off a 'boat' feel as u can hear creaking of wood swaying too and fro as the boat bobs along the sea,with this song it seems like she just wants to be rescued great song one of my favourites 10/10

5.Honeymoon Child - Out of all the songs i think maybe this isn't favourite song,Although it think she sounds utterly fantastic ,with almost no music accompanying her gorgeous voice it's quite impressive 8/10

6.Today Has Been OK - One of the best songs i listen to this alot and it has even been featured in the Channel 4 series 'Sugar Rush' (along with a few other Torrini songs).Again i get a letter vibe someone has sent her some news there was one part of the song that got me confused about the priest and his son,it was either he was gay or he was killed? even still i love this song alot when everything is going bad around you just say "today as been OK" 10/10

7.Next Time Around - The instrumentation of this song is very beautiful a friend saw Torrini live and said this song sounded gorgeous,A very nice song I felt this song was about people she knows and loves moving to the big city and shes stranded in her little fishing village and she would rather be at sea. 10/10

8.Heartstopper - No words can discribe how much i love this song i have to say it is probably one of my favourite songs of all time,I happend to catch the last minute of so of video on MTV2 and i thought it captured the true essence of the song and she is such a beautiful woman! my favourite on the album!!! 10/10

9.At Least It Was - It makes a slight bump in the album as i can listen to it from start to finish without skipping!,This song i felt takes a while to get into the guitar is very sweet and breezy and i could see Torrini on a cliff with the wind blowing while singing this great song though 9/10

10.Fisherman's Woman - The most sombre songs on the album,very much like Snow it is very short,She had realised that being a fisherman's woman isnt for her she doesn't wanna deal with the absence of her husband,It has a subtle jazz vibe which is very pretty her voice is just heavenly 10/10

11.Thinking Out Loud - Another sad song very pretty,she sings in a lower tone than normal,I got the impression that she can't be herself self and she just is unhappy there is an instant in the song where it actually sounds like shes crying! 10/10

12.Serenade - Anyone who learned about Torrini through her mysterious 'Gollum Song' from the Lord Of The Rings, will love this song it's an eeriely beautiful song one of the best songs shes ever written i can't get enough of it! Da da da da dum dum

Da dum dum... 10/10

Top 5



3.Today As Been OK



A quite different direction from her trip-hop/Bjork-esque debut "Love In The Time Of Science" but just as good if not better,Emiliana Torrini is a talent that shouldn't be undiscovered if you like Sia,Rufus Wainwright,Nerina Pallot and even Sufjan Stevens you will not be disappointed!
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5.0 out of 5 stars I Put On My Morning Jacket And Headed Off To 'Z', 19 Aug 2006
This review is from: Z (Audio CD)
I came across this album by sheer accident never heard of them before, while I was shopping for a different CD I see the album cover of this and I thought it was so cute I asked the cashier if I could listen to it and the first track just grabbed me so I bought it on a whim and fell in love with it.

1.Wordless Chorus - A few things spring to mind with this one The Flaming Lips and Reggae yes, reggae it has that slight vibe to it and makes the song sound really cute and innocent. It's one of my favourites and a definately stand out 10/10

2.It Beats 4 U - Is slightly more edgier and up-beat i like the drumming it sounds like marching and the lead singers voice is great on this track he sounds similar to Chris Martin (Coldplay)

another great song. 9/10

3.Gideon - Wasn't taken in by it as much as the others when i listened to this though i had the 60's in mind it has a slightly psychedelic,trippy beat i really liked the lyrics of this and the lead singers 'wailing' is very much in-tune and powerful very nice voice. 8/10

4.What A Wonderful Man - Another sweet, chirpy beat but the thing is about this song is that the lead singer wrote it about a friend who commited suicide although the dark subject it's a really nice song if u don't know what the songs about.It could easily be on a movie soundtrack for some teen/indie movie its catchy i surprised this wasn't a single release it's also very short 2:25 10/10

5.Off The Record - Was the lead and only single from the album a great lead if you ask me put me in mind of a Madness song with a little hint of Kaiser Chiefs.Nice song,good lead 8/10

6.Into The Woods - It's starts off with creep fairground music birds cheeping and children whining a very trippy song that is quite eerie to be honest not one i enjoyed a great deal but very original i gotta say nice vocals too 8/10

7.Anytime - Another song with a strong rock edge to it, it flows very well throughout probably the only song that feels weak to me i don't really have much to say about it you either like it or you dont',but i'll let the album run through if i'm in the mood 6/10

8.Lay Low - I really liked this song an old school vibe going on and it just fits in with the rest of the album the lyrics are great as well 8/10

9.Knot Comes Loose - Now i was reading the lyrics to this one and the conclusion i came up with is either it's written about gettin over depression of about supressing your emotions from someone you care deeply about this is probably my favourite song it's a very emotive song with beautiful vocals (yes,they are).I like the line "All my lovely life/I been waitin'/hot heels antisipatin'" great song 10/10

10.DonDante - I'm not sure if this is the name of the person it's about but i read that Jim James wrote this about the death of someone very close and special to him maybe he saw it as a way of release therapy but i think this a fantastic closer. It's the longest song on the album clocking up 8 minutes but it's just one of those songs you wished went on for longer.I had Radiohead's OK Computer album in mind when i listened to this so fragile and vulnerable.Also this song has the most incredible guitar solo talking about making a guitar cry! so beautiful 10/10

Top 5

1.Knot Comes Loose


3.What A Wonderful Man

4.Wordless Chorus

5.It Beats 4 U

Price: £6.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Let Your Soul Take Control, 7 Aug 2006
This review is from: Mary (Audio CD)
Mary J. Blige's 1999 album known as "Mary" is a milestone in her career she was going through some tough emotional times and it definately shows within her music.The album starts off on a beautiful track "All That I Can Say" which became the lead single and weas produced by the one and only Lauryn Hill she also sings backing vocals and wrote it!, a peaceful joyous love song which fits in well with the albums theme."Sexy" which features Jadakiss is the most prominent hip-hop track it stands as one of my favourites the sheer smoothness of this blew me away its not too in your face nor too lo-key it sticks out and Jadakiss' rap doesn't spoil it at all. "Deep Inside" samples heavily on her friend Elton John's classic "Benny & The Jets" he also plays keys.This was also the second single and proved quite popular charting at #9 on the billboard R&B chart.The next song is the six minute beauty that comes in the form of "Beautiful One" of which Mary collaborated with (then newcoming producer) Rich Harrison (Amerie,Beyonce) It's one of my favourites although it starts to get a bit annoying towards the end the song lives up to it's name.Other highlights of the album include: The beautiful 70's groove of "I'm In Love" which also has a smooth jazz vibe and is another favourite she really sings her heart out a true modern day love song.The 3rd single "Your Child" which is a fan favourite which deals with a man not being honest that he has a child with someone else of which Mary scored a #1 dance hit although this original is superior and really hearfelt.Another favourite is the honest "No Happy Holidays" which has Mary in the role of the 'other woman' if anyone who has been in this situation this song is for you another fan favourite and probably one of her best songs."Give Me You" is a beautiful track and was also the final real single release from the album which features Eric Clapton on guitar one of her best ballads and definately the sweetest! A couple of unreleased favourites (if u didnt get the limited 2Disc edition) was the strong hip-hop song "Sincerity" which featured DMX & Nas it's one of my favourite...again the beat is very strange u have to hear it.Also another hip-hop song was "Confrontation" which featured Funkmaster Flex and Big Kap.On some other version the duet with George Michael "As" was released a remake of a Stevie Wonder classic which was a great song.

Top 5


2.No Happy Holidays

3.Deep Inside

4.Give Me You

5.Beautiful One

This album is a fantastic piece of music perhaps Mary's most underrated project if your a fan get it if not try it it's very beautiful.

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4.0 out of 5 stars Bit Of A Slump But I Still Love Her, 24 Jun 2006
This review is from: More (Audio CD)
This album was delayed for quite sometime title changes and tracklisting switches.

The album "More" (originally titled Still) was finally released in 2004 with much anticipation i for one was a little disapointed with the end result some of the better tracks from the original album was left off and replaced with shoddy lacklustre "commercial" songs.

Lets start off with the bad

"On My Way" & "More" must be the worst songs shes ever released into the public it just doesn't feel like Tamia shes too classy for this commercial rent-a-rapper trash."Mr Cool" is a song i just hated even from the original tracklisting i hated it Mario Winans cannot sing considering being from a talented family.Finally the worst of them all is the cover of the Carpenters classic "(They Long To Be)Close To You" with Gerald Levert now both singers can "sang" but i think NO ONE should attempt to cover this it was a one off.

There are more good that bad though.

"Officially Missing You" is one of her best songs up there with "Stranger In My House".It was the lead single and did well on the charts the beautiful acoustic number was produced by 7Aurelius who works extenstively with Ashanti.One of my favourites."Still" is the beautiful ballad that was the 3rd & last single a reminiscent song about after all these years she and her partner are still in love."Questions" flips it a little co-produced by R.Kelly it seems like "Stranger In My House Part II" a wonderful song with a raindrop kinda beat Tamia is just wondering why her mans been acting funny she wants answers so shes asking "Questions".The remake of her own classic hit "So Into You" which was a big hit for Fabolous who is on the track is a highlight along with the gospel-tinged "Tomorrow" the quiet-storm deliciousness of "Whispers".

The original tracklisting was

1.Mr Cool


3.It's A Party - Scrapped from the album and used on the "Honey" Soundtrack


5.Why Ask Why

6.No Way - Scrapped and doesnt appear on any format only if you can get the promo or advanced copy of "Still"

7.Hold Up - Scrapped and doesnt appear on any format only if you can get the promo or advanced copy of "Still"

8.Don't Think - Scrapped and doesnt appear on any format only if you can get the promo or advanced copy of "Still"


10.Officially Missing You


12.Me - Scrapped and doesnt appear on any format only if you can get the promo or advanced copy of "Still" if you can get hold of this song get it its fantastic!!!


If the album was released like this it would have been a 5 star album but sadly it's not

Top 5

1.Officially Missing You





Get this album is you love Tamia it's a great album but with a few duds like any album but a definate addition to her collection...and yours.

A Nu Day
A Nu Day
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5.0 out of 5 stars A Forgotten Classic, 24 Jun 2006
This review is from: A Nu Day (Audio CD)
The Canadian born songtress broke onto the music scene in 1995 singing "Put A Move On My Heart" a song Quincy Jones penned for his then lastest album a few years later 1998 to be precise Tamia released her Debut that considering the singles performing well on the R&B chart failed to grab peoples attention.2000 rolled around Tamia released "A Nu Day" which showed her maturity and the power she carried in that beautiful voice of hers.

The album starts with an acapella version of "Stranger In My House" breaking into the feisty "Dear John" one of my favourite Tamia songs! a beautifully produced song with an infectious chorus. "Can't Go For That" was the lead single which did quite well on the US charts produced by Missy Elliott this is a tale of a relationship thats just dead in the water it deals with domestic abuse and just generally how men can be horrible to women backed with a dancable beat.Tamia sings lower that usually but she still sounds great. "Go" is an instantly likeable track with horn stabs throughout the song the chorus carries this."Stranger In My House" is the real winner on the album one of the most beautiful R&B songs ive ever had the pleasure of hearing it was a massive hit in america reaching #10 on the commercial charts.She sings about not knowing who her man is anymore hes a completely different person from how he used to be.The video was stunning Tamia wading around in a pool of water.Other highlights include The Erick Sermon produced "Un'H..To U" which is one of a few hip-hop orientated tracks it seems pretty standard R&B music but i just think it has something special reminded me of Monica in the old days."Tell Me Who" which was the 3rd single with no video it was a radio hit and even bigger remixed as a club song.One of her beat vocal performances ive ever heard this mid-tempo beautiful just stands out starting off quite soft then breaking into a hard drum beat."If I Were You" the closing song which is just one of those teary eyed songs she sings with such emotion again another stellar vocal performance.

Top 5

1.Stranger In My House

2.Tell Me Who

3.If I Were You

4.Can't For That

5.Dear John

Although 6 years old its probably still better than whats out now.Tamia is a much slept on artist who deserves the praise and applause check it out.

On The Jungle Floor
On The Jungle Floor
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5.0 out of 5 stars Stop Drop & Roll On The Jungle Floor, 19 Jun 2006
This review is from: On The Jungle Floor (Audio CD)
Van Hunt quickly became one of my favourite soul singers in 2005 when i discovered his genius. "On The Jungle Floor" is his 2nd attempt that proves he isnt just a one-trick pony.

1.Intro/If I Take You Home - The start is just Van being silly then breaks into the first song which just sounds like it came fresh from the 70's with a strong Sly Stone sound to it which makes it one of the funkiest tracks 10/10

2.Hot Stage Lights - Another funky jam which although a bit less frantic that the first track it still makes a good impact and has you tapping your foot which is a cool 10/10

3.Dare Devil, Baby - The first 'ballad' of the song and is my favourite song i love this song it reminds me something from his debut (which i LOVE)this song touched me with its delicate piano and his voice very gentle the lyrics are just beautiful the guy can sing! 10/10

4.Ride,Ride,Ride - The biggest standout that's a total rock jam straight out of Lenny Kravitz mind lol its totally excellent and an enjoyable song to listen to you can just picture Lenny singing this 9/10

5.Being A Girl - At first with the intro beat i thought this was gonna be a poor attempt to break into the mainstream market but i was wrong this song is a smooth mid-tempo song about a women who knows how to be a girl a nice song 9/10

6.Suspicion - Another throwback song that im actually not to keen on but i don't skip it i just choose to give it much attention 5/10

7.Mean Sleep (Duet With Nikka Costa) - This duet is one of the best tracks on the album Van and Nikka do a great job and work very well together its a beautiful song about sleeping on an argument Van's parts are my favourite although i love Nikka's voice she seems to loud maybe Tweet (love her)would have been a better choice but i love it all the same 10/10

8.Preist Or Police - A nice song took me a while to like it but the song reminds me of a previous song "Being A Girl" although i like that one more this song holds it down i like it 9/10

9.Character - The 1st official single i heard this song a while ago and i really liked it a good strong choice if i had my way this song would have been successful..very successful i love it! ive had it in my head for weeks its damn catchy! 10/10

10.No Sense Of Crime - This is a remake of Iggy Pop's song as ive never heard the original i can't compare but it's a good song giving it a soul/funk twist to it is cool i enjoyed this song 9/10

11.At The End Of A Slow Dance - Prince is plastered all over this song its fantastic it just reminds me of the purple one so much its a fantastic song Van sounds brilliant i enjoyed this song alot its one of my favourites 10/10

12.The Thrill Of This Love - Not a favourite a few inspirations of his are apparent of this song but all in all i feel it was just a filler track that was put on the album to make it look longer it has a 'demo' quality to it but it could be b-side worthy reminds me a bit of something from N.E.R.D's 1st album 6/10

13.Hole In My Heart - A gorgeous melodic song a song about missing someone and not having the around making you feel down and depressed i like this song alot it had a catchy baseline and the chorus is cool 10/10

14.The Night Is Young - The closer tops the album off and leaves it going out on a high has a Red Hot Chilli Peppers vibe to me (dunno about anyone else) it's a cool song the female backing voice is good whoever she is she can sing well 10/10

Top 5


2.Mean Sleep

3.At The End Of A Slow Dance


5.Hole In My Heart

Van Hunt is brilliant support some fine soul artistry

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