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Perixx PX-5200 UK, Gaming Mechanical Backlit Keyboard - Cherry MX Blue switch - 8 Macro Keys - White LED - NKRO (PS2 Mode) - UK English layout
Perixx PX-5200 UK, Gaming Mechanical Backlit Keyboard - Cherry MX Blue switch - 8 Macro Keys - White LED - NKRO (PS2 Mode) - UK English layout
Offered by Perixx UK
Price: £99.90

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great keyboard, great customer service., 13 May 2015
Firstly I just want to point out that I got this keyboard as a replacement for my PX-5000 keyboard which unfortunately gave up after 7 months. Perixx has one of the best customer services I have seen from a company, they resolved my issue.

Now onto the keyboard itself. I am going to talk about what comes in the box:
The only accessories you get in the box is a PS/2 to USB adapter, where as the PX-5000 came with extra coloured key caps to customize your keyboard a bit, and give it a "bling" sort of look. The PX-5000 also came with a keycap puller, and extra rubber bits for the feet for wear purposes, which I found nice. The lack of accessories compared to the previous keyboard is disappointing I must admit, but I still have extra key caps, a key puller and rubber bits from the PX-5000 so no big deal there for me.

Now onto the built quality:
Firstly it is a very solidly built keyboard. It is made of hard thick plastic which does not flex at all when I try to bend it. One thing that I like that they've done with the key layout is they designed all the keys at an angle without the feet being extended which I think is nice, the keys are already angled slightly so you don't need to use the feet, which I do not personally use. I also like the cross stripe pattern they did at the top, gives it a nicer look.
Same as the PX-5000, the feet for the keyboard is very nicely built, they lock into place so they don't fall back down and have rubber on the bottom so it prevents the keyboard from sliding around. Although as I said above there is no replacement rubber pieces included in the box.
The cable that comes with the keyboard is removable which I think is a plug since you are able to get a replacement, where you couldn't on the PX-5000.
One thing I'm a bit disappointed with is the lack of a wrist rest. On the PX-5000 despite being small it did the job well for resting my hands on while I typed or played games. Now my hands sit at the end of my desk which can be uncomfortable. I'll just order a wrist rest in the near future.

Now for the key layout and switches:
Now the PX-5000 keyboard had the Cherry MX Black switches, which I thought were the best, just because it was my first mechanical keyboard. I was wrong. I really do prefer the MX Blues over the Blacks, mainly because they are slightly lighter to press, and are clicky and noisy and also have a tactile click compared to no click on the Blacks. I can type for longer periods of time without getting fatigued on my fingers, and in general is more fun to type and game on.
Now on the box of the keyboard it says it has 12 macro keys, but actually has 8, I don't know what happened there but I honestly don't mind since I actually never really use macros.
This keyboard has white LED backlighting, which is nice but I'd like to see some customization with the colours. It no longer has the pulse mode which I personally didn't like since it kind of distracted me. There is no brightness level changing, I don't know why Perixx didn't include it like they did on the PX-5000, it would of been handy to be able to switch brightness levels. It does however have 4 modes; First is just all LED lighting, the second is just LED lighting on the WASD keys, the third is just LED lighting on the arrow keys and the fourth is no LED lighting.
There is no software that comes with the keyboard, which I personally think is fine, simply plug and play. I never really used the software anyway.

Overall despite the lack of accessories and some downsides like no wrist rest, it is a very solidly built keyboard. I really do enjoy using this keyboard more than the PX-5000, and I've had and used it for a week now and have had no problems with it compared to my PX-5000. Both the keyboard being great and Perixx having great customer service it is hard not to give them a five star on this one.

PSB M4U1 Headphones - Monza Red
PSB M4U1 Headphones - Monza Red
Price: £149.07

2.0 out of 5 stars Good sound and comfort, terrible build quality. Avoid., 11 May 2015
Just to note I bought these off of German Amazon because they are much cheaper on that version.

EDIT: After 2 months of owning these the headband cracked half way across and is developing on the otherside to a point where it's about to snape in half. There is cracks starting to form all along both sides of the headband. There is also a loose screw that has fell inside of the of earcup itself.
Overall terrible build quality but nice sound and comfort. Avoid these, you can buy a different pair with much better build quality for half the price. I ended up returning them for a refund.

Firstly I will say what you get in the box:
The headphones come in a really nice box. Inside when you first open it you see the hard case that it comes with which has the headphones, a long with a cloth for cleaning and a belt clip. You also get an extra set of ear pads which I think is nice that they included them in and would like to see other companies do the same.
You get two cables, one which is just a plain 3.5mm audio jack and the other has a built in microphone for making phone calls etc.
It also comes with two adapters; one is a 3.5mm to 6.3mm stereo plug adapter, and the other one is for air planes.

Now onto the sound quality:
The sound quality is simply excellent. The sound is crisp and clean, while having decent bass that isn't in your face, unlike some pairs of headphones like Beats. It does a decent job of not losing clearness and not crackling at high volume. My previous headphones was the Razer Kraken 7.1, which now sound flat and washed out after hearing the M4U 1's. My iPhone 5 does a surprisingly great job at powering these headphones, they sound good but the bass isn't as high as on my computer.

Now there is some things you should know. The metal parts where you extend the headphones seems to wear away the plastic inside. Usually when I extend them I can see very small plastic pieces rub off onto the metal part. I'm not sure if this is because it's new and hasn't been extended much at all or just a bad design. I'll find out if it matters or not in the future.

Also, you might want to invest in a sound card with an amplifier or an external amplifier. I had to buy the Asus Xonar DGX 5.1 sound card for my computer because my onboard audio is bad. After I bought the sound card the volume was higher, the bass was boosted and the clearness is better and there is no more crackling sounds.

Mens Sherpa Fleece Hooded Lumberjack Work Shirt / Jacket - B34
Mens Sherpa Fleece Hooded Lumberjack Work Shirt / Jacket - B34
Offered by G5 Apparel
Price: £15.28

2.0 out of 5 stars Poor quality product, 19 April 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Firstly, the jacket itself was a bit on the large side but still fitted nice. It is very warm and comfy to wear but the quality is poor. There was a tear on the left inside half way up all the way through down the sleeve. The right bottom pocket also had a big hole in it.

Secondly I paid 18 euro for shipping but there was no tracking and was average speed. I paid 40 euro for a 15 pound jacket, which I was reluctant to buy but couldn't find it anywhere else.

Overall despite the poor quality it is a nice warm jacket to wear out and about but I would not buy it again.

Razer Kraken 7.1 Surround Digital USB Gaming Headset
Razer Kraken 7.1 Surround Digital USB Gaming Headset
Price: £89.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Kraken 7.1 Review, 27 Dec. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I must say these are great headphones, I've had them for a few days now, the audio is great but takes a while of tuning to get them perfected. The bass is loud but other than that great headphones.
Comfy around the ears for extended use, the microphone is good enough to get the job done for me. These are definitely better than my Turtle Beach PX21 headset.

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