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Kidulthood Special Edition [DVD]
Kidulthood Special Edition [DVD]
Dvd ~ Aml Ameen
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £3.37

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4.0 out of 5 stars Coming of Age..., 30 May 2006
Kidulthood is one of those films that will incite debate. Love it or hate it, Kidulthood serves as a commentary on contemporary society, from which ever angle you choose to look.

The film centres around a group of teenagers at high school in inner-city London. With the suicide of one of their classmates, they are given the day off, using it for less than constructive means, resulting ultimately in tragedy.

If the extreme storylines don't feel a bit too much for your tastes, the language certainly will. At times, you feel yourself screaming for a full sentence to be uttered, as the film would appear to give a negative view of today's youth. But, the film's fast pace, however, reflects a youth growing up too fast, tangled in a web of sex, drugs and violence before receiving a National Insurance number. You can't argue that this film depicts elements within our society.

Despite this extreme nature and inconsistencies among the characters, Kidulthood is definately worth your hard-earned time, particularly for the direction of Menhaj Huda. Clever use of camerawork give the film a stylish feel and the more poignant moments of the film are dealt with believably, building to a rarity in modern cineam: a strong ending.

Whatever message you feel this film offers, it certainly works. Despit its flaws, it gives a good depiction of modern teenage life. Whether portraying the extremes or an accurate message, kidults will love this film!

Family Guy - Season 4 [DVD]
Family Guy - Season 4 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Family Guy
Offered by WorldCinema
Price: £9.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars Less Is More, 18 May 2006
This review is from: Family Guy - Season 4 [DVD] (DVD)
Coinciding with the release of 'Family Guy with Politics' (A.K.A. American Dad), Season 4 of Family Guy is the shortest released to date, yet somehow manages to cover more DVDs. Delivering more of the same, it would appear, however, that Seth MacFarlane and gang have taken the show as far as it can go.

While episodes have always been a little hit and miss, the number of misses seems to have increased a little. Overall though, the 13 episodes deliver value-for-money over this package. The chracters have not lost all of their quality, with 'Brian the Bachelor', the highlight, playing them to their strengths.

Where these episodes fall behind the previous series is in trying to do too much. More development of the 'evil monkey that lives in my closet' joke makes it lose its appeal and 'giggedy-giggedy-goo' needs to come in more measured doses.

Like most Us TV shows, Family Guy needs fewer series (not 'seasons'), fewer episodes per series and fewer writers. With 13 writers over the 13 episodes, certain episodes feel inconsistent and gimmicky. 'Don't Make Me Over' represents a poor episode.

But, if you're not picky, like I am, then Family Gut Season 4 is a good addition. If you love Family Guy, buy and enjoy. If you partake of the odd episode, I recommend Season 2. Giggedy-giggedy-gig-ga-dy!

Lady Vengeance - Limited Edition Theatrical Image Slipcase (Exclusive to [DVD]
Lady Vengeance - Limited Edition Theatrical Image Slipcase (Exclusive to [DVD]
Dvd ~ Min-Sik Choi

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5.0 out of 5 stars Third time's the charm..., 13 May 2006
Why is it today, that all films have to come in trilogy form? Whatever the reason, film trilogies are everywhere in this day and age, so praise the Lord for Park Chan-Wook's third instalment to his brilliant Vengeance Trilogy, Lady Vengeance. Coming after the 2003 releases of Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance and Oldboy, Lady Vengeance is perhaps the most stylish and charming (sorry, but Lee Young-Ae is slightly more attractive than Choi Min-Suk) of the three films that all stand alone in their own right.

We begin with Gueum-ja's release from a thirteen-and-a-half-year stint in prison for a kidnap and murder she took the blame for. Bitterly determined, out heroine is now a far cry from the charming 'Gueum-ja the kind-hearted' that touched each of her cellmates like an angel. Not losing her appeal, however, Gueum-ja now seeks revenge on the man who took her heart and soul away from her.

Starting her journey by visiting her old cellmates, Gueum-ja begins to plot her revenge, pulling in favours from all her ex-con buddies. Park's direction here quite literally shines, as we see the stories of all she has touched played out. Powerful, her angelic metaphor is brought to life. But, how she has fallen? She is now Hell-bent on revenge, and the reunion with her now adopted daughter only adds to her pain and anger.

Gueum-ja is no angel; not entirely innocent; and must feel some guilt. This is the film's charm. Like in Mr. Vengeance and Oldboy before it, the hero, or in this case heroine, is by no means perfect and has made their fair share of mistakes. The ability to empathise with the characters and live their journeys is what makes Park's films so beautiful. it's not just the aesthetically-pleasing weaponry!

Like the beautiful Gueum-ja, this film is by no means perfect, but does its best, nonetheless. The choice of music fits Gueum-ja's story with ease and, despite a slightly flawed and at times ending, the irony has a similar impact to that of Oldboy. A charming ending to an excellent trilogy. 9-out-of-10 falsely convicted felons would agree revenge is bittersweet.
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