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Found And Lost [Standard Jewelcase]
Found And Lost [Standard Jewelcase]
Offered by Helgy
Price: 10.75

4.0 out of 5 stars Still going strong!, 7 Feb 2014
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The music of Pipes and Pints doesn't set out to be anything other than great rip roaring tunes that can give us all a lift in these modern stressful times. 'Fear is just a feeling' and 'Right or Wrong' are my too favourites here and this kind of roots driven punk rock is for those of us that love free style music, tattoo art and a nod back to the old days of traditional street punk music that can be appreaciated by someone in their forties like me or a seventeen year old skater dude.

I would give 'Until We Die' a full five and 'Found and Lost' is a little more one dimensional than the former which is really one of my all time favourite albums. Though this still is a regular on the cd player and worth a purchase.

This is where the true power of street punk lies southside of the commercialism of the alternative music you can find some real gems such as Bastards On Parade, Real McKenzies, Street Dogs and Flatfoot 56 that uproot trees through a blend of bagpipe driven folk punk with gutteral dirty olde guitar riffs. I am sure my description could be better yet i want to try and encapsulate the vibe of the album rather than picking out too many individual songs.

In a way this album is a return to the original feel of the forerunners in 1976 though from a totally different angle yet similar perspective. The music,art,soul and triumph that many of us felt the first time we heard The Clash, the Dropkicks, Rancid and many others over the years comes through here.

Now Then
Now Then
Offered by BJD MUSIC
Price: 4.99

4.0 out of 5 stars " like a fine wine this album has shown it's clarity over the years", 8 Jun 2013
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This review is from: Now Then (Audio CD)
'Now Then' wasn't really one of my favourite SLF albums back when i first purchased this on vinyl. It has since kind of reinvented itself for me in recent years. Perhaps this is down to the passing years enabling any SLF follower to appreaciate that the band were trying to evolve following the gutsy power driven punk that they blew apart the music scene with originally..

The Price of Admission and Bits of Kids were poigiant and relevant even more so today. The sad 'mellotron on the former (described in the sleeve notes by Jake Burns as a kind of crappy keyboard) in fact makes the Price of Admission a rather educational song that shows our notion of finding love first time not to be the stereotype happily ever stuff we were misled to believe!

There are great tracks here such as the powerful Talkback and Stands to Reason yet this was a revised SLF line up that was at a point of disbanding and i felt at the time was rather tired. I was ignorant to any change to the formula then!

The Love of the Common People cover was something that probably put me off this album a little then along with the eerie Big City Night yet now i can listen to that song and feel the fear and sadness in it, the isolation and understand it better.

It is great that the good Captain Oi has put the 1.10 EP on as bonus tracks with Two Guitars Clash and Listen two of my all time SLF favourites. I now own a very good and perhaps misunderstood album. Often people continue to love the hits yet can in later life realises some of the perceived misses that weren't so appreaciated at that time.

Flags And Emblems
Flags And Emblems

4.0 out of 5 stars "A great album from SLF in 2004", 8 Jun 2013
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This review is from: Flags And Emblems (Audio CD)
'Flags and Emblems' is an album that sure the legendry SLF return in 2004 with Bruce Foxton on bass and Jake Burns showing his song writing strengths with a good solid paced album that confirms why us followeres of the band never give up on them. As Burns states on the later interview he didn't want the band to become a parody of itself and this album put down a landmark that stands the band apart in that it embraced a more rock based feel yet retained the ethos of what SLF was all about in the first place. I love the cover art too.

This line was strong with Henry Cluney on guitar and Dolphin Taylor on drums and there was a sense of Fingers reinventing themselves back then. The opening track 'Long Way to Paradise' is a marching anthem that later compliments political songs like single 'Beiruit Moon' and 'Human Shield' features Rory Gallagher on slide guitar. Remix and take the lyrics out of 'Long Way to Paradise' and you could have another 'Go For It' style intro! It is that good a song.

A lot of the tracks have political edges. 'Each Dollar a Bullet' especially covering how countries will happily arm up another for profit, status and power.

'Stand Up and Shout' which is classic anthem driven SLF that shows what a great vocalist, song writer Burns is as he has the ability to reach people through the music as does 'The Game of LIfe' another rousing anthem.

I do like the interview at the end and how Bruce Foxton became a member with Burns phoning him up and saying in a style of 'Fancy a game Bruce if you aren't busy!' and then off to Japan.

Even now SLF are still strong and they have continued to be one of the few bands that is much respected and heralded by it's followers over many years.

Radio Sessions 83-84
Radio Sessions 83-84
Offered by BJD MUSIC
Price: 2.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars A hidden gem that must be rediscovered, 8 Jun 2013
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This review is from: Radio Sessions 83-84 (Audio CD)
Back in 1984 New Model Army were one of the bands that revolutionised music for me personally. The day i came home with the Vengeance vinyl in my paws i knew i was never going to be one of the mainstream and this compilation of session cuts further strengthened that notion.

This is a much unheralded selection yet shows the pure dynamic brilliance of the band that has over the years developed and matured expanding it's more folk based routes and surviving many line up changes.

This CD is resident in the car stereo and 'Great Expectations', 'I Wish' and 'Notice Me' are a blistering opening three tracks before it paces itself with the slow building 'Liberal Education' and the rebel rousing bass and drum attack of 'Smalltown England' with it's poigiant lyrics that made me realise perhaps the world wasn't made of cake mix after all.

'I Wish' is a beautiful love song that encapsulates us all with memories of how we always hanker for the moment of a love that passes quickly and established Justin Sullivan as a modern day punk poet. It remains steeped in lyrical genuis.Certainly these tracks all were demoed and appeared either on Vengeance or No Rest later yet this is essential NMA.

'Running in the Rain' is perhaps a song that slipped under the radar, powerfully driven, soulful and yet beautiful anger while darker moments like 'Spirit of the Falklands', 'The Attack' and 'Frightened' encase this selection from the radio sessions of Janice Long and John Peel and recall us back to the days of Heaton. Morrow, Sullivan and later Moose at their peak.

The track i have not yet mentioned 'The Cause' is one that i know that misguided youth will hopefully one day find. It is an anthem that shaped the lives of many back then and all the things society lacks these days faith, belief, honour, truth, justice.These songs changed my life in my teens and still do at forty three!

Mitre Metal Crate with 8 1 Litre Water Bottles
Mitre Metal Crate with 8 1 Litre Water Bottles
Offered by Wisdens Sports
Price: 19.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Give the lads some bottle, 3 Dec 2012
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Very useful product that i purchased to ensure we have an extra supply of water available to the lads when they are playing for Marnhull FC in the Dorset Football League. I like these silver cannisters and they are easy and light to use when having to be thrown to players demanding drink.

The lid nozzle is well produced and also useful in using on injuries as you can avoid being over excessive and control the amount used. Nice old skool style carrier too and a good product from Mitre as ever along with their matchballs.

Knuckles Up
Knuckles Up
Price: 12.73

4.0 out of 5 stars Knuckled up, 3 Dec 2012
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This review is from: Knuckles Up (Audio CD)
Flatfoot 56 are a band that i came across per chance on youtube link whilst listening to Bastards on Parade. Great stuff with the bagpipes and some pure punk rock fury with a nice irish style flavour and a nod towards English Oi. This is an album that shows the power of streetrock and a genre of music that has not become tainted by the man.

Very uplifting and if you are feeling blue then stick it on the cd player and off you go!

Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards
Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards
Price: 9.18

5.0 out of 5 stars Freddo Rocks, 3 Dec 2012
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This 2001 offering produced by Freideriksen's bandmate Tim Armstrong is a must have addition to any punk collection. Straight down the line full on punk that you are singing along to all the time. That is what makes Rancid the greatest band in the world and LF&TB side projet back then with a Motorhead and Billy Bragg covers show these guys can work any song and their musical range is a lot more diverse than some may think.

Musicians that encapsulate punk, ska, reggae, psychobilly, rock n'roll roots in all works and this album is really just like having another rare Rancid album even though the musicians are different.

You forget at times this cd has been around so long!

Mitre Referee Equipment Set - Black
Mitre Referee Equipment Set - Black
Offered by Equipe-Europe
Price: 16.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Flagged Up, 3 Dec 2012
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Very useful product to have a County League level and useful to have a referee's cards and notebook set there too as an extra. As even referee's can forget their notebook sometimes!

Always have a set of these in your dugouts and avoid subs running the line using a training bib if the ref hasn't got flags.

Thank you Amazon

Price: 7.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Keping standards high, 6 Dec 2011
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This review is from: Standards (Audio CD)
'Standards' is definatley one for the car and is a good basic covering of the Neath rockers career spanning from early rebel rousers such as '68 Guns' and 'Where Were You Hiding (When the Storm Broke)' to the more commercial Rain in the Summertime' and epic 'Unsafe Building'.

'Absolute Reality' is the pinnacle track here and relly kicks in mid album. This is in fact (in my view) the Alarm's best track ever encapsulating what the band was all about sitting alongside the more well known 'Spirit of 76' and 'Strength.'

The album does dip a bit with 'So This is Christmas' and a 'New South Wales' yet the Alarm manage to pull this out of the bag as the Welsh male voice choir add suitably to the bands punk origins. And of course it all naturally all leads to 'Going Out in a Blaze of Glory!'

The sooner this band is back on the road as the full Alarm then the better. My hands are held up high!

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