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Magic Carpet (PS)
Magic Carpet (PS)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great fun, 11 Aug. 2007
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Magic Carpet (PS) (Video Game)
This is a fantastic game and one of my all time favourites. I dont really understand how the previous reviewer could in 2007 be having such high hopes for the graphics etc of a game that was made in 1994.

yes its old but the graphics are still pretty amazing for its time and the playability is fantastic. You do not need a tutorial unless you are very stupid. It is all in the instruction manual but it is very easy to pick up anyway and I never bothered to really read the manual. The spells are easy to use and the controls are self explantory. There are more than 50 levels each one getting progressively harder. You start on your own with just a few birds to kill, but then it builds up to playing against other wizards and defeating massive monsters.

It can be quite mindless sometimes but its incredible fun and for a game made 13 years ago it stands the test of time very well.

On Your Shore
On Your Shore
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: £13.79

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3.0 out of 5 stars Great debut but lacks personality, 8 Sept. 2004
This review is from: On Your Shore (Audio CD)
I was already a big Charlotte fan before this, having snapped up her debut demo EPs Test Drive Songs, One Girl Army and the single EP Your Armour. So I was expecting something fantastic from her debut release.
While this is a great debut it is overall lacking the depth and complexities that made Test Drive Songs so wonderful. Some of that is here, but some tracks could have been done by any "girl with a piano", namely Vanessa Carlton or Delta Goodrem. The songs dont have to be complex to be amazing, but they need to have a personality and intimacy, which some of these sorely lack and sound like they have come off a pop production line. Heres my review anyway.
Run down:
Fabulous opener, striking simple piano and beautiful melody. I love the way she sings "this ones gonna hurt" 9/10
Stomping dance beat, fast piano, racing drums. Undeniably influenced by Kate Bush but thats no problem and she fully admits that Kate is a huge influence so this embraces that to the max. Amazing, definately one of the best songs she has done.
Already heard from the EP In Parenthesis, an intriguing and beautiful ballad. 9/10
Very intense drum work and vocal, love this one as well. 9/10
Took a few listens as its a grower but I love the intense finale section, again excellent 9/10
A bit too slow and altho it might grow, after a few listens its still a bit dreary , and doesnt really seem to go anywhere 5/10
Again amazing, similar to Steel in that it starts off quite slow and builds to an incredible finale 9/10
This is where the album starts to falter. Up All Night is quite formulaic and seems to struggle lyrically. She talks about being on the phone waiting etc all the time throughout this album, and in most cases its OK because the rest of the song makes up for it , but these lyrics have been heard a million times in other songs, if this had been on Delta's or Vanessa's last album I dont think anyone would have thought of it as special. Charlotte's got a great voice and makes this standard track into something great but its still lacking and has no depth. 5/10
Another dreary track - being haunted by her man. Has anyone not got this track on their album? The lyrics are so standard and cheesy its beyond belief. I still like it because Im not totally averse to a bit of cheese but Charlotte can do much better than this and this shouldnt have been put on the album ahead of songs like Many Rivers or Last Day On Earth. 3/10
I really like this track but it sounded a bit better in its original demo form. This version is polished beyond belief, which takes away the emotion and the talky bit at the end is annoying. Great song, poor version. 5/10
This ballad reminds me a little of the melancholy piano sound of Your Amour or Many Rivers, except it pales in comparison to those. Again seeming very forced and the lyrics are dull. 4/10
Sweet and very uplifiting, but again Ive heard so much better. I have heard this live and its much more intimate, but again this has been stripped of all personality for the album *sigh* 6/10
Amazing. Probably up with Limits for the best song on the album altho its the complete opposite kind of song. Just Charlotte with the piano, that soaring voice and she sounds like she is so fragile she will break. Real emotion here which has been missing and which she apparently displays live so well. Its a shame that those qualities didnt make it to most of the songs. 10/10
Overall score: 79/130 = 60%
Great album but I genuinely prefer Test drive songs and the other Ep tracks which is a bit disappointing I guess.

Children Of The World/I Apologise
Children Of The World/I Apologise

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1.0 out of 5 stars Grab the sick bucket. Worst song ever??, 30 Jun. 2004
This is the most despicably awful song in creation. Never have I been forced to write a negative review before as I tend to buy singles I already know I like
I had seen the video to this and nearly thrown up my dinner. It is so cheesey and purile. I should point out that I bought this for the b side which was the previous single I Apologise. Not the best song ever but its very sweet and Ana's voice is very nice on this. However the first track will never get any play in my player, I gave it one listen after buying it and that was enough.
I saw a feature on this with Ana saying how she wrote this for the poor children of Africa. *puke*. Now this is of course for Unicef which is a great charity but the single was so bad no one in gods name would pay full price for it(I bought it used). It charted very low, so presumably with the cost of manufacture etc it made very little for the Charity anyway and did nothing for Ana to try and launch her after already having two very low charting singles. The poor girl will probably be dropped now which is a shame as she does have a nice voice and the singles "Ride" and " I apologise" are pretty good but I cant see any label giving her another chance after this.

All I Wanna Do
All I Wanna Do
Offered by Buks4less
Price: £3.81

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1.0 out of 5 stars Why????, 15 Jan. 2004
This review is from: All I Wanna Do (Audio CD)
This song is just terrible and given the current indicatory chart position for it, will probably put her in a grey area with her record label. Unless she gets a big hit next time she will probably be dropped as she has so far failed to set the charts alight with the album, and this bizarre choice of release will no doubt help to destroy her credability.
Not only is she now doing a tacky "re-release the album with new song" gimmick , she is selling out and doing an identikit cover.
Who cares if Sheryl sings on it, that just makes it sound more like the original. And if I want to hear All I Wanna Do with Sheryl's vocals I have the original version. The song is not only less than 10 years old, it has also been heard by the masses who have just bought Sheryl's greatest hits. If anything all this does is promote Sheryl's old song by making people remember how good it was.
Its really sad because Amy is a fantastic artist and I love the album, and even the b sides to the previous singles. There is so much potential left on this album and there is no way she would have flopped with another original song and decent video a la Misfit and Under The Thumb.
As I say I love Amy but this is such a manufactured piece of identikit pop, exactly the kind of stuff she always said she hated when she first came onto the scene. And the fact she is backed by Simon Fuller, makes me wonder if the title False Smiles is even more ironic than intended, given how fake she now seems to be.

Gotta Get Thru This
Gotta Get Thru This
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £2.72

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3.0 out of 5 stars A collection of extremely strong and terribly weak tracks., 20 Sept. 2002
This review is from: Gotta Get Thru This (Audio CD)
This debut album from Daniel Bedingfield is patchy to say the least. If you liked James Dean and Gotta Get Thru This , you are NOT guaranteed to want this album. I would listen to it before buying if you can.
Tracks such as Blown It Again, Friday and Inflate My Ego are of the same high quality as the singles.
However the rest of the album is bland, banal and at points embarrasing and cringeworthy.
Daniel's voice is great on all the tracks, but his ballads are songs straight from the conveyor belt production of Westlife/Backstreet Boys etc. Daniel's voice does not suit this style of singing, and the songs are weak and contrived.
The only ballad that is listenable to is "If You're Not The One", which benefits from being slightly less formulaic.
But the fact that most of the slower songs have similar guitar intros and "swing beats" makes them sound rushed and knocked out as quickly as possible. This is surprising considering the length of time between the first single and album.
Also Daniel tries to sing Falsetto as if he were Michael Jackson or Darren Hayes. He is certainly neither, and this is appaling.
So I give this album 3 stars. I dont regret buying it because there are 6 amazing tracks, but there are also 6 poor tracks ... approach with caution!!
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