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LITTLE FRIENDS Mamble Rat / Hamster Narrow Bar 100cm Cage
LITTLE FRIENDS Mamble Rat / Hamster Narrow Bar 100cm Cage
Price: £39.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great cage, great value, happy customer., 17 Mar. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Most cages around this size will cost you in the hundreds (or, if on sale, very nearly there), but this one is at an absolute bargain price at £40- and that's not even on sale. I am very pleased to have spotted this cage (almost smug, in fact) and since buying it a couple of weeks ago have no regretted it at all.

Now most people would look at the price and think you would get a flimsy cage, something poorly made, with thin plastic in the base, wires that bend if you so much as poke them, and so on and so forth but this is definitely not the case. The plastic base is very sturdy and strong with enough depth to add a nice thick layer of substrate without your pets kicking it all over the floor.

The wire part of the cage will come disassembled (as the cage comes flat packed... and even then the box it arrived in would be big enough for me to fit inside) which is the interesting part as the bits on the side are "hinged" so that they can fold up easily. So when the cage comes, you basically unfold the top and then have to put the roof on. Now I did find the roof a bit fiddly but I got it together soon enough and once it is all together it is a good strong cage.

I do have a little gripe about the bars, as I do with a large number of cages I have bought... my acacia rats have worked out where the door is and keep gnawing on the bars whereby the coating on the bars comes off. Now I can only hope they are not ingesting the stuff, even if it is non-toxic. It's a little irritating to see the black coating slowly be chipped away day by day.

Now the doors themselves which my little rascals are trying hard to work out are very good for keeping the more cunning rodents in. The door is a big flap which is held in place by a sliding bar on the cage. Now it is very simple for a person to open (I often have to do it with one hand if I am holding one of them) but very difficult for a rodent to open even if they work out what you're doing. So I can rest easy knowing that they are secure in their cage and won't get out and wind up in the jaws of some cat.

So the frame of the cage is very good overall, even with my minor gripe, and I would have happily paid the £40 for this alone, But the cage ALSO comes with some very nice accessories.
These are what you see in the picture- the litter tray, a giant food bowl, a nice big water bottle, a sturdy corner shelf and huge tubes which a ferret could fit through (though the chains are likely too thin to hold a ferrets weight for long).

I only really use the tubes and the corner shelf as the litter tray takes up quite a lot of room I would rather use for a little shelter, and the food bowl is way too big for my little acacia rats (and I have a metal hanging bowl for them anyway, as they are an arboreal species which love to climb) and I simply already have enough water bottles.

I did add another corner shelf into the cage, as there was a lot of empty space after adding all their toys which they can't really use. I am tempted to add another shelf, but due to the way the bars face (the majority of them going vertically) I can't really fit another shelf without it either being too close to their current shelves, in the way of their hanging toys or too close to the top of the cage. I would have preferred the bars to be horizontally for putting in more shelves, but I can't have everything. This cage is plenty big enough for lots of other hanging toys that can fill in the space and give your pet a great amount of room to run around and play throughout the night.

I would recommend this cage to anyone with a small rodent (my acacia rats are about the size of mice), even dwarf hamsters would be able to stay in this cage due to it's narrow bar spacing. I think it would be a good cage for anything the size of a fancy rat or smaller.
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Trixie Coconut house for hamsters, double, ø 13 × 121 cm
Trixie Coconut house for hamsters, double, ø 13 × 121 cm
Offered by Personalised Pet Products
Price: £9.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Very happy, 7 Mar. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought this coconut bridge for my three acacia rats (note- these are much smaller than fancy rats, this product is not suitable for fancy rats as it is too small) and it arrived in good time.

The coconuts are good and solid, and came with the coconut fibres inside which is great nesting material for small rodents. The chord that attaches the bridge and hangs the coconuts from is thick and sturdy- my rats have nibbled it a little but stopped soon after and much prefer to gnaw on the wooden rungs on the ladder or their other toys.

All three of them prefer to nest together in the coconuts over all the other nesting areas I've given them (wooden huts, plastic huts, cardboard boxes and bridges) and love to clamber around on the ladder and will even sit on top of the coconuts themselves. It is by far their favourite thing in the cage, and an excellent purchase.
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Country Store High Quality Rat and Mouse Food (5 kg)
Country Store High Quality Rat and Mouse Food (5 kg)
Offered by Personalised Pet Products
Price: £13.49

5.0 out of 5 stars High protein diet, 15 Feb. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I got (and still have) this food for my three mice about a year ago, and I still have plenty left. It's excellent value for the sheer amount you get, even ignoring that it is high quality stuff.

Now the thing to note is that the protein level of this food is actually higher than what you should give to mice- but I mixed my stuff with oats, brown rice, dog biscuits and pasta to reduce the protein level. If you are breeding your animals, then this stuff would probably be fine undiluted.

As all commerical rodent food, there are some things in the food which my mice just didn't care for- such as those black alfalfa pellets (which rodents can't really digest at all... and even then it's nutritional value is pitifully low for the), and the corn flakes/whole pieces of corn. They much preferred to pick out the mealworms and sunflower seeds first before moving on to eat the grains. Compared to other foods I've had experience with, they tend to eat more of this and quite enjoy rummaging around in their dish for their favourite pieces which enriches their foraging behaviour (unlike rodent blocks).

All in all, I'm quite happy with this product- it is still fresh in the bag it originally arrived in, shows no signs of mould and only a little dusty residue on the bottom (which considering it was originally a 5kg bag is pretty good stuff). Although the box it had arrived in was severely squashed, that may not be the sellers fault and the food came in tact despite the squished box.

When I eventually run out- I'll be buying this stuff again.

Sport DirectTM Bicycle Bike 0.5W MegaBeamTM LED Light Set 3 Diode LED Front Lamp & 3 Diode Rear CE Approved
Sport DirectTM Bicycle Bike 0.5W MegaBeamTM LED Light Set 3 Diode LED Front Lamp & 3 Diode Rear CE Approved
Offered by Sports4ever
Price: £24.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Seller was so nice, 8 Feb. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I got this product with some trepidation as so many people complained about the back light. But at the same time, I saw so many bikers with these exact lights that worked fine. So I bit the bullet and bought these lights just around October when things started to get dark.

And immediately I found that the front light worked fine, but the back light didn't turn on at all.

But I contacted the seller through Amazon under "faulty item" and told them of my problem. They immediately sent me a replacement at no extra charge, which I was very impressed with (which is why I haven't down-rated them for the initial faulty goods). The new one works absolutely fine.

Both lights are good and bright, with the front one often acting as my torch when I go away from the street-lights. They have survived all weather conditions, including (but not limited to) hail storms, strong winds and the occasional knock when my inconsiderate house-mates knock my bike over.

So I am very please with this product, and would recommend.

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3.0 out of 5 stars The spray could use some work, 8 Feb. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I originally bought this product for spraying water, although I have since filled it with disinfectant and now I use it to spray my mouse cage with.

The spray itself is controlled by how much you twist the nozzle, which allows for a lot of control over whether you want a really misty spray, a jet or anything in between. I keep it somewhere in the middle for a wide-reaching spray.

However, even though it does its job, there are a number of nit-picks I have had with this product.

First is the shape- okay you can wrap your fingers around the curvature quite easily, but this also means that there is not actually that much liquid in the bottle when you have filled it. I found back when I used it to spray plants that I was constantly having to refill the thing, although it works a lot better with disinfectant which I use more sparingly.

The second is the whole thing is a little leaky. There is a tendency for the liquid to wind up dripping down the trigger and get your finger wet. It's not a massive amount, but enough to be an annoyance.

Thirdly, as the liquid level decreases, actually getting anything to come out of the nozzle becomes increasingly more irritating. The bottom of the bottle is domed inwards, which really doesn't help the matter at all as the liquid feed (aka: that little pipe thing that sucks up the liquid) ends higher up than the true bottom of the container, and that is even when you're holding it upright.

So, overall I'm okay with this product, but not really impressed. It does it's job, but little more.

Calypso Natural Belle Body Sponge (Colours May Vary)
Calypso Natural Belle Body Sponge (Colours May Vary)
Price: £3.45

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5.0 out of 5 stars Just like the real thing, 8 Feb. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This sponge is very good. It is very absorbent and will create a good lather very easily.

Of course it's synthetic sponge and isn't of the same league as real sponge, but considering the price of this, it is completely worth it. It's also a very nice shape to hold, being a little larger than my hand which means I can just grip it with my fingertips and press down with my palm for the perfect scrub.

I've had it for a few months now, and it is showing no signs of wear and tear, and still looks as good as new.

Very happy with this item, would highly recommend (even over real over-priced sponge)

Savic Cambridge Navy Blue Hamster Cage, 59 x 36 x 43 cm
Savic Cambridge Navy Blue Hamster Cage, 59 x 36 x 43 cm

5.0 out of 5 stars Exactly what I wanted, 8 Feb. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought this cage for my three mice on a temporary basis over the summer holiday (the bar spacing is a usual 1cm so small enough that this cage can be used for Adult mice).

It arrived in the back of someone's car (a courier, I think, as it obviously was not a more recognised postal service like FedEx or Royal mail) in a slightly battered box and I thought the worst immediately. However, I was pleasantly surprised.

The plastic shelves are made of a good, strong, durable material. My mice nibbled it a little, but it withheld their attempts at it very well. I would think it would take any rodent a long time to get through that. And the plastic bottom and wiring were all made of good, sturdy material that looks and feels as if it would last a long time.
The base at the bottom is also quite deep (although my mice are used to a burrowing cage, and it had nothing on that) so you can add a good amount of substrate for your animal to dig and hide in.

I do have a couple of complaints (things I didn't really care about, hence the 5 star rating), the first is that the bowl that comes with the cage was often flipped over by my mice. It was a good thing I have a metal hanger bowl which I could use, but for anyone buying this cage without a good bowl- I recommend you get one.
The second issue was that the wheel was made out of a very brittle plastic that broke when I dropped it- although again I had wheels and spinners (much larger ones, too) from their previous cage so I used them instead.

Overall I was very pleased at this £30 purchase (I would have happily paid the full-price for this product, too).

Savic Habitat Xl Navy Blue Gerbil Cage 70 X 37 X 52 Cm
Savic Habitat Xl Navy Blue Gerbil Cage 70 X 37 X 52 Cm
Price: £71.20

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4.0 out of 5 stars A small adjustment needed, and some complaints, 28 Feb. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought this cage for my three mice (Side-note, the bar spacing is 1cm, so mice can technically get out, but won't try to jump the distance between the cage-start and the tank-end) and it arrived remarkably quickly (took two days from ordering) although one of the corners on the tank has got quite a long crack going through it. It seems stable enough for now, but it's certainly annoying to get a new product that arrives already damaged. Not sure if I should be angry at the post office or at the company who packaged it for not putting some bubble wrap to protect the tank!

Before I put my mice in the cage, I had to fix that wire floor. Wire flooring is very harmful to your pet, it is uncomfortable or them to stand on (a friend of mine who had the smaller version of this cage told me it was alright because they 'didn't spend much time at the top of the cage'- well of COURSE they don't, that's because it's fricken WIRE!) and they can slip on the wire and hurt their legs if they panic and start struggling. I can't stress enough how horrible wire floors are for small rodents. Unfortunately this is the only reasonably priced burrowing tank I could find.
To fix the wire floor problem (grr) I cut out squares of cardboard to fit, snipped little taps out from them and folded the tabs under and around the wire to hold it in place. I am aware this is only a temporary solution but it seems to be working a treat right now. The mice have not chewed or pee'd on it yet, and their faeces and food mess are very easy to brush off into a bin when you want to clean it. I'd recommend to anyone buying this product to cover the wire in some way for your pets sake.

The food-bowl and tunnel that comes with the cage are both good, solid items which I cannot fault. You can hang the bowl on the cage (which I personally like as it gives my pets a little something extra to climb on) or just use it as a normal dish and set it on the floor. The tunnel can also be used as a ladder of sorts if you like, too.
However, the water bottle that comes with the cage is leaky, so I have replaced it with a better (and bigger, as the bottle that comes with this cage is only 150ml) although the way it attaches to the cage is much easier than having to use wires to keep the bottle up.

The front and back of the wire cage part have horizontal bars on, which is useful for attaching wheels, water bottles, food dishes, hanging toys, and is good for rodents that enjoy climbing around etc. etc., although the sides have vertical bars which are entirely useless... I wish I'd noticed that small detail in the picture before getting the tank so I didn't buy so many toys that need hanging bars to function. Right now, there is nothing hanging from the cage-sides as vertical bars are really quite unfriendly for it.

The door at the top of the cage is quite large. If you can a large cage door then it is really quite useful. You can push it back and there it will stay to let you put a hand (or both if you like, maybe you can fit your head in too if you are a small person) in without having to worry about the door waggling around. Although the layout of my cage (I put the second floor right up against the front of the cage so the mice can go up to the door themselves if they like) means that the door is in an odd position if you want to reach to the tank below. I think a 'top door' on the roof of the cage with smaller side-doors would have been a better set up... but oh well.

You might want to note with this cage that the sloping sides on the tank make the bottom floor-area smaller than the dimensions would have you believe. The rounded corners do mean you lose quite a bit of space. I also have my tank on 'backwards' since for whatever reason the designer of this Gerbilarium laser engraved... urr... something or other involving trees into the tank. You can't observe your pets with this design in the way, so why it's there are all is baffling.
However, despite this, you can still fit in a lot of floor substrate (in my case, care-fresh) for your animals to burrow around in... which is of course the reason I got this type of cage instead of the more traditional ones I'm used to. My mice really love to move around under their bedding, and barely bother to walk around on the surface of it. They can't really make tunnels with my choice of bedding, but I'm sure with a different type... perhaps sterilised soil, they could make a network of tunnels within the tank. I've got to try that sometime.

Overall, it's quite a nice large tank for my mice, and I presume for gerbils, too. Although I can't really agree with someone putting a fully grown syrian hamster in there due to how narrow the cage is (especially taking into account that the dimensions for the floor-space are smaller than advertised). All in all, it does the job, I like to think my mice are happy in their new cage and providing you sort out the wire flooring it can be a good place for a few little rodents to call home.

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