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Breville Easy Clean Deep Fryer, White
Breville Easy Clean Deep Fryer, White
Price: £47.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Makes great chips!, 27 May 2015
After issues with two Delonghi rotary fryers I opted for the Breville based on other people's experiences.

I wanted a fryer with a filter and with a basket that could be lowered and raised with the lid closed. This fryer ticks all the boxes.

You will always get a smell when deep frying but this one keeps the smells to a minimum thanks not only to the filter but also that there is a proper lid seal unlike many other manufacturers that rely on the plastic lid sealing against the sides.

The basket operation is good, there's enough room to cook chips for two grown-ups and it cooks a great chip!

I knocked off a star because with the basket raised and the oil at the maximum level, the basket doesn't clear the oil completely so any food in the basket will continue to cook!

I can't comment on the timer as I've never used it!

Delonghi F28311.W1 Roto Fry Deep Fryer with Easy Clean System, 1.2 Litre, 1800 Watt - White
Delonghi F28311.W1 Roto Fry Deep Fryer with Easy Clean System, 1.2 Litre, 1800 Watt - White
Price: £64.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars Disappointing and potentially dangerous, 2 May 2015
Let's face it, even in these times of healthy living, nothing beats a home-cooked chip. And the best way to cook chips properly is to deep fry them - forget air fryers with the spoonful of oil, they take ages and mash half your spuds. I wanted a fryer for occasional use, maybe once a week at most and there are some very clever and well thought out features on the delonghi which drew me to this one.

Sadly however, and after having owned two in three years, I'm at a stage where for safety reasons, this one is off to the recycling centre tomorrow.

The rotary frying design is clever, much less oil required and doesn't affect the quality of the chips. Although you can't remove the bowl, oil draining is dead easy thanks to the drain tube. As there is less oil needed, you'll need to clean / change it more often but this isn't hard as I've said already.

And that I'm afraid is the end of the good stuff, while it's a clever design, the build quality poses some serious issues.

The first fryer was binned when the lid catch jammed. It jammed during cooking and I ended up having to prise the lid open while it was frying at 180 degrees. It caused scalding to my hands when the steam escaped under pressure. Okay so which hindsight I could have disconnected it and waited for the cool down but we were hungry and and the middle of preparing a big meal! My thoughts were that this was just bad luck so I bought another of the same type.

The second one was much noisier, the motor that turns the basket rattles like mad but as it's only in use for about 20 minutes I never bothered returning it. Biggest problem with this one is that after barely 18 months of very light use, all four of its small rubber feet have disintegrated, almost melted in fact. I'm at a loss as to why but the fryer is now very unstable and slips on the work top. One knock and this thing will be pouring hot oil over my feet, hence it's off to the tip!

I've read reviews about excessive foaming, you need to dry your potatoes first and remove as much moisture as possible, moisture and oil aren't a good combination.

There is a filter but to be honest it's totally useless! Most of the steam escapes around the edges of the lid, as it does it condenses back to water and drips down the back. A lid seal would have been good idea. With the best will in the world, if you want a deep fat fryer then expect some odour during cooking or use oven chips!

Really disappointing as the design concept is great, sadly the build quality wasn't so well considered.

Doctor Who: The Ambassadors of Death [DVD]
Doctor Who: The Ambassadors of Death [DVD]
Dvd ~ Jon Pertwee
Price: £5.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars Good but not great!, 27 Dec. 2012
I first saw this in the early 90s on UK Gold in what was then very poor black and white, with sound that was barely audible in places. I recall the announcer apologising prior to one of the episodes, stating that the sound in particular hadn't travelled as well in time as the good Doctor himself! There are still some parts where the sound is notably distorted but this is a world away from the broadcast I saw around 1992!

For comparison purposes I would have loved to have seen some more detail surrounding the restoration of these episodes on the 2 disc DVD, for the Daemons they included a whole episode to demonstrate the advances made in technology since their first attempts in the 90s.

Pertwee is my favourite era and I especially love all the techy stuff that goes into these restorations. I was amazed when I first saw the Daemons restored and couldn't wait to get my hands on the DVD version. After seeing the amazing job done on Terror of the Autons I had high hopes for the Daemons, and for this release.

The biggest irritation with the Daemons is also very noticeable with this story - colour bleeding. In some scenes it's really distracting, episode one is of course taken directly from the surviving videotapes (the earliest known surviving story in this format) it looks like it was recorded only weeks ago thanks to some marvellous restoration work, move onto episode two and there is a significant drop in quality. Whilst the restoration work on this story is still impressive, considering the source material they had to work with and having to use multiple techniques to get back to full colour, I have to wonder if more could have been done to control the amount of colour bleed.

Anyone who owns the Daemons DVD will no doubt have seen the Tomorrow's World report on the original restoration. During this, they explain the issues with the different size and shapes of the colour NTSC video compared with the black and white images, and how they overcame the problem by warping the pictures electronically. When I watched (and recorded) the original restorations these colour problems were nowhere near as noticeable as they are now, so what's changed since then?!

As a story it's long - very long, lots of padding in places which is common in many of the older, longer episodes of this era but aside from all it's faults it's quite amazing to have all seven episodes in watchable colour again.

If you've watched previous colour restorations and you're expecting more of the same, if not better, then you will be disappointed with this release. If however you've longed to see the only remaining story from season seven that was still lost in its colour form, you will be chuffed to see what they've managed to produce, with such dodgy material!

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