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Buy Whole Foods Organic Soya Beans 5 Kg
Buy Whole Foods Organic Soya Beans 5 Kg

5.0 out of 5 stars Delicious Organic Soya Beans, 24 Aug 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This organic variety of soya bean produces great milk, great tofu and great akara. Highly recommended for vegans like my wife and I

RoyalVKB French Stacking Wine Decanter Gift Set (1 x decanter + 4 glasses)
RoyalVKB French Stacking Wine Decanter Gift Set (1 x decanter + 4 glasses)
Offered by Artisana UK
Price: £19.51

3.0 out of 5 stars French Styling and Great Design Concept but Average Quality for the Money, 15 Mar 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
If I'm going to pay almost £25 for a decanter, I wouldn't expect a hand blown objet d'art, but I would expect the seam created by the mould process to have been polished out to at least attempt to give the impression of quality. I'm sure the technology exists to make the cheapest glass look at least modest.

On the positive side, the provided drinking glasses, which have that classic French daily table wine familiarity about them, sit atop the decanter nicely and can be tilted quite some angular distance before toppling out, making this a wonderfully practical and robust addition to any rustic table setting.

In short: great practical design, which IMHO, offers some real authenticity but poor quality finish to the decanter itself.

Dr. Martens Original Adult's 2976 Gaucho 11853201 11 Uk Regular
Dr. Martens Original Adult's 2976 Gaucho 11853201 11 Uk Regular
Price: £90.00

3.0 out of 5 stars Comfortable to wear but...., 2 Mar 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Unfortunately, the leather upper seems to be two-tone which gets worse as you use and walk in them more. So you end up with a dark toe and a much lighter inner area. Great if you're into spats.

Still, I decided to keep them and will polish them to help minimise the differences in leather tones

Roku 3 HD Streaming Player
Roku 3 HD Streaming Player
Price: £93.14

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant when it works, 2 Mar 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
My unit seems to work really well for the first film etc, and then starts to stall and/or the quality of picture diminishes. Roku Technical Support (RTS) have been great: very efficient and polite, and easily talked me through various steps to check settings etc. However after spending two long sessions in the chatroom, it's clear there's a problem with Roku network and bit-delivery or the unit itself is faulty - I'm running off a 30Mb Virgin Media broadband service which is regularly providing above 23Mb service, so should be great for the Roku 3.

Currently I suspect an overheating issue given that everything workd from cold very well and am awaiting an email from RTS level 2 for confirmation of a solution or replacement unit. If that doesn't transpire, I will have to send the unit back reluctantly via the Amazon reseller, because when it works, it's a lovely unit.

Will update as and when information allows

WRANGLER Men's Texas Stretch Straight Jeans, Dark Brown, W34/L34
WRANGLER Men's Texas Stretch Straight Jeans, Dark Brown, W34/L34
Price: £47.95

5.0 out of 5 stars Fit well, Comfortable and Look Great, 19 Feb 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Pleasantly surprised with the quality. They wash well, are really comfortable and as described. Will buy some more if I get the chance.

Miscellaneous IG-88 Dust Guard MISDUSTGUARD
Miscellaneous IG-88 Dust Guard MISDUSTGUARD

3.0 out of 5 stars Okay, but the tape supplied isn't tacky enough, 14 Feb 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This product is meant to keep dust out of rooms by sealing off entrances during dust creating periods whilst making access easy at other times as work proceeds, and as I was about to knock off old plaster back to brick and lath/plaster ceiling back to joists in a few rooms and then re-plaster them, I wanted to keep dust in fully functional rooms to a minimum and so bought two. When up and fixed around door apertures, this product has the feel of an orange tent door opening.

Solid, tough nylon material. The zips seem tough and good quality whilst the velcro fasteners (sealing bottom of flap to dustguard outer frame and door flap retaining strips) work well. The tape provided to attached the "dustguard" to the architrave of the door opening was poor though and I had to go out and buy some duct tape from Lidl which worked really well.

This requires users to work out which is the front of the unit (not specified), untie the door flap retainers and leave them dangling free at the back of the dustguard and the loops they thread into at the top, front (not specified). Users then have to attach the dustguard around the door aperture by means of the supplied black tape. With one person this was awkward. The instructions say that you have to overlap the dust guard and door frame/architrave half-and-half all the way around to provide a seal - applying to the top of the dustguard first. One also has to tape the bottom end of the dustguard as it meets the floor, so in all cases it's imperative that the area being taped to is clean and bone dry.

One-person installation is tricky if the tape provided performs poorly. In my case the tape didn't stick to the nylon material of the dustguard very well and kept slipping off, so I gave in trying to offer up the dustguard (with tape already attached) to the door frame/architrave as the instructions suggested. Alternatively, trying to offer up tape as you align the product to a door frame is troublesome, so I ended up cutting off bits of tape and using them to temporarily hold up the dustguard at the sides whilst I sealed the join between the dustguard and the top of the frame/architrave. After struggling with the first dustguard which was peeling away from the door and the provided tape, I went out and purchased some decent duct tape and re-sealed/went over everything again. This time I was able to secure the dust guard to the frame without it coming away from the door frame/architrave.

The second dust guard went up much more easily with the better quality duct tape and I proceeded as per instructions in no time - especially after having worked out from the first installation that the door flap retainers needed to be un-looped and left to dangle free at the back of the dustguard.

Suggested Improvements
(1) Better tape. Perhaps the duct tape provided in my case was old or part of a bad batch, but if not, then better tape needs to be provided.
(2) Label the dustguard "top" and "front". This isn't immediately apparent on first usage and it wouldn't hurt to label them.
(3) Leave the door flap retainers (simple straps sewn into the top of the dustguard) dangling. Or tell people in the instructions that these have to be unlooped and the dustguard positions to they rest at the rear of the installation (door frame/architrave side).

Adequate and only on the box itself, but could better explain a few things that aren't immediately apparent. There are some washing instruction labels sewn into the dustguard which is great.

(1) The dustguard is meant for multiple use (having washing labels imply this), but the manufacturers only supply enough duct tape for one use. That's not a criticism because it would be unreasonable to expect a limitless supply for limitless usage. However, I'd recommend you go out and but some decent duct tape going on my experience.
(2) Un-loop the flap retainers before trying to install the dustguard.
(3) Make sure everything you're trying to tape to (especially the floor) is clean and dry
(4) Once installed and when using the dustguard proper, ALWAYS hold the bottom part of the unit that's taped to the floor when pulling the door flap away from the velcro retaining strip. Otherwise you'll simply pull the unit away from the floor.
(5) Keep the boxes in order to store the dustguard for later use. Not just to protect it, but because the instructions are on the box.

Final Word
I have given this product an initial 3-stars. I am currently embarking on some building work and have just installed these so will await a couple of weeks use and some washing of the unit before settling on a final mark. I suspect it will stay at 3-stars or improve to 4-stars. The supply of poor quality tape negates 5-stars.

I don't think you could make something similar to this for the same price given materials, labour and design time and so the dustguard offers good value for money IMO.

Offered by Pick 'n' Choose
Price: £10.49

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Fundamentally Flawed Design - which is a shame!, 26 Nov 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
EDIT (14 Feb 2013) - First of all, big up to Digitalis Direct who sold me the original unit (I gave then 5-stars in the seller review). They tested a replacement and got out a fully functional unit within a week. They were polite and professional, and I have total confidence in their business ethic and so will use them again. The replacement unit they provided was working really well until last week - even with alkaline batteries, but here's the thing with the flawed design of this unit, when alkaline batteries leak, gravity and capillary action dictates that the fluids produced have to go somewhere. In my case, these fluids, after only an hour's charging of fairly new Sony alkalines, found a route into the circuit board of the unit and shorted out some key components rendering it useless. There was a slight smell produced and some heat generated at the power end almost burning a hole in the plastic base. This might explain some reviewers experiencing their units "blowing up".

I think when the unit works, it works really well. However, the unit requires being used upside down to prevent the possibility of fluids expunged from alkaline batteries entering the circuitry and damaging it. I think this is an unfortunate but fundamental design flaw that requires an urgent re-design from Lloytron for the sake of their innocent resellers/retailers and customers. I'm not going to demand my money back off Digitalis Direct as I think they are just as much victims of this design as I was - so two failed units wil end up in the bin where they belong.

I was going to re-draft and update the summary below of the first unit I had which didn't work with alkalines, but I won't bother now as I see that as pointless given my findings above. However, I have added some "EDITs" at the bottom of relevant sections.

I have downgraded my 2-star verdict and replaced it with a 1-star.

Build Quality
Firstly, I don't agree with some comments on here suggesting the exterior quality of this unit is cheap. I think for the money, the quality of the plastic is perfectly adequate and reasonable. The lid fits snugly and although some contributors think this is too stiff, I think it's not detrimental to two-handed operation at all. The unit is compact and unobtrusive, and thus easy to stowaway in a drawer.

One of the best things about this charger is the LCD indicator unit which shows the state of each battery being recharged. For each battery there are three levels of charge and each level being charged flashes to let you know the battery is still being charged. Once a single battery is fully charged the level indicator for that battery stops flashing and once all batteries have successfully charged, the charger, along with the LCD backlit screen, switches off. However, if the unit falls into error mode even for just one battery, the LCD backlit screen remains on indefinitely until the unit is switched off. As the specifications on Amazon suggest, the unit only charges up to 4 AA or AAA batteries at a time, so don't expect to charge C, D, PP3 or any other type of battery other than AA/AAA. However, the instructions on the exterior of the box suggest PP3 9V batteries can be charged. This just isn't true.

Now the operation of the unit:

Alkaline batteries
I'm not impressed with my first unit. Not a single alkaline battery, whether these be new, old (but with some initial charge and not leaking) or recently used, whether these be generic or named brands, actually charge without the Lloytron B1550 going into "error" mode within a few minutes. This could be normal operation for alkaline batteries but nothing in the poor instructions states this. These were a mixture of AA and AAA batteries.

EDIT - replacement unit worked well until fluids leaked into circuitry fatally damaging it

Rechargeable batteries
Of the 8 rechargeable batteries I've attempted to recharge, 4 Duracell 1700 mAh charged without invoking an error on the unit. However, out of 4 Lidl branded AAA 900 mAh batteries, only 2 managed to recharge without invoking an error.

EDIT - replacement unit worked well with all re-chargeables I tried

There are instructions on the outside of the box itself as well as more comprehensive instructions by way of 4 sides of a folded piece of A4 paper - which in my case were crumpled and shoved into the box, which, and given the state of the box, led me to think that I'd been sent a used item. In terms of general usage, these instructions are perfectly adequate and the safety warnings on recharging alkalines are perfectly good. But when there's an issue with the unit, they are really poor with little or no troubleshooting advice. Furthermore, and apart from the individual charging indicators, the LCD screen offers three states: "CHG", "ERROR" and "DISCHG". The instructions say nothing about the "DISCHG" state at all, whilst it's open to conjecture as to what this actually means when the unit is operating. I put in some very old batteries that were completely dead (i.e. discharged) and the "DISCHG" indicator wasn't invoked. So I'm wondering if this is a standard LCD unit that's used for a higher specification charger. Anyone's guess really.

I've written to my supplier asking for clarification on the operational/fault issues outlined above and will await their response before returning the unit as faulty. As it stands my unit only works for a small percentage of batteries. Well that's just not good enough hence my 2 star rating. However, I believe this unit has great potential and if I'm able to replace this faulty one and recharge alkalines as well as ALL my rechargeables, then I will re-issue this review to the good. However, if I'm told my unit is operationally sound, then it will be returned as not-fit-for-purpose supported by misleading operational claims and specifications, culminating in the star-rating being reduced to 1.

EDIT - my supplier, Digitalis Direct, were excellent and I highly recommend them for the time, effort and professionalism they applied to trying to resolve the issue. They promptly sent me a fully tested product which worked really well until the Lloytron design flaw came into play - please refer to top of review.
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First4Spares Eco Friendly Wood Burning Stove Heat Powered Warm Air Nickel Fan
First4Spares Eco Friendly Wood Burning Stove Heat Powered Warm Air Nickel Fan
Offered by The Efficiency People
Price: £48.95

1 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Well made product + great so far, 4 Nov 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is a quality product; well made and solidly put together. It is near silent in operation and not obtrusive or noticeable at all when watching television or having a conversation.

All members of my family have experienced an improvement in the distribution of hot air around the stove room which is approximately 1449 cubic ft.

I will continue to use it before committing myself to a full review hence the 4-stars. If it continues to behave this positively and maintains reliability over the winter months then I will update this review to 5-stars accordingly.

So far very impressed.

No Title Available

1.0 out of 5 stars Simply Awful, 4 Nov 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I purchased these through an Amazon Marketplace seller. The manufacturing tolerances on these are clearly wrong whilst the head itself is poor. When my wife tried the first of a package of brush heads, she couldn't remove it after finishing. In order to use our Oral-B toothbrush again I had to use a significant amount of force to prise this cheap rubbish off our expensive unit. I fear I may have damaged the spindle and spindle bearing in doing so. After immediately putting in a returns application, I went straight out and bought some real Oral-B heads from a High Street retailer which slip on and off our unit as they should, and actually clean our teeth.

Since then I have put in a claim through Amazon for various reasons and they have responded positively and courteously.

Some may argue that I should have tried another head from the batch. I would reject this argument on the basis that if I was lucky enough not to damage the spindle/spindle bearing on the first one, it would be foohardy of me to risk damaging it a second time if the force required to remove it was comparable with, or even worse than, the first head.

Lesson learnt - 1. It's a false economy to buy cheap toothbrush heads that are ineffectual at best and that may ultimately also damage your main toothbrush unit, which I hope holds up for a few more years, at worst.

Lesson learnt - 2. This is even more important. You can't put a price on personal oral health and hygiene. You read from reviews on here suggesting that generic heads often (1) collapse into your mouth risking choking, (2) pinch lips and gums or (3) are just too soft and thus ineffectual at cleaning. I'd rather go without treats from the supermarket in order to afford the real thing for the safety of my family. Amazon should discourage or ban the sale of poor quality products that are important in the upkeep of general health and hygiene.

Trust 11-14 inch Laptop Carry Bag
Trust 11-14 inch Laptop Carry Bag

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Good for the money, 13 Jan 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This item is not the highest quality and could do with more padding, but it has adequate extra space for documents and operational extras. I suspect because the inner linings, wallets and pen/equipment holders are made of vinyl, these will probably rip over time as they are not fabric strengthened.

The outer zips seem robust, although mine could be a little smoother to operate.

However, with careful use, this product should last the lifetime of an average netbook/notebook, and thus for the money, is good value.

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