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Gallant Lord Ives (Signet)
Gallant Lord Ives (Signet)
by Emily Hendrickson
Edition: Mass Market Paperback

3.0 out of 5 stars Good solid regency with minor flaws, 4 Mar 2006
The oldest daughter of the Baron Fflokes, Alissa had far more than her odd last name to content with. For she lived in the shadow of her sister Henrietta's dazzling beauty and her sister Elizabeth's glowing charm, and had lost all hope of outshining them in the sphere of society or the eyes of any man.
Thus when Alissa lost her heart at first sight to the splendid Earl of Ives, she tried to hide her feelings even from herself. The handsomest lord in London would never notice much less want a shrinking violet like her...unless love's magic worked a miracle to make both her beauty and boldness bloom...
This is a refreshing romance which takes place in and around Salisbury. The main character has grown up in a rather eccentric family and has become unwittingly the cinderella figure of the household who holds it all together but gets nothing but remonstrated. This turns Miss Alissa into a very insecure girl at least socially.
Enter the Earl of Ives and his friend Duffy who've come down to check on the Baron's sheep.
From that moment on ensues a slowly moving romance between the two of them (and a few other secondary characters...)that is more based on friendship and therefore wholly believable.

The household characters are also very believable and Ms. Hendrickson as always has a astute way with words in making the reader not only accept what she pens but be willing to swear it is so. I daresay we all know at least two people who the characters in this book could have been based on and that always brings a book home to me.
My reasoning behind the 3 stars is solely based on the ending. I am firmly allergic to the heroine's continuing on the road of self-flagellation when it has long ceased to be relevant. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happens here in the last 50 pages and that did sour the story for me just a bit, I must admit.
Emily Hendrickson is a fantastic regency writer and if you can accept the rather long-winded'll be happy you read this book.

Hazard Barbara : Enchanting Stranger (Signet)
Hazard Barbara : Enchanting Stranger (Signet)
by Barbara Hazard
Edition: Mass Market Paperback

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2.0 out of 5 stars An enchanting failure, 4 Mar 2006
Marriage and Mischief
Beautiful young Lady Patricia Westerly thought she knew the bargain she was making when she wed the wealthy Mr. Alvin Biddles. In return for placing herself in this loathsome man's grasping hands, she would free her father and her brother from their ruinous debts to him.
But all too soon Patricia discovered that the price she had to pay was far higher than she reckoned. Not only did the beastly Mr. Biddles want her for his pleasure, but also as his passport to the higher social circles he hungered to inhabit. What was even more revolting, Biddle dared order her to win the favor of the lord who was the toast of society, the handsome, dashing Viscount Reading. But when the Viscount pleaded with her to listen to his words of love rather than to the dictates of duty, Patricia faced a test no wife should have to take, and a choice no woman should have to make...
I really had a rough time finishing this book. The hero Viscount Reading falls in love at first sight which could be allowed if somehow within the 239 pages we can be convinced that the heroine, "Lady Patsy" is worthy of this love. I remain unconvinced. Lady Patsy never came alive for me. I read and re-read what a virtuous beautiful genteel woman she was but it comes across rather forced and very far-fetched.
The fact that she has for a husband a rather crude and obnoxious CIT, that everyone forgives her for having...for how was she to know it would be so horrid and what could she have done...all led me to have sympathy for the CIT, who was not a nice man by all accounts.
Viscount Reading was also rather flimsy as a character and I must admit that around page 100 I just stopped caring what happened to either of them. The subsequent murder angle was expected and just added to the overall unremarkability of this book.
Barbara Hazard remains one of my favorite authors since her use of the english language is always good, but regarding the storyline, Ms. Hazard has written better.

HMS Pinafore [DVD]
HMS Pinafore [DVD]
Dvd ~ Frankie Howerd
Offered by Formats
Price: £24.99

31 of 34 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Camp, Camp, Camp and we love it., 25 Feb 2006
This review is from: HMS Pinafore [DVD] (DVD)
My boys (including my husband) are diehard Simpsons fans. In the famous Sideshow Bob episode where he tries to kill Bart, Bart requests that he first sing a refrain from the Gilbert and Sullivan musical HMS Pinafore. My 10 year old began to sing along often enough so that I thought it would be a good idea to buy the soundtrack.
When I came across this DVD version including Hollywood Squares presenter Peter Marshall (a blast from my past) and the legendary British comic Frankie Howard for such a respectable price, the choice was made.
Since the purchase my boys have become much more interested in music and instead of Bob the Bouwer we've moved on to Gilbert and Sullivan satire and even Tchaikovsky.
The production is obviously very thrown together but that just adds to the fun. Peter Marshall's dancing and singing abilities are called in doubt many many times, but it's so camp it's just great. Frankie Howard is outstanding, comedic and just a pleasure. For real singing, the daughter and her love, the true captain are quite good and undoubtedly professionals.
I need to break out my old college books and start looking for more satirical operetta's because this one is just great.

Scoundrel's Bride (Signet Regency Romance)
Scoundrel's Bride (Signet Regency Romance)
by Emily Hendrickson
Edition: Mass Market Paperback

3.0 out of 5 stars Good regency romp!, 25 Feb 2006
Lovely Lady Chloe Maitland was caught on the horns of a devilish dilemma. As a proper young country miss in the london Marriage Mart, she was duty bound to obey her dragon of a grandmama and give her hand to the aging Lord Twisdale, who had buried one young wife and now lusted to take an even younger one. But if Twisdale sent shivers down Chloe's spine, Julian St. Aubyn made her shrink as from a flame.
St. Aubyn was the most wicked rake in the realm, and Chloe's innocence would be no match for his infamous expertise. Should Chloe sacrifice her happiness on the altar of duty- or her virtue in the arms of a man who mocked all decency? She heard the response of her hear - and knew how wrong it could be...
End backflap
This was a fun regency. There are a few inconsistencies here and there, like why was her 'wonderful' mother away on honeymoon and grandma allowed within 3 months to marry her off? and that kind of thing but the true stars of the book are Chloe and Julian. Julian is just one of those heroes that you can sum up in the word 'yummy'. He has a few flaws as well as Chloe but from the start they're attracted to each other and don't try to hide it.
My kind of regency.
I've only given it 3 stars because of the one misunderstanding which was a bit overdone and did detract in the overall story for me. Being that it's from 1994, I expected at least some kissing but got very little of everything. So if you're looking for steam, look elsewhere. Other than that, it was well written and I very much enjoyed it.

Town Tangle (Signet Regency Romance)
Town Tangle (Signet Regency Romance)
by Margaret Summerville
Edition: Mass Market Paperback

4.0 out of 5 stars Very pleasant old-fashioned Regency, 25 Feb 2006
Miss Camilla Selwyn had to admit that the arrogant Viscount St. John had a great deal to be arrogant about. He was titled, handsome, wealthy, accomplished- but nothing could justify the way he looked down on all whom he considered his inferiors, which included almost all the human race.
When the Viscount snubbed Camilla's brother while that impetuous young man was trying to make his mark in London - and when St. John went on to forbid Camilla's childhood friend, Charles MacNeil, to see the Viscount's sister Elizabeth - Camilla decided that this high-handed lord had to be cut down to size and brought down to earth.
And the only way to do it was to have him fall in love...
End backflap
This is a very good simple regency. Ms. Summerville is obviously a very adept writer and allows the storyline to progress naturally without any false starts or stops. The characters react normally to each other and are allowed from the very beginning to unfold with honesty and clarity. Camilla is practical and forthright while being humble and modest when necessary. The viscount starts out arrogantly but the reasoning for this attitude is understandable and from the very first meeting, he begins to thaw and act more and more reasonably.
Seeing as how this book was written in 1986, there is no sex only light kissing at the end of the book but if you like a good regency without many plot twists that allow a few good characters to carry the story, this book is for you.

Romantic Lady
Romantic Lady
by Sylvia Thorpe
Edition: Mass Market Paperback

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3.0 out of 5 stars Not bad but not really memorable either, 25 Feb 2006
Caroline was quite a beauty...
She was a young red-headed gaiety that goes with red hair. And though her life as governess to her uncle's children seemed rather dreary, nothing could stifle her romantic spirit.
And it was just this romantic spirit that caused Caroline to do a dangerous and impulsive act. An act that would nearly lose her all her friends. An act that would jeopardize both her liberty and honor.
Only one person could save Caroline from such a fate - Guy Ravenshaw. And he had no taste for romantic ladies.
Sylvia Thorpe is a great romance writer. The facts and regency flavour are always present and correct. In this story is it no different. The only problem I found was that the characters weren't really real for me. Caroline is everything I like in a heroine; sensible, pragmatic, tenacious, pretty but not gorgeous and yet I felt no real connection with her. The hero idem dito.
The storyline had very small discrepancies here and there but nothing to really detract from the story.
This is an older regency story from the sixties so there is unfortunately not even so much as kissing in the whole book.
It's a nice book to have considering it's age but it's not Sylvia Thorpe's best.

My Fair Temptress
My Fair Temptress
by Christina Dodd
Edition: Mass Market Paperback

11 of 15 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Disappointing, 14 Jan 2006
Well, I'd rather have my money back thank you. The writing of the novel was not bad, but lacked something, cohesiveness maybe.
The story starts out all wrong as well. The two female characters introduced in the beginning are both beautiful, strong-willed etc... The heroine, Miss Ritter, was embraced a few years back by a cad, and while he's living the life, she's been turned out of house by her father (a CIT who married well) and looking for a way to scrounge up enough money to take her younger sister with her to her dead mother's family in France.
This is the goal of the book and yet the question the reader has immediately is why not write to the family and explain her circumstances? The incongruities in the storyline abound but this is the main flaw in my mind. The character's are not unlikable but they are forgettable.
The ending drags on and on for no good reason and the 'trust' issue seems forced.
The sex is absolutely gratuitous and does not enhance the story in any way. I like steamy novels but it seems like a lot of contemporary authors forget to write romantically and go straight for the actions. Elizabeth Thornton and Barbara Metzger are two examples of how this can be done exceedingly well.
All in all, I'm sorry I purchased this book and will not purchasing any other novels from this author.

Devil Takes a Bride
Devil Takes a Bride
by Gaelen Foley
Edition: Mass Market Paperback

5 of 8 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars A Regency Romance, 22 April 2005
3 peers of the realm chase down the mistress of one of them and the young male lover of the other. A viscount tries to intervene and protect them at an inn and accidently is shot. Instead of anyone in the 'packed inn' being able to help, the peers have enough time to throw everyone out, create tales to suit everyone, and burn down the inn. Farfetched? You decide.
This leaves us with an orphaned young viscount, Devlin, who remains under the tutelage of his aunt for awhile before being sent away on the high seas to burn away his bitterness at having lost his family.
Lizzie, the sort of forgotten second cousin figure, works as companion to the aunt and therefore comes into contact with Devlin. Immediately, there are sparks and within a few days, heavy petting ensues, etc. etc..
Anyway, there's revenge, lust, depravity (lots of it) and more but my biggest problem with this book was the standard of English that was used. It truly ruined my ability to enjoy this book and there were moments when I wanted to.
With slang such as 'hey', 'thanks', and lingo that I'm sure wasn't invented until circa 1950 in america, this book could have taken place anywhere, anytime. There was very little connection with the regency period itself. Nothing was described in detail, such as clothing, carriages, balls, buildings and there was not one reference to anything historical.

The Naked Duke (Zebra Debut)
The Naked Duke (Zebra Debut)
by Sally MacKenzie
Edition: Mass Market Paperback

9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars A pretty good read with some steam!, 22 April 2005
I liked this book. The hero, a 28 year old duke whose evil cousin Richard was trying to eliminate him, rather obviously I thought, needs to get married and procreate rather quickly.
Enter the heroine, an American whose father having died, requested that she return to his homeland England and ask his brother to further look after her.
From one romp to the next, the story is often incongruent but James and Sarah feel real. I love the fact they come across as very honest with each other as well. Sarah has her moments of doubt, but usually being the good American girl that she is, she voices them and resolves them.
The murder attempts on James' life could be cut back, I think I counted 6. The reason given was that the Duke wasn't taken seriously when he tried to convince everyone that Richard was trying to kill him. I found it hard to believe that no one would believe a Duke if he told them anything. Especially in the regency period.
The writing was solid and correct for the time period, something that I have found is increasingly not the case lately in many so- called regency romances, which made the book also more believable for me.
The only downfall is that the Duke at 28, was supposedly still a virgin. I can't imagine it. In any way, shape or form. But still, it didn't detract too much from the story and I managed to finish it in a day anyway.

Almost a Princess
Almost a Princess
by Elizabeth Thornton
Edition: Mass Market Paperback

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3.0 out of 5 stars Enjoyable and unique story, 25 Mar 2005
The story is as follows: Case Devere, earl, gorgeous and special branch investigator comes across Jane Mayberry, quiet unassuming beauty with a hidden past. The hidden past was worked into the storyline very well, which I have come to expect from Ms. Thornton, however the heroine let me down quite a few times during the escapades.
There were also one or two plot twists here and there, that pushed the limits of credulity.
The romance was there but a little forced, I felt.
I love the way Ms. Thornton writes and her command of the english language as well as her ability to recreate persons of the 19th century in England is fabulous.
This was for me, not her best effort and I would recommend a number of her other books before this one.

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