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Ken Grew "Ken Grew" (Sussex, England)

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Dominate Your Ground
Dominate Your Ground
by Mark I'Anson
Edition: Paperback

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4.0 out of 5 stars A valuable book, 3 July 2013
This review is from: Dominate Your Ground (Paperback)
I've met Mark a few times over the last year at property meetings, so please note that I am not a close friend who is helping him to promote. The book has been written as I would have expected by him: friendly, personable & down-to-earth with nothing complicated or pretentious. What also comes over is his integrity and desire to help. Patently he was a trained salesman, but he doesnt try too hard & he is not one for hype or unrealistic expectations.

As a sales trainer myself, I can say unequivocally that his explanations, questions to ask and networking principles are excellent. In fact he even uses one of my favourite questions that I thought I had exclusive use of; "on a scale of 10, how happy are you with xxx? What would take you from that to 10 out of 10? This along with his infantry work in getting mailshots delivered is where he excels & this content isnt covered by others who work the property networking/presenting circuit. In fact its why I got the book - his B2C training is more recent than mine & a few months ago he recommended a different room layout when discussing a deal in someone's home, & how to position yourself. I would therefore have liked more information on this area & to make the book even more helpful perhaps some scenarios/ body language to be aware of.

There are a few typo errors but I am a bit pedantic about this, and some of the sections seem a bit disjointed and perhaps needing more of a "signposting" at the beginning of each chapter.

Nevertheless, its a valuable book and one that I would recommend to anyone new to the industry or anyone who wants to improve at lead generation.

Ian Muir
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Art of Contrary Thinking
Art of Contrary Thinking
by Humphrey B Neill
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.69

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4.0 out of 5 stars Its all still valid, 10 May 2011
Its not about revolutionary thinking. Its an easy to read 200 page book originally written in 1954 & updated several times since, and is predominantly about the stock market.

It confirms the thought that you shouldnt follow the crowd as they are usually wrong at the tops and bottoms of the market. If, like me, you trade the markets then you will know this, and have probably fallen foul of emotional trading. In fact only last week, gold and silver in particular shook out the market with a big reversal of the bull-market trend, so an enormous amount of money was lost by speculators.

What struck me was that many points made in the book remain SO important, and which personally Ive only recently learned. Notably, dont believe economists as they are usually wrong. Dont increase the supply of money as it leads to inflation and DOESNT solve current economic problems. Dont bail out failed companies.

Now, why have politicans ignored this information for decades? If they had read this wise book, Western economies wouldnt now be looking into a financial abyss. Instead, the buffoons like Bernanke & Brown (thank goodness he has been kicked out of office) continue to destroy our future prosperity.

The End of the Party
The End of the Party
by Andrew Rawnsley
Edition: Paperback
Price: £12.08

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5.0 out of 5 stars fiction couldnt be as intriguing, 8 April 2011
This review is from: The End of the Party (Paperback)
Subtitled the rise and fall of New Labour. Its over 800 pages, including 100 pages of references, and its is indeed as Jeremy Vine quoted "it reads like a thriller", and "a feast of high politics and low behaviour" by A Gimson of the Telegraph.

Unbelievably good journalism and sources. Absolutely fascinating read of the story behind the scenes, the characters involved, why decisions were made, or werent in many of the cases.

Its not a revelation that Gordon Brown was in fact totally unsuited to the role of PM; as an aside, in my opinion he should have been sacked as Chancellor 2 years after taking office for his undermining of Blair (confirmed in detail in the book, but the author doesnt give his opinion) and incompetence in selling a massive chunk of our gold reserves at the LOWEST point possible, but it was staggering to read that behind the scenes the man was even more unpleasant, underhand, indecisive, foul-tempered, selfish, mendacious, arrogant, bullying, machiavellian and socially inept than even I had imagined (was that enough negative adjectives? Perhaps a single one would suffice, but that isnt publishable here).

Apart from the book never explaining why everyone including the author seems to have been impressed with Brown's intellect despite the above failings, and when I believe he will be proved to have been wrong about just about everything, is my only disappointment with the book. However, this is due to my long-standing loathing of Brown, and desire to see him locked in the Tower of London, as the author has patently not written a critique of the personalities.

There is so much insight about Nu-Lab and the, largely useless, bunch of inept ministers surrounding the 2 main protagonists, that its a relief that the content is now in the open. Hopefully none of them will ever again darken the corridors of power and influence let alone be making decisions on behalf of the electorate.

This is a brilliant book that has to be essential reading for anyone who is interested in politics. As a great public service, I hope it helps more members of the electorate to be less trusting of, and less compliant with politicians of any party.

The Snowman: A Harry Hole thriller (Oslo Sequence 5)
The Snowman: A Harry Hole thriller (Oslo Sequence 5)
by Jo Nesbo
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars brilliant, 8 April 2011
Quoted on the cover as being "the next Stieg Larsson". Well, its based in Scandinavia (Norway), and its outstandingly good, with somewhat odd main characters, so there is some similarity.

Terrific holiday read. Gripping - I couldnt put the book down. Cleverly thought out and an impressively wide range of research for the story. The ending is just so tense. Absolutely un-putdownable. If you enjoyed "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" you will certainly enjoy this. Personally I prefer "The Snowman", its that good.

The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine
The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine
by Michael Lewis
Edition: Paperback
Price: £6.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Banks are confirmed incompetents, 8 April 2011
Mr Lewis wrote the best seller Liars Poker a few years back (an entertaining and enlightening read), about his time working in the "casino" banking business. This new book is his review of the events leading up to the current banking crisis (it hasnt finished yet, but the author hasnt discussed this).

Its a thoroughly entertaining and a brilliant insight into the crash and what the hell are the finacial Weapons of Mass Destruction eg credit default swaps etc.

The book traces back the stories of a few key people who foresaw the impending crash and traces the problems they were faced with in understanding the products and proving their instincts were correct. In other words, these were the geniuses who "shorted" the incomprehensible market that was in fact also rigged, and ended up making fortunes.

Interestingly the main characters are all somewhat bizarre and largely anti-social, which probably explains why they were able to concentrate and focus on detailed analysis, unlike senior bankers and authorities!!!

Dismantle the banks, and fire all the authorities for being complicit & incompetent. Oops, rant starting, but I wish Mr Lewis had drawn conclusions and recorded his recommendations.

False Economy: A Surprising Economic History of the World
False Economy: A Surprising Economic History of the World
by Alan Beattie
Edition: Paperback
Price: £9.99

5.0 out of 5 stars outstanding, 8 April 2011
Wide-ranging and entertaining, even for someone, like me, who has never had much interest in history.

It provides a great background as to why international trade carries on like it does, where it does. My favourite chapters were subtitled "why did Argentina succed and the US stall?", "why dont Islamic countries get rich?", "why doesnt Africa grow cocaine?". The answers are surprising.


Apathy for the Devil
Apathy for the Devil
by Nick Kent
Edition: Paperback
Price: £8.99

4.0 out of 5 stars entertaining story behind the 70s music scene, 8 April 2011
This review is from: Apathy for the Devil (Paperback)
Recommended for anyone interested in 70's rock music. The author was a key journalist at NME who interviewed and "hung around with" key characters of the time, including Keith Richards, Iggy Pop, to Led Zep and the Sex Pistols.

Entertainingly compulsive account of the music scene in the 70's, and the authors encounters with most of the key players of the time. Also disturbing reading when you read the scale of the drugs, manipulation and at times the violence behind the music scene.

At the time, being a follower of the over-indulgent prog-rock scene, where most of the bands were hugely talented musicians, I didnt understand the popularity of Punk as it rose during the late 70's. Some of the authors experiences with the human detritus within the punk movement and the likes of the execrable Sid Vicious were truly scary.

The Eye Of The Leopard
The Eye Of The Leopard
by Henning Mankell
Edition: Paperback
Price: £8.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars not Wallander, but an excellent book, 8 April 2011
This review is from: The Eye Of The Leopard (Paperback)
Lets make it clear, if you are looking for a detective/Wallander story, then this book isnt for you. However it is an excellent read.

There are some particularly good reviews here that give you more of the background to the characters, so I wont duplicate, other than to suggest that you read them.

Is there a greater contrast of life than the move from Sweden to Zambia? This is what makes the book so interesting. The picture of Zambia is a dark and frankly depressing one. I suspect though that reality was close to the description, so its no criticism of the country or its people, but just how extraordinarily different are the cultures of the west and of Zambia (Africa as a whole?), and how the cultures manifestly distrust each other, why this is so, and how they react to each other.

The effects of malaria, endemic corruption (it is stated in the book that the corruption in Sweden is just more subtle, although not discussed in detail), racism, mutual distrust, loneliness, superstition, bloody violence and subsequent fear create a tense thriller, described as "psychological". It certainly makes you think, and want to ask many questions. Maybe it helps one understand the dark continent? Certainly it is thought provoking. Actually, its a scary (315 page) story.

Firenze Straight Electric Heated Towel Rail H1200mm W400mm
Firenze Straight Electric Heated Towel Rail H1200mm W400mm

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars hot stuff, 21 Feb. 2011
Good heat output, looks excellent even in a designer bathroom as the quality of the chrome is decent and its a great price.

Cannot fault it.

Man Sets Fire To Friends Head
Man Sets Fire To Friends Head
by John Harrison
Edition: Paperback

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Genius, 21 Feb. 2011
Mr Harrison is probably the UKs most successful copywriter. His company, some readers may know, is Streetwise Marketing. He has written a number of "books", and they are all superb.

The format for all his "books" is the same. They are in fact collections of his rants and observations, which are brilliantly and without exception, humourously crafted into business lessons. Each rant/lesson is only 3-4 pages long. The idea of the books came from using a collection of his blog rants from which which I think he donated the proceeds to charity, but obviously it gave him an additional marketing exposure.

Its ideal to dip into. There's no theory. Just practical, no-nonsense ideas on how a business person should look at things to create their marketing edge.

As a similarly aged, frequently grumpy middle-aged northern git with a marketing background, I am in awe of this guy. I roll around laughing whilst reading his introductory rant, then marvel at how he turns each one into a practically applied idea or "lesson" for a budding entrepreneur.

I cannot recommend his books highly enough. They are, in my opinion, THE best business books Ive read. They vary in numbers of pages. Usually 150-300. This one is 160.

His other books include
The Toilet Pan Millionaire
How to stop working and make a million pounds instead
The Money making secrets of a funfair goldfish
and his most recent; The money making confessions of a semi-formal tramp.

I cannot differentiate the books so cannot say give a specific review. Suffice to say, if you see them available, snap them up.

Oh, and I am neither related to nor have any social connection with Mr Harrison and nor have I had my arm-twisted or been given any incentive whatsoever for writing this. My enthusiasm is because I believe that his books are simply brilliant.

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