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Laying A Ghost To Rest
Laying A Ghost To Rest
by Terry Randall
Edition: Paperback
Price: 7.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Very interesting, 10 Jan 2014
This review is from: Laying A Ghost To Rest (Paperback)
This book was not what I expected. It is political with plenty of social comment, but it is hung on an autobiographical framework that takes it through the period from WW2 to the present. Looking at the book's cover, I was braced for a tirade against Thatcherism, but although it clearly tries to expose the weaknesses of her politics, it also calls into question the shortcomings of all the late 20th and early 21st century governments, highlighting the financial and social consequences that have emerged from them.

Although the book covers the expected topics such as education and feminism, it also sneaks in a bit on religion, life and love which may seem inappropriate in a book of this type but clearly picks up on the secondary interpretation of the book's title `Laying a Ghost to Rest'. This book would have a particular appeal to 'baby-boomers', as they would be able to clearly chart their own life experiences against those of the author.

The last few chapters are an unapologetic promotion of a new party called the United Democratic Party (UK) which is pushing forward new political ideas on how to create a more democratic party.

If you want an easy-to-read book, not at all heavy on political theory but thought-provoking in places, then you will enjoy this book.

Wild Tales
Wild Tales
Price: 6.64

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4.0 out of 5 stars A must for any CSN(Y) or Hollies fan., 13 Oct 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Wild Tales (Kindle Edition)
A very interesting book from Mr Nash. Certainly worth a tenner on Kindle Store.

I don't agree with much of his politics, or views on alternative energy etc., but I do think that Graham Nash is a decent human being in that he cares for his fellow man in the global sense.

Key points are largely covered well, although the split with the Hollies could do with another couple of pages. He never really explains his relationship with Allan Clarke between 1968 and 1983. Did they speak at all? Glad to see that all is well now though.

Throughout Nash is generous towards others and gives credit where credit's due (Allan and the rest of the Hollies, for example). He is often very honest about his own failings and dubious motivations, and some of his personal contradictions. This is refreshing, and makes the book a good, balanced read. There is a bit too much 'poor boy from Manchester made good' but it is sincerely felt, I think.

The big selling CSN(Y) albums are well-documented, but the lesser selling ones don't always make it. The important 1988 reunion, American Dream, is glossed over too quickly for my liking. How did Stephen Stills get to pollute that album with some real stinkers?

If you're a Neil Young fan, take note that he comes out of this book VERY badly! Nash portrays an immensely talented but totally, totally selfish man. And it's believable! For the most part, Nash is generous - and sometimes brutally honest - about all the characters here, but the final swipe at Neil Young on the last page is stinging and, I am sure, is what he really feels about him.

David Crosby is obviously a great, great friend, but Nash does not spare David's blushes in any way shape or form! A total mess for much of his life it seems, and not a pleasant person on the surface.

The OBE is a mystery for several reasons: Nash doesn't seem to know the person nominating him at all, which is odd. More importantly, Graham makes no attempt to explain why, as an American citizen of some 30 years AND a constant critic of the Establishment/Global Corporations/people in power generally, he would want to be honoured by the Queen in this way?! Instead, it's more 'imagine this poor boy from Manchester meeting the Queen!' sentiment.

So, all in all, Nash comes across as the decent human being you probably always suspected he was, despite his sometimes sermonising music. On paper, his worldview and politics are somehow less grating than on stage!

This is a good read for anyone interested in US/UK rock pop scene in the 1960s and 1970s.

One final warning: Strong language throughout (for no good reason I can think of!) He may be 71 but he's going on 12 on this evidence....why the publisher let it through is anyone's guess. It doesn't add anything: he can tell a good story without it.
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Crucial CT064V4SSD2 64GB V4 SATA II 3Gb/s MLC 9.5mm 2.5 Inch Internal SSD
Crucial CT064V4SSD2 64GB V4 SATA II 3Gb/s MLC 9.5mm 2.5 Inch Internal SSD
Offered by Express Box
Price: 35.93

2.0 out of 5 stars Horror show!, 30 Aug 2013
An unmitigated disaster from one of the best memory/IT providers in the UK.

I have 5 of these (64GB and 128GB). In fairness, the one in my Fujitsu Siemans dual core laptop (quite an old machine) is pretty good and has given it a few extra years of life.

However, the four I put in my Windows 8 desktop machines are awful! I have sent at least one back to Crucial but have since given up with exchanging these products (because I just end up with another awful V4!!).

I can't speak for Windows 7, but Windows 8 is a HORROR SHOW with a Crucial V4. Freezing is a regular occurence, unresponsive mouse clicking becomes all too familiar, and the whole system will crawl for at least 2-3 minutes. Then - suddenly - all is well again! (Until the next time.....)

And, yes, I've tried all sorts of fixes (and the firmware is OK as far as I know). Even tried different motherboards but - no - still horrible lengthy pauses and freezing. A lot of it seems to be tied in Windows updates as that seems to trigger a whole host of system-sapping processes...but whatever the reason, it's not good enough.

And to prove that I'm not just a troll who has been paid to write a bad review - I can tell you that the Crucial M4 SSD is absolutely fantastic (even with Windows 8) and is the long-term (and rather expensive solution) to this problem. The M4 is Crucial back at their best! Just avoid any V4 - a complete turkey of an SSD!

CSNY Deja Vu [2008] [DVD]
CSNY Deja Vu [2008] [DVD]
Dvd ~ David Crosby
Price: 9.71

3.0 out of 5 stars Sincerely committed, 21 Aug 2013
This review is from: CSNY Deja Vu [2008] [DVD] (DVD)
Well, you can't fault CSNY's commitment to peace and their desire to live out (some) of their deeply-held hippie beliefs.

This is a revealing documentary but, as others have noted, it is a political animal more than a musical one. If you generally thought that Bush was an OK president (and I did) then this will be a clichéd and rather annoying experience for you.

Personally, I don't think these songs were much cop either. In the past, I really enjoyed CSNY's music without buying into the philosophy behind them. That's not really possible with these tunes. 'Let's impeach the President for lying' does exactly what it says on the tin - and little else.

In many ways, this is Neil Young doing what he does best: confounding expectations and winding people up. He enjoys this sort of thing (remember the Tonight's the Night tour?)! But seeing as he is someone who confounds expectations, wouldn't it actually have been more shocking for him to go the whole hog and release some pro-Bush material!?

I would conclude that it's good to see the guys back together doing something more interesting than a money-spinning greatest hits tour.

PS. Bigotry and hatred can be found anywhere, Bible-belt or otherwise. That doesn't mean Christians or the Bible are like that. It just means that some people who live there are like that.

Windows Server 2008 R2 Unleashed
Windows Server 2008 R2 Unleashed
Price: 19.49

3.0 out of 5 stars Good, but beware..., 16 Mar 2013
There is no doubt that this is a vast book covering many, if not all, aspects of Windows Server 2008 R2 deployment.

However, for me, I found that the sections were mainly descriptive rather than scenario-based 'step by step' guides to actually learn how to perform tasks.

So, a very comprehensive book by people who know their stuff, but look elsewhere for detailed hands-on instructions.

Delirious: My Journey with the Band, a Growing Family, and an Army of Historymakers
Delirious: My Journey with the Band, a Growing Family, and an Army of Historymakers
Price: 5.40

3.0 out of 5 stars Interesting, 3 Mar 2013
I am not a Christian who understands 'worship' as Martin does, I'm not even a fan of Delirious, but I appreciated this honest look at how to live for Christ and how to use your God-given gifts to the best effect. Recommended for Christians interested in music, particularly those of us (like me) who had our very intense and sometimes self-important plans for the future, our songs and our dreams of how we might change the world...and then often found that a wife and children was actually a very worthy calling in itself! But, as this book shows, it is sometimes good to remember God's goodness in those less complicated and carefree days. Even more important is to understand what He wants us to do next, something that Martin tackles well. This is an honest, heartfelt and unpretentious book.

You Never Give Me Your Money: The Battle For The Soul Of The Beatles
You Never Give Me Your Money: The Battle For The Soul Of The Beatles
by Peter Doggett
Edition: Paperback
Price: 8.30

5.0 out of 5 stars Very, very good., 2 Dec 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
What can I say?

Peter Doggett is an excellent rock journalist and writer. The opening chapter 'Prologue: 8th December 1980' sets the scene for a completely engrossing book and is worth the price of admission alone. In this chapter he conjures up brilliant ways of explaining how Lennon's death affected the remaining Beatles - and the entire world. Almost a slightly melodramatic writing style at times, but he never overdoes it, and the subject matter benefits.

Doggett is balanced and fair and we see good - and a lot of bad! - in each one of the Fab Four. He is not partisan, unlike Philip Norman in 'Shout' where he obviously couldn't stand Paul McCartney.

It's not a story of the Beatles' career, but it does document just about every non music-related event from 1968 to the present day.

Two of Us [DVD] [2000] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Two of Us [DVD] [2000] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Dvd ~ Aidan Quinn
Offered by supermart_usa
Price: 8.05

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Fabulous, inspired film, 25 Nov 2012
As a previous review says, this blends (a little) fact and a lot of (unavoidable) fiction into what was a real encounter at Lennon's apartment in 1976.

The whole scenario, dialogue and banter just seems SO real - and the acting is amazing! You will truly think it's John and Paul!

Probably one for die-hard Beatles fans though, as I think you would need to know a lot of the details of their lives and careers - plus the state of their relationship at this time - to understand all that is going on. But if you do, this film is nothing short of a joy and prompts many 'what-ifs' in your mind.

I hope that their final physical meeting was as warm as this one eventually turns out to be. (Lennon's initial coldness and nerves is a gripping part of the film).

It seems that, even after this meeting, the two of them were still sometimes at loggerheads on the phone, although it sounds like their relationship did largely improve as the 70s went on.

Life is too short for 'fussing and fighting' and I guess they thought they would have several decades to reunite and do some work together....I think that if, after watching this, you decide to take a risk and try to patch things up with a friend or a family member (after all, tomorrow might be too late), then that will be another worthwhile outcome from a fantastic film.


Glass Scratch Repair Kit by Planet Polish - Windscreen Wiper Scratch Removal
Glass Scratch Repair Kit by Planet Polish - Windscreen Wiper Scratch Removal
Offered by Planet Polish
Price: 14.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars It works...but beware!, 26 July 2012
Use an electric drill and follow the instructions and this product should work well (about 20-30 mins). It removed scratches that were in my line of sight when I removed bird poo from my windscreen.

HOWEVER - be warned! In so doing I have created a distorted patch on my windscreen which is very annoying and, I guess, a possible MOT failure.

Either way, through bird poo or this product, my windscreen is pretty much ruined by blemishes!

Price: 5.14

2 of 5 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars A reasonable read, but..., 8 April 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I have the Kindle version of this book.

It is a broad survey of all the major air crashes from the last 50 years, plus a few I didn't know about. Having such a wide scope means that it is not a book for in-depth research, although the author does have a knack for bringing out the key points well.

HOWEVER, as another reviewer has stated, the author is quite opinionated. This can be a good thing but, in addition, the book has MANY writing errors. This makes the book seem amateurish and therefore not as convincing as it could have been.

I seriously wonder whether or not this book has been proof-read before publication?

Still, the Kindle price is worth it, although I would have been disappointed to buy a paper copy at the higher price.
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