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Fallout 3: The Official Strategy Guide
Fallout 3: The Official Strategy Guide
by Future Press
Edition: Paperback

5.0 out of 5 stars A MUST buy!! For all Fallout3 owners, 1 July 2009
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I have played the game Fallout3 over fifteen times and have taken six months to do this. I thought I knew most of the secrets and ways of playing this game. Wrong!! One is never too old to learn. I have found out that the guide is a varitable gold mine of information. And has shown me stuff I had no idear exsisted. Hats off to the author and and makers of the game. No wonder it took four years to develope!!

Far Cry 2 (PC)
Far Cry 2 (PC)
Offered by passionFlix UK
Price: 2.87

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1.0 out of 5 stars DRM???, 29 Oct 2008
= Fun:1.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Far Cry 2 (PC) (Video Game)
The one star rating is because without a star at all this would not be posted!!
First I must excuse my ignorrance at not knowing what this new DRM or DDRM is. And by the sounds of this, Securom has something to do with a very weak attempt by the producers to try and stamp out piracy!!! Forget it lads. Some of you "boffins" might think you can outsmart the smart guys with your new way of securing your games.
It is not going to happen!!! The hackers in this world given time can get into the best protected systems. FBI accounts, CIA data bases, IRS accounts, they have even cracked a few military data bases, ( I have used all american instances simply becasue they are always plastered on the front page stories and hits all channel headline news when it happens ) so with your information, for them is just like having a small bite of a hot pocket in between the real hacking stuff to take their minds off the real world of data theft.
I have a modest collection of PURCHASED games I have collected over the years. And play them over and over again with relavant pauses between playing them. I was going to indulge and purchase Far Cry 2. But after reading all the reviews about its activation problems, limited use etc, I will not be adding this to my collection. I like many other honest gamers think, once I have paid my money for an item, it is mine. Mine to do with as I please, within the realms of normal useage. If I want to install uninstall a dozen times that is my and my peroagative alone. If I put it on the shelve and wipe away the dust two years later I expect it to run after putting in an activation code supplied at the time of purchase.
Not to find out the firm has gone into liquidation and the data base where all the activation codes are stored no longer exsists. And how do you get by if you do not have internet connection, UBI soft??? Not everybody does!!! How do your customers activate their dearly paid for item?
Dont tell me! over the phone with an automated answering system that no normal speaking person can understand, degraded after thousands and thousands of playbacks, after having pressed twelve keys odd to finally get to the place where the code is given over the phone. And! oh boy! suprise suprise, repeat the whole blasted thing if you misunderstood or did not catch one of the digits to be entered.
Then get a big fat telephone bill at the end of the month for all your troubles, no thanks.
I would just like to thank all those who have given me insight as to what to expect if I had purchased this game or any in future for that fact with this new type of copy protection.
For all of those who don't care as to how transparent their lives become, try to look at it this way, do not play any demo's and flip past reviews to do with such a game or whatever and what you don't see or here about you cannot miss. And look forward to another release from producers who still employs people who want to earn a living and not one who employs lots of I know better than you types on how to shaft its customers best.

A great pity really, Far Cry original was a blaster of a game, top marks for all its aspects. Far Cry 2 might be just as good, I will never know, but what I don't have I cannot miss.


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