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SwypeGloves Black Texting Gloves - 'Streets of New York' Touchscreen Gloves (Medium)
SwypeGloves Black Texting Gloves - 'Streets of New York' Touchscreen Gloves (Medium)

1.0 out of 5 stars Poor, 30 Jan. 2015
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I have had them on for 40 mins on way into and returning from work. They already have a hole in them.

SanDisk SDCFH-004G-U46 4GB Ultra 30MB/s CompactFlash Memory Card
SanDisk SDCFH-004G-U46 4GB Ultra 30MB/s CompactFlash Memory Card

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2.0 out of 5 stars no great shakes, 9 Oct. 2010
Ok, so what do you expect a memory card to do? Record your photos, store them safely and transfer them at a decent spead to your computer. Fair enough it does two of them. It will obviously record the pics, fine, however the over stated speed of the recording and transfer is what really dissapoints. I trialed it last night when I went to King tuts to shoot a band. Shooting in Raw I was looking for it to record quicker than my other cards however it didn't which meant I missed out on a few good shots. Then today when I transferred the photos to the laptop it took ages!! Seriously, this was quite shocking. 187 pics took a over an hour to download from the camera. My other Ultra 2 cards are far quicker...the decision to buy this card was based on the apparent speed of the recording and downloading, it is a big let down. However it is a good card for general use and will of course record pics in any format and store them safely.

Sony Walkman NWZ-S738FB 8GB MP4 Video Player FM Tuner with Noise-Cancelling Headphones - Black
Sony Walkman NWZ-S738FB 8GB MP4 Video Player FM Tuner with Noise-Cancelling Headphones - Black

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3.0 out of 5 stars Player is Excellent - Earphones were the issue, 5 April 2010
Having been a long time user of Sony products and enjoying the superior sound quality over Ipods etc this little beauty was a joy to use.
The player works so well I can't think of anything that was difficult to use or caused problems in the whole time I had it.
Videos upload easily, music is well organised and the transfer of both is dead easy with the choice of Itunes or Windows Media player.

I always go for Sony headphones and the ones that went with my previous Walkman were excellent. So I decided to pay the bit extra and get the noise cancelling ones that I had sampled on the X series Walkman. Quality is clear and background noise is almost eradicated so they are an all consuming journey into the minutest detail of the music.

However, straight from the box I could tell that the casing on the cable was not of the usual material and felt different and stiff. I thought that this might cause problems further down the line and it did. After taking great care of the headphones and only moderate usage the coating started to strip off the wires in several places. anywhere there was movement on the wire or it had to bend it simply peeled off leaving exposed wires. Considering I had paid extra for the privilege I am returning the player. I'm disappointed as the player was excellent in everyway. It will be missed.

Profit Over People:  Neoliberalism and the Global Order
Profit Over People: Neoliberalism and the Global Order
by Noam Chomsky
Edition: Paperback
Price: £10.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Mind blowing...but not in a nice way, 1 April 2010
Where to you start... After reading 3 of Chomsky's previous books this one hammered home the reality and how it affects every single on of us. This is a thoroughly riveting read but the main feeling was one of foreboding as the book explains the lengths and depths that governments will go to to please their corporate paymasters, it also shows how far along the line we are, is there a way back?

It shows the unfetted greed and chilling disregard for human life at the expense of profits that major corporations have for the average human being. Chomsky suggests that this is a school of thought that is employed to open new markets and shows how ruthless the instigators are. What it gave me was a deep sense of despair at how much our government lies to us on a range of things. Not just the little things but how world economics are played out.As much as you or I would love to live in a country that helps out its citizens with healthcare, decent living standards, proper jobs and a good social network this just does not reap enough profits for the global organisations that rule our governments and they will do anything to stop us getting what we want.

Global organisations need new markets to feed the profit machine and at the expense of lives in various countries that is their only objective, It references the coup in Chile, then the immediate sale of state industries to foreign investors ensuring price hikes and more misery to the population. See also the acts of deception by Thatcher using the Falklands to do the same thing, The Iraq war and any other major. Also think of the current recession and how the election is being fought out by who can cut the most from public spending when in fact what should be happening is that big business should be taxed was their fault!

This read is surely a must to cut through the spin and squabbling of every day politics and gets to the point as do most of Chomsky's books. A great follow up read and one in greater detail is Naomi Kline's Shock Doctrine. This goes into even greater detail and throws up great comparisons and unfortunately is even more shocking.
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This is Spinal Tap - Limited Marshall Amp Edition [Blu-ray]
This is Spinal Tap - Limited Marshall Amp Edition [Blu-ray]
Dvd ~ Christopher Guest

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1.0 out of 5 stars cheap, poor quality and overpriced, 17 Sept. 2009
I bought this as a collectors Item and was delighted with the inclusion of the limited edition amp - which goes to 11...well, it's one louder. :)

When I opened it the packaging fell apart on me and within seconds it looked like I had volleyed it home.

The Marshall amp is also a bit of a dissapointment as the sound is awfull - so it was not ever going to be usable.

Had to send it back.

If you are interested in the 25th aniversary edition then go for the DVD package as it will save you the money without the dissapointment.

Amazon where very good in sending me a replacement (which I also returned) and refunding the original.

Has anyone else had dodgy packaging?

I've intentionally not reviewed the fil or DVD extras because A, the fils is awesome and B I didn't watch any of the extras which I'm sure will be just as funny!
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LUPO All in 1 card reader for CF/SD/Memory Stick/XD/MMC USB 2.0 - TAKES ALL CARDS
LUPO All in 1 card reader for CF/SD/Memory Stick/XD/MMC USB 2.0 - TAKES ALL CARDS

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4.0 out of 5 stars Does what it says on the tin, 12 Jan. 2009
This takes a wide range of memory cards, is small, compact and relatively cool looking. It makes the transfer of photo files extremely quick and easy to do - simple but very effective.

Well worth the money.

Pentax Optio V10 Digital Camera
Pentax Optio V10 Digital Camera

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5.0 out of 5 stars Outguns the big names, 12 May 2008
After buying and taking back back the Canon Ixus 70 and the Nikon Coolpix S210 and the Casio Exilm I can safely say that this camera - although cheaper and not as big a brand - outperforms them all, much to my surprise!

The main areas that I am basing this is on is the quality of picture at the higher end of the ISO range. The Nikons quality at anything above 400 ISO was laughable and the Canon just disappointed. The Pentax however copes, even excels at the higher end. Lets be fair the amount of pixels needed in any camera of this size is debatable over 8mp so the quality of the pictures at a higher resolution should be looked at to give you the biggest range of shooting options. The higher the ISO rating the less light you need to take a picture - making indoor photos, without flash easier to take.

This version even out performs it's successor although you do lose the face detection facility and a gain a few centimetres and grams in weight. No great sacrifice.

The build and design are great and although the Nikon edges it in aesthetics I'd rather have the technical ability over exterior looks any day.

We are well beyond the stage with digital cameras when size and mega pixels count so the 3200 ISO rating that is actually usable becomes important. The menus and options are a sinch to navigate through and within about 20 mins of playing about with it I had pretty much sussed all the capabilities of this powerfull and versatile little camera.

It has a quick set up function and the software is simple to use.

Battery life is good and it takes SD cards which seem to be the VHS of the memory word seeing that less and les cameras are using XD or anything else.

Overall this is an excellent camera and you will make an excellent choice if you choose this against many more expensive and less capable cameras. For under a hundred pound this is a steal!
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Casio EX-Z75 Digital Camera - Silver (7.2MP, 3x Optical Zoom) 2.6" LCD
Casio EX-Z75 Digital Camera - Silver (7.2MP, 3x Optical Zoom) 2.6" LCD

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3.0 out of 5 stars Stylish but not faultless, 8 April 2008
For the current Amazon price this is a bit of a bargain. The camera has a host of features that allow you a certain amount of creative control over pics. For a grab and shoot camera this one takes some beating in most light conditions.

Unfortunately in nightclubs/bars or anywhere in doors - even with the Best Shot feature - the results are limited and usually either bleached out due to a severe flash or far too dark and grainy due to not enough light. There is a soft flash function but any difference it makes is not noticeable to me.

ISO is up to 400 which to me is far too limiting especially with ANY indoor shots.

Outside this camera excels. The colours are clear, defined and the 7.2 megapixels allow you top quality results.

The functions on the camera are clear and easy to follow and with a couple of test shots you should be able to get the best performance out of this.

I like the camera a lot; it looks good, has decent features and a range of facilities that allow a certain creative control but is limited in some of the areas I was relying on it most for.

In summary if you like the look of this sexy little gadget and are not looking to take too many indoor shots then you couldn't ask for a better grab shot camera.

Slash: The Autobiography
Slash: The Autobiography
by Slash
Edition: Hardcover

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2.0 out of 5 stars Says a lot without saying anything..., 3 Mar. 2008
My main motivation for reading this book was that since I had grown up listening to Motley, Guns, Metallica and all the other bands that came from L.A, Bay Area etc, I was looking rather expectantly for this to help put the pieces together. All the stories that I had read in my Kerrang or saw on MTV all those years ago I wanted an insiders view on. Like Crue's The Dirt, this was meant to be all about the excess and the idiocy of the time. A time I look on fondly - if not to smirk and try to hide the embarresment. The Dirt delivered full stop. It was a no holds barred look at a massive touring machine and the effects it had on the cogs that helped turn it from four different perspectives. On the basis of this Slash' take on events within his own experience are just bland. Too often he or the writer inserts mentions of parties that are supposed to impress/shock in what seems like a nod to the Crue's more decadent lifestyle - like some younger brother trying to impress his elder. At times this book is wasteful. Maybe I am being narrow minded because I was in it for the GnR stuff, the detail, the stories, the rivalries, the anamosities and the break up of one of the most genuine and distinctive rock band of the 80's.

The recording of Appetite, an insight into how the songs came to be, why the grandios of the two Illusions albums and what led them collectively to throw it all away, In the end only a fraction of this is covered and none of it in any great detail. (Surprisingly even techy guitar chat is kept out completely so don't come here looking for tips).

Mostly Slash says he would rather not talk too much about Axl (probably incase of a lawsuit) or can't remember or simply would rather get to another story with a coke/herion/party/chick theme to it.

If you want the reasons why the band split - got to the end he has three of them. Other than that the revalations are kept to a minimum.

Yes Axl was hidden behind an army of lawyers, yes they all had their demons and yes they all let it affect them at different times but very little is said about the machinations that brought about the demise of a fantastic rock n roll band. From what he says in the book it might have been possible to garner a really great follow up album if the reigns were put on Axl earlier on...but then again, maybe not. He could just have easily split before they had the chance to became the colusus that they were.

I was dissappointed with this book as it failed to deliver in nearly every department, from the lack of depth to stories, a heavy reliance on party stories and an almost obsessive attention with girlfriends adn the it skips over a vast majority of the GnR stuff (even though this is the basis of the book) and none too few mentions that he didn't do as well out of the GnR thing as we all migh have son!

Die hard fans, buy this but you'll probably know it all anyway - other interested parties - unless you are very interested in Slash as a person and not just in it for the stuff about GnR then it could be a decent read if not utterly absorbing.
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Sony NWZA818 - 8GB Video MP3 Walkman - Upto 30hrs Battery Life - Black
Sony NWZA818 - 8GB Video MP3 Walkman - Upto 30hrs Battery Life - Black

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5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome!!!, 28 Sept. 2007
Just got delivery of the 4gb version of this model and it is jaw-droppingly good. Now if you see any of my other reviews I have a resistance to iPods because of the lock in to iTunes and have bought the Toshiba gigabeat and two Zens which I can safely say pale into comparison. This piece of technology is sleek, intelligent, has more functions than the Zen (all be it without radio) has a better sound quality than any mp3 I have tried out inc Ipods and well what else do you need. The display is crystal clear and stylised with a clear vibrant layout and cool graphics. Now with the universally accessed Windows Media player the transfer of music is as it should be, straight forward and uncomplicated. 33 hours battery life they say, well even half of that beats an iPod or Zen! Until now I was totally a Zen fan but after my experiences of them I am convinced I have finally found an mp3 that will meet the heavy usage requirements that it will need and have all the functions to last in the ever changing market place for a good while yet!
Buy this machine in any format you won't regret it!

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