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The Creature from the Black Lagoon in Blu-ray 3D [1954] [Region Free]
The Creature from the Black Lagoon in Blu-ray 3D [1954] [Region Free]
Dvd ~ Richard Carlson

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5.0 out of 5 stars A classic 3D monster movie from the 50's, 8 Oct. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
After buying the Blu-ray 3D on Amazon, I posted this review on my blog recently ...

The movie is finally out on Blu-ray 3D and it looks fantastic. The parallax in this one is huge...just look at the separation between the background jungle trees as seen from the boat. The underwater shots look absolutely stunning and throughout the film there is a great sense of space between objects and characters which also have an obvious solidity to them. This is how 3D should look and it puts a lot of modern efforts to shame. Having said that, there are some problems evident. Occasionally, but only very occasionally, the 3D alignment is either incorrectly positioned or even in reverse, so that the 3D doesn't work. Also, there's the obligatory 2D moment too. This one scene occurs when Richard Carlson is underwater in the Lagoon. Also, the image quality varies from mainly beautifully rich (for a film of almost 60 years at least) to times where the image quality noticeably degrades (most obvious on a couple of scenes on the boat). Do these few anomalies spoil the overall succes of the 3D though? No, not at all. Creature From the Black Lagoon retains its status as a bona fide 3D classic.

(Possible slight spoilers) One other thing about the film that is worth pointing out is its influence on other film-makers, most notably Steven Spielberg. While watching the movie, I could see where Spielberg got a lot of his inspiration for Jaws. There's the shaking of the boat, the female underwater silhouette, the underwater leg grabbing, the block and tackle moments and just the general feeling of something menacing lurking beneath the water. All these elements were utilized in "Jaws" in a very similar fashion to how they appear in "Creature". That alone is a tribute to the impact that this movie must have had all those years ago. Today, its a great example of 3D being used to its full potential and although the film might seem a bit tame by today's standards, its still a worthy and enjoyable viewing experience...especially in 3D.

Creature from the Black Lagoon is highly recommended to all 3D fans.

LG DM2350D 23 inch Widescreen LED 1080p 3D TV Monitor with TV Tuner - Black
LG DM2350D 23 inch Widescreen LED 1080p 3D TV Monitor with TV Tuner - Black
Offered by About Mall UK

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5.0 out of 5 stars DP DM2350D, 20 Dec. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Just bought this TV/Monitor off Amazon and I'm very pleased with it. I initially bought the cheaper LG D2342P monitor from another online retailer but it had juddering picture issues with playback of 3D Blu-rays over HDMI. I'm pleased to say that the particular DM2350D model that I received from Amazon displayed none of these issues...although I have read onlne that other people have experienced the same problems with their purchase of the same model. Either it's the luck of the draw or there's a faulty batch out there..
The picture looks sharp and vibrant and black levels are as black as I imagine they can get. I tested my 3D Blu-rays "Monster House" and "Resident Evil" and they both looked great both from the Picture Quality and 3D perspective. The 1080p 2D picture is very nice too...text is pin sharp unless you are in 3D mode when the interlacing effects the edge of the texts. The interlacing was however very faintly noticeable while viewing "Monster House" by a very subtle "glassy" texture on the faces of the characters....not too distracting though, given that the picture is so sharp and crisp. Overall, very happy with the 3D Blu-ray setup.

I connected it to my PC via D-Sub and DVI/HDMI adapter to HDMI input. It took me a while to set this up as it wouldn't accept the resolution that my card was set because it had an 85Hz refresh rate. I had to connect my old CRT monitor again and set it at 1080p 60Hz. When I reconnected it was very nice with both HDMI and D-Sub. There is no problem with text at is pin sharp. I didn't think black levels looked as good as the preset 3D Blu-ray blacks but that was probably to do with my graphic card video settings which I will tinker with later. I watched a couple of DVDs, upscaling was very good but some grain was evident....still as good as any other upscaling I've seen.
I had some confusion about how to view Stereoscopic clips via PC. I eventually worked it out. You can either play the side by side clip in any media player and then when in fullscreen go into 3D mode on the monitor....or you can play the side by side clip in Stereoscopic Player and output to row interlaced WITHOUT setting the monitor to 3D mode. It was a bit confusing at first but I managed to get there in the end. Adjusting the aspect ratio or zooming in on the video in Stereoscopic Player doesn't effect the 3D....the interlacing still works. The clips I was viewing were only 480 and 720p and so didn't look as good as the 3D Blu-ray although the depth was better on some of the YT3D clips. I have to say here that there was ghosting evident on several of the clips, especially the ones that had a wide parallax. The ghosting comes over as a faint red halo around the objects but can be minimized by moving your head slightly. The viewing angle is quite small..move your head up or down a few inches and you get more and more ghosting before eventually losing the 3D effect altogether. I started to watch Strictly Come Dancing on BBC HD in 3D and it looked excellent...a nice sharp image with nice 3D especially on the front camera which was setup very well to give a good Z-depth.

After initially trying the LG D234P, I must add that the LG DM2350D is a much nicer monitor. It is sturdier, has better inputs (face on rather than under) has a remote with a nice menu and the front panel controls are touch sensitve. I thought that the LG D2342P felt a bit cheaper. The inputs were awkward to get to and felt fragile and plastic, there was no remote and the panel buttons were of a basic click variety while the DM2350D has touch sensitive buttons on the front panel. The 3D effect was about the same for both monitors, but for the extra money, I would definitely recommend the DM2350D over the D2342P. It's a lot classier in all departments.

Finally I installed the Tridef Driver and it worked a treat. It recognised a couple of my games "Tiger Woods 08" and "Need for Speed Underground" and the driver worked straight away. I only tested the Golf but the default setting was perfect with a nice depth down the fairways and good layering of trees and bushes etc. The only bug was that each time the screen cut to the next tee shot, the left and right sides were separated at first and then became immediately interlaced. It only lasts a millisecond and isn't too distracting. The driver is very similar to the iz3d driver which I tested with the anaglyph output a few months back. Of course the passive 3D looks much better than the anaglyph, but the 3D depth is similar. It also comes with a Tri-Def Media Player which I don't really need. Stereoscopic Player does everything I need for 3D playback.


Journey To The Center Of The Earth 3D [2008] [DVD]
Journey To The Center Of The Earth 3D [2008] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Brendan Fraser
Offered by MusicnMedia
Price: £2.75

30 of 35 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars The 3D version sucks big time!!, 3 Nov. 2008
I never got round to seeing "Journey" in the cinema and so I was really looking forward to seeing the 3D version of this film on DVD. I had read rave reviews about the 3D effect in the cinema and so had hoped I would get to see some of that on the DVD release. Let me first say, before I comment on this release, I do have other "anaglyph 3D" releases such as Spy Kids 3D and so know all about the "issues" of the red/cyan glasses versions of 3D movies.
So I sat down in anticipation to watch the 3D version of this movie, on a 70" projection screen, hoping it would look great and be an improvement, or at least "on a par" with the excellent 3D in Spy Kids 3. Well, from the start, the 3D effect on journey looks, quite frankly, horrible!!! The colours are terrible, a kind of sickly brown and blue wash throughout, (I understand that the glasses effect the colour so it was a bit expected) but the worst thing is that throughout the film, there is a terrible "ghosting" effect. I can't remember one moment in the the 3D version, which isn't out of focus or suffering from this "ghosting" effect which gave me a feeling of "double vision". I persevered and "tried" to watch the whole 90 minutes of the film, hoping it might improve, but it didn't. I came away from the viewing with eye strain and a headache it was that bad and a feeling of being cheated out of my money with regards to the 3D version which is the version that I originally bought the DVD for. With regards to the film itself, what I actually did see seemed like fun, but I can't really make a proper judgement until I watch the 2D version sometime. I was hoping to "enjoy" not "endure" the 3D version of this film but I felt like I was suffering from concussion while viewing it, it's that bad.

If Hollywood wants 3D to succeed this time around then it will have to release better 3D versions than this woeful attempt. Watch the 2D version instead or maybe even rent it before buying.

Very disappointed!!
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