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Command & Conquer 4 Tiberian Twilight
Command & Conquer 4 Tiberian Twilight
Offered by Game Trade Online
Price: £5.46

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1.0 out of 5 stars This game is truely awful!, 6 April 2010
= Fun:1.0 out of 5 stars 
Ok this game is total garbage its no fun at all it just pains me to see a once great series diminished to this trash...


- None, seriously i cant think of a single good thing to say about this game!


- Poor storyline, i wont spoil it but it suffices to say that the sendoff kane recieves 15 years after the original c&c is extremely mediocre to the point that a 10 year old could have contrived it. Also what the heck happened to LEGION and the whole C&C3/kanes wrath storyline? It was largely ignored, just like tiberian sun was ignored when EA made C&C. Very poor form, very poor storytelling.

- Rubbish gameplay. Ill tell you whats happened here, c&c 4 had a cut budget and the staff were to be layed off at the end of its production (fact) so they simply put zero creative thought into it and tried to copy dawn of war II. Simple as that... this is command & dawn of war, it fails horribly.

- Rubbish graphics. In 2010 EA is still using the same engine from 2003's c&c generals (SAGE) they renamed it of course to RSX i think and touched it up a bit but it sure as hell dosent look 7 years better, its obvious they just renamed it to imply it was new, its the same code as SAGE, which is largely the same as 2000's emperor battle for dune engine W3D (westwood3D). EA dosent have the talent to create a 21st century RTS engine for themselves so theyre still pushing this ancient crap.

- UI is garbage and unintuitive

- Restrictive DRM, yeah i know some people want to hear about the game not the DRM, well this game is a product, DRM is part of the product therefore it is worth mentioning, if EA packed a free dog turd in every box it would also be worth mentioning. Anyways to play this game at all even in single player you *must* be online. Sucks huh.

- No fun! Its just no fun at all... I didnt like C&C3 much, RA3 was awful, but i played through them both at a friends house, never went back to either game as they sucked but they were playable. This however i just quit after the first mission, uninspired BS.

So in conclusion this game completely fails in every area. Its a real shame EA got their hands on C&C, i think westwood would have done a far better job. The core problem is its obviously made with zero inspiration or thought and a low budget just to make EA a quick buck as the dev team knew they would lose their jobs at the end anyway.

Corsair CWCH50-1 Water Cooler
Corsair CWCH50-1 Water Cooler
Offered by Hot Deals 4Less
Price: £92.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent cooler, does the job well, 16 Jan. 2010
This cooler is great and does its job well. Ive got my i7 920 at 3.6ghz with HT enabled and it never goes above 58*C (using real temp). The overall CPU temp is around 50*C max, idles in the low 30's


- Does its frickin job! The last high end cooler i bought was an air cooler and it was a bit rubbish, not much better than the stock one, the H50 is excellent and actually does keep temps low

- Quiet, the fan is quiet and i dont hear the pump. However if you do hear the pump try turning the cooling block to face how it is in the picture with the corsair logo upright, i know it fits any way but i could head a whirring with it upside down, so i turned it around and voila silence.

- Dosent take up half the case like some high end air coolers do, its discrete and looks cool.


- No its not an "easy" install!! Its not that difficult, not any more difficult than other coolers but no it wasent easy. Another reviewer covered this point well and i can say i had the same problems as him, the instructions have some assumed knowledge and arent too clear, you do have to install somthing at the back of the motherboard and when it asks you to turn the thing so it clicks into place it dosent turn, in the end i had to just sort of do it my own way by fitting the thing in the bracket first then screwing it into the motherboard whilest holing the cooling block and bracket together as i tightened the screws, which is backwards compared to what the instructions say. Worked for me though :)

Overall a great cooler, its not an easy install... its not a massive challenge either but calling it easy is a bit of a lie. Glad i bought it and not another overhyped noisey air cooler.

Intel i7-920 (Bloomfield) Quad Core Processor - 2.66 GHz, 8MB L3 Cache, 1333MHz FSB, Socket 1366, 45 nm, 3 Year Warranty, Retail Boxed
Intel i7-920 (Bloomfield) Quad Core Processor - 2.66 GHz, 8MB L3 Cache, 1333MHz FSB, Socket 1366, 45 nm, 3 Year Warranty, Retail Boxed
Offered by Pri.Trading
Price: £291.88

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5.0 out of 5 stars The new Q6600? Its a good contender!, 16 Jan. 2010
Excellent CPU, i am very unlucky when it comes to CPUs as mine never seem to overclock well or they run hot etc but the 920 has been excellent so far.


- Mine did 4ghz at 1.275v, the stock voltage for these CPUs is 1.25v so thats excellent! Ive got it running at 3.6ghz with hyperthreading on at 1.2v so its overclocked by nearly 1ghz and its undervolted, fantastic! Prime stable as well, 24hrs tested.

- Has hyperthreading, hyperthreading can give a serious boost in apps that can use it. Beware of using it in vista though vista dosent handle hypethreading well, whos still using vista though? :p

- Quad core! This cpu is quite future proof being quad core, most apps are just taking advantage of dual core so quad is ahead of the game somewhat


- A bit pricey, it has to be said that the phenom II does do well against an i7, the i7 beats it in every area but the price difference is quite large and in gaming there is only a small difference. You have to decide if you want the best and want hyperthreading or just want a cheap quad core.

Overall it can clock to 4ghz with decent memory and a decent mobo, no need for high price memory though! Dont blow cash on 2000mhz DDR3 stuff as the memory controller on this is only rated for 1066mhz max, anything over that is an overclock on the memory controller and although it does run at overclocked speeds fine it wont do 2000mhz, go for 1333mhz or 1600mhz ram is its cheap, no need for crazy speed stuff. Mine is at 1086mhz for a 3.6ghz overclock. Excellent CPU, best one ive bought so far, beats my dog of an opteron 170 that couldnt overclock for jack ;/
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Antec Three Hundred Gaming ATX Solid Metal Construction Case - Black
Antec Three Hundred Gaming ATX Solid Metal Construction Case - Black
Price: £56.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars Very nice case, can be used for gaming/office/anything, 5 Jan. 2010
The thing i really like about this case is that it dosent look like other gaming cases which imo all look tacky with their weird unintuitive shapes and odd layouts etc, this case bridges the gap between looks and functionality. This could easily pass as a sleek office computer.


- Multiple 120mm fan mounts, there are 2x front 1x side 1x rear and 1x top fan which is 140mm. The case itsself comes with the top fan and a rear fan.

- Easy to use, yeah how does that apply to something that dosent really get "used"... well opening the case up for maintenance, turning it on, cable management are all a breeze with this. My old antec P180 was a bit of a PITA to be honest, opening the door to get to the on button, USB ports etc halfway down the case and the door would disrupt the cables anyway etc. With this case its all placed at the top, where it should be, and theres no door :)

- Screwless design, kind of. I dont think there are any truely screwless cases but this one comes close, there are a bunch of thumb screws supplied to use with internal HDD's and DVD drives etc, ive used them wherever i could to make maintenance easier.

- Bottom mounted PSU, this is better for airflow and although it probably never happens the risk of the PSU falling down and smacking the graphics cards etc on the way down is removed :P That would only really apply to people with butterfingers though as generally they dont fall down on their own

- Price, for the price you get a functional product that does what it does well! Used to be you had to take a chance with cases or splash out for something like the P180 which i mentioned before irked me a bit anyways. With this case theres no gamble, its cheap, its solidly built, functional and fit for gaming, SLI rigs, a workstation etc. Very good buy.


- No 3.5" drive bay. Noone uses floppys anymore, thank god, but there are quite a lot of people who use card readers, it wouldve been nice to have a space for one to fit in. I just got myself a cheap 3.5" to 5.25" bracket and stuck the card reader in a spare 5.25" slot, easy enough to do but its still worth noting there is no 3.5" bay.

Overall a very good case. If you need a high quality case for gaming or indeed anything this is definately one to consider, as i said before this wouldnt look out of place in an office space.

Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1
Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1

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4.0 out of 5 stars Does what it says mostly. Does work in vista/7 32 bit and 64 bit, 13 Nov. 2009
Firstly this product does work in vista and windows 7, however it is likely that when it first came out there were compatability issues preventing it from working properly or at all, hence the reviews about vista incompatability, creative arent exactly quick to release up to date drivers for things but the x-fi surround 5.1 works now.

I bought this as sort of a side-grade, i got into using a headset as well as my Z5500s and the xonar U1 as cool as it is dosent have enough ports for both, i just got fed up unplugging/replugging stuff into it so i figured i would check this sound card out since it can have everything plugged into it at once. Overall i found the following pros and cons.


- Stylish, this was the first thing that struck me when i opened it up, it looks good, better than its precessor the audigy 2 nx which looked a bit retro.

- Multiple ports, it can support the typical 3.5mm cable in stereo or 5.1 (comes with an adapter for the large red/white ports found on the back), it has an optical output, it also has seperate headphone/mic ports on the side and a "line out" port between them. So its got plenty, it lacks the coaxial and optical out found on the audigy 2 nx however it has large red/white ports in place of the usual green 3.5mm one which the audigy 2 nx had, i dont know what to make of that to be honest i imagine it allows hi-fi systems to be plugged into it to use the crystalizer or something? Im just guessing, i dont know what those plugs are about or why they put them there instead of a green 3.5mm.

- Remote that actually works. Never got the audigy 2 nx's remote working, you can play/pause and mess with the volume and crystalizer settings from far away :) However i cant skip tracks/movies, i managed to get WMP to fast forward a song but not skip, this is likely due to the windows 7 beta drivers im using from creatives website because with the drivers on the CD the remote never worked at all.

- Sounds decent, i cant tell if theres a massive difference between this and my old xonar U1 or even audigy 2 nx but theres no loss in quality thats for sure. MP3's do sound a bit better with the crystalizer but i could probably achieve the same effect by messing with any other sound cards graphic equalizer settings. For the record im using logitech Z5500 speakers.

- Runs off the USB cord! Hoorah! The audigy 2 nx needed a power cord with a small brick in addition to the big fat USB cable to hook it up to the computer, the x-fi surround 5.1 has a smaller mini usb port on the back and is powered by that.


- Creative software is a bit sluggish, same as the last time i used it, you have to use this in order to get the most out of the card, although it will work with windows drivers without any of the creative software but you wont get the crystalizer or anything doing that just basic sound. Im used to the xonar U1's quicker more lightweight software.

- Only a small complaint here, it was mentioned earlier but the remote wont skip in WMP, it will do everything else except skip, it can actually even close WMP or switch between programs but it cant skip. I put this down to the beta drivers for windows 7 i assume it will be fixed when the final release comes out.

So overall its a pretty good product, a few niggles but its good stuff. It should be noted that i had some interference with the headset when the card was positioned near my phone, a wireless BT verve specifically, took me a while to figure this out but i moved the phone away from the card and its fine now. Thought i would mention that here since it dosent really qualify as a "con" as other cards would probably experience the same thing, and it might save someone some time.

The Incredibles™ Costume for men - XL
The Incredibles™ Costume for men - XL
Offered by Vegaoo_Official
Price: £68.54

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great costume, 10 Oct. 2009
= Durability:5.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars  = Educational:1.0 out of 5 stars 
Ive got this for halloween, ive tried it on a few times, it fits well, i got the standard size and im 5ft 9inches, 150lbs, standard male really. Its comfy and even got little lights around the "i" which can be lit up by pressing a button on the chest area. Overall the only thing i didnt like was that there were no pockets anywhere, but to be fair pockets on costumes are usually poor quality and i wouldnt trust my wallet to them anyways, the girlfriends gonna have a few extra things in her handbag this halloween :P

Overall, great costume i recommend it.

Tropico 3 (PC DVD)
Tropico 3 (PC DVD)
Offered by FUN-N-MORE
Price: £8.90

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5.0 out of 5 stars Good game! Fun!, 22 Sept. 2009
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Tropico 3 (PC DVD) (DVD-ROM)
I have been wanting a new construction game for a while and with cities XL turning into a massive dissapointment i decided to check out tropico 3. Ive played through the demo's missions, they were pretty easy, the game ran well at 1600x1200 with medium AA on my less than stellar 8600mGT so for a brand new game i was impressed with its performance. As for the gameplay it hits a good balance between complexity and fun, not like simcity soecities which was designed with 5 year olds in mind, or the anno series which although good once you get the hang of it its rather complex. I guess the complexity of tropico depends on what you're going for, a tropical paradise where everyones happy and the economy is booming would be tougher to make than a farming/logging based police state where you simply gun down the protesters.

Basically the game is split into missions with a set goal but theres also a sandbox mode where i guess you set your own goals. This is set during the cold war where both the USA and USSR can help or hinder you're progress, the USSR kept sending me cash which was nice, i read that if you tick off the commies they invade the island, i dont know if thats a game ending event but i imagine it could be heh. So not only do you have to keep the people on your island happy and stop them rebelling you can take part in the worldwide diplomatic arena, setting foreign policies etc.

Overall the only thing that irritated me about the game was that the demo ends when you accomplish you're goals and the option to continue playing with your island is greyed out. Thats a good sign though i suppose, wanting to play more :) This wont be the case in the full version.
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Cities XL - Limited Edition (PC DVD)
Cities XL - Limited Edition (PC DVD)
Price: £4.17

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1.0 out of 5 stars Cities Xtremely Limited..., 18 Sept. 2009
= Fun:1.0 out of 5 stars 
The other reviews for this game were all removed for some reason so ill just make a new review now the game is released.

- Pretty Graphics, the game does look good, it looks better than simcity 4 does. Hardly a fair comparison considering SC4 is 6 years old but still its the only thing to compare it to.

- Curved roads, finnaly in 2009 we get curved roads for a city simulator :) Its been a long time coming but the grid iron road pattern that is only present in old well established cities in real life is no longer mandatory for a city simulator.

- No actual "simulation", remember in simcity 4 your city would grow and expand? In those initial commercial districts skyscrapers would eventually appear... or abandoned buildings if you sucked at the game :P Well in cities XL this never happens, the city stays the same all the time, boring. This is the killer for me, this is what makes this game an advanced version of MS paint for making a city, theres no real complex simulation like there was in simcity 4 and every other simcity preceeding it.

- No mass transit at all, not even busses. You must buy it seperately, ill expand on that later.

- Terraforming options are very limited. I remember in simcity 2000 i used to make a massive hill as high as i could and use the SCURK to put military structures on top of it and launch arcos then waterfalls all over the hill with hydro dams on them, i did something similar in sc3k, since sc4 was a lot more realistic i never managed a successful city like that, but i could still terraform, the tools were powerful and they were there! Theres none of that in cities XL.

- Poor customer support. One eager pre order player was mailed an empty envelope heh, i laughed when i read that but in all seriousness thats a bit of a kick in the teeth for a pre orderer. Other players are having problems with CD-keys etc. You can find the source for that on the wikipedia page for cities XL under "criticism".

- Costly game, considering what you get its not a good investement, not for me anyway.

- Numerous bugs and annoyances, terrain must be exactly right to build things, roads cant be upgraded.

- Players pushed towards the monthly subscription "planet offer" due to a cripped single player experience, i.e. no mass transit, lousy AI trading system, shallow gameplay which tbh isnt enhanced by the planet offer anyway.

- Lousy "planet offer" the planet offer is the optional monthly subscription part for this game, you get a chatbox and the ability to trade resources, thats about it. At least with games like WoW (World of Warcraft) theres a half decent online experience, im not a big fan of WoW but i have played it and i can see the attraction.

- In order to get extra additions such as mass transit you must buy extra addons called "GEMS" (Game Enhancement Modules) these are a way monte cristo has devised to charge players for things that shouldve been in the game to begin with anyway.

- All custom content must be approved by monte cristo. Thats a real killer for those simcity fans that relied on custom content.

Overall i am gutted that this game didnt turn out like it was advertised a year or so ago. What i wanted was a deep simulation, it didnt have to be simcity 5 but really it had to be as deep or deeper than simcity 4 was, adjustable budgets, mass transit, changing city etc but its just not there. Very dissapointing. I really tried to think of more PRO's for this game but compared to its 6 year old competitor simcity 4 theres just nothing, its a shame too because simcity 4 was a bit of a letdown initially but the core gameplay was there, it came into its own with rush hour and community mods but with cities XL the core gameplay isnt there, thats generally not somthing that can be patched in later either, if the core game is shallow and boring it will remain that way unfortunately. Total dissapointment.

Limited edition is just as limited as the standard version, only difference is some extra maps, you still wont get mass transit etc.

No Title Available

4.0 out of 5 stars Great looking jeans, but button fly!, 16 Sept. 2009
These jeans look great, just like in the picture. Unfortunately they have a button fly (which seems to be the trend these days) but ive decided to just keep them, just using 1 button instead of the 3 makes it almost as easy to undo as a zip. Also very quick delivery!

So overall great looking jeans, awesome color, but if you hate button flys you might wanna avoid this or get used to them as thats all i can seem to find these days heh.

ABUS 24IB/70 Diskus Padlock
ABUS 24IB/70 Diskus Padlock
Price: £21.44

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5.0 out of 5 stars Solid lock, high quality, 4 Sept. 2009
This is a solid padlock, good for domestic use, can also be used outside due to the outer shell and innards all being rustproof. Often the outer part is rustproof but the inside of a padlock isnt, this is 100% rustproof. Its also a tough design, people will not break through this easily, however it can be picked relatively easily as demonstrated by numerous people on youtube heh. So to sum up, tough little lock, 100% weatherproof, but its not 100% secure, if you're using it to secure something important like your shops shutter etc back it up with a camera or something.

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