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5.0 out of 5 stars Short and sexy, 7 Dec 2011
This review is from: Scoring (Kindle Edition)
**Warning! This review is of an erotic story and is intended for adults only**

After reading a book by Mari Carr recently I find myself addicted to her stories and I am devouring everything I can find that is written by her. I generally like stories that I can really sink my teeth into and although I sometimes like novella's I don't tend to go for really short stories. However, I was in the mood for something short and erotic the other day and Scoring was available from Amazon for less than a pound so I thought that I might as well give it a read and see what I thought. My expectations were low, it is a very short story and I don't think you can do much in so many words.

Scoring is a short story about high school teachers Melanie and Tony. Melanie teaches music and Tony is the gym teacher. He has been trying to get her to go out with him for ages but Melanie has never accepted, she states that she doesn't think that they're compatible but really she doesn't think that he's serious. This story begins with her agreeing to go on a date with him and progresses quickly to the actual date and of course sex.

With a story this short I thought that things would feel quite rushed but they didn't feel rushed at all. Everything does happen really quickly, it has to because of the length of the story but it didn't feel like the story itself was being rushed. If this was a full length erotic romance novel then I would expect the story to have begun a couple of months ago and honestly I would have quite enjoyed that. As with all of Carr's short stories I always feel that they could be more, that she has a good foundation for a full length novel. I think that's a strength of her writing, I just can't get enough of it and with this I would have loved to have read about the build up to the date and the history behind the two character attraction each other. But this was intended as a very short story so obviously that was never an option. Carr has done a great job with this short story in the space that she had. She manages to give enough relevant background information for the reader to know where the characters stand without overdoing it.

The sex scene is pretty explosive. There's plenty of kink and Carr writes in a way that really engages the imagination. I love the way that she manages to throw the romance in there. I don't think I can emphasise enough how short this story is, in fact I don't think it's much longer than this review and I think that to be able to fit everything into the story is a real achievement. I expected the eroticism, it's an erotic story after all but I didn't expect so much emotion in the writing and between the characters.

Carr delivers yet another excellent short story. It's erotic, it's romantic, it's sweet and it certainly left me smiling. I would definitely recommend this short story.

Viper's Kiss (McCormack Security Agency)
Viper's Kiss (McCormack Security Agency)

4.0 out of 5 stars Viper's Kiss, 12 Sep 2011
I didn't know what to expect with this novel because it's Shannon Curtis' first novel and so obviously I have never read anything of hers before. As it was her first novel my expectations weren't particularly high. I tend to find that even my favourite authors have weak first novels. That's not the case with Shannon Curtis. Where some authors take a couple of books to make their writing style feel natural Curtis starts off on a high. I just found that everything in the book flowed so well. The dialogue doesn't feel forced, she describes everything in enough detail without boring me, she sets each scene really well so that I never felt lost...basically she doesn't fall into any of the holes that so many other authors do with their first novels. This didn't read like a first novel at all, it read like a novel written by someone who is very comfortable with writing and who has had the opportunity to really develop her writing style.

I really enjoyed this novel and I felt like the plot had real substance. The whole plot seemed to be really well thought out. It's not one of those suspense novels that really has you guessing at how it will be resolved, it's too engaging for that. I was always far too caught up in what was actually happening to try to piece everything together, I found myself just kind of going with it and wanting to keep reading to find out what was going to happen. There are some subtle clues throughout for those who do like to pre-empt the conclusion but I found it enjoyable enough without having to do that.

During the book Maggie is caring for her terminally ill mother and I found this to be a really difficult subject to read about. At first I wished that it hadn't been included in the novel because it just made me feel so terrible. Having lost a parent to cancer I really empathised with Maggie and this novel brought tears to my eyes several times and actually had me in tears at one point. It's not a light hearted read in this sense, it's actually very emotionally engaging and deep. I think that in many ways this part of the plot does add something to the novel, Maggie is an easy character to empathise with anyway but this just makes it that much easier. It also elicits all kinds of emotions in the reader and I think that is a real talent in any writer, that ability to engage the reader to the point that they actually feel such strong emotions. I think it was really at the point in the novel that addresses Maggie's mother that I found this novel going from an enjoyable book that I wanted to keep reading to a novel that had my full, undivided attention and that really gripped me to the point that I didn't want to stop reading until it was finished. I just felt that I was pulled into the novel right alongside Maggie.

The one thing that I felt was a bit of a weakness with this novel was the romance. The novel takes place over such a short period of time (I think it's no longer than a day or two) and I don't think this is enough time to really build a proper romance. I think that it's enough time to build the initial part of a relationship and a happy for now ending but Curtis seems to be going for the forever, happily ever after. You know when you first get into a relationship and you think that you're going to be together forever but then you pass through the honeymoon period and sometimes it does work and sometimes it doesn't? I felt that Maggie and Luke were still in this honey moon period and maybe it would work out for them but just as likely it wouldn't. I think that Curtis even knew this was a flaw because she does try to address this issue quite explicitly. I don't want to give anything away so I'm not going to tell you how she tries to address this but I don't think that what she does actually does address the problem. However, although I felt that the romance was a bit weak and lacking substance it was still enjoyable. I love dramatic romances and you don't get much more dramatic than this one.

I loved the characters in this novel. As I've said I thought that Maggie was really easy to empathise with and I think that this is because she's just so real and down to earth. I felt that she was particularly well developed and that she had a lot of depth. Luke was also a likeable character and he was also reasonably well developed but not to the extent that Maggie was. I didn't empathise with Luke in the same way that I empathised with Maggie, perhaps it's a gender thing or perhaps it is that the author developed them in different ways. We do get to read from Luke's point of view several times but I always felt that Maggie was the slightly more central character. I always tend to prefer novels where the focus is more firmly on the female character(s) but that's just a personal preference. I could relate to Luke, particularly when he's having dilemma's around if he should trust Maggie or not but at the same time I always remained firmly in Maggie's corner. I could understand his hesitance to trust her but I was frustrated by it too. So even when I was reading Luke's point of view I still found myself empathising with Maggie.

Viper's Kiss is an excellent first novel from Shannon Curtis. It's fast paced, has plenty of suspense and has really likeable characters. The romance did seem to be a little bit lacking in substance but it was still very enjoyable. Curtis introduces a host of other hot male characters in this novel so I hope that means that there are more novel's to come featuring the hunky secondary characters from Viper's Kiss.

Menage (Black Lace)
Menage (Black Lace)
Price: £3.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars If you're looking for polyamory, don't look here., 31 Aug 2011
I was disappointed with this book. I was expecting something romantic, a bit on the riskier side but basically a romance story between three people. I was not expecting what basically became a love triangle that was mostly about sex with a few emotions thrown in every other chapter.
I did not feel that the story resolved itself in a satisfactory way for my liking. Romance novels are supposed to have happy endings, that's the reason many people read them. It doesn't matter how much angst and pain there is in between, in fact it's often good that the author makes you feel a range of emotions but the ending has to be a happy one.
Many people would perhaps read the ending as a happy one, I personally didn't. I don't want to give away the ending so I won't say more than this.
I think that the way that this book is marketed you expect something in the way of polyamory or an alternative style of relationship but Emma Holly completely disappointed me. I was looking for something a bit different to the normal romance and while Emma Holly tries to be alternative she fails completely. It's like she wants to be alternative but not too they can play on the alternative side in the bedroom but couldn't possibly pursue an alternative lifestyle.
That's just a personal opinion. I think that most people will prefer the way she's written it because at the end of the day she does make her book kind of conventional.
I felt that the characters were very two dimensional. Kate is the divorced hot older woman (I don't know in what world mid-late thirties is old but in this book it's supposed to be) who has lost her confidence. Sean is the bad boy with commitment issues and problems with emotions. Joe is the sweet, sensitive one. And that's all there is to the characters.

I really wouldn't recommend this book. If you want a conventional romance then buy a conventional romance book, if you want something alternative then you can try this but you'll be dissapointed.

Cowboy Domination (Siren Publishing Menage Amour)
Cowboy Domination (Siren Publishing Menage Amour)
Price: £2.36

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3.0 out of 5 stars Erotic but not so romantic, 31 Aug 2011
As a romantic erotic book this novel was severely lacking and if I was reviewing this just as erotica then I would be rating it higher. This novel was very erotic. The sex is the main focus of this novel and it's all very kinky. Think bondage, light s&m, domination (as the title suggests), group sex and sex toys. In some ways the romance side of the novel actually got in the way of the eroticism because there were so many times that sex scenes were interrupted due to the fact that the author was trying to move the plot along. The sex scenes were, in my opinion, very hot, kinky and well written. Although I have to say completely unrealistic. Not the actual sex but the circumstances around it.

The romance is where this novel really falls down. The plot isn't particularly good but that's to be expected in a novel in this genre, people don't read it for a well thought out plot! I was never really convinced about the romance. The three brothers have quite distinct characters but they're not particularly well developed. I don't think it would have been possible for the author to really develop their characters in such a short novel and it already feels like there wasn't really enough space to do this book justice. In some ways the men become more like symbols of the kind of men that they represent. So you have Boyd who is the gentleman and Colton who is the womaniser and then Waylon who is the irresponsible one who has never really found his place as the youngest of three brothers. I think that had the characters been better developed it may have felt like the novel had some more depth. Callie is reasonably well developed and as the novel starts with her worrying for her grandfather I immediately sympathised with her. I thought that she was a great combination of fire, independence and vulnerability. But even Callie wasn't amazing well developed.

We are told that all of the brothers have feelings for Callie but I never really felt that they did. Part of the problem for me was that I didn't actually like Colton at all. In fact the only brother that I really liked was Boyd, Waylon I felt pretty indifferent towards. I spent a lot of the novel hoping that she would just end up with Boyd and that is not something that you should be feeling in a ménage novel. Another part of the problem was that they did treat Callie pretty badly at points in this novel and didn't really seem to be considering her feelings at all. And with the exception of Boyd they seem to make it clear that expanding their farm is more important than she is.

The author does seem to set up some really dramatic scenes but she never actually carries them off. I think that novels like this need the angst followed by the dramatic make up scenes but this novel didn't have that. The author attempted to do that but it didn't feel like it was enough. Everything just felt very shallow. By the end I was convinced that they would have a lifetime of great sex but not that they would live happily ever after.

This novel is reasonably well written and the sex scenes were hot but that's about all this novel has going for it. I'm going to rate it three stars because it at least fulfilled part of my expectations for an erotic romance novel. I just think there needed to be more romance and that it needed to be more convincing.

Once Bitten, Twice Shy: Book One of the Jaz Parks Series
Once Bitten, Twice Shy: Book One of the Jaz Parks Series
by Jennifer Rardin
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.04

5.0 out of 5 stars Fangtastic, 31 Aug 2011
The thing that gripped me immediately was Jaz. Like most novels in this genre this one is written in the first person and so the main character tends to be a huge factor in how much like the novel. It's difficult to like a novel written from the perspective of a character that you don't like! I loved Jaz. She just had so much attitude. I think that Jennifer Rardin really managed to develop the character well and in particular I liked the way that she adds so many details to her life that Jaz really did feel like a real person.

This book is really funny and unexpectedly so. There were times when I actually laughed out loud but this humour is necessary in this novel because there are a lot of really dark elements to this book. Rardin doesn't shy away from the darker side of being an FBI agent at all. Although I did find some parts of the book disturbing I don't feel like any of the violence was gratuitous. This novel deals with terrorism, I think it would be wrong not to portray some of the horror that terrorism involves. The humour does make it easier to read and actually I think without the humour I couldn't have read this book and enjoyed it because it would have been too heavy.

The plot of this novel was pretty good. I loved the way that she took a very current issue and put a supernatural spin on it. There isn't really much in the way of mystery in this novel, you're never really wondering whose involved because that information is just provided for you but there are so many unexpected twists and events that you just don't see coming. This novel was certainly not predictable and there were a few times when I was quite surprised about what happened. I think the main thing that keeps you reading, other than the pure enjoyability of this novel, is the mystery surrounding Jaz. I'm not going to give anything away here because I feel it's a major part of the novel and I don't want to ruin it for anyone.

A whole cast of characters are introduced in this novel and they're all really interesting. We have a psychic, a wannabe detective, a paranoid inventor and of course a vampire. I finished this book feeling like there was so much more greatness to come, in part because Rardin has introduced so many characters who we never quite get to know enough in this novel. I hope that she explores them further in the other novels in this series.

Once Bitten Twice Shy has left me wanting more of this series and I can't wait to get my hands on the next novel. I was sad to read that Jennifer Rardin died last year. Although she did finish this series I think it's so sad that she won't be writing any more books. This novel was great and I feel that the world has lost a great talent.

Price: £2.47

1.0 out of 5 stars Stranded, 31 Aug 2011
This review is from: Stranded (Kindle Edition)
Overall this book was a bit of a disappointment to me and half of the problem was that it had too much realism. In any other genre this would probably be a good thing, Vaughn writes a somewhat realistic portrayal of being stranded on a desert island, complete with having to bury another survivor and almost starving to death. I didn't think it was very fitting with the genre and I found it difficult to enjoy anything that happened on the island because I was more concerned with them actually surviving than the romance. I think this is unfortunate because the premise of the novel was a good one, in my opinion. The whole desert island is something that has been done so many times before but this is the first romance novel that I've read that has this back story. I just couldn't help feeling that if I wanted to read about people struggling to survive I could read many other books or watch films that depict this but what I wanted was a really romantic twist on the storyline that I felt was hindered by the island rather than the island being used to push the romance.

The actual romance is pretty unremarkable, so unremarkable that there's actually little to say about it. I think that in itself says a lot. I think that characters are important in romance novels and in this one I felt that they were lacking in something. Vaughn gives them all these big, traumatic back stories but there seems to be little else in terms of character building. I guess the one thing that I really liked about the novel and the characters is the friendship between the two men. It just feels so solid and important. I often think that romance novels, particularly three way romances, tend to brush aside friendship when friendship in my opinion is incredibly important. This novel doesn't do that and it seems that a great deal of importance is placed on their friendship. I felt that this made the three way relationship feel more secure and permanent than anything else because I felt that the two men were as devoted to each other as they were to India.

The main problem for me in this novel was the romance. The characters are okay, not particularly well developed or well rounded but they would be fine in a novel where the romance was more gripping. The main thing is that I just didn't get drawn into the romance. First there was the issue with the realism on the island and then by the time they got off of the island I had lost interest. When they finally return home I just wasn't into the book enough to care about if they could make it work. I did read the book to the end but there wasn't any point in it where I was actually interested in what was happening.

(Firestorm) By Radclyffe (Author) Paperback on 19-Jul-2011
(Firestorm) By Radclyffe (Author) Paperback on 19-Jul-2011
by Radclyffe
Edition: Paperback

5.0 out of 5 stars Radclyffe's on Fire!, 12 Aug 2011
Mallory is a wilderness fire-fighter who trains the new recruits and Jac is one of the new recruits. Mallory isn't happy when she finds out that Jac's powerful father has pulled some strings to get her a position on Mallory's team but there's no denying that there's an attraction between them. They say that the path to true love never runs smooth and that's certainly the case for Jac and Mallory but can they overcome all of the difficulties facing them?

One of the first things that really struck me was how well developed the characters are. I think it's rare that characters feel well developed at the beginning of the novel but in this novel they did. There just seemed to be so much depth to each of the characters and this was apparent from the beginning. Of course the characters develop more as the novel goes along and we learn new things about them both but the feeling that both characters are whole, three dimensional people is there from the very beginning. I think that this was part of the reason why it was so easy for me to connect with the characters. I found both characters very likeable. They're both strong, independent women, which always appeals to me in a character. I felt like both characters were very evenly matched in this novel. At points during the book one was more vulnerable than the other, or in a better position to support the other, but it never felt like there was an uneven power distribution. I really enjoyed that in this novel, it just felt like they were complete equals.

This novel is a romance novel and not erotica but I found it incredibly hot. I think it's easy to make erotica hot or even romance novels hot when there are explicit sex scenes but in this novel there was very little sex and it still managed to be scorching. At one point I felt very uncomfortable sitting in costa reading it...and they weren't even doing anything that was overtly sexual, it was just that there was the chemistry and the subtle provocation that worked really well in this context. When the sex scenes did come they were on fire but they weren't overly done. I don't know how Radclyffe does it but she manages to make this book far hotter than some erotic novels that I've read.

I think that one thing that a lot of romance novels miss is the big build up to a relationship. It seems that so many novels just jump in there and move things really fast so it was nice to read a novel that doesn't do that. The relationship between the two characters is built up exceptionally well. It never feels like things are too slow or that some action is needed but it does take a long time for Mallory and Jac to get together and this worked really well in this novel. It just felt like there was a real foundation for their relationship that many romance novels seem to lack.

There is a lot of action in this novel but it seems to be there for the purpose of the romance and the character building rather than being the point of the novel in itself. I wouldn't read the book just for the action (and I'm not much of an action novel fan anyway) but like the rest of the novel it was written very well. There were points when my heart was in my throat waiting to see what would happen next. I think that this coupled well with the romance not only because it furthered the romantic plot but also because it added an element of excitement at points when there wasn't so much action between Jac and Mallory.

I loved this novel. I can't thing of a single criticism. I liked the characters, the romance, the action and the writing style. I would highly recommend this novel.

Understood (Unbroken book 1)
Understood (Unbroken book 1)

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1.0 out of 5 stars Such a disappointment!, 23 July 2011
The story reads more like a plan of the novel. It's like Banks wrote the basic skeleton of the story and then forgot to go back and add everything that makes a story worth reading. There's just a complete lack of depth. She fails completely to bring the characters and the story to life and I didn't feel engaged at all when reading it. I bought the novella because I had a couple of hours free and wanted something to read during that time but I found the story so boring that it took me about three days to finish.

Perhaps the biggest issue with this story was the lack of spark between the main characters. Banks tells us that the characters are in love with each other, she tells us that they desire each other but I never actually felt it. It all felt very forced and like there actually wasn't much between them. I think that part of the problem is that Banks didn't take the time to develop the relationship. Most of the relationship development takes place before the start of the story and it felt like they went from being just friends to being in a relationship to having a crisis to their happily ever after really quickly. Like I said, it's always going to be a challenge to write a believable romance in a novella and I think that perhaps Banks was a bit too ambitious in what she tried to include. She tried to address domestic violence, have some erotic scenes, have a bit of conflict between Ellie and the people in her town, introduce the characters who will be featuring in future stories in the series and of course give Ellie and Jake their happily ever after. The result is that none of it was done particularly well.

The domestic violence part wasn't done terribly. I can't say that it was done well because there really wasn't the space in this story for Banks to really explore the issues surrounding domestic violence so a lot of the time things just got glossed over but at the same time it wasn't unrealistic and it wasn't offensive. I do tend to think that if you can't give such a serious issue the time and space that's needed in a novel to fully explore the implications of a character having suffered such abuse then you should just not include it. Domestic violence and rape are far too commonly used as plot devices in romance novels and I will never understand why. I guess some people think there's something romantic about surviving abuse...I personally can't see why.

One of the things that I tend to like about Maya Banks' novels is that they're so dramatic. It's usually all about big gestures and passion and all the things that make the romance genre so distinct from other types of fiction. This is present in this novel to an extent but like everything else it's just not done very well. The "big" gestures just seem too small and too insignificant to the point where I began to wonder why exactly they were even included in the story. You know they're supposed to be really dramatic but they're not at all.

The character development is quite limited in this book. You do learn some things regarding the background of the characters but this is mostly limited to the things that are directly relevant to the domestic violence situation. I felt like I was getting a very narrow and two dimensional picture of the two main characters. Their personalities are completely lacking in every way depth and no discernible character traits. With characters so lacking in depth I guess it was impossible to write a love story that feels real.

The sex in this story was pretty unmemorable. I didn't find it erotic and like every other aspect of this story the sex scenes bored me. I think that part of the problem was that I didn't feel a connection between the characters. The sex in this book should be about emotions and love as well as orgasms and kink because it is an erotic romance. Banks did write about their emotions during the sex but as I wasn't feeling a connection between the two of them I didn't feel like there really was any emotion, it just felt a bit empty.

Banks uses a lot of romance clichés in the story- survivor of domestic violence, small town narrow minded people who judge woman, man who's been secretly in love with her for years. This story was never going to win any prizes for being original but in romance novels I don't necessarily want something new, I just want something enjoyable so I'm not holding the lack of originality against this book. The problem is that when you use story lines that have been done so many times before you really need to do them well and make them enjoyable. It's inevitable that there will be comparisons to similar stories...all the way through I kept thinking things like "Nora Roberts addressed the issue of domestic violence much better in her book" and "Susan Elizabeth Phillips wrote a much better portrayal of ignorant, small town people".

This isn't a story I would recommend. Fans of Maya Banks' work are likely to be disappointed by this story. I was convinced for most of the story that it must be one of her earlier pieces of work because it was so bad but it isn't, I guess she must have been having an off day or two (I can't imagine it took longer than that to write). This doesn't even compare to the other stories I've read by her, even the ones that I've been disappointed by have been better than this. If you haven't read anything by Maya Banks before this story is likely to ensure that you never do again.

Overheard (Caught By Cupid)
Overheard (Caught By Cupid)

2.0 out of 5 stars So much potential but never delivers, 23 July 2011
The novella started off with a lot of potential. I instantly felt like there was a lot of heat between Gracie and Luke. The friendship was already established which is good in a novella because you don't want to waste a lot of time building up the initial stage of the relationship and there was just so much chemistry between the two of them that it really gave me hope that this novella would be better. I did feel at the start like the relationship rushed a bit. There's usually that stage between just friendship and getting into a romantic relationship, you know where there's tension between the two characters and it builds the relationship into a romance that's worth reading. This stage is almost completely skipped in this book. It's such a shame because it starts out so well and there's so much potential. There's this point at the beginning where Gracie thinks about how much Luke often annoys her and how competitive they are with each other and I wanted to know more about this, I wanted to read more about them in this stage of their relationship but it doesn't happen.

I think I would be less annoyed with Banks skipping what I considered to be potentially a great part of Luke and Gracie's relationship if so much of the novel hadn't been, in my opinion, wasted. Banks spends time on characters who are really nothing more than cannon fodder in this book. There's a couple who Gracie and Luke are friends with, I don't know if perhaps they were characters in another book or if she plans on writing about them again but the amount of time she spent writing about them and their unborn child seems disproportionate to their importance to the story and the length of the novella. There just isn't space in the novella. You expect character and plot development to be more limited in a novella than would be acceptable in a full length novel but personally I expect it to be as developed as possible in the space provided. When that space is being used to develop characters who have little to no relevance to the plot it's a bit frustrating.

One thing that I thought worked particularly poorly was bringing the characters from the last book into this story. It happens a lot in romance trilogies or series, readers and writers seem to like to see couples from past stories, I guess they like to know that the happily ever after really has been forever and not just a happy for now. I don't think there's anything wrong with this but the way it's done in this book is just so implausible. There was a part where they're mentioned and you know that they're still happy together and this seemed sufficient to me. They're then brought into the novella in a way that doesn't seem realistic based on what we know of the characters and the situation.

The middle part of this story really left a lot to be desired. After so much potential at the beginning Banks seemed to lose momentum very quickly. I think it's because she brushed over things so much. I don't want to be repeating my review of the first story in this trilogy but a lot of what I said for that novella could be said of this one. Like the first story in the series this one reads like a novel plan rather than a complete story. A lot of things that could and probably should be developed are just brushed over, leaving the reader wanting to know more. To write a relationship that goes from being friends to being completely in love in a novella must be difficult, I'm not denying that but it seems to me that if you can't do it in a novella then make the story into a novel. The plot for this novella was good, the characters were good, the sex scenes were potentially good but they're not given the space they need to grow and become something that's worth reading.

The characters were surprisingly well developed considering the novella was so short and so little time was spent on their development. But it's more a case of the characters seeming to have depth from the very beginning but actually developing very little throughout the novel. Their relationship makes a huge leap from friendship to romance in such a short space of time but it doesn't seem implausible. However, my actual enjoyment of it was limited by the lack of detail that Banks provided. It's just very difficult to become engaged with this novel.

Part of the storyline of this novella is that Luke brings in their good friend Wes to have a threesome with them. Banks is known for her romance novels involving ménage and you pretty much know what you're going to get from the beginning of this novella so there's no shock here. It just seems to me like including this in the novel was a misjudgement on her part. Again it comes down to the amount of space that's available. If you don't have time to fully explore the emotions and relationship of your two main characters why bring in a third one? Wes' story is actually the third in this series so at least you get to know more about him ready for his story but it takes away so much from the Luke and Gracie. In a full length novel this would be fine, in a novella I was just left wishing she had spent more time on the primary relationship and less time bringing Wes into it.

The sex scenes were okay but again I felt that having Wes there was detrimental. If this was a full length novel she could bring Wes in for a scene or two and still have plenty of scenes between just the two main characters. In this novella he seems to be there for a good portion of their sexual encounters and it takes away from the romance development between Luke and Gracie. I think it would have actually been better if he had been involved romantically as well as sexually with them because then Banks could have built up the relationship between the three and had her threesome scenes.

The last part of this novella was pretty good and actually had me holding my breath waiting to find out what would happen next. Banks seemed to strike the perfect balance between drama and romance, making it believable (or at least as believable as a romance novel gets) and the perfect balance between something fantastical and something mundane. By this I mean that you can believe in what's happened, believe they're going to have a happily ever after but at the same time it's interesting enough for me to want to read. I thought this last part could have been dragged out a bit more though because it all seemed to be over too soon.

I'm going to give this novella two stars. The beginning was quite promising, the end was engaging but the bulk of the novel was disappointing. It was an improvement on the first novella but not a huge improvement. Let's hope novella three is better.

Yankee Candles Midnight Jasmine 3.7oz (104.9g) Small Jar Housewarmer
Yankee Candles Midnight Jasmine 3.7oz (104.9g) Small Jar Housewarmer
Offered by House Of Harris
Price: £8.98

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1.0 out of 5 stars Disappointing, 23 July 2011
Before burning this candle I found that it had a very strong jasmine smell, kind of a very exagerated scent of jasmine. I like candles to really leave the scent in a room so the fact that the smell of this one was so strong was a good thing in my opinion. When I started burning this candle I was quite disappointed. The scent was really subtle, so much so that unless I was right next to the candle I couldn't smell anything and it didn't leave any noticeable scent in the room. Although it was a disappointment in terms of scent I was pleased with the way that the candle looks. It comes in a little glass jar, which all yankee candles seem to come in and I just think that it's really nice presentation. When the candle is lit, particularly after it's burnt down a bit, the glass reflects the flame, making it look bigger than it actually is and much brighter. However, I didn't buy the candle for presentation, I bought it for scent so even though it looks good I don't think it makes up for the lack of smell.

This candle does seem to have a good burn time. I lit mine on at least four occasions for over an hour each time. The problem is that I still have a lot of the candle left but I can't light it. I've tried tipping it all kinds of ways and still can't get it to light. The top of the jar just seems too narrow to let enough oxygen in while I light it. I've burnt myself trying and now given up on it. It seems like such a waste when there's so much of it left.

To conclude this candle is a disappointment. It looks good but the scent isn't strong enough and the candle becomes impossible to light when it burns down to a certain point.

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