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Letters to Steve: Inside the E-mail Inbox of Apple's Steve Jobs
Letters to Steve: Inside the E-mail Inbox of Apple's Steve Jobs
Price: £1.99

5.0 out of 5 stars decent for the price, 24 Aug. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Very enjoyable, wish there had been more to it! I'm a huge fan of Steve and found this quick look an amusing and informative read.

Samsung Galaxy SIII UK SIM-Free Smartphone - Pebble Blue (16GB) - Discontinued by manufacturer
Samsung Galaxy SIII UK SIM-Free Smartphone - Pebble Blue (16GB) - Discontinued by manufacturer
Offered by Mobile Express UK
Price: £149.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Powerful, great battery life, with a great screen!, 30 April 2013
I've been using my S3 for almost 5 months now - it was given to me as a work phone through my employer, but has become an essential tool in my everyday life, both professional and personal.

I've owned a number of Android 'flagship' phones, including the previous iteration, the S2, and a number of HTC phones, so I'm very familiar with the operating system and how they work. I came to this off the back of owning and using an iPhone 5, so can be objective when it comes to the market.

First up - the look and feel of the device. It's a beautiful device, light, very slim and sits nicely in your hand (I don't have huge hands, but have no problem navigating around the huge screen the device has). The screen stays remarkably smudge free, and the back of the case is so shiny you could use it as a mirror should you wish.

Next - the operating system. I'm currently running Android Jelly Bean on this, and have only had a few freezes or glitches - but then I do tend to have about 15-20 apps I flick backwards and forwards on, as well as running emails, Twitter, Facebook and eBay in the background. The phone is quick to load all apps (perhaps not as fast as the iPhone 5 in fairness) and the Google Play Store has come on in leaps and bounds since it's inception a few years ago - the app collection is pretty decent, if not quite as good as Apple's offering.

Camera - the camera on the S3 is fantastic, and seems to work fairly well in low light situations as well. It's easily as good as the iPhone 5's, and the larger screen makes capturing pictures even more enjoyable. It's shutter mechanism and onboard RAM means you can snap off quite a few pictures in a few seconds, great for action shots.

Battery Life - this is where it really shines. With Wifi and GPS on, and with heavy use of graphics-intensive apps (Virtua Tennis etc) for a few hours a day, the phone still has 50% of battery by the time I'm home. I leave the power-saving mode on as this seems to help, and dims the screen when not being used, but it still keeps going. The S3 definitely trumps the iPhone 5 in this regard, and when you travel a lot like I do with work, it's hugely important.

Call Quality - no issues here either, it's been crisp and clear since day one, unless in a poor signal area, and very few phones manage this well (bar Blackberries perhaps).

Overall - definitely a phone I'd happily recommend. The size might put some people off, but it's so light and slim that you honestly don't notice it in your pocket at times. All in all, a great product, and I'm curious to see how Samsung top it with the S4!
Summary: A fantastic phone, and a real challenge to the domination of Apple.

Apple 11-inch MacBook Air (Intel Dual Core i5 1.7GHz, 4GB RAM, 64GB Flash Memory, HD Graphics 4000, OS X Lion)
Apple 11-inch MacBook Air (Intel Dual Core i5 1.7GHz, 4GB RAM, 64GB Flash Memory, HD Graphics 4000, OS X Lion)

6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars No longer the weakling of the Mac family..., 30 April 2013
I've been the proud owner of a Macbook Air for almost 5 months now, travelling with it on a regular basis and plugging it into a 24" Mac display when I'm in the office. An avid Mac user for a decade now, for both business and personal reasons, it's been the go-to choice for me whenever I've had the chance, so when I was asked what machine I'd like for my new job (and given a budget of £1k), I jumped at the chance to try out the Air.

I have the standard 1.7 GHz 11inch model, with upgraded RAM (8GB) and SSD (128GB). I update it regularly without issue and spend about 9-10 hours a day using it - so I think I'm well qualified to pass judgement on it - heck, I'm writing this review on it!

I'm going to try and highlight 2 instances of use in this review - office use and travelling - the Air performs admirably in both, but you'll see some differences between them that might help you make up your mind as to whether the Air's a suitable laptop for your needs.

Price - not so much an issue for me as this is a work device, but the Air isn't cheap. The basic 11" model starts at £849 and climbs right up £1200 for the 13" inch model, but I'll say straight off the bat, you don't need the 13" model unless you have terrible eyesight - the 11" screen is beautifully crisp and more than adequate.

Look & Feel - some people would jump on my back for this comment, but it's very true, even to the point where people try to duplicate Apple's style. Simply put, this is the most beautiful laptop you've ever seen. Everywhere I've taken it it's had admiring glances - from night flights where people have noted it's backlit keyboard, to the London Tube system. Admittedly, that might've been some scamp eyeing it up to nick it, but still - there's no denying this is a desirable machine. However, desire without practicality is nothing, but the build quality is outstanding, as I find with all Apple products I own. It's incredibly light, slim and easily carried in a handbag/man-bag/rucksack. It can take a few knocks as well - believe me on this!

The Keyboard - a hugely over-looked feature on ultraportables. Many reviews claim the Air to have one of the best, if not the best, keyboard around - and I won't argue with them there. Whether I'm sat at my desk, or sat with it on my lap, it continues to type beautifully. The 'chiclet' keyboard you see so often now on laptops has been superbly designed, with the keys having the perfect amount of travel. My one critique here? I've got a crumb of something under my P key, and it's almost impossible to get it out - repeated crunching of the key in the hope it will break down said crumb seems to have done the trick, but still. It's also backlit, a huge bonus for those of us that work late into the night, or sit on a night flight struggling to hit the right keys.

The Trackpad - again another over-looked feature, but the Air's trackpad (and in fairness, all the Macbook Pros trackpads are the same) is top notch. The glass is slick and stays smudge free, and the multi-touch features work beautifully.

The Screen - not a hugely impressive resolution here (1366x768), but the screen is still beautiful. Lovely and crisp, whether your working on Excel documents or catching an HD movie, it's perfectly adequate.

Processing Power - I work heavily with intensive programs like Photoshop and InDesign - modifying large files that are over a GB, so this was my one concern with the Air. I needn't have worried - the 8GB RAM and SSD drive fly through the tasks in hand, coupled with a deceptively speed processor. I moved from a basic Macbook Pro to the Air, and was dreading the slowdown, but the SSD and increased RAM really do make a difference. It would struggle with video processing I'd imagine - but then those of you looking to do that on the go will probably be after the big brother to the Air, the 17" Macbook Pro. All in all, very impressed, multitasking across 2 screens with no lag or noticable slow down. It's more than fast enough for 90% of computer users, and the super quick boot up (> 20 seconds) and instant wake from sleep is a blessing for the busy worker.

Battery Life - This is the one area the Air lets me down in - but then I don't think I'm really using it under optimum conditions. I'm usually sat with the Air connected to a 24" Mac display, so it's pushing 2 screens of images out whilst charging a few USB devices, on maximum brightness and with Wifi on. Generally I'd get about 4-5 hours in that situation, but it ups to about 7-8 when I'm just on the Air itself with screen dimmed slightly and the wifi off.

Operating System - I'm sure there are reviews of Mountain Lion out there, so I won't touch on this too much. Having used the Mac OS for the last 10 years or so, it's come on in leaps and bounds, and is still the most productive OS for my needs (creative).

Overall: Whilst the Air is no doubt an expensive machine, it's well worth the bang for buck in my opinion. You get a powerful, compact machine that's great for travelling with, but equally as comfortable in an office or completing your usual day to day tasks. The trackpad and keyboard only serve to help matters and makes using the Air for long periods comfortable. All in all, it's a fantastic machine that I'd highly recommend to anyone with the budget looking for an ultra-portable with great power.
Summary: A fantastic laptop for the regular traveller or student looking for a bit of portable power.

Apple iPhone 5 - 16GB Black - SIM Free
Apple iPhone 5 - 16GB Black - SIM Free
Offered by Superior- Deals
Price: £229.99

13 of 16 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Industry-leading for a reason!, 30 April 2013
So, the iPhone 5 - the 'wonder' phone. Possibly the most-desired phone amongst the 14-35 year old market. I say market, but the beauty of the iPhone is that it can be customised to suit all ages, and used by all ages.

I should start by stating I no longer use my iPhone 5, selling it when work gave me a Samsung Galaxy S3 (I've also reviewed that here if you'd like to see my opinion on that too). What I should also state is that for the first few days after selling it, I didn't miss it. That soon changed after a few days turned into a few weeks, and I realised how reliant I was on it for my day to day (and business ,to some extent) needs.

I've tried to remain objective here, as it does have it's flaws, so i'll give you an honest opinion on the device and whether it would suit your needs! As with my other reviews, I'll try to break it down into easy to manage sections so you can see how it stacks up to the competition.

Look/Feel - I still don't think there's any other phone on the market that tops the iPhone for design. There are those that come close, the S3 (I don't think the S4 is an improvement on the S3 design, rather a step back) and the HTC One (which is almost a carbon copy design wise), but Apple have long been known as market leaders in their design, and it certainly shows here. They've taken the 4S and slimmed it down even further, whilst extending the screen slightly. The chamfered edges mean it's smooth to hold, and it's surprisingly light, whilst retaining a good weight to it.

Build Quality - Again, impeccable bar 2 small niggles I have. The build quality in some areas is unbelievable - for instance you can't tell there's a joint between the screen and the edge of the phone. The device feels solidly built and the addition of the aluminium back, ala the unibody MacBooks/Airs, makes you feel like your holding a high-end device (which you are!). Sadly, there are a few let downs to the build quality, one of which I'm convinced wouldn't have occurred had the late Mr Jobs still been around when the final product was produced. Firstly, the aluminium back means it scratches easily, and the chamfered edges are prone to the odd nick should you drop it - so you'll want to wrap it up in a case. *Bonus Note* - the Incipio Feather case is excellent at preventing these nicks, and slimline so as to not detract from the outline of the iPhone 5. Secondly, the camera shutter shakes - and this is apparently a design flaw. I noticed a slight rattling noise in my IP5 after a few days of use when I had it up to my ear, so took it into the Apple store in Covent Garden. 'No, sir' the blue-shirted attendant told me, 'they all do that, it's the camera shutter' - he was right, a bit of googling found similar reports. To me, this is a sign of degrading build quality within the company - not something I've seen in any products Apple have produced since then, but to have this within their flagship device is a terrible let down. Some people won't notice or mind this too much, but it became a real issue for me.

Screen - the iPhone 5 has a retina screen much the same as the 4S has, and it's a beauty. Images pop with fantastic clarity and definition and the increased screen size may seem large at first, but you soon get used to it and wonder how you ever managed without the additional screen size. Pictures look beautiful, and text is lovely and crisp, really noticable when reading text on internet sites or an eBook. Tech geeks (and I do consider myself one) will scoff at the IP5's relatively 'small' screen size, but one of the things Apple does well is take industry-leading specs, like larger screens, and puts them in a mass-produced phone to make it an industry-standard for all phones.

Camera - the camera on the iPhone 5 is a significant improvement over the 4S. The 8MP auto-focus back-facing camera is a revelation, taking beautifully clear, sharp images in almost all conditions. The addition of the front-facing FaceTime HD 1.2MP camera also helps immensely, from FaceTime calls to the ever-popular usage as a makeup mirror (not that I've done that...) The shutter speed is nice and quick, allowing you to snap off a few pictures quickly, indeed far quicker than what previous iPhone models have allowed, which is a subtle but nice addition.

Operating System - iOS 6 is the OS on all iPhone 5s, and again, I'm sure this has been reviewed elsewhere, so I won't go into too much depth here. iOS is still the leading OS on a mobile for me, and it's ease of use and simplicity is unparalleled in the mobile world. Everyone, from 5 year olds to 85 year olds will be able to pick up an iPhone and use it quickly, it's that intuitive. If you'd like a more in-depth review of the OS, i'd highly recommend checking out Engadget's review of it here: [...]

Day to Day Use - my IP5 was my primary device for EVERYTHING until I got rid of it. It handled all my emails, calls, messages, Skype conversations, music (Spotify), running (Nike+) and gaming (for the tube ride home). Unfortunately, this meant the battery took a beating, and often from a full 100% in the morning (around 8am), I'd be down to about 25% by the time I got home in the evenings. That was with wifi turned on in fairness, and at 90% screen brightness, but still, the S3 outperforms it admirably here. I'd advise having a spare cable at the office if you don't want to get caught with a flat battery.

Conclusion: The iPhone 5 is the market-leading smartphone for a reason - it's an incredible phone. It is expensive, but your buying into the brand, and getting a superb OS on top of a beautifully designed phone. Those after something that allows for more flexibility and customisation would be better suited to an Android phone (S3 would still be my choice over the more expensive S4), but if you'd like something that can do everything in a simple and efficient manner, whilst looking beautiful, the iPhone 5 is the phone for you.
Summary: A fantastic mobile with only a few downsides.

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