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Saving Grace
Saving Grace
by Ciara Geraghty
Edition: Paperback
Price: £5.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars My kind of book, 8 Sep 2012
This review is from: Saving Grace (Paperback)
Here are a few things that I loved about this book

- "Saving Grace" made me smile, laugh and cry. And when I finished the last page of the book I was very happy with how things had changed for Grace.
- A book that starts with tragedy and cheating is normally not for me, but I felt from the beginning that staying with Grace and learning more about her & her life would be so worth it. And it was!!!
. Reading about Grace, her complicated relationship with her mom, her relationship with a man who doesn't care about what happens in her life, and the man who seems to really see who she is was emotional and fantastic.
- Grace is a complex character that I just had to love, there was no other way. Even when she did things I don't agree with I still loved reading about her. One of the characters says in the book "You're hard not to love, Grace" and I completely agree with it.
- This book made me excited for more by the author. Ciara Geraghty has so far published three books and I want to read them all. I already ordered "Becoming Scarlett" and "Finding Mr Flood".

Happy Reading!

The Witness
The Witness
by Nora Roberts
Edition: Paperback
Price: £12.02

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic, 8 Sep 2012
This review is from: The Witness (Paperback)
It all starts with Elizabeth in June 2000. She is 16, a genius, caught in a strict life and wants to have some fun, but then tragedy strikes. 12 years later Elizabeth is no longer and Abigail has taken her place. She lives secluded and always in fear that the bad guys will find her again. Then Brooks enters her life. Brooks is a cop and he's like a charming bulldozer. He is interested in finding more about Abigail, who she is, what makes her happy and what she fears. Together they can't change the past, but they might be able to change the future.

Right from the start on I loved reading about Elizabeth/Abigail. Her life was fascinating and there were several times in the book when I just wanted to hug her. She is such a strong heroine, a heroine who learns the hard way that one careless night can be deadly. I loved how she managed to build a good life for herself. And I loved that she was always looking for a way to get justice.

At times Abigail reminded me a bit of Temperence Brennan. Both know a lot of little facts about life but not a lot about how to interact with others. Brooks is the person who brings Abigail out of her shell. I loved how he brought fun and lightness into her life and that throughout the book they became a perfect team. Together they bring out the best in each other and I loved their little banters.

"The Witness" made me smile a lot, it made me laugh out loud and it entertained me. From beginning to end I was enthralled by Elizabeth's life, by the hard times she went through and by the new life she built for herself. She is a heroine I adore and I think I will reread her and Brooks' story many times.
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Grave Mercy: 1 (His Fair Assassin)
Grave Mercy: 1 (His Fair Assassin)
by Robin LaFevers
Edition: Paperback
Price: £5.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Loved it, 8 Sep 2012
"Grave Mercy" is a book that I was super excited about but also a bit nervous to read. Excited because the synopsis and the excerpt I read sounded so great, and nervous because I had high expectations and feared that they would not be fulfilled. But don't worry, "Grave Mercy" did not disappoint, it is really as great and as special as I thought it would be.

The world the book plays in, Brittany in the 1480s, was fascinating to read about. It's a hard world, especially for women and young girls. A world in which men have all the power and women need to fight hard to survive. Ismae, the heroine of "Grave Mercy", had a hard start into life. Physical violence and disdain were normal elements of her life. A happier part of her life begins after she is brought into the convent of St. Mortain. A life that includes things that have nothing to do with her old life.

Ismae is to become an assassin who serves Death and nobody else. Ismae grabs this new chance life has presented her with both hands. She works hard to learn everything she needs to know to become a handmaiden to death. I found the idea with the convent that trains female assassins fascinating. I don't know why, but I always love books that have assassins in the main role. It is thrilling to read about a woman who has the strength to do what Ismae does in "Grave Mercy". She is a strong, intelligent young woman who believes in what she does. She is interested in life, in making new experiences and in proving her worth to the convent and her saint. Ismae is a special heroine, a heroine I rooted for right from the start on.

The writing style is very engaging and even though "Grave Mercy" has over 500 pages the story never got boring. I enjoyed every page of the book and always wanted to read on. The plot is fast-paced, thrilling and I loved that there was a romance between Ismae and a man she meets. A romance that fit to the time the story is set in and that fit to Ismae's personality. I also loved reading about Sybella and Annith, two other members of the convent Ismae spent her last years in. Sybella's book is next in the series and I can't wait to read it.
The mix of Ismae's mission, the power plays that go on, her discoveries about the convent and the romance was thrilling and felt just right. Robin LaFevers has created an amazing world with characters I loved reading about. The plot for the next book in the series sounds as good as the one for "Grave Mercy" and I'm happy to have discovered this new, fascinating series.

The Look
The Look
by Sophia Bennett
Edition: Paperback
Price: £5.99

5.0 out of 5 stars A great YA book, 8 Sep 2012
This review is from: The Look (Paperback)
When I first encountered "The Look" online I liked the look and the sound of the book. And of course my mind immediately made up a list of things I would like to get from reading the book. And I'm happy to say that every single point on my list is checked after reading "The Look", this book gave me exactly what I was hoping for.

Ted Trout (aka Edwina) is a great heroine. With 15 and half years old she is younger than most heroines I read about in YA books, but that didn't bother me at all while reading. I loved her personality and how strong she got throughout the story. How she found out what is important for her. And how she learned to take more pride in how she looks.

The story starts when Ted, whose very tall, thin and has a weird hair cut (she has crazy hair!) is out with her beautiful sister Ava and a model scout discovers her. At first Ted can't believe that the scout really meant her and not her amazing sister. So she doesn't do anything about it. Then her sister gets sick (cancer) and all of a sudden Ted's whole life changes. Her sister wants Ted to concentrate on having fun so she convinces her to try out being a model. Ted is thrust into a world of go-sees, of being rejected again and again and then of being made into a star.

But Ted soon realizes that she's more than just a body, that she's more than just a face. She's a girl that still has to discover who she is and what she wants. She's a sister who wants to be there for her sick, older sister. She's a daughter who likes to spend time with her family.

I especially liked reading about how Ted got stronger and more self-assured. I loved reading about her relationship with her family. The Trouts are a great, very supportive family and I loved that they got a happy end. Especially the relationship between Ted and her sister was fantastic to read about. They have their issues, but they are also a great team. The way Ted was there for her sister during the hard times she went though was amazing.
What I also enjoyed is that the book concentrates on Ted, her life and her family. There's no love triangle and Ted's own love interest plays only a minor part.

When a book gives you exactly what you wished for, it leaves you with a sappy grin and a happy feeling. This is exactly what happened with "The Look". You can bet that I will check out the other books by the author. Even though the heroines in her books are a bit younger than I usually enjoy reading about, I'm sure that Sophia Bennett can make it work for me.

The Last Boyfriend: Number 2 in series: 2/3
The Last Boyfriend: Number 2 in series: 2/3
by Nora Roberts
Edition: Paperback

5.0 out of 5 stars So lovely, 8 Sep 2012
Inn Boonsboro series
1. The next always
2. The last boyfriend
3. The perfect hope

As you might know I'm a total Nora Roberts fangirl. She is one of the few authors who never really disappoints me and whose books I have enjoyed since I was a teenager. The first romance I read was one written by her and since that moment she has been one of my favourite authors. I'm lucky that over the years my taste in books has developed exactly in the same direction as Nora's writing style.

"The last boyfriend" is the second book in the very cozy Inn Boonsboro series. This series is IMO a great mix of lovely relationships, a lot of details about the Inn and other buildings in Boonsboro, and of course of love. "The last boyfriend" has a very cozy pace and I love that. I also love the concentration on little details because they allowed me to develop a detailed image of the Inn in my mind. And I love that there is not a lot of drama in the relationships. For some readers there might be too many little details and not enough action, but for me it was just right.

When I started with "The last boyfriend" I needed about 50 pages to really get into the book. At first I thought that this story would be a good one, but maybe not a great one. But around page 80 I was all of a sudden feeling a strong connection to the characters, I was interested in every little detail of their life and couldn't wait to find out more about Avery and Owen. They are a lovely pair, they changed from good friends to lovers and I thought that the development of their relationship was just perfect. Their relationship is filled with quiet, lovely moments, with discovering new facettes of each other and with coming to terms with their new feelings.

The best way to describe this book and the series would be the word nice. For some people nice means something average, but for me nice is indeed a very high compliment. I love nice books because they make me happy, because they warm my heart and because they make me smile a lot. I can't get enough of nice books and maybe that's why I have enjoyed the last two series by Nora Roberts so much. Nice, lovely, quiet and cozy books that feature strong family ties are something I can't get enough of. If you feel the same way, then the Inn Boonsboro series should be perfect for you.

The series comes with a little paranormal extra, there is a ghost living in the Inn. A ghost who seems to wait for someone, for someone she loved. I love the parts with the ghost, she fits to the Inn and to the feeling of the book. I can't wait to find out more about her past and I love that she nearly feels like part of the family and that she cares about Owen, Avery, their families and their friends.
The only negative thing is that I have to wait until November to find out how the series will end, but I guess I will survive the waiting. :)

by Jen Calonita
Edition: Paperback
Price: £5.59

5.0 out of 5 stars Full of drama and entertaining, 8 Sep 2012
This review is from: Belles (Paperback)
Drama, intrigues and new beginnings - that's how to describe "Belles" with a few words. When I started the book I was hoping for a fresh, very entertaining and engagingly written contemporary novel and that's exactly what I got. "Belles" is a book that makes me excited for the next book in the series because I just have to know what will happen next.

"Belles" is told in alternating points of view and I loved that. It allowed me to get to know and to understand the actions of both Izzie and Mira. Both girls have a different way to tell their story, and I loved that both had the chance to tell how they experienced what was going on.

Izzie has been living with her sick grandma and is shocked when she is sent to live with relatives, relatives she has never heard of. Relatives who live a very different life. In the past Izzie has lived in very simple surroundings and there was never a lot of money. But her new family (an uncle of hers and his wife and their three children) is rich, posh and so different to everything that Izzie has known in the past. Mira is her uncle's daughter, and she and Lizzie are nearly in the same age (15). They could be friends but right from the start on things between them don't go so well. They don't understand each other and Mira fears losing her social status by becoming friends with a girl from the wrong side of a poor town. And then there's Mira's best friend who hates Lizzie right from the start on.

What follows is a story full of trying to fit in, of finding your own way, of dealing with mean girls at school, of dealing with politics and of finding out the truth.

Izzie was from the first moment on a very likable and great character. It was easy to connect to her and to understand her doubts about her new life. I loved how strong she was and how she dealt with her new life. Mira on the other hand was at first not so likable. She seemed to be pretty spoiled and never stood up to defend her own opinion. But throughout the book I started to like reading about her, I started to hope that she would learn to be the way she wants to be. She had to decide if her mean circle of friends is really what is good for her, or if she should give the new member of her family a chance. And if she should speak up in tough situations.

Like I said before, the alternating points of few between Izzie and Mira made it possible to connect to both girls. I guess otherwise I wouldn't have enjoyed reading about Mira.
I enjoyed reading about Mira's family, especially her brothers and her mom. They were so lovely to Izzie and always trying to help her with the new situation. Izzie had to deal with a lot of conflicting feelings and needed all the help she could get.

At the end of the story a big secret is revealed, but to be honest I already knew what would happen since chapter four. There were some hints that made it pretty easy to guess that some things were not as they looked at first glance. This revelation and its consequences will make the second book in the series very interesting and thrilling.

The story containes power plays on several levels. Izzie has to deal with mean girls (mean with a capital M) at school and she has to deal with the fact that her uncle is a senator. The whole family has to deal with being in the public eye and with always acting a certain way. Especially Mira feels constricted by this and the stress she is under made understanding her sometimes not so nice actions easier. Usually I'm not a big fan of reading about mean girls and the drama they create, but in "Belles" I really enjoyed it.

What I also liked is that possible romances for the girls are introduced slowly. It was nice that there is no love at first sight, because that wouldn't have fit to the girls, their age and their situation. I'm hoping that in the next book, Winter White, things will also progress slowly.

All in all I really enjoyed "Belles" a lot and I think that it's a great start into the series. It's a very entertaining book that makes me excited for more. I care about what will happen to Izzie and Mira, and that's always a sure sign that a book was great.

50% Off Murder (Good Buy Girls)
50% Off Murder (Good Buy Girls)
Price: £3.07

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5.0 out of 5 stars A great cozy mystery, 8 Sep 2012
50% off was like a breath of fresh air and it reminded me why I love cozy mysteries so much. They are often so nice and manage to make me smile.
I loved reading about Maggie, the heroine of the book, and her group of friends. She is a woman who knows who she is, she has a daughter in college and she is enjoying her life. The town in which the story is set is charming and the murder investigation was very interesting. Maggie is a great amateur sleuth.

Maggie and her friends all belong to the Good Buy Girls, they are a group of bargain hunters and some of their missions made me laugh out loud. They plan getting the best deals like it's a military operation. The group is very supportive and there for each other in times of trouble, I loved that.

I also enjoyed that there is a possible romance for Maggie. An old friend has returned to town and Maggie is still having feelings for him. I also enjoyed that the future seems to have other exciting things in store for her.

"50% off murder" has made me excited for more books in the series, I haven't found any info on when book #2 will be out, but I hope it will be soon. I want more of this series because the book made me smile a lot, the characters touched my heart and I want to become further acquainted with them.

Dark Frost (Mythos Academy)
Dark Frost (Mythos Academy)
Price: £3.54

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5.0 out of 5 stars Wow, great third book in this UF series, 8 Sep 2012
Mythos Academy series
1. Touch of Frost
2. Kiss of Frost
3. Dark Frost
4. Crimson Frost

"Dark Frost" starts with a thrilling and shocking scene and the pace of the book stays fast right until the end of the story. Life has become even more dangerous for the students at Mythos Academy, and Gwen has to deal with a lot of dangerous and complicated things. She tries to stay strong but it's not always so easy. She tries to find out more about what she is supposed to do, and she needs the help & support of her friends to not lose her hope when things get more dangerous than ever before.

"Dark Frost" fits perfectly to the other two books in the Mythos Academy series. It's a third book that made me an even bigger fan of the series than I was before. It's a book that strengthened my interest for characters like Gwen, Logan and Daphne. It's a book that made me even more fascinated in the mythology of Loki and the other gods. It's a book that is at times brutal, but never just to be brutal. Every bad thing that is going on happens for a reason and fits to the story.

I once again loved reading about Gwen, about her doubts, about her struggles, about her achievements, about her intelligence and of course about her fight against the Reapers. And I loved reading about her friends and the changes they went though.
I love that not only Gwen, but also her friends, will all have an important part in fighting against Loki and his followers. I loved when Gwen, Logan, Daphne and Carson acted as one team, I hope to see more scenes like that in the future.

At the end of "Dark Frost" bad things happen, but there is also hope. Hope that Gwen and her friends can win the fight against the evil Reapers. Hope that together as a team they will be strong enough to win. And hope that Gwen and Logan will have the chance to further develop their relationship.
I love that Jennifer Estep doesn't leave the reader without hope, and I trust in her completely to give her characters the possibility to win against Loki and his followers. I learned when reading Estep's adult UF series that she doesn't let her characters go through too much drama. And that she makes them strong enough to handle the bad things and to win in the end. I'm convinced that Gwen and her friends will be able to deal with everything that crosses their way.

At the end of the book is an excerpt for the next part in the series and wow, once again things seem to happen that are absolutely unexpected and thrilling. When I finished the excerpt I was blown away by the new developments. I just can't wait to get and read what will happen next and how Gwen will handle everything.
If you are in the mood for a fantastic UF series from the young adult section, a series that is thrilling, fast-paced and full of fascinating characters, then give the Mythos Academy series a try.

Slightly Irregular (Finley Anderson Tanner Mysteries)
Slightly Irregular (Finley Anderson Tanner Mysteries)
by Rhonda Pollero
Edition: Paperback
Price: £8.28

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5.0 out of 5 stars 4,5 stars - crazy as always :), 8 Sep 2012
"Slightly Irregular" is a book I waited on for a long time. So of course my expectations were, as often, pretty high. Especially because I'm a big fan of the other books in the FAT mystery series. They always manage to make me laugh out loud. I'm happy to say that this time everything I expected and wanted was delivered by the book.

The book, as all the others in the series, was highly entertaining and made me laugh & smile a lot. Finley is, as usual, trying to score good deals on ebay, spending too much money on clothes and other pretty things, trying to work as little as possible and trying to not get crazy about meeting her very critical mother. So business as usual for Finley. :)

And as usual Finley stumbles right into the middle of a dangerous situation. When a coworker of her starts to act weirdly and other unusual things happen, Finley feels the need to start a little investigation of her own. An investigation that could be deadly. With the help of her three friends (I love all of them), Liam, the sexy PI who loves to play games with Finley and her sexy boss Tony, Finley tries to solve yet another mystery.

The end of the book seemed a bit abrupt to me, I would have liked some more pages to explain things. But other than that I loved reading "Slightly Irregular". I didn't mind that Finley is still standing between two men, something I normally hate. For once it wasn't her fault that nothing sexy happened between her and Liam. And btw, so far it's not a love triangle, but more of an interest triangle.

After reading this book I started to like Tony a bit more, especially because I loved reading about the relationship between his daughter Izzie and Finley. I'm still Team Liam, but he needs to start sharing some private things with Finley soon, because I don't think that her patience will last much longer. So I hope that the next book in the series will bring some new developments in Finley's love life. Other than that I hope Finley will stay the same and will continue to do whatever she wants.

If you are interested in reading this series, I would recommend to start with the first book. Otherwise you miss too much info on Finley and her life.

For Darkness Shows the Stars
For Darkness Shows the Stars
by Diana Peterfreund
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £10.60

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A fantastic post-apocalyptic retelling of "Persuasion", 8 Sep 2012
I want to start this review with some general info on the book

- the book is absolutely fantastic :)
- there is a free prequel you should read
- you don't have to have read Persuasion by Jane Austen to love this wonderful story Diana Peterfreund has created.
- Elliot and Kai are both 18 years old, in their world this means that there are adults. So "For Darkness shows the stars" should be interesting for both young adult and adult readers.

Diana Peterfreund was smart enough to use "Persuasion" as a basis for her own story, but to also change things a bit. She created her own fantastic characters, her own harsh world, her own wonderful story. "For Darkness shows the stars" is its own book, a book that made me feel a lot of emotions, a book that made me excited to reread both "Perusasion" and "For Darkness shows the stars" in the future.

"Persuasion" has always been my favourite novel by Jane Austen. So "For Darkness shows the stars" had to be amazing to make me a fan of it, and it most definitely was. Right from the first pages on I was in the story, I felt with Elliot and I was always excited to read on. All of Peterfreund's characters felt like real people, this is definitely one of the many strengths of this book.
Elliot is one of the bravest and strongest heroines I have ever read about. I wanted to hug her and bow down to her at the same time. Kai is also a fascinating and great character, even though I wanted to hit him from time to time. :)

The past between Elliot and Kai is told in letters both exchanged, and I loved this way of sharing bits of the past with the reader. The letters and the prequel helped me to understand why Kai was so embittered and hateful. It helped me to see both sides instead of only Elliot's. It helped me to root for their relationship and to hope for the best for them.

The post-apocalytic world Peterfreund has created is a harsh, dangerous and fascinating one. Some people, the Reduced, are treated as if they are objects instead of human beings. Elliot is like a champion for all people, regardless if there are Reduced or not, I loved her for that. Other people are fighting for more rights. And of course many people with power misuse it to get what they want. The only way to improve things seem to be forbidden new technologies, technologies that can even alter human beings.

The love story between Elliot and Kai has of course a happy end. A happy end that touched my heart and made me smile. A happy end that was just perfect for this book.
In my opinion "For Darkness shows the stars" is a book for everyone, so go and get yourself a copy.
Happy Reading!

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