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Medieval: Total War (PC CD)
Medieval: Total War (PC CD)

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5.0 out of 5 stars MTW: Very good, 31 May 2004
After opening the box to many similar strategy type games, medieval total war was something very different indeed. I have played just about every medieval type strategy game from age of empires all the way to stronghold crusader, but medieval total war had something different. After ordering the game of Amazon for only 19.99, included in the Viking invasion box set, I installed the game as usual, which actually takes a fair amount of time. The online registration system works like a shiny new dime, a new feature put in by Activision.
The Menu consists of seven sub menus for you to explore the games many options. Quick battle, you get straight into the game and fight instantly as a medieval general right in the heart of a highly detailed 3d engine. Single player, There are several options on this sub menu. New campaign, start a new game, you rule your own campaign, in two eras of Europe, you can play as factions such as the English, all the way down to the Egyptians. All the factions have there own qualities and abilities, such as the welsh, who historically have special longbow skills, giving Wales a plus point when training longbowmen.
This game is a turn based game, so no surprises, this game handles each turn as one year, unlike its predecessor, shogun total war which handled it as one turn equal to one season. The Unit training and building construction system is what can I say, unique, it takes a long time to get into your own empire, but once you get started the game can become tricky, adding simple details such as rebels to a certain area, this can sometimes even lead to civil war.
The computer has a very intelligent AI, which handles very well in the game, set the game as easy and you will not get invaded, but for those who dare to set it as hard can expect invasions every turn. With over fifty unit types and The inbuilt moral system, each unit type can perform differently each turn, the more battles that you participate in, and win, the better you your general gets, so that lifts the moral of your troops, little tactics, like killing the enemy general can spark a victory, whereas if you general is killed, you may loose the battle, the battles that you fight become different every time, even little details such as cavalry, when you charge around four hundred cavalry into the enemies pikemen, you face one huge problem, Instead of handling each unit the same, each unit has its own abilities and disabilities, such as the longbowmen, they have a weak defense, but can fire projectiles further than any other unit in the game, making them deadly when put up against a slow, armored unit..
You fight a time span of about 1100 to about 1450, which is long enough to establish your empire securely, but can become a little rushed toward the end when time is running out.
Next on the menu we come to load, you can obviously load a previously saved campaign game. Then we come to Custom battle, you choose which faction you play as, choose how many florins you get, and if your attacking or defending.
After that you can choose the difficulty setting and the landscape, with over two hundred maps to choose from, you would never run out of ways to play the game, each way being different very time. Now we come to historical battles, I was slightly disappointed by the way that there are only around five to choose from. You can battle it out as William Wallace or fight as a few of the other famous heroes, villains and kings. Then we come to Historical campaigns, they are better than the battles, I must say, these are good for those who like a challenge and are good at tactical battles, instead of many others who just send the bulk of their infantry into battle. You are faced with a challenge, such as holding of the enemy until reinforcements have arrived, which I can tell you is not easy, as you are always outnumbered two to one. Next on the menu are previously saved replays, theses can be useful as you can review how you control all of your units in the battle field, and review your sometimes big mistakes. The map editor was not very good; they may as well have called it a landscape editor, which it is. You can edit land for sure, but the most Units related Object was the cannon, along with all the other buildings. The map editor was hard to use, and not worth bothering with, but if you can be bothered take a look at README.TXT, in the game directory. The last option one the menu is , go back, which lets you go back to the main menu if you didn't want any of the options.
The next option on the main menu is multiplayer, you can search for severs, or hosts, or become one for multiplayer games of medieval total war. This allows you to play against other human opponents over a network or over the internet, providing you have an adequate connection to play the game over. Next we come to campaign tutorial, which after installing I advise you to take a little time over to get to grips with the games controls and options. Next in line is the battle tutorial, this introduces concepts of the battlefield that you wont have been using in any other strategy game, apart from shogun.
I suggest that you take at this after you have done the campaign tutorial. Next is the options, which lets you choose how the game handles, how its sounds, how it looks and how you control it.
If you really want to get to grips with this game here, I think maybe that you should take one look at the manual. This game is very good overall, with its highs and lows. But there is one thing you have to remember is that it has and entire 3D engine that can control over eight thousand units at a time, that's not including the two thousand units that you need to control to stay afloat in the field of battle.
To get everything out this game and to avoid slow down, a good graphics card is in need and a good lot of ram also. When close up to units in the game, it can be a little blurred and sometimes a little to pixilated. The game is supplied on two discs; there is no surprise it takes up around 1.5 gig of HD space. Many people say that they could play this game for hours, they are lying, I could play it for days.

Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion Pack
Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion Pack
Offered by 1stvideo
Price: 14.40

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5.0 out of 5 stars very good game, 31 May 2004
A couple of years back I realised that I had made one of the best decisions of my life, to Install age of empires two, age of conquerors. This game is still stunning, even to today's standards, You can play it out as the Aztecs and even the Japanese, but this game still has a very good sense of originally that comes with it. You cant really compare this game to some modern games, that quite frankly, are rushed, and can't even live up to the standards of age of empires two.
Like its predecessor, age of kings, age of conquerors, still has the amazing features that still make it a very playable game. Age of conqueres spans from the early Vikings all the way to the, well lets say, the early gun powder age. From the early beginnings of a town centre, with all but four men, you have to battle the games intelligent AI, or play a multiplayer game against your adversary (enemy), over a network or LAN.
Your four men consist of three villagers and one scout. The villagers are the heart of you empire, collecting the four main resources, wood, gold, food, and stone, and one which doesn't really count as a resource is the population limit. Another vital Unit is the Military Unit; you have to keep up large force army of special units, including several new unit types included in this game. Your military forces are your only protection from the deadly enemy that lurks amongst the map to find and fight you, death to the knife! Or you can play differently to win; you can win through economy, religion and of course, military power.
The Buildings are also another main and essential part of your empire, letting you upgrade your current set of units, or buildings, to release whole set of new upgrades to improve and to make you empire efficient in every way. The town centre is one of your main buildings, being the one building that you start of with. The second most important is the house, cheap but handy, as this supports your whole population and empire. The game is easy to get to grips with, there are a vast assortment of campaigns and scenario types for you to start building your empire, will its fall into the graves of your forefathers, or will you rise above the other empires?
The game also has a very handy map editor, one of the best that i have seen in a long while; in fact one of the best ever, and with the new and improved trigger editor, age of conquerors lets you create really amazing maps and scenarios. In my opinion AOK is one of the best RTS games out there, maybe not as good as total war or even AOM. But Aok has many features that would lure anybody, who maybe hasn't even thought about playing strategy games before to give it a try and try to survive amongst all of the other Empires Competing against you. Age of conquerors is very easy, and sometimes can be a little tricky even at times impossible! I will now (I wish I didn't have to!) list some of the bad points of age of conquerors.
Well lets face it ,everyone since 2001 has been hooked onto the rising market of 3D gaming, and age of conquerors is old, so sadly, It only has 2D graphics. Don't let that put you off some of the graphics are still amazing, even today.
Another bad point is the sound, sometimes it doesn't work with some sound cards, and sadly even some of the newer ones, so check on Microsoft's age of conquerors website before buying this game as you sound card might not work. last but not least is the last bad point, this game is highly addictive, beware, even though there is a save feature, many still play the game for hours until they have won or even spent hours playing to find that the computer had crashed and they had just wasted the last two hours fro a complete waste of time.
Luckily this game doesn't need the newest PC that anyone can't afford, I think the lowest spec it'll run on is like Pentium two, 64mb ram, 2mb graphics card. Also I think this game runs on Windows 95. But please don't be put off by the low specs, this game is fantastic. BUY, BUY, BUY!!
I have listed the price below and also some of the relevant websites for a few readers further research-
[...] --- very good, the main website
[...] --- A very good community for AOK

Shogun: Total War Gold Edition (PC DVD)
Shogun: Total War Gold Edition (PC DVD)
Offered by Digitalville UK
Price: 4.44

19 of 20 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Show me more gun, 31 May 2004
Shogun total war is very different from any game that I have ever played. It hosts many features that can both involve the player into world of 15th century Japan and into the bloody battle field of the Mongol invasion. If you have played its successor, medieval total war, you will know that these two games are very similar in comparison to each other. Shogun total war has a 3D engine like no other, and after playing it I was quite astounded at the immense detail of a game that is actually considered old now.
The game took a while to install on my system but that might be because it was on two discs, the game, taking a hefty space of over 1.5 GB was well worth waiting for on the end. Even after playing its successor, the game in my mind is still considered a brilliant buy all round, well worth paying the money for it. I must say that I didn't actually buy the original but the the one that I brought was still the same; maybe even better though as the version I brought came with all of the adequate updates and install notes, very useful when in a tight spot.
The registration system was very annoying, as each time I wanted to reinstall it, problems yes I know I will come to those later on. I had chosen the full installation during setup as I knew that I would get the most out of the game, but took up a very large amount of space, but this installation option installed all of the videos and decent quality sound that most gamers want. After installing the game I double clicked on the icon as per usual and the game, to no surprise, started up. I wasn't really expecting good quality videos from a game, or videos that looked surprisingly real.
The opening video is of a Japanese caste being seiged and attacked, very realistic indeed. The menus looked stunning, compare to games around at the moment that seem to rely on an image in the back ground and a fancy font to complete the menu system. There was the same campaign style game, like its successor, but I can actually say that I preferred this campaign map because it looked a whole lot better. Many of the graphics in this game were much better; a few were 2D so they looked better.
There were around six factions to play as, depending on what era you wanted to play in. There aren't that many units in this game but each unit has its own very special abilities and disabilities, depending on what faction you play as each also influences how its certain unit types perform and behave in battle. That leads on to The battle system that this game handles exceptionally well compared to many other 3d battle games, you would think it hard imagining yourself controlling over eight-hundred units in a game, but no worries, you'll soon be up a on top of a hill laughing as each and every one of you troops marches with honour towards home knowing that you have killed each and every one of the enemies units.
The quick battle system in this game is good, maybe a little rushed, better improved in medieval total war I must say. The custom battle system was good, I still think that this games menu system is a little hard to use at times and crucial options are sometimes missed.
The historical battles and campaigns are a good way to get stuck into this already very addictive strategy game.
Multiplayer, I don't think, was really not very well thought out connection to other computers can sometimes be tricky and connection to their game servers is a laugh at times. Another reason is as I don't really play multiplayer, as its not how I like to play games, I really don't think multiplayer in shogun total was simple to use.
Some of the options are good in this game as it lets you change fair amount to change how you play the game. I would really recommend this game to those who are new to the battle field, or playing war games in general, or who want another challenge and want to return to the field of battle.
requirements -
200 MHz Pentium
Microsoft Windows 95 or 98
500 MB hard disk space
4x CD-ROM drive
3-D accelerator card (optional)
a few relevant web sites -
[...] total war home page
[...] community site

Windows XP Home Edition
Windows XP Home Edition
Offered by Logic Works
Price: 69.99

8 of 10 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars windows xp Home, 31 May 2004
This review is from: Windows XP Home Edition (CD-ROM)
nstalling XP
I booted off the CD, and started the install, which looked A LOT like Window NT 4's install to start, but got VERY colorful and GIU-ish as I moved farther into the installation. Installing took me... about 45 minutes on my 1.4GHz AMD Duron with 512MB of RAM. Not bad, once you see how XP is.
Booting XP
First, I see my video card display information, and then it moves to my BIOS...
XP begins to says "Microsoft WindowsXP" and has a NEW flag, and blue bars scrolling around. Having plenty of RAM, those blue bars only get almost one time around, before mines done, but I've seen 1.8GHz Celerons with 128MB RAM go about 22 times around there before it finished booting.
Using Windows XP!
XP now has a HORRIBLE welcome screen, where you can put in your username and password. This is UGLY! I chose administrator and put in ******. Then it logs me on, with a terrible colorful screen, obviously for computer newbies of 3 year olds. I get to XP's insanely clean desktop. Only icon on it is recycle bin, and the windows and taskbar are round, and colorful, like a child's toy. I click Start, I almost died the first time I saw this horrible, messy start menu. It's got curves, and icons that belong on the desktop in it. Only very young children would want this. I immediately set my start menu to classic mode, and my windows to classic mode. Ahh that's better, nice silver-gray taskbar, standard start menu that were all used to. I've now got the standard start menu options and buttons, with an addition... "Log Off Administrator..." Because this is an always-on computer, and an incredibly stable OS, I've never used this option. Yes, its true, the Mac-lovers always say it... Windows IS bloated. It's got those preschool looks to it now, unless you set it to classic. It comes with things I'd never use, like MSN Explorer, MSN Messenger, Windows Media Player, and Outlook Express.
I may use MSN messenger, but I only use it in Trillian. The MSN program looks a lot like XP when you first install it, which reminds me a lot of AOL, the Internet newbie browser. I used to be a Windows Media Player fan, until I found Winamp, the elite media player. It's visualizations are 1000x cooler; it's got tons of skins, uses way less RAM than WMP, and uses ZERO % CPU to play my MP3s. MSN Explorer - nobody would ever use if they had IE sitting right there, come on, Microsoft! And don't get me started on Outlook.
Windows XP is a very stable operating system. My friend went 2 weeks before rebooting on a Pentium 3, I seem to reboot weekly, just for maintenance, and I know someone who's 2.66 GHz was running for three weeks before it crashed when we tried to play Doom 3 on it
On the topic of games.Windows XP is TERRIBLE for old games. There is NO DOS support in XP, only a DOS emulator-ish thing called NTVDM. New Technology Virtual DOS Machine. Even Doom II lags horribly on my 1.4GHz, which is pretty sad, but then again, who wants to play these old games when they can play new ones?
XP seems to lack support for several things. I've come across several video cards that did Direct3D great in Windows 98, but have no support in XP. My GeForce2 MX 400 DOES work with DirectX, luckily.
XP doesn't like trying to run Windows 3.x programs, recentlywhile running one, I got this interesting error."The request to end the selected 16 bit task has timed out. The Win 16 Subsystem may be unstable. Press OK to terminate the Win 16 SubSystem or Cancel to leave it running." Hmmm... sounds like its Windows 3.x emulator (Wowexec) isn't that stable.
With all this said, I would like to rant about Internet Explorer for a few minutes here. I loved Internet Explorer, and always made fun of other browsers, but had never USED them. One time I finally tried Mozilla Firebird (Now FireFox) and realize Internet Explorer is insanely slow, and has TONS of exploits available. Everyone should try a different browser.
What's it good for?
Well, I wouldn't install XP on anything under 800MHz / 256MB. It ran REALLY slow on the 400MHz I used to have it on. The stability is awesome, so once you get XP, have fun!

Motorola T192 - Vodafone - Smartstep
Motorola T192 - Vodafone - Smartstep

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5.0 out of 5 stars Motorola her down, 31 May 2004
After two years without my previous mobile phone, I started to look around for another phone. I was looking for something cheap, something simple, and after seeing and playing with other on the market colour phones, this phone seemed like a godsend. I brought this phone of Amazon, for only 29.99, not including postage or packaging. The phone came with all of the other features that other phones do, apart from one thing, it didn't have annoying polyphonic ringtones, colour screen and it didn't break every time that I needed to use it.
The simple to use menu system that go me going on the phone for hours consisted of around ten sub menus. The system for phoning people was easy to use, simple and worked every time. Texting on this phone is easy, even with the built in I-Tap mode, which is Motorola's version of predictive texting. I find this very hard to use and I don't see the point in it, others would disagree. The phone hosted an array of clever features, such as the screensaver, nice ringtones and little Smilies. Although this phone only came with one little game, I was addicted within hours of setting up this phone. The game rather simple, but keeps me occupied from time to time. You can not download games for this phone, but all the better as your phone does not get clogged up with silly little games that get in your way, every time that you want to use a simple feature, such as phoning someone.
The ringtones are good, but far from good, they work also. I was disappointed by the way that this phone promised me a extra case when I ordered it of Amazon, but the godsend is that you can buy extra cases of Amazon, this was one thing that I was also quite pleased about.
Other features, such as the quick access menu from the main screen, (yes I know for others who brought this phone, you might not have realised that its there, but have a look in the manual and you might be surprised), anyway as I was saying, the quick access menu, was very handy when I wanted to get the battery level on screen, as the little bars in the corner can sometimes be very in accurate. That leads on to the battery life, this phone was absolutely brilliant compared to any colour phone that I have seen so far, probably because it does not drain away its power on the useless colour screen, anyway, why do phones need colour screens? It's a question I have always wondered upon.
You may have gathered that this phone is mono, wait, don't leave yet, keep reading, you may be put off by the fact that this phone is mono, but who cares? A phone is a phone, I brought this phone knowing full well that it was not that good, but if you want to buy it because it works then go ahead. All I am saying that this phone I probably one of the best phones to buy, that it if you want something that works, its reliable and can work when you need it most.
So, overall, I would advise you to buy this phone, if you have a spare 30 handy then go ahead, but it beats just about every colour phone on the market out there. Thank you for listening, goodbye, oh yes and also I want to tell you that beware, once you buy this phone nothing can replace it.

Net Nanny 5 (Education Version) (PC)
Net Nanny 5 (Education Version) (PC)

59 of 65 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars I love it - Recommended, 17 Jan 2004
spent months researching parental control software because I knew I was giving my child a computer for Christmas. Even though we have AOL, I knew he would eventually venture out on his own and find ways around AOL.
I had narrowed my decision between this product and another. Seriously, it was a tough decision between the two. I had signed up for the NetNanny newsletter on their website, and a few days later, I was sent a coupon to order their product. So that made the decision for me. And I am glad I picked this.
The controls are very easy to set up. If you misplace the instructions, they are always available on NetNannys website. I can set how many hours a day my child can be on the net, and what time slots those hours can be in. Each day can be different.
Certain programs can be blocked such as AIM or chat program.
You can use this product with one set of rules for everyone on the computer, or you can set it up for multiple users with individual controls.
The content NetNanny blocks is not overpowering. It is important to block objectional material, but not everything. There are different ratings of objectional material you can set the setttings to. NetNanny will show you the sites it blocks, so you can delete them from their list if you want to. Not to mention add your own.
This is not a subscription service. You can buy it in stores or just download it from their site. You have the option to order backup disks or even to pay them to save a "backup" of your software on their servers for you to download at anytime for a specific period of time. I think it might be a year or two.
I am a bit unhappy though that service by phone is 19.95 per incident. But they did make that clear before the program was bought. Email support is free. And this is not available for MACs.
NOTE: Epinions requires me to put in a price that I paid for this. I put in 30, but the truth is I paid 65.00 because I bought this as a combo with 2 other products from their company with a discount.

Office OneNote 2003
Office OneNote 2003

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4.0 out of 5 stars Onenote 2003, 15 Nov 2003
This review is from: Office OneNote 2003 (CD-ROM)
First look: Microsoft OneNote 2003
By Alex Burton
Faced with information overload? You're not alone; it's a problem that many knowledge workers face today. Effectively managing a raging river of incoming e-mails, reports, meeting notes, discussions with coworkers and more is can be very challenging.
What's needed is a unified approach to managing all of this information and knowledge. That's the thinking behind Microsoft's new personal information management program, OneNote 2003.
OneNote functions like a digital notebook, enabling you to capture, store, manipulate and manage a surprising array of content and knowledge with great ease. Based on my experience of using a beta version of OneNote during the last two weeks, I think that Microsoft has really done its homework in designing this program. The power and flexibility it gives you to gather and arrange information is very impressive.

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