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TOCA Touring Car Championship (PS)
TOCA Touring Car Championship (PS)

3.0 out of 5 stars There's better out there, 9 Aug. 2013
This game isn't great for a racing game. I remember getting this after playing Colon McRae Rally and being very disappointed with it. For a start, the graphics aren't great - the wheels of each car look like they're about to fall off and that's just at the start of the race before any damage. The main problem that I have with this game, however, is the handling - there are only front and 4WD cars in the game (without using cheats). This is representative of thee BTCC at the time, but when you drive at the limit the expected understeer that you would experience in a real car doesn't occur - all of a sudden, your car acts like the rear wheels have just lifted off the floor and you spin at a moments notice. The hours of frustrated gameplay that I spent on this game, having to restart a race because the car has spun for no reason and you don't have enough points to move on, doesn't bare thinking about.

Kubik Edge 8GB 2.8" Touch Screen MP3 & Video Player with Built-in Camera & YouTube Player
Kubik Edge 8GB 2.8" Touch Screen MP3 & Video Player with Built-in Camera & YouTube Player

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1.0 out of 5 stars Save yourself, 2 Jun. 2010
This item is very disappointing to say the least. Oh let me count the ways in which this product is a let down -

- the device is clunky and unresponsive
- the icons on the screen at too small for optimal use, cannot be customised or changed
- the thing feels cheap and flimsy
- it seems to be rushed in design with too many features for the actual spec of the product
- combatibility of the video player is not good, with only a few filetypes supported and even then it's lucky if they play
- the manual is unhelpful and actually says that the thing may crash from time to time (how did this product actually get past testing and to the market?!)

In conclusion, this thing feels cheap and tacky, the screen is too cluttered and crowded for easy use. If you want to take it to the gym, better set the play list and volume and anything else before you even start because trying to navigate just switching tracks can be a task in itself.

There are much better small MP3 players out there which are cheaper and more functional. They may not have all the "features" of this player, but then again they don't work on it so what's the point in having them. If you want video play back and a camera and everything else this thing claims, bite the bullet and pay a little more for a reputable brand because this one sucks!

Colin McRae Rally 2005 (PS2)
Colin McRae Rally 2005 (PS2)
Offered by Quick Discount Sales
Price: £22.22

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4.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant game ... and I've hardly got half way through it ., 24 Feb. 2005
All I have to give this game is praise. While CM3 refreshes us with updated graphics and a better feel (although quite heavily focused on the Ford Focus with very little development on the other cars), CM4 seemed to stagnate a little with nothing new really added. CM5 has changed this thought, with the vast array of cars and challenges as well a career and championship mode, this game is set to entertain a lot. As for realism, you would have to have driven a real rally car to know how real it is, but the physics engine has definately been improved.
A solid game that will keep you busy trying to complete it.
Oh, and one final note, and heads up however. Make sure that you have enough space free on your memory cards (4.2MB! So that's over half!)

Tony Hawk's Underground (PS2)
Tony Hawk's Underground (PS2)
Offered by CDandVinyl
Price: £18.98

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4.0 out of 5 stars THUG indeed, 22 Mar. 2004
Prett much everything you would come to expect from a Tony Hawk's game. Brilliant gameplay and controls, insane tricks and outlandish levels.
And that's the problem. It is just another Tony Hawk game. There's not really any advancement of the series. Look past the fact that you don't play as a pro but as a 'street-punk' working his way up the ranks, and what have you got? THPS4 with couple of new moves and features (ie. walking, acid drops, cavemans, etc). The goals seem loosely connected to the story at the best of the times and don't really have much to do with actually becoming a professional skate-boarder (eg. racing a car to get into a street-racing gang).
On the whole a sound game, but there's not really much more the series can do except to update graphics, add new moves and make the game ultra-realistic (which is not what the game is about. Grinding telephone wires in real-life? I don't think so). Still it's a great game to just pick up and play and gives some great (and sometimes infuriating) gameplay for a few hours.

Start Something
Start Something
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £2.97

4.0 out of 5 stars Started Something. But what?, 22 Mar. 2004
This review is from: Start Something (Audio CD)
I'm a big fan of Lostprophets and have been since I heard Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja. So when I heard that they had a new album coming out, naturally I put it on my wish list. Now don't get me wrong, Start Something is a very good album but to me I just feel that it's more of the same as The Fake Sound Of Progress. You can tell they are different albums but not by much there's more a feel of 'uncreativity/unwillingness to change' rather than 'if it ain't broke don't fix it'. I don't know, there's something missing ... that X factor that was so abundant in TFSOP is just lacking slightly, but to be fair it is a very accomplished and enjoyable album.

Taking the Red Pill: Science, Philosophy and Religion in "The Matrix": Science, Philosophy and Religion in "The Matrix"
Taking the Red Pill: Science, Philosophy and Religion in "The Matrix": Science, Philosophy and Religion in "The Matrix"
by Glenn Yeffeth
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars What is the Matrix?, 22 Mar. 2004
Having been mesmerised by the films, having seen the parallels the religion, science and philosphy, this book was the obviously the next step for me to take. I was not disappointed. With an eclectic blend of essays from different authors, this book voices some the ideas and worries that beface is all, but especially teenagers (which is probably why the films were so successful). The questionability of reality is something that seems to come up on a daily basis, with science replacing religion as the bible by which man now lives, how long before we are able to control and master the 'avatar' as Neo does in the films? How long will it be before machines do actually begin to do everything for us, or begin to think and realise that we are in fact not needed?
Maybe the films are philosophical and filled with meaning, or maybe it's just a cool action film that pretend to be clever to make people feel better about themselves and rake in cash. Either way, this book gives both sides of the argument and also some startling insights into how we soon could be (if not alrready) living in the Matrix for real.
My advice? Take the red pill and find out how deep the rabbit hole goes ...

The "Matrix" Unlocked
The "Matrix" Unlocked
by Paul Condon
Edition: Paperback

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3.0 out of 5 stars The Matrix Unlocked? .. not really, 22 Mar. 2004
This review is from: The "Matrix" Unlocked (Paperback)
If you are a fan of the movie, and I mean a FAN, then most of the things discussed in this book you will probably know. The fact that the author Paul Condon has also written a synopsis of both movied (since Revolutions wasn't released when published) and has gotten the ending for Reloaded COMPLETELY wrong may anger some (it infuriated me since he obviously didn't watch the movie properly).
He does, however, seem to get the general message of what the Matrix is about and even seems to mock readers half through the book, which I found humourous.
The book on the whole is alright, and would be a good introduction to new fans of the movies wishing to gain a little more interest into them (with the exception of the Reloaded ending). But this books seems to be haven been written more out of a 'jump-on-the-bandwagon' feel with the intent on cashing on the movies success than out of appreciation for the subject matter. It seems rushed together and not fully thought through.
Good for new fans, no so good for older ones who have read most of the intersting little tit-bits about name and other film connections before.

Bruce Lee: Fighting Spirit
Bruce Lee: Fighting Spirit
by Bruce Thomas
Edition: Paperback

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4.0 out of 5 stars Enjoyable account of greatness, 22 Mar. 2004
Having just finished this book, I have found my eyes opened even further to the splendour that is Bruce Lee. But while few will argue that he was a brilliant martial artist and fighter, the book also highlights that he was also troubled, arrogant, a show-off and then later in life, introverted.
The main thing that struck me, however, is the tone of many of the quotes used and some of the passages used to describe Bruce. They seem to be rather subjective but written in such a way as to portray fact. From watching his films, we can see that Bruce was fast and seemed to have almost instanteous reflexes, but no-one really knows for sure if these would be true of him in real life. Students recall moments of sheer amazement at Bruce's feats but to be fair, they were students who may not have known what would truly be possible by a martial arts expert. To Bruce these same feats could have been mere child's play. To say that he was fast is to state the obvious to some, but to others he may only have appeared as normal speed for a master, which is the point that I try to make.
All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable and informative read about the man who spawned some of the greatest martial arts movies ever, I would recommend to any fan of him, or to anyone with an interest in martial arts in general.

The Matrix [1999] [DVD]
The Matrix [1999] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Matrix / Movie
Offered by Qoolist
Price: £2.64

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5.0 out of 5 stars If you haven't seen this yet, what planet did you drop from?, 16 May 2003
This review is from: The Matrix [1999] [DVD] (DVD)
With the release of 'The Matrix: Reloaded' imminent, I felt that it was my duty to speak out on the grave injustice that some people have dealt this film. 'Unoriginal' and 'all glitz with no substance' have been spouted about this film, but I say to all those people, show me a movie that deep down has a truly original idea? Or music? Or book? When it comes down to it, all films, music and books have to start somewhere; with a concept, and invariably that concept is simply a twist on an existing idea from someone else. It is how that idea is then changed to improve on the original that defines it.
The way that this film excels is it's brilliant telling of the story and develops the characters throughout ... Oh, and the kick-ass visual effects with the sublimely choreographed fight scenes. For all those people who have said this one will only be enjoyed by 15 year old, techno geeks and cyberpunks think about this; when I first saw this film, I had never used the internet (I know, slow starter), non off my friendsor the people i knew where anything close to resembling geeks and yet, there was a resounding feeling from them this was one film that would stand the test of time.
As for the DVD, I would sugest the Collector's Edition including the 'Matrix Revisited' disc, as this may explain some of the finer points that people may have missed.
I would recommend this as a purchase to anyone, but hey ... in the end it's up to you. Make the choice ...

Tekken Tag Tournament Platinum (PS2)
Tekken Tag Tournament Platinum (PS2)

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5.0 out of 5 stars What are you guys on about? This is 100% grade A brilliance!, 12 Sept. 2002
This is by far the best of the Tekken series upto to now. With the iminent release of T4 coming up, this may change, but still this is a great game. First off, the graphics are by far the best I've seen of any fighting game to this day.
The gameplay is so addictive, I just can't stop playing it, even after nearly a years worth of play. To be honest I never thought I'd be captivated by this game as I have. If you liked the other Tekken games, it's a new challenge to incorporate the new tactics that tagging has to offer into you arsenal. The 'special tag' features are also a cool addition that didn't need to be added but was just for some extra fun. Definately a classic, that will still be played years from now!

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