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Phill "thanewdanger" (London)

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Begin To Hope
Begin To Hope
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5.0 out of 5 stars The Quirky Mind Of The Soviet Beauty., 31 Mar. 2007
This review is from: Begin To Hope (Audio CD)
While owning Soviet Kitsch and Mary Ann Meets The Gravediggers, i was happy to hear Regina releasing her fourth real studio album (Mary a compilation). 'Begin To Hope' is just one of those albums you can't help to love it it's so unique.

1.Fidelity - One of the best songs shes ever recorded most people love the upbeat,jumpy piano loop she sings about her trying to protect herself from heartbreak by absorbing herself in music, but she falls in love and has her heart broken anyway.I think in the second verse, in addition to wanting to protect herself from heartbreak, she finds herself also regretting her decision to let him in and she contemplates if it had been better to live within the imagination of the songs rather than the real life experiences she had with the guy. Such a good song with loads of character the video was excellent and she looke fantastic.It's a shame the single didn't do better but the album is a real slowburner and has sold 1.2 Million copies worldwide so far. 10/10

2.Better - A much more rockier song than the last she sings about, life just correcting the mistakes, instead of making a positive contribution, you risk nothing happening at all. In a pile of everything, if you don't stand out, you'll be picked over. The guitar and the drums towards the end are fantastic you can't help but to tap your foot to it. 10/10

3.Samson - This song is on 'Mary Ann..' too but this is a reworking from her album 'Songs'. A very sweet song and possibly her most beloved songs. I think this song really is about Regina finding a man who was willing to be weak and open to her. After all, Samson knew all his strength came from his hair. The image of him loving a woman so much that he let her cut his hair is powerful because he would be so vulnerable a very sweet song i prefer this version opposed the one on 'Songs'. 10/10

4.On The Radio - A fantastic, sweet quirky song I think it's talking about how you have to be able to love yourself before you can love anyone and anyone can love you. You need to be able to value things about yourself in order for other people to do the same. I just love this one alot the video was so sweet i think this is the second single. 10/10

5.Field Below - The song is much more darker than the rest and another one of my favourites. Absolutely love this song. Beautiful chord progression.
My take on this song is that the city is a cold and lonely place and she's wishing she could be back in a simpler place. She misses her love and wants to look down out of her window and see him. It's hard to get out of bed in the morning and face a world with such darkness and pain. Now i said to myself that i wouldn't compare her to anyone else but this song just reminds me of Fiona Apple's album 'Tidal' one of the best songs on the album. 10/10

6.Hotel Song - So cute! even though the subject matter isn't so cute it is written from the perspective of a hooker, and it sounds like she fell for one of his customers, but she knows that that's unrealistic and she's scared that they can never have a relationship. It's a pretty good song i like it alot everytime i listen to it i find something i never noticed before great song! 10/10

7.Apres Moi - I wasnt too keen on this one i felt it goes on for too long. This was written from the perspective of a statue. I think it's about King Louis XV. He was the one who famously said "Apres moi le deluge" which means "after me come the floods." He was hated by the French people and his reign seeded the resentment towards the monarchy that eventually led to the French Revolution (i did my research hehe) 7/10

8.20 Years Of Snow - I think that shes just talking about the image of a pure person. "20 years of clean" and the hole song she talks about not hating. the end of the song is fun it's where she kind of goes into the transition of adult hood and of course being a woman she will be approached by the disturbing men in a bar.Love it personally its pretty cool 9/10

9.That Time - One of my favourites a song where Regina is reminiscing with someone as alot of people do, the on-going guitar is fun with a hard edge to it. The end she shocks you with an overdose. Just to show how, in retorspect, the silly things we do can actualy be quiet detrimental. 10/10

10.Edit - Me and a friend had a conversation about this song (we usually pick apart songs, how geeky hehe). Alot of the album has an abunance of drug references, Basically, I think it is about writing, but Regina has incorporated these drug references also there is reference to The Beatles as i was informed by a friend (I've yet to explore The Beatles!) that the character Dr Robert was imfamous for supplying celebrities with drugs. Great song but you'll be surprised how very few words there are to this song which makes it even more magical! 10/10

11.Lady - This song is so beautifully sad, A tribute to the late and utterly amazing Billie Holiday, as soon as i heard the song i knew it was about her (she has an album called "Lady Sings The Blues"). Also, if you have listened to Billie Holiday before, you can tell that Regina tries to imitate Billie's voice on certain parts of the song, which comes off very flattering i love Ms. Holiday and i'm sure if she was alive today she would be proud of our Regina. 10/10

12.Summer In The City - I'm near positive this song is from a male's perspective. Now living in one of the most eccletic and sometimes beautiful cities in the world London, this song i can relate to, when the sun is shining everyone barely wears anything at all this song is about what a the guy in question experienced in the summer, the guy is so lonely that he goes to a protest to be physical but at the same time the lust factor can not register because he's so heartbroken because he misses the person he is with, great way to end the album 10/10

Top 5

2.That Time
4.Field Below

I predict that she is gonna be a bigger singer than she already is on the concert circuit, and shes also selling a good amount of CD's which is great shes a one of the best singer songwriters since Tori,Fiona and Joni. Buy the album and her back catalogue while your at it too, shes amazing!.

Super Princess Peach (Nintendo DS)
Super Princess Peach (Nintendo DS)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Just Peachy, 16 Mar. 2007
Princess Peach, the annoying princess of mushroom kingdom allowing herself (instead of just running lol)to get captured by Bowser in every Mario game since 1985, finally gets her own game for the DS entitled 'Super Princess Peach'. The premise of the game is just like any other Mario game but in reverse Peach as our protagonist rescuing the Mario Bros from an army of Hammer Brothers. With the aid of her trusty parasol Perry and her 'emotions' she sets off through 8 levels to rescue the boys. The game itself starts of pretty basic the Vibe Scepter is the newest additional 'power' using her emotions to aid her (Calm,Gloom,Rage & Joy) which are pretty entertaining and turn out to be very useful. The controls are very easy to grasp, if you have never played a Mario game before (where have u been!) you'll pick it up in less than a minute, it's just that simple. The only thing i found a bit annoying with the game is once you get to Bowser's castle you have to backtrack and get all the Toads that you missed which can get pretty frustrating. The bonuses on the game aren't too bad Toad Jump you have to blow into the mic to make him jump which is pretty cool, Toad Tote involves using the stylus to navigate Toad through a maze of fire and Toad Shot requires you to tap the screen to defeat the various enemies, The first seven levels for each game are buyable at the shop, but the last three levels are hidden in the levels. Eight puzzles are also featured. A few of the pieces are buyable at the shop, but most of them are hidden throughout the worlds. After the pieces are found, it becomes a minigame which i havent got them all i fount it pretty tricky finding all the pieces.
So overall the game is pretty good and longer than you expect don't let the cutesy graphics and the fact that it's Princess Peach put you off it plays just like any other Mario game but with a twist i recommend it highly one of my favourite DS games so far.

Graphics: 9/10

Story: 6/10

Gameplay: 10/10

Extras: 9/10

Offered by skyvo-direct
Price: £7.65

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5.0 out of 5 stars I Luv This Musiq (4.5 Stars), 12 Mar. 2007
This review is from: Luvanmusiq (Audio CD)
Since 2000 and the release of his debut 'Aijuswanaseing' he's been one of the most loved new age soul singers. 'Luvanmusiq' Is Musiq Soulchild's latest album and his shortest to date a nice collection of melodic,creative and clever songs.

1.B.U.D.D.Y - The lead singer from the album that is a bit different for Musiq, a bit more harder base-wise than his other releases. I gotta say it is by far the best R&B song of 07, It comes off pretty harmless and sweet unlike alot of other 'r&b' singers degrading women and overtly sexual. He sings about just getting to know a girl and starting off as friends as see how things progress, But the only complaint i have it that it just sounds like his older songs and basically the same subject matter but i do love it, the horn stabs in the background sound like from the Patrice Rushten song 'Forgetmenots', Great song did pretty well in the US, reaching #8 on the R&B charts. 10/10

2.Ms Philadelphia - I played this song a few times when i purchased this album and i think this was the only song that took me a while to get into.

It reminded me of his older song 'Womanopoly' but I do like this one now it's pretty sweet, like a follow on to the previous song like him and the girl are dating now getting to know each other now and he's reall feeling her. A great addition to the album Musiq also gives a nod to his home city of Philly. 9/10

3.Teachme - I think i would go as far as to say that this is one of his best songs, ever. Rumoured to be the second single i don't think it will do that well 'coz all in truth as much as i do love Musiq, now a days it's only pop/r&b-lite songs that get any recognition and the deeper more grown-up songs get dashed to the side. The song is very good i love the beat its subtle and doesn't overpower his vocals.The impression i got was he just don't know how to show his affections and just asking the person to bare with him,and help him realise what he has. So sweet 10/10

4.Betterman - I just got bored with this song,I respect and understand that Musiq is in love but we've already had 3 songs with the same subject matter.I'm sorry i had to skip this i think it's the worst song on the entire album the vocals are nice but it just the same cookie cutter song with no real depth of heart just seems to me as a filler track. 4/10

5.Thequestions - The first ballad of the album I liked this one alot, just his vocals and the piano to start of with then the nice melodic strings kick on I just love the way that it makes you think it's gonna kick off with some heavy drum beats, but he keeps it very traditional and almost sad in a way, His vocals make it seem this way much more i think i would still enjoy it if it was just acappella, nice addition. 9/10

6.Today - I got a feeling that this really should be a single i love this song the beat is fantastic and it's just so heartfelt, i love the chorus. Has the same vibe as 'Dontchange' and 'Love' from his previous albums. I mean sometimes it may come off as lazy on Musiq's part jus rehashing old songs but i just loved this one this was one i instantly fell in love with 10/10

7.Makeyouhappy - Beat driven and old skool, reminded me of 'Forthenight' (but a bit worse, coz that song is perfect).It's an ok song i, it just seems a bit predictable but i do like it don't get me wrong but seems like filler once again but it's listenable and makes ya tap your foot 8/10

8.Ridiculous - One of the best songs on the album, very enjoyable the beat is nuts, sounds like a sonic blaster, I played the album to a friend and he said that this is the stand out track 'coz the rest of it sounds the same i agree to an extent but i love the album.The song is just about the person in question is making him feel and hes like "how can someone else had this effect on me" love it, could be a single 10/10

9.Millionaire - Usually i don't like songs about money or how 'thug' u are but i liked this song, reminded me of Avant. The beat is nice, pretty even wasn't what i thought it was gonna be i was thinking some Lil' Jon carbon copy production but it's not its just so sweet i like it but again just sounds like his previous songs 10/10

10.Takeyouthere - As the album is winding down he gives us another slowjam that is another of my favourites reminded me of 'Time' from his 'Juslisen' album.

The song is about just loving each other, but not actually getting to the physical,and he saying even if we don't do anything like that we can stil take each other 'there' it's sweet like alot of his songs and this is a favourite by far. 10/10

11.Lullaby - For some reason when theres songs with this title i just instantly love them (Mariah,Kelly Price). I love this song i think maybe it's my favourite songs it's so sweet. The chorus is great although it did remind me again of Avant it's such a great song. Musiq has always had a great way of expressing love within songs and this one is definately no exception. 10/10

12.Greatestlove - Again i'm usually a lover of the last track on albums and i just love the old skool vibe of this one. The beat is nice and calming, the horns and the piano loop just compliments his voice perfectly and the vocals are great, lyrics maybe could have been a bit less shallow i felt but a classy songs all the same.

Top 5






Four albums deep and still got the spark buy it.

Wincing The Night Away
Wincing The Night Away
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Price: £12.88

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5.0 out of 5 stars Wince Till Your Hearts Content (4.5 Stars), 9 Mar. 2007
This review is from: Wincing The Night Away (Audio CD)
After loving their previous projects 'Oh,Inverted World' and 'Chutes Too Narrow' I thought it was only fair I purchased their newest one.'Wincing The Night Away' like the previous album is just as pleasant,alluring and catchy and a well deserved praise of being one of the best albums on 07 so far.

1.Sleeping Lessons - It starts of calming and almost sounding space age I just love James Mercers voice it's so unique the song builds up for a great climaxing finish, It's a pretty complex song when i was listening all i kept thinking whats this song is about religion, considering the tempo of the songs very upbeat and chirpy the lyrics seem very dark and almost troubled, a very good song to start the album. 10/10

2.Australia - Now i got to say this song is cute as hell! i love it at first when i saw the track title i was like 'urgh i'm not gonna like this' but it's such a charming little song.I get the impression that this is a very sarcastic song.I was told by a Shins-fan friend of mine that the album was coming into fruition while they was touring in Australia so this seems like a ode to the place and the stuff they experienced and learnt. Great song i listen to it all the time one of my favourites 10/10

3.Pam Berry - It's so short and well, i fount it very weird Radiohead-esque in terms of the production et al.Seemed to me this was a little, odd, quirky tribute to the Pam Berry member of the band Black Tamborines. Theres not much to say about it really soon as you start to get into it it's finished and left kinda unfulfilled. 4/10

4.Phantom Limb - This was the song that was promoting the release of the album which reached #10 on the singles charts which included download sales and physical sales combined. I think this song is about how girls generally have a somewhat mystical power over guys and dominate their thoughts, or i dunno maybe a lesbian couple trying to deal with small town life, its a mysterious song i love it though one of the best songs they've done so far in their career. 10/10

5.Sea Legs - You'll notice, especially with this album there is alot of reference to the sea, maybe not directly about the 'Sea' maybe more of a metaphore for life (you never know with their cryptic messages). To me, this song seems to be about a couple that's together for now, and that should enjoy the beauty of what they have even though they know it won't last. 'Sea Legs' a reference probably saying don't get too brave, pace yourself and don't get too deep otherwise you'll come unstuck love this song alot of people said this is their least favourite i really liked this one 10/10

6.Red Rabbits - Now this is a song that i'm not really overly keen on. The production of the song reminded me of Belle and Sebastian. I got the impression that it's meaning to come across as a political song. Don't realy like it 6/10

7.Turn On Me - One of the best songs if not my favourite song from the album i especially love the 'Y-O-U' part i think it was cute. The narrator is breaking up with his girlfriend. The irony is that she, not him, was the one who knew what they had wasn't working. It's a bit of a sad song again, with a cool quirky,tempo. A song about how things can be some of the best experiences of your life and quickly turn into some nasty and vile in a blink of an eye. 10/10

8.Black Wave - Slower and more melodic than the rest of the songs. Again, really atmospheric and cool. It's interesting how the band played around with sonic textures on this album, rather than keeping to the pop tradition. I think one of the best, not really lyrically 'coz of the basic lack of, but production wise it has captured the mood of it spot on, dark brooding and almost sinister. 10/10

9.Split Needles - This is by the most mainstream sounding song on the album. But I still can't see the radio playing it, the lyrics are TOO complicated for a general audience. Kind of sad. I like the song, but it's the weakest on the album in my opinion. It's not too loud, the whole album is produced perfectly. But I maintain that the beat and synth sounds similar to Radiohead, or something else of that electronic rock genre. A middle of the road song i'm not unimpressed nor blown away 5/10

10.Girl Sailor - A bit more coherent, lyrically than the rest of the songs seems like a boy is reflecting on what he had with a girl he once knew and wondered wiether or not he made mistakes,The song is not just discussing the loneliness of a lost love, but also the existential realities of which the boy tried to convince the girl to stay but shes too much of a free spirit, like a sailor loves to travel answers to know one, maybe too indepentdent for the boy in question? 9/10

11.A Comet Appears - This song is extremely beautiful. I love the dark guitars in the background of the chorus. I'm not willing to call the lyrics brilliant yet, since some of them are off, so it's slightly unintelligible, but they are still very poetic. I think it all plays into the refrain...the numbing of the heart, and the disenfranchised of the lonliness who speaks of...carving up the face is just morbid imagery of feeling like you have to be something your not. A brilliant way to end the album beautifully and gracefully 10/10

Top 5

1.Turn On Me/Sleeping Lessons (I could'nt help it i love them both)

2.Phantom Limb


4.A Comet Appears

5.Sea Legs

If your a fan of their previous work or just wanna hear something new then i suggest this one it's eccletic,witty,strange and beautiful all at once a definate band to look out for.

Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £4.49

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5.0 out of 5 stars Adoring Comfort, 3 Mar. 2007
This review is from: Adore (Audio CD)
After the phenomenal success of "Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness"

the Pumpkins returned in 1998 with this fantastic record "Adore". The album was a totally different sound from their previous work with a more a quieter and more electronic influenced sound, incorporating drum machines and synthesizers some might say their most accessable work.

1.To Sheila - Starts off the album with one of my favourite songs of their whole career, a much more softer sound almost heartbreaking, think it just makes you think deeply about your life.This song was supposed to be included on the 'Cruel Intentions' soundtrack but because of clearance it wasn't which is a shame 'coz listening to it, it would have fit perfectly.The song never really takes off it stays at the same beautiful tempo, reminded me alot of a Mazzy Star song, and also a perfect addition to a '4am soundtrack' 10/10

2.Ava Adore - Another great song the distorted drums at the start reminded me of something from Bjork's earlier albums,I love Corgans vocals on this,Personally, I think this song is about someone that's completely screwed up. I think the whole song implies a really messed up relationship and it just seems like an obsessive love song can't live without the person but you hate them at the same time. 10/10

3.Perfect - A bit more upbeat than the rest of the songs.The song's subject is about a relationship that has broken up.Corgan admits that it has been some time since the demise of the relationship, and that he does not pretend that it ended for a reason. But then he thinks that if things started up again then it would be 'Perfect'. It's a really good song but not one i listen to alot 8/10

4.Daphne Decends - This song is so beautiful, it has this meloncholy, strange sound to it and Billy's voice is almost androgynous it's a really Beautiful atmospheric song with it's brooding chords and generally just an amazing arrangement. I got the impression that it is a tale of unrequited love instead of her love him shes in love with someone else..bless 10/10

5.Once Upon A Time - One of the albums highlights, as Corgan's mother died just before the recording of the album alot of the subject matter is about the pain and grief that comes with losing someone so dear to you. This is a very touching song beautiful and sad at the same time, it's almost like hes seeking solace in the comfort of this song 10/10

6.Tear - Very sad indeed, another song about Corgan's mothers death. I think one of the more darker songs which i felt is a song that reflects the difficulties dealing with death and the whole greiving process which can be painful and unnerving. I listened to it a few times now and i've realised that people looking for comfort might find it listening to this I a way.The break in the middle is just sheer genius the song is one of the more superior in terms of the percussive side, a highlight. 10/10

7.Crestfallen - I love emotive music like this I listen to alot of it I feel a really deep connection it gives me comfort and this song when I first heard it reduced me to tears. I think Billy portrays someone with low self esteem and when they finally get to be with someone they don't really see why and try to question the person "why are u with me" and so on, for anyone who has ever had identity issues this song is definately for you heartbreaking and honest at the same time 10/10

8.Appel + Oranjes - A brash electronic song with a hard beat which funnily reminded me of the Pet Shop Boys!. I was never really a fan of this song and i'm still not it just doesn't reach out to me by the neck like the others i feel it's the onlt duff track the lyrics are really cool there is no denying that but i felt it was the wrong type of sound for something that could of been really beautiful. 5/10

9.Pug - It's actually pretty sexy the beat is intoxicating. To me, I feel it's about loving and desiring somebody so much that you want them to almost 'abuse' you in a way for you to get as close to them as possible. It's very sexy, sensual and raw. Definately a favourite of mine 10/10

10.The Tale Of Dusty And Pistol Pete - A song I listened to alot not that i was massive fan of it but i just really liked the story of it a murderous tale of love so intense that it causes them to want to kill each other which i felt was very disturbing another one i'm not overly keen on but i like to listen to it now and then the story is quite good 7/10

11.Annie-Dog - The song is very cryptic i feel it reminds me of a drug addict in some ways, but overall a girl who has no home. she has stories about where she's been what she's done, and somehow ends up with a boy who knows hes not supposed to hang around her, (is it wrong to be swallowed how) boy finds girl's odd habits intriguing, but the girl is still nuts. the prostitute thing defintaly makes alot of sense. I like the mysterious that surrounds this song very hard to decyfer 9/10

12.Shame - This is an excellent build-up song meaning it seems to build up the entire song to some dramatic climax.The guitar part on the album sounds like it was played slightly out of tune. It's about getting over someone and not knowing your right from your left because at first you feel lost when you loose someone you love-the shame part describes the wrongs both you your lost love put on eachother a really great song one of the best i feel 10/10

13.For Martha - The 8 minute song is such a beautiful song a real love letter to his mother. Billy wrote this song for his mother. actually most of 'Adore' was written for her. I just think it's so touching "if you have to go don't you cry" them words, when he sang them i got goosebumps, this is one of the most heartfelt songs they have ever recorded without a doubt a love from a mother can never, ever be replaced and this song sheds light on how special mothers are...I know mine is 10/10

14.Blank Page - To me, this song seems to be about being in love with someone who no longer loves you, or maybe never did in the first place. He wants to forget about the person the song was written about,but he can't, she's a part of him, as much as it tears him up. It's about the misery, the sadness of losing someone, the desperateness very beautiful song great way to end the album 10/10

15.17 - The song does sound very...archaic...a perfectly disquieting way to end a haunting album. The song sounds old, with an air of sadness, coldness, and loneliness conveyed by an ancient-sounding piano over a short 17 seconds. Beautiful 10/10

Top 5

1.To Sheila




5.For Martha/Daphne Decends

Nothing else needs to be said.
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Telling Stories
Telling Stories
Offered by Leisurezone
Price: £5.75

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5.0 out of 5 stars Stories Of Love And Life, 28 Feb. 2007
This review is from: Telling Stories (Audio CD)
Obviously Tracy Chapman has been a name practically everybody on the planet knows if not they know and love her song 'Fast Car' from way back in 1988. 'Telling Stories' Chapman's fifth album is probably one of if not my favourite album of hers. I came across it by sheer accident i lent a CD to my older cousin and when i got it back this CD was in the case of the other (Smashing Pumpkin's Gish to be precise), I thought 'cool lets give it ago' i was blown away i ended up listening to it the whole night and ended up buying it a couple days later, I love this CD.

1.Telling Stories - Basically the song is about people lying about themselves to make them seem more interesting and appealing to others.Also the song could be about the affair Tracy had with acclaimed author Alice Walker back in the ninties i guess it wasn't a good break up then Tracy!

A brillantly written song which is one of my favourites 10/10

2.Less Than Strangers - One song that i personally identify with. She does a great job of expressing what it feels like to come face to face with an ex-lover; the kind of wistful awkardness that arises when you realize that you cannot even say hello to someone who you used to be able to share the most intimate of conversations with a beautifully sad song in the sense that it just goes to show you how much you can share with someone in the blink of an eye be nothing at all great song writing yet again, maybe another one about Alice Walker! 10/10

3.Speak The Word - I love the way her vocals are on this one, one of the sub-topics on this album is obviously love and this one is a clear indication of that.In this song we see Tracy trying to get people to feel and share this word 'love' as in the world there never seems to be enough of it almost like a gospel song just 'speak the word' and maybe it will come to you dont be afraid. 9/10

4.It's OK - Now this song is interesting it has of a baseline that most of her songs with a hip-hop beat.The song is about loving someone so much that their flaws don't phase you at all as alot of relationships take alot of work because both parties are different somethings are harder to tolerate than others so you 'keep the walls from falling down' for the love you have for that people and 'its OK' to be you 10/10

5.Wedding Song - Now since i've had this album this one the song that stuck out prominantly.The contents of the song is in the title really about giving yourself to someone who you love. The song is just so touching i love the melody,the lyrics,the vocal arrangements everything it's just one of the most perfect songs i've ever heard and you might think thats drastic but this song just spoke to me in others haven't it's my favourite song on the album and probably my favourite of her whole career. 10/10

6.Unsung Psalm - As well as love the other sub-topic is religion, almost like 'Wedding Song Part II'. I love the imagery she conjures up by the words she sings in the sense that it seems to me that she wants to be a pastor and like giving yourself to god, as i'm not a christian it doesn't really touch me in that way but i do love the song it's a nice down tempo ballad, almost heartwrenching it put me in the mind of an Anthony Hamilton song called 'Pass Me Over' which is of a similar subject (he could have been inspired, doubt it though) great song 9/10

7.Nothing Yet - I have to admit as much as i was touched and inspired but the whole album in general i'm not overly keen on this one.It has a sharp guitar riff, with a somewhat political mindset,I just got the feeling it was about city life in one way or another and how we treat others if u think it's bad now, 'you aint seen nothing yet' i like the lyrics it makes you think about society and your own situation but I felt it was a tad too long 7/10

8.Paper And Ink - A clear favourite of min, She sings about how material possession arent really that important and that money is only paper and ink,I do love the song alot but i thought that Tracy must be a bit disillusioned if she thinks that money isnt everything because truth be told it is, weither we like it or not which is a sad thing to comprehend but it's true

but in an ideal world i guess it would only be 'paper and ink' 10/10

9.Devotion - Another religious flavoured song, also very short too the lyrics are pretty straight forward i got the impression she was saying that if your devoted to your word then you'll go far, whatever kind of problems you have if you have the faith in yourself that you can stop your wrong doings then it will happen 6/10

10.The Only One - I really like this song it features background vocals from one of my favourite ladies Emmylou Harris,a nice laid back country-feel song. The song itself seems like a death of a loved one abeit a mother of sister..etc

i love the lyric "does heaven have enough/angels yet" i thought that was very sweet. Tracy and Emmylou work very well together they both have that distinct voice that just sounds beautiful (kinda like when Emmylou sang with Beth Orton)

great song to wind the album down. 9/10

11.First Try - This is another one like Wedding Song that i fell in love with, now with this song i felt that it could convey alot of different things but I felt that this could be about sexuality, especially with the lyric "Can't learn to except that its alright" i just started to think maybe this is another one about Alice Walker now as Tracy doesn't really talk about her personal life i don't know if shes ever been with men but if she has then this would be about either first try with a male or with a female i like the mystery the song holds and the jangly guitar riff gives it a mellow but sombre feel to it and the vocals are near to flawless definately favourite 10/10

Top 5

1.Wedding Song

2.First Try

3.Telling Stories

4.It's OK

5.Less Than Strangers

Shes one of the most iconic singer songwriters of the 80's/90's and she still one of my favourite and this album also falls under that catagory.

Goodbye Alice in Wonderland
Goodbye Alice in Wonderland
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5.0 out of 5 stars Goodbye Atlantic, Love Jewel, 28 Feb. 2007
Appropreately titled 'Goodbye Alice In Wonderland' as the departure of Jewel from her label Atlantic for whom she has been affiliated with since her fantastic debut in 1995.'Goodbye Alice In Wonderland' takes it back to the 'Pieces Of You' roots with her autobiographical way of songwriting a more deeper and personal album than her 2003 disapointment (for me) that was '0304'.

1.Again And Again - This is one of my favourite songs from the album it's an upbeat soft tempo ballad i love the way she sings on this track, one of the best songs shes written for some years now. A song about trying to denying that you love someone and denying it 'again and again' but you just can't very sweet song and she looked beautiful in the video. 10/10

2.Long Slide Down - More of a sullen song is just as the title implies, a long, slow, touching country-style ballad. Only Jewel can get away with rhyming words that normally would sound horrible if sung by anyone else. She has a knack for sounding natural in her songs, as if she is making everything up as she goes. I love the lower tone in her voice another favourite 10/10

3.Goodbye Alice In Wonderland - I gotta admit when i first picked up the album i thought the album title was silly but then i listened to this song and i loved it! it's the most heartfelt and detailed story of Jewel's life. It's lengthy, but doesn't lack for intensity and spirit. Gradually swelling from sweet to powerful, Jewel displays her vocal talents beautifully here. 10/10

4.Good Day - This was released as a single which i'm not really a fan of it's in more of a poem structure than a song the chorus is fantastic though i'm not gonna deny it's just one of those that you can't help but to sing along to it's just the verses...I hate the way she sings 'em the song has a great message though no matter what your going through,as long as your 'good' with yourself you'll get through 8/10

5.Satellite - There are rich synth chords sprinkled here and there and it's a bit more structured than some of the other tunes. Still, Jewel's lyrics are as original and alive as ever. The song represents Jewel's observations of Hollywood and Los Angeles, where many newcomers hope to find success utilizing their new tanned skin, sun-bleached hair and toned surfer bodies.Reminded me so much of Sheryl Crow's album C'mon,C'mon most notable the song 'Soak Up The Sun' its fantastically sunny! 10/10

6.Only One Too - The guitar riff at the start is more stronger,edgier and darker than her usual stuff a bit more radio-friendly than the other stuff

perfect rock/pop anthem for bold women, I highly recommend the remix single of this song as well. 8/10

7.Words Get In The Way - This is one of those songs that oozes sweetness and charm. Catchy and alluring, there's nothing too difficult about this: it doesn't often happen, but Jewel avoids deep and thought provoking territory, lyrically. The ironic thing is while Jewel confesses at the end of each chorus, "the words get in the way," she successfully communicates her thoughts and wants with her lover throughout the verses with classic lines like, "tell your boss you're dead; lets just stay in bed." It's a little more generic than some of the other songs, but is well done nonetheless. 10/10

8.Drive To You - The verses of this song are, in my opinion, not to be missed. The chorus is great too, but something about the lyrics in the verses is enchanting. The bridge, in which Jewel pleads she "can't stop, won't stop," has a massive crescendo. The now-familiar formula of rich acoustic guitars, shuffling beats, and dynamic vocals feels extremely comfortable here. Jewel's longing and desire are obvious. There's nothing in particular that makes this song wonderful. As a whole though, it real stands out. 10/10

9.Last Dance Rodeo - Lyrics, lyrics, lyrics. If I could choose one song off the entire album with the best lyrics, it would be this one. The words are so colorful and vibrant and creative, but very real. Musically, it sounds like something you could listen to while riding a walking horse through the open prairie. It's got a lazy beat. During the bridge, a jazzy trumpet makes a brief appearance. Longer than most of the other tunes, it's something you'll want to listen to during those quiet times in the bath or on the back porch. 10/10

10.Fragile Heart - An updated version of "0304's" charming jazz and electronic song,and a more superior version at that! this new take has a bit more impact and punch, especially during the bridge in which the song modulates briefly into a higher key. It's a lot like "Drive To You" in style. In some ways, I enjoy this new version more than the original, though a bit of the sweetness has disappeared and the whistling that could be heard in the bridge is no longer present. Still, this stands on its own as a great song. 10/10

11.Stephenville, TX - Far more country than anything else on the album,

which gives a evidence that Jewel would be recording a country album (which should be out this year, or next) this song shows off Jewel's twang. There's even a harmonica in the second verse and a piano can occasionally be heard playing trills. Jewel reminisces about the journey of her life, how much she has changed, and the realities of what will never change. She also mentions her boyfriend, and that he is the reason she's currently in Stephenville. Some songs envelope one emotion, but Jewel tells an entire story here. 10/10

12.Where You Are:

This song is both melodic and angelic, and Jewel sings with a smoother and softer tone which perfectly compliments the dreamy musical arrangement. She's given the opportunity to sing many long vowels and to open up her voice here. The beat in this song consists of hand drums and soft pats on bongos. Many guitars are layered to produce an inviting and earthy feel. Still, one gets the feeling of flying or floating in the open sea while listening to this. It's just a very nice song. 9/10

13.1000 Miles Away - Stripped bare of most studio equipment, Jewel serenades the listener with her raw vocals, guitar, a quiet piano and the occasional wispy chord. This is the song that will reassure everyone that Jewel can still perform like no other, giving listeners goosebumps simply by plucking a few strings and singing along poetically. This has "Pieces of You" all over it. And if I'm not mistaken, Jewel has been performing this song for years in front of live audiences. Those who have never heard it live are blessed to have it here. It's the best song on the album, by far. It could make you cry. It's that good. 10/10

Top 5

1.Again And Again

2.Drive To You

3.1000 Miles Away

4.Goodbye Alice In Wonderland

5.Long Slide Down

This is a fantastic album can't wait to see what she has up her sleeve next.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Bask In The Beautiful Afterglow, 22 Jan. 2007
This review is from: Afterglow (Audio CD)
Like Tori Amos,Kate Bush,Bjork,PJ Harvey and Joni Mitchell; Sarah McLachlan is one of those fantastic singer songwriters who speaks to your heart and draws you in with an honesty that only comes from experiencing real heartbreak."Afterglow" McLachlan's fifth album, and really her last true album of all new material (Wintersong doesn't count as its a christmas album).I have had this CD for a couple of years now and i have to say out of my entire collection i still listen to this as much as i did when i first purchased it.

1.Fallen - One of my favourite McLachlan songs, such a beautifully sad song to me the song talks about regretting your part actions and them finally coming back to haunt you and now you've hurt so many people they don't want to know anymore and "there doesnt seem a way to be redeemed"

I think anyone can relate to this song if you've ever been let down and betrayed this is definately one for you beautiful vocals and very thought provoking lyrics.The album version is somewhat different from the single version a bit more mellow as opposed to the slightly rock-ish video version. 10/10

2.World On Fire - This is an incredible song about feeling overwhelmed by all the suffering in the world and being unable to help as much as you'd like which, i think anyone with a sense of social awareness feels (i know i do).I love this song it's much more subtle than other political songs it gives your more to think about rather than preaching as alot of artists do these days (U2,Coldplay..etc).The video for this song only cost $15 and with the $150,000 budget she had for it donated the money which i thought was a generous thing to do. 10/10

3.Stupid - The song speaks on falling back into old familiar,comfortable habits, especially in love and realising the person your with is so wrong for you but you keep going back over and over again, making you 'Stupid' 'coz you never learn.Also this song can me seen as a song where your too good for the person and its one of them situations where people are stupid enough to settle with second best and stay with someone like that. You are better off on your own great song song the video was fantastic. 10/10

4.Drifting - A beautiful understated song,To me this song is about running from your past, running so hard and so fast that your universe can't include anyone else. The people left behind are desperate for you to come home, but you can't cause if you stop now then life itself will fall apart, very powerful lyrics i suggest anyone who feels the need to run away from you problems, LISTEN to this song maybe it'll change your mind 9/10

5.Trainwreck - This song reminded me alot of her older stuff,I think it's all about how wonderful someone is to her that he has the power to heal all past wounds simply by touching her. It's about being so truly happy and deeply in love with someone that the whole world is made better because of them.Not as tragic as the title suggest it's a pretty sweet song 10/10

6.Push - Probably one of the only songs on the album i'm not too keen on. She wrote this song about her husband after going through post-natal depression after giving birth to her daughter.I'm sure her husband appreciated this song as a sort of thank-you-for-putting-up-with-me kinda song 7/10

7.Answer - This song to me definitely is about being there for someone you love and care about through even the toughest of times. Being their strength when they are weak and giving them hope That even when times are tough between the two of you, that you won't 'break or bend' and give up, because once you get through it, you know you will be stronger than ever before.A very beautiful song,I dedicated this song to my bestfriend we been through some tough times..Thanks 10/10

8.Time - I thought this song was quite a different approach for Sarah,Perhaps it's not a complex song like many of her others, but it doesn't need to be... it's basically a cry for solitude and the peace of it, when someone's been hounding you and forcing you to fight with them over nothing, seemingly for the sake of conflict alone. Very beautiful one of my favourites 10/10

9.Perfect Girl - this song, everytime i listen to it, seems to tell of someone who is taking a step back from the relationship with someone who has a lot of issues to deal with, and it is with this distance the partner should work himself/herself out (a task that the girl feels should be done alone). Perfect girl hopes that in time, her partner would fix him/herself up (realize that Perfect girl should be loved as who she is-- free from all his expectations. I love how in the chorus, she tells her partner just how to do that-- to let go (of the expectations), to let yourself falter, and that to know that whoever you are whatever you do... you are loved.Another of my favourites very beautiful 10/10

10.Dirty Little Secret - To me, this song seems to be about regret and unfulfilled love. This song reflects a lot of gossip and social acceptance on someone else's business.

but in the end she's willing to "give up the fight" if only she could have another chance to say what she couldn't say before..Sarah sings this song beautifully a truly introspective wonder i love the line "'cause I've relied on my illusion/to keep me warm at night" I think alot of people can feel like this, great way to end the album 10/10

Top 5


2.Dirty Little Secret


4.World On Fire

5.Stupid/Perfect Girl

We see Sarah at her most introspective on this one let's hope the next installment of her wonderful catalogue lives up to this one.

Price: £5.81

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5.0 out of 5 stars Blue Is The Mood, 21 Jan. 2007
This review is from: Blue (Audio CD)
Of course i'm not the only person who as ever been touched by this fantastic piece or music, 36 years later and this is still one of the best, if not THE best album ever made.Released in 1971 (15 years before i was born!) 'Blue' does live up to its name with it's confessional style of writing which was, at the time a fairly new concept.I got to admit when i first listened to this album properly a bit more older than hearing it before in my early teens I understood why this album is such a gem, songs like the opener 'All I Want' isnt a clear indication for the album to live up to its title.The song is really nice jingly and mellow with some great vocals from Mitchell. Joni expresses so humanly what it's like to really be in love the simplicity of this song is truly what I love about it, and James Taylor plays guitar on this one amoung others which makes this one stand out even more.'My Old Man' is a more mournful song about being alone, away from you partner here we see Joni missing waking up with her man as well as cooking for him but when he comes back her heart fills with joy and she has no reason to feel sad fantastic song.

'Little Green' is a very sad song about Joni's own personal experience of giving up her daughter for adoption which she regretted but just couldn't bring her up on her own, it's not all doom and gloom 'coz years later Joni was actually reunited with her daughter.

'Carey' to me is one of the most important songs on this album Like 'California' and 'This Flight Tonight' it's about her trip around Europe in 69 or 70, where she allegedly did a lot of the writing for this album,Its really mostly as simple as it looks, shes describing the places she's been, Matalla in Greece where the Mermaid Cafe. I think its a wonderful song, not as sad and gentle as the rest on 'Blue' but a great one to hum along to and imagine yourself pleasantly drunk in a greek bar, dancing your cares away.'Blue' is exactly what it says on the tin, the first line gets me everytime and the way that line is sung sends shivers down my spine!Joni is interpreting the use of tattoo imagery to be a metaphor for her blues she is saying the pain runs deep and almost perminant. I do like it alot but its not my favourite.

As i mentioned them before 'California' which is one of her most known and beloved songs Joni sings about her trip around europe in the late 60's and the stuff she got up to but even though she was having a great time she was terribly home sick, at this time she was living in California and she couldn't wait to go home the melody and vocal structure is simply beautiful one of the best songs i've ever heard.

'This Flight Tonight' which to me i've always thought it was a continuation song from 'California' shes on the plane going home and where she is going to see her 'man' an upbeat happy song probably 'coz she was happy she was going home.'River' one of the most covered songs in history recently covered by fellow Canadian Sarah McLachlan.This is a song that epitomizes a particular feeling you hold for a particular relationship; a turning point where "things weren't supposed to be this way" and you wish things were undone almost as much as the ever-present instinct to flee and cut out those feelings.The metaphor of Christmas is very powerful to this understanding where there lies very strong nostalgia of timing.What i really loved about this song is that it really shows the range and depth of Joni and her ability to extract what we are all feeling during the holidays.'A Case Of You' is another beloved song of Joni's in which we see Joni singing about her bittersweet realitionship with her man,he gets on her nerves but she can't help but love him. The idea of having someone so inside you emotionally and spiritually that you are completely intoxicated by them, hense the "i could drink a case of you" line, songwriting in its most honest form.'The Last Time I Saw Richard' is one of my favourite Joni Mitchell songs ever!.

Joni's defending her choice of waiting for perfection, even though it makes her sad at times definately song about having hope in love which most people don't have even today!

Richard in the beginning of the song is the one looking for true love and is desperate and she is trying to convince him that true love does exist and refuses to think like he does, it's almost like a heated discussion on the subject and she starts singing about who Richard is with now and she realises that his situation isnt so much love more that hes got used to who hes comfortable with the his 'security blanket woman' even though Joni doesn't think hes happy.

'Blue' is just fantastic most of her younger fans (like me) listened to this before any of her other albums i didn't this was the 3rd album i listened to hers from start to finish before coming to a conclusion, and that is , it's utterly flawless,i just wish i had the opportunity to have seen her live back in the 70's

Top 5

1.The Last I Saw Richard

2.This Flight Tonight

3.Little Green

4.All I Want

5.(The rest of the tracks)

From The Choirgirl Hotel
From The Choirgirl Hotel
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5.0 out of 5 stars Tori's Strength, 6 Dec. 2006
Tori Amos is one my favourite singers of all time her thought provoking messages with beautiful lyrics and a sense of comfort she brings to her music which is what fans globally have fallen in love with over the years. ""From The Choirgirl Hotel" is her fourth album and her most beloved among fans, a very dark, painful album in which during the recording process Amos suffered several miscarriage 'Choirgirl' being the end result.

1.Spark - One of her best songs shes ever written, this one definately touches on the subject of her miscarriage and feeling really angry with herself and god, the beat is heavily driven by an electic guitar and fits the song perfectly theres also a line "6:58 are you sure where my spark its" the meaning of this is that this is the moment she knew she wasnt carrying life anymore and the 'spark' was gone if you really think about it this a truly painful song for Tori to sing this is probably why she doesn't play it live much anymore 10/10

2.Cruel - This song has a really sexy beat with it's harsh guitar loop and pounding drums and it's echo-like vocals this song she sings about people who are feeling sad and you got other people basically saying 'get over it' and if they've never experience they don't how you feel that's why you retaliate back in a 'cruel' manner i think this song is for anyone who has felt that people didn't really understand them they way they waned to be understood.This is a very understated song from Tori and definately a favourite of mine without question. 10/10

3.Black-Dove (January) - I never really understood this song it's a very dark song for Tori very much acoustically driven with a great bassline.From what i can gather this could be about a woman or girl not telling anyone she was pregnant and going off to have the baby on her early in this case going to Texas in a wooded area lol, thats what i came to term with anyway i like the mysterious feel it brings 9/10

4.Raspberry Swirl - This is when the animal instincts of Tori's music comes out this club-driven beat is fantastically upbeat.This song is about just being a woman loving yourself as a woman being feminine and not letting men dominate your life, a somewhat sexual song the 'raspberry swirl' playing the role of the womans femininity and basically saying only a woman knows how to please a woman, not in a sexual way but it all ways and from what i can gather Tori feels men need to learn this lol cool song 10/10

5.Jackie's Strength - One of her most beloved songs the song was written in homage to the former first lady Jackie Onassis a song that signifies the true strength a woman has the lyrics are some of the most clever,strong and beautiful lyrics Tori has ever written i love this song i love the line "i got lost on my wedding day" which for me says that even with all the power you still get scared and afraid and it's alright to be weak sometimes its human nature. 10/10

6.Iieee - When i first heard this song a few years ago i thought it was so strange and instantly brushed it aside, but just recently i've seen the true beauty of this song, as Tori has Cherokee blood i feel this is a way of getting in touch with that i song feels very tribal, apparently according to Tori herself the song came to her in a dream by a little boy singing "Iieee, Iieee" in her ear, i find this song very sorrow-filled and Tori's vocals are top notch. 10/10

7.Liquid Diamonds - Another of Tori's most loved songs and my favourite song on the album, clocking in at a hefty 6 minutes this song could be 16 minutes and still not enough and when i saw her live she made this song truly come alive.From the impression i get from the this song is that you should try and make yourself happy before you even think about other peoples feelings, you have to that enternal need to be fulfilled by someone else and fulfill yourself the best line in this song is " A lilac mess in your prom dress" classic Tori! 10/10

8.She's Your Cocaine - This is Tori at her most bitchy it's a fanstically rock song, a revenge for Tori about a woman who can't be the woman she is but the guy can't get enough of her like an addiction, I haven't quite figured out if the girl singing is really annoyed that she isn't special to him anymore it's such a transformation from her usually stuff 9/10

9.Northern Lad - Another sad song for Tori this time she is pining over a love she used to have and still misses terribly and now she bitter that her live is unrequited, it's not as complex as her songs usually are but it's very pleasent to listen to theres a line which she says "I guess you go too far/when pianos try to be guitars" probably saying that she isn't ready or even willing to change who she is and if he doesn't like it thats his loss 10/10

10.Hotel - An electronic song that really gives the album that experimental,dark,sad even to the point of crazy, Tori really lets rip with the creativity with this on singing in higher ranges that she usually does which was a good addition to the song it shows her versitility, the song is about being with someone and while your with them everywhere you go your seeing your ex loves and its either temptation or angry is the main theme of the song its frantic and i love this song its great 10/10

11.Playboy Mommy - Another much loved song of hers, The song is about the lengths someone will go to keep theyre children protected in this case the woman is either a prostitute or an adult movie star and many consider this seedy work but the song is about not to judge the person shes just trying to look after her child.It's a sweet song in a way and a very good one that Tori plays live 10/10

12.Pandora's Aquarium - The closer is a sad song i enjoyed it alot its a song for you if you've cried and cried and you can't do it anymore and your introvertive and subdued,it's a whole new journey, but you've got to metaphorically leave this little dock and come with me to find out what's really in this ocean of feelings.That was a bit deep for me actually hehe but the song has a very aquatic theme anyway great closer

Top 5

1.Liquid Diamonds

2.Jackie's Strength




This is one of the best albums ever made and Tori fans really connect with songs from this song fans have felt her pain personally with each record but this was Tori's pinnacle career moment and a true highlight in musical history

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