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Price: £14.33

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1.0 out of 5 stars Someone's having a laugh..., 18 Nov. 2013
This review is from: Psychic (Audio CD)
Someone's having a laugh somewhere if you call this drivel music. It's only there for those who are so stoned they don't care what they're listening to. If you wanna get stoned to music there are plenty of other artists out there that will take you to that nice place. This is just boring.
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Off The Record
Off The Record
Price: £13.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Kraftwerk Heaven!, 19 Mar. 2013
This review is from: Off The Record (Audio CD)
If ever we were waiting for a new Kraftwerk album you couldn't wish for a better one than this. Full of songs sounding so fresh and now. It's like a lost kraftwerk album found up in the attic somewhere. It's Bonkers. I love it. Mr Bartos I salute you! This is up there when Kraftwerk were at their very best. Wunderbar!!!!

The Best Of
The Best Of
Price: £6.31

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5.0 out of 5 stars Magic Space more like!, 22 Sept. 2012
This review is from: The Best Of (Audio CD)
Any collection of Space Tunes has got to be good. The music is so uplifting and yet still so soulfull. I remember when I heard "Magic Fly" on the radio as kid when it first came out. It was the sound of the future then and it still doesn't date. Like the universe itself Space's music is timeless. Madeleine Bell's vocals on "Save your love for me" and "Prison" are so sensual. From singing with Blue Mink and telling the world is a great big onion in "Melting Pot" she certainly was hand in hand with Giorgio Moroder and Donna Summer at the time that made heaven on the dancefloors of the late 70's. Great days.

I Don't Like Disco
I Don't Like Disco
Price: £16.41

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantabulous!!, 4 Mar. 2012
This review is from: I Don't Like Disco (Audio CD)
This is such a fun album. Why hasn't the label got behind Ms Lear and promoted this properley? There are so many tunes on here that are Eurotrash dance stormers to see us all through the rest of 2012. The hightlight for me is "La Bete et la belle" a rocky corker of a disco stomper with humps of energy. Check out the video to see how glorious Amanada is looking in her young seventies. If you can succome to the manitone voice, like Grace Jones, you're out for one hell of a party with this album. The first single "Chinese Walk", with it's army feet stomping all over the dancefloor is just too camp for words. Check out the video to it but this is a top pop hit toon! Eat your heart out Pete Burns. "Money Money" is another catchy euro stormer and "Windsors Dance" is the campest thing since Camilla parked her bowells on a salute to our top Royals. Really, if you keep still to this album there's something wrong with your sparkly disco shoes and even though the "I don't like disco" seems to be anti disco it couldn't be farther from it. If you want drama "I Need Silence" sounds like a chase movie all in just over 3 minutes. If anything it's a shame the tracks are so short, usually around the 3 minute mark, they all need a longer dance remix. Maybe with an extra CD of such said in the future could boost interest. Amanda has been giving us her unique approach on dance music since the seventies and in my opinion this is her best album yet. I raise a glass of the best sparkly to her Royal EuroQueen Highness, Ms Lear! Thanks for this jewel, kiss kiss!! Now where's my autograph??

K.D. Lang And The Siss Boom Bang: Sing It Loud
K.D. Lang And The Siss Boom Bang: Sing It Loud
Price: £8.43

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1.0 out of 5 stars It's Dull, 5 Nov. 2011
I love the voice of KD Lang but this album is just dull. Maybe she's past her hey day but i just get a feeling that she's gotta pop out another album on her contract or something because she's capable of much better than this dross

Invisible Light [12" VINYL]
Invisible Light [12" VINYL]
Offered by sdiscs.
Price: £18.95

5.0 out of 5 stars Just Amazing!, 8 Nov. 2010
Scissor Sisters at their absolute best. From the release of "Nightwork" this track stood way above anything else on the album even though every track on the album is worthy of single release and imo their best CD to date.
"Invisible Light" takes us back to the very best hazy dancefloor days of "Frankie Goes To Hollywood" and needs to be played at max volume on a sweaty dancefloor to be really appreciated at its best. With a spoken entrance from Sir Ian McKellan in true Shakespearian style it launches into a real pounding sex fuelled electronic stormer of a track. With some equally outstanding remixes this so deserves to be a number one. Unfortunately even though SS have a dedicated fanbase the radio play they've been getting has been pretty dissapointing to say the least. With the charts clogged with such utter X Factor drivel and r&b pap thesedays it makes me dispare and please bring back Top Of The Pops so Britain can see a bit more diversity on prime time TV from real artists.
Meanwhile do your self a favour, get dancing and enjoy this gem!

Head First
Head First
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £4.25

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5.0 out of 5 stars What the world needs now is love sweet love...., 27 Mar. 2010
This review is from: Head First (Audio CD)
Goldfrapp, thank you! Thank you for releasing an album full of joyous uplifting happy tunes. With the state of the country as it is it's nice to be able to put on an album that from track one just invigorates a sense of happiness and fun. "Black Cherry" did it so well with it's fairground appeal and like that I hope to be hearing some of these tracks on the waltzers this summer!! "Rocket" is just pure perfection pop and nothing wrong with that, the remixes themselves are as good as another album and will surley be riding the dancefloors this summer. I love the Moroder sound and if only Donna Summer had got Goldfrapp to produce her last album it might have been a good one,after 17 year waiting it was rather rubbish. So thanks again Alison for making up on that one. "Headfirst" is Donna's "Once upon a Time" with it's fresh and uplifting synth appeal! The whole 80's inspirational energetic tracks Like "I wanna Life" and "Alive" are all i need to make my day a happy day.
Let's hope there are a few extra tracks to look forward to on future single releases a la "Yes Sir I can Boogie & "Physical" covers. More more more!!!!!

The Colour Of Snow
The Colour Of Snow
Offered by HI-DE-HI
Price: £12.06

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5.0 out of 5 stars German pop at it's very best!, 19 Aug. 2009
This review is from: The Colour Of Snow (Audio CD)
Very occasionally an album comes along that just makes you sit up and listen and makes you prick up your ears. The second album from German synth pop rockers Polarkreis 18 for me is my favourite album of the year so far & just sinks right in to you. I first heard the lead single "Allein Allein" on Radio 2 recently and was hooked. It so totally deserves to be a massive hit here and indeed it has already been Number One in Germany for five weeks and top ten all across Europe. Haunting, whispering very unique male vocals, seering synths, a chanting male hook and pounding beats add up to one serious tune. It kind of took me back to when I heard A-ha for the very first time and indeed if you like your A-ha you are going to love this. They remind me of early Alphaville crossed with the energy of The Presets. The delightful full throttle "The Colour Of Snow" title track will surely be the next single, a great video for it too on Youtube showing the band all in white and well, just plain bonkers really. Other standout tracks being the other up tempo track "Rainhouse", a real gentle rocker that goes ballistic towards the end. "Prisoner" is full of horns, strings and cinematic echoes of that other fantastic German group of the eighties Propaganda. The album also has it's quieter moments too, "Happy Go Lucky" being the best. "River Loves The Ocean" too is just so totally blissful with its gentle choir in the background building to a soaring climax. Just Excellent with every track a real grower.
They supported Depeche Mode on their recent leg of their tour in Germany. Personally I can't wait for Polarkreis 18 to come back to England and gig again here. I for one will be at the front, they're gonna be good!

Offered by westworld-
Price: £19.98

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5.0 out of 5 stars Album of the year!, 13 Nov. 2008
This review is from: Apocalypso (Audio CD)
The Presets are two Ozzie lads, quite rightly, absolutely huge in their native Australia. Their amazing second album acclaiming awards here, there and everywhere, completely outselling anything this year and hitting the Australian number 1 slot. I stumbled into the Presets world via the fantastic 2nd single "This Boys In Love". A wonderfully high powered, tuneful, 80's influenced, uplifting, electrosynth pop song for the Naughties. With it's A-ha like piano rift, powerful vocals and totally hypnotic chugging dance rhythm this should have been a huge hit here too. The 3rd single "Talk Like That" is equally as good. Starting off with a manic church organ, sounding like something from the Munsters but then going into another fantastic, high energy, electro dance romp. Lead single, the massively high powered, energetic "My People" is best heard as loud as possible, with it's screaming Numanesque vocals. When they played live at Camden's Electric Ballroom in October this track sent the packed crowd into absolute mayhem. Imagine Underworld meet Chemical Brothers meet Nitzer Ebb but then 10 times better. Other highlights are the pounding lead track "Kicking and Screaming", the frantic and highly manic "Eucalyptus" and the cracking "Yippiyo-Ay". They are equally sublime when they slow the pace down a bit on tracks "If I Know You" and the Human League-like instrumental "Aeons". The final track "Anywhere" brings you down to a more gentle trance dance with lighter vocals and is the most Underworld-like track. The sometimes shouty vocals are a bit hard for some people to get their heads around but stick with it and after a couple of plays this album will wind it's way into your senses. Get the singles for extra added diverse remixes.
Destined for world succuss this album is like instant lucozade. If you need a drop of energy put this on and dance till you drop. Totally my album of the year. Brilliant stuff!!

Remixed & Reimagined
Remixed & Reimagined

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5.0 out of 5 stars Nina Would so approove of these mixes!!, 23 Sept. 2007
This review is from: Remixed & Reimagined (Audio CD)
Messing with old tracks to bring them up to date for the next generation can sometimes go a bit off the wall but these gentle dancey new mixes of some of Nina Simones's best work really do bring her unique voice up to todays standards without that feeling of that it really shouldn't have been tried in the first place.
If you like Nina Simone or want an introduction to her bucketloads of back material then this is the perfect introduction for a first time listener to go and explore the actual original songs and albums from.
Uplifting and full of true soul. These mixes work so well as a group. The new mixes really compliment Ninas voice to the ears of a new generation and it works so well. If you just want to feel summery and nice then this is the one to put on for a perfect BBQ. The updated versions of "Here Comes The Sun" & "The Look Of Love" are truly sublime. The lesser known track "Obeah Woman" is mixed to a gently plodding marvel and is my personal favorite of the album. It's just so nice i want to cuddle it. And the mix of "Funkier Than a Mosquito's tweeter" is a gem.
The track arrangement is slightly wrong for my liking but it's a minor complaint to what is a truly glorious interpretation of Nina's songs.
The replay button on this one is going non stop and hopefully there will be a volume 2 of more mixes because there are so many of Nina's top other tunes that could do with upgrading to this standard as well that would really be something to look forward to. "My Baby Just cares for Me", "Baltimore", and "Wild Is The Wind" for starters would be on my request for the next volume if there was ever gonna be one"
If you wanna feel good buy it! It's a scorcher!!!

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