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Dark Skies [DVD]
Dark Skies [DVD]
Dvd ~ Keri Russell
Price: 5.00

4.0 out of 5 stars Highly effective and unsettling little film..., 24 Jan 2014
This review is from: Dark Skies [DVD] (DVD)
Ten years ago when I was 8 years old I watched a film called 'The
Back then it scared the hell out of me, and never since
has a film left me feeling so unsettled.
Last night came close, I watch Dark Skies expecting to be laughing at half the 'suspenseful' moments, groaning at the terrible acting and screaming at the stupid character direction. But this was not the case.

Don't get me wrong I'm 18, I'm a huge film fan but I know a good film from a bad one, and usually only a personal bias makes me think against logic.

I put on Dark Skies and could not believe how quickly it gripped me, I
can see how some 'teens' would laugh at it, and not take it at all
seriously and well the truth is...their loss. I really don't scare
easy, and although I'd love to, I just don't, it's not me and I really
wish I could. Like I said earlier 'The Ring' was really the last and
probably only time a film has truly creeped me out, that and 'The

Dark Skies works so well as it's a small film on a small budget, and
this is where truly great cinematic experiences come from. Because when
you can't rely on the dough, all you have left is the imagination.

The slow build up worked wonders for me as the acting was sublime and
better for not having any recognizable stars, as I feel that would
deter me from fully engaging with the characters.

Every time the filmed showed us a scene that involved either the
aliens or the chaos caused by the aliens, I found myself getting more
and more gripped by the plot.

Yes it's predictable in parts, and follows a very simple narrative
structure, but the tone and 'eeriness' it conveys throws all that out
of the window. I was so engrossed on what was going on I couldn't take
my eyes away from the screen, not even to go for a p##s!

I think this is a great small Sci-fi/horror film, however I label it
with those two genres as those are most closest to what it is, however
a word of warning to those of you expecting 'insidious' or 'Super 8',
it's none of that, instead what we see here is a slow building,
character developing, hair raising chiller that holds you until the
final frame.

It of course helps your into Sci-fi and have an open mind, and I guess
without that you wont really 'get' or like the film.

Enjoy it for what it is, don't be put off by the marketing plot of
"From the producers of Insidious and Paranormal Activity", this is a
great film that can easily stand on it's own merit.


I'm also posting this review on IMDB just in-case of the unlikely event someone sees it their and thinks this is a copy and paste job from some random looser ;)

Fringe: The Complete Series [DVD] [2013]
Fringe: The Complete Series [DVD] [2013]
Dvd ~ Anna Torv
Price: 42.75

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Best Sci-Fi Show of the 21st Century!, 19 Jan 2013
Where do I even start with a series as good as this?

Fringe started its run on Sky 1 (or Fox if you're in America) about 5 years ago. It has consistently been one of the most highly praised television programmes running to date. Why? Well it's quite simple really, the ingenious writing style and one John Nobel.
It's a show with so much depth and class that one cannot simply ignore to mention its existence. It has the budget value of a modern blockbuster film, but the writing of a well thought out Sci-Fi Thriller. You truly get the best of both worlds with this series, great characters, outstanding acting from everyone involved, brilliant intelligent stories as-well as a dark and fascinating underlying story arch that stretches from the beginning of the show right up until the very final episode.

You have a good 100 episodes to play with here, enjoy it for what it is, let it take you into its world, and most importantly, savour every minute of it!
Fringe...The greatest Sci-Fi Show since Star Trek and The X-Files.

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