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Some Girls Bite (Chicagoland Vampires Series)
Some Girls Bite (Chicagoland Vampires Series)
by Chloe Neill
Edition: Audio CD

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1.0 out of 5 stars I don't get the hype. Trite & uninspired. Trying too hard to be fresh, 25 April 2011
Lord, I couldn't even finish. I couldn't bare it. Esp. after just finished the solidly written Kate Daniels Series by Ilona Andrews ( Buffy fans).

I felt like this was written for underestimated young adults.

Why are these 28 yr. old WOMEN (Merit the MC & Mallory her BF - who are working on a dissertation & in advertising respectively) describing these vampires who are double, triple & quadruple their own ages as "boys"??

As in ...."I'd assumed there'd be time for boys after" or, "Before that moment, before watching him walk toward me, I'd been a normal girl. If I saw a boy I found attractive, I might smile. I might, on the rare occasion, say hello or give someone my phone number. I wouldn't say I was forward, but I made a move when I was interested. But something about this boy, maybe mixed with the fact that I'd recently become a vampire, made every molecule in my body tingle."

Merit is not a girl & these men are certainly not boys.

It's just....IDK, staggeringly immature writing.

Speaking of immature - Merit, Malloy, Mallory's boyfriend...yeah all very shallow so far. Unrealistically drawn with overplayed convenient responses & excuses to people & situations which actually don't make sense.


Mallory's reaction to Merit becoming a vamp is basically - "So cool! You're a vamp!" & this is b'c she's a huge fan of all things paranormal & studies it obsessively. However, when she finds out she a few days later that she also happens to be the highest level of witch out there, her reaction is so underwhelming I was left scratching my head.

The lack or originality in creating Merit's entire environment is just plain poor ( & I mean Merit's way too convenient life).

So uh lemme' see.... the Master of one of the most powerful houses happens to be there when she's attacked, thereby saving her life & turning her. OK I can buy that for the setup of the book but then it gets absurd.

Apparently, she is very strong for a newbie & everyone can tell she is going to be extremely powerful. All of a sudden, her roomie ends up being this unparalleled high level witch. Her "liege" is Mr.Darcy style reluctantly yet heavily attracted to her in spite her challenging him off the bat in front of a entire house of vampires. Amazingly after that fiasco, he offers her the job of being his consort.

Oh yeah...her gramps is this head honcho CIA-lite for the supernatural on the down low & hooks her up to train w/a major sorcerer & shifter. Of course she's good looking...can control her hunger...

Come on! Give me a break.

Bottom line is I'm finding it flat & extremely played out to the point where it's borderline book throwing material b'c the triteness is that irritating & really...there's no excuse for it.

I can tell the author is trying really hard to create something snappy & current but I'm finding it really amateurish b'c she's so obvious about it.

But I think my favorite example of this might be the old brick thrown through the window with a note attached. Really. Someone is after Merit & she is being bricks...being thrown through her window...with "leave town" notes attached. Didn't they do that stuff in the Nancy Drew series?

Not only that, but sometimes I felt like I am reading about 28 year old's w/the mentalities of vapid 16 year old's b'c they're still trying to rebel & prove points to whomever cares enough to actually pay them attention. It's all over the place. One moment Merit is throwing a tantrum irresponsibly & the next she is being Yoda-like with her advice. Her roommate Mallory has blue hair b'c she's trying to prove that's she's something beyond "classically pretty"...huh? Cue the eye rolls.

Another one I didn't have the patience to deal with it. Too many books to read.
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Iron Crowned: Dark Swan 3
Iron Crowned: Dark Swan 3
by Richelle Mead
Edition: Paperback
Price: £6.39

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1.0 out of 5 stars The Dumb Queen, 24 April 2011
OK I finished it - yes, it was a quick read & I felt compelled to blow through it but wow....WOW. Was it me or did Eugenie come across as fickle as a 70's housewife at a swinger party?

If you've read Mead's other series & see her character formula, this was like if you took Rose & Georgie both & they had a love child - Eugenie would be the result but all of the bad & none of the good.

I had so many problems with this book & these characters I'm apparently supposed to feel for, I don't even know where to begin. Why is Eugenie written in such an insipidly shallow way?

And let me be clear, my issue is not b'c of what she did to Dorian (so therefore coming down on the woman but forgiving the man). My issue is a character who we know, knows better by now (about many, many things) so should be acting & reacting somewhat accordingly. My issue is that I found this book so poorly executed that there's no excuse for it.

Sure, no one's perfect yadda, yadda, trials & tribulations are necessary to gain experience, mistakes need to happen in order for personal growth. I get it. Not only do I get it but generally love to read characters who are able to do this & author's who carry this out well.

What I don't get is why Mead felt she had to make Eugenie so incredibly inept & unlikable all around, ALL the time, 24/7. Why she just had to pretty much wipe out her previous narrative from the last 2 books & practically start writing a new character b'c I had no idea she was heading in this direction with Eugenie. And to me, it doesn't make a good deal of sense with someone who I thought had a great deal of talent.

Eug has never been a favorite character of mine. It took me a while to warm to her but by the end of book 2, due to her shocking experience, I felt that Eugenie was starting to accept her reality & face her responsibilities. Make decisions & grow up a bit.

Nope. Not according to this latest installment. In fact if anything, Eugenie's regressed & paralytic. She's also a HUGE self-righteous hypocrite making her very hard to root for.

Eugenie's personality & journey in this book are just flat out illogical to the point of absurdity. It's got more holes than a slice of swiss which made it very hard to believe the story Mead is trying to create & get us to go along with.

See for me, when the character & her plight become too foolish for their own good by constantly acting out impulsively, never EVER referencing what they know (& what we know they know) or properly using the abilities they have (& what we know they have)... I have to ask myself what the fug is going on here? I did that. Numerous times. Here's what I came up with.....

Suffice to say, once again I feel like Mead has lobotomized her character (I said this same thing about her VA series w/her MC Rose in book 4. And I've allllmost felt her going there with Georgina on occasion).

It makes me wonder if Mead even likes her own creations, esp. Eugenie b'c she's marginalized her overall intelligence & rational thinking so badly.

I'm sad to say Mead's formula is growing tedious with me. Between the exasperating way the presents love & relationships throughout this series & her others but, esp. this one. For example; bad parents who turn their backs on a daughter whose been held prisoner & raped, betraying lovers & friends always emotionally & physically cheating, to the ridiculous non-stop series yo-yo-ing of Kiyo...Dorian....Kiyo...Dorian... back & forth like a used up ping pong ball. Honestly, it insults my intelligence.

Which is probably why after almost throwing my kindle against the wall after reading 60% of frustrating mediocrity, I just emotionally switched off in order to finish the book & by the end, realized I don't actually care about these characters enough to continue the series.


There's nothing redeemable about Eugenie's 'does not compute' personality or her impulsive, immature & narcissistic behavior. She just doesn't get it... barely processes the implications of her words, deeds, actions, her responsibilities to others, her behavior or repercussions AT ALL. Where is her head?? Nice move totally flipping off a shape shifting assassin who just offered her secret services during wartime b'c that's not at all what assassin's do! Or getting hatefully angry at Dorian for being such a trickster by foolishly getting one over on her. What?? Please. Is she crazy? Has she learned nothing? Dorian has always been agenda heavy & manipulative. She knows this. She's also a part of it when it works for her! And Kiyo is just...god don't even get me started on that character.

All of it... time & time again, makes her such an all around stunad, I'm genuinely surprised we're supposed to accept her as the hero. Yet we are & thus she's a self-proclaimed "badass Queen" & feared as well as revered. Yeah I'd fear her too...all this has me in the same camp as Kiyo & Volusian. She's too stupid to live in my book as well.

Here's the thing - Eugenie is a hypocrite in the worst way & I can't take it. She actually thinks nothing (I mean it...she really does not compute) of impulsively changing her mind & loyalties therefore, her intentions (even though she has repeatedly stated or sworn otherwise) & yet she cuts off the people in her life who've actually never been anything different to who they've always been. It's all been blatantly in front of her eyes & she invites them into her life when it's been convenient for her but gets upset & acts out like a 12 year old when she realizes she's actually a bad ass chump though no fault but HER OWN.

Is Dorian's methodology really a surprise? Nope. Kiyo's spying & loyalty toward Maiwenn? Hells no! Katrice's quest for vengeance & not taking Eugenie seriously after her son Leith was able to capture her & then got a lucky break by Dorian finishing him off on her behalf? Not when you think about it.

So then tell me, if it's not a surprise to me as the reader then why does Mead insist on trying to make it be the plausible excuses for Eug's behavior? Yes, I know denial is a deep & insidious personal evil, allowing people to see, do & believe what they want from the safety of their own personal glass house but I mean...come ON here.

I jut can't find it in me to remotely find empathy for her character. What? She realizes she's sorry (w/Dorian) only AFTER Kiyo actually tries to kill her & their children in front of her own family? Give me a break. And then that end!? How quickly she just relies on Dorian's hospitality & makes no mention of what she did. Actually, a fleeting thought runs through her head when he makes a passing comment about her cheating on him & she still doesn't see it.

Mead did this in the 4th installment of VA. Rose acted v. out of character, big things happened between her friendship with Lissa & yet the action at the end was so jam packed - Mead just allowed them to gloss over the heart of the ramifications. For me, the central characters (Rose & Lissa) never truly owned their behavior & therefore didn't show any true growth. It was all "Well you came back in the end & saved me so we're friend's again!" And Mead's completely done this with Eugenie & her whole Dorian/Kiyo trajectory! It's ridiculous. Get a new ploy. I feel like she is shrugging off Eugenie's missteps with a lack of big picture thinking & overall concept awareness.

How many times throughout this series can she go back & forth between these 2 men b'c someone pisses her off in some way, let's her down or doesn't come through the way she wants? Dorian KILLED her rapist (which is what she wanted) thus inciting a war but b'c he tricked her (again really? have you learned nothing about your lover? Has he never been blatant about his motive?), she cheats on him with that shady loser Kiyo for vengeance sex b'c clearly... her brain is in her lady bits & nothing else matters. And this isn't the 1st time she's done this. She cheated on Kiyo too in the last book if I remember correctly.

And the sex? Ugh. Was that supposed to be hot? Because I don't know about you but I felt as used as Eugenie should have. With both men...her inner dialog, the way she views it/them, categorizes it & behaves..I just found it repellent. There was something so dissociative & her observations said as fact during those moments where just so off to me, it actually made me feel uncomfortable b'c it came across as skeevy & borderline nasty to me. I can't really explain it, it was just OFF. Actually, Volusian summed it up perfectly in the end about her ignoring sound advice in regard to all of this & I felt that too. She is so blinkered & in denial for her own personal agenda & gratification but then gets mad...she allows herself to be used by her own hypocrisy & just it grosses me out.

I just can't get with Mead's program or formula anymore. The fact that I know it didn't get rectified in the VA series (for me) doesn't instill much faith with me in regard to this creation when I think about the long run. Ugh god, I am scared for the conclusion of Georgina's series now.

Succubus Shadows (Georgina Kincaid, Book 5)
Succubus Shadows (Georgina Kincaid, Book 5)
by Richelle Mead
Edition: Paperback
Price: £6.29

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars This series is Mead's pièce de résistance & this book only drives that home., 26 Mar 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This book just about killed me. It's brilliant. I felt like this book was almost one big crescendo. I cannot even believe we have to wait another year. GAH!

I am going to talk a bit about it below and I won't give spoilers. However- you may not want to read b'c I may hype it too much for you & then set your expectations too high. Although I think that's near impossible b'c if you're in love with this series, then it should just be another gold star but still....fair warned is forearmed.

Mead pulled off another gut-wrencher. We learn so, so much more about Georgie. Why she is the way she is, how she thinks, how she has evolved, what her motivations are, her expectations, the toll being an immortal has had on her, what keeps her going. Dare I say it was profound? Maybe or maybe not but the way it was all delivered to us had such poignancy, I was a goner. Mead freakin' nailed this. Her best work by far. This whole series is blows her other two out the water. Her best quality writing & thought goes into it.

For the 1st time in the series as well, I had no idea what Mead was doing, where she was going or what the outcome was going to be. I was on the edge of my seat nearly the whole time.

It was a heavy emotional roller coaster but Mead pulled it off so deftly & with such precise words, I couldn't believe the book wasn't longer.

I really, really fell in love with Georgie this book. My heart she aches for her. I want her character to be happy so badly. Mead really fleshed her out in a much needed way in this book to allow you to have such a deeper understanding. It allowed me to empathize & feel compassion every step of the way.

I was completely impressed with the overall plot & the creativity of the concept & the way Mead delivered it. It could have been incredibly confusing in less competent hands and Mead handles it so gracefully that - if you didn't know great writing, you could almost take the talent it takes to do this, for granted.

This was also one of those books where as I was reading certain parts & thinking; "Yes! yes! Finally!" Mead addressed exact concerns/issues I was having w/certain characters. She also had some choice descriptive words that were pretty synonymous w/my own & I felt so frickin' relieved b'c not only did she address them, but also b'c it showed she wasn't acting ignorant of her own creation.

It really proved to me that she crafted this series & that the ramifications are going to happen & if they were ignored? Well, she shows that she even has an answer for that too. So yeah - she even addresses the power of ignorance. BIG time. Ugh! Sounds so cryptic but that's all I can say w/out giving too much away.

I can't recommend this series enough. It's hilarious, poignant, witty, sexy, sly and emotionally intelligent.

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