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Kendrick's Mickey Mouse - Foden lorry (greetings card)
Kendrick's Mickey Mouse - Foden lorry (greetings card)
Offered by RG Collectables
Price: £2.00

Foden S21 Spaceship Sputnik KG6LX,24 Eight-Wheeler Tipper Lorry,4249 DH. Horace Kendrick,Walsall.
This actual Foden Spaceship Sputnik lorry is now preserved,and can be seen at various vintage vehicle rallies in various parts of the United Kingdom.The portrait painting of this 1964 Foden Spaceship Sputnik on this greetings card is by the well known transport artist,Mike Jefferies,who loves to capture bygone transport scenes of long ago by painting portraits,which are always evocative,atmospheric and accurately depicts the motor vehicles and/or aeroplanes,railway locomotives,etc,etc.
Mike's portrait painting of Horace Kendrick's Foden S21 Spaceship Sputnik lorry is a typically very good Mike Jefferies piece of transport art,which will appeal to Motor Vehicle Enthusiasts,not only as a greetings card,but as an illustration to be put in to one of your photograph albums.

Foden Special Vehicles
Foden Special Vehicles
by Wobbe Reitsma
Edition: Hardcover

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This review is from: Foden Special Vehicles (Hardcover)
Foden Special Vehicles,by Foden Enthusiast and Dutch man,Wobbe Reitsma,will most likely become a standard referance book on Foden Special Vehicles.......but with reservations,because it isn't perfect.However,it is still very good:Of the seven books,including this one,that have been written on the famous Foden lorry,bus,motorcoach,dumptruck,etc,manufacturer since 1975,Foden Special Vehicles is the first book on it's subject that thoroughly explains Foden vehicle model designations,gives in-depth analysis of all the many varied cabs that were fitted to Foden's home market petrol and diesel vehicle models,lists virtually all the diesel engine options that were offered in,and fitted to,Foden vehicles and gives a very comprehensive model list.......this book goes to where all the other previous Foden books have failed to reach!!! This book is long,long overdue - it ought to have been published at least thirty years since,with updated editions brought out.
This book does not cover the Foden general haulage vehicle and bus and motorcoach ranges (although the haulage lorry designations are listed),it covers what it's title says,special vehicles such as crane carriers,dumptrucks,aeroplane refuellers,TCHD = Transport Cargo Heavy Duty nuclear weapons transporters,heavy haulage ballast road locomotives and tractive units,etc,etc.It will be apparent that Foden built a great diversity of differant types of motor vehicle within the civillian and military heavy vehicle catergories.

However,Foden Special Vehicles does have some mistakes and omissions,such as on:-
Page 155:Foden S21 Spaceship Sputnik 6x4 Tractive Unit,YTL 266,of Munton's is supposed to be powered by a Foden engine,but it almost certainly has a Cummins engine because of it's extended radiator grille.

Pages 155,156,157,206,207,208:The author does not not mention the popular nickname,Sabrina,that has been given to to the Foden S24,S34,S36 & S39 Sabrina Cabs.NOTE:Some people misguidedly confuse the Foden S24,S34,S36 & S39 Sabrina Cabs with the earlier ERF SF Sabrina Lorry models.The Foden Sabrina cabs have no connection whatsoever with the ERF Sabrina.It just so happens that some road haulage industry people nicknamed the Foden Sabrina cab -Sabrina- on account of it's curved and projecting front end styling.So.......some people have not heard of the Foden Sabrina name - well,loads of other people,lorry drivers,lorry enthusiasts,lorry operators,fairground people have heard of the Foden Sabrina name and continue to use it.Just check out the Internet,and you'll see loads of references to Foden Sabrina,Foden S24 Sabrina,Foden S34 Sabrina,Foden S36 Sabrina and Foden S39 Sabrina lorries.

Pages 133,134:Strangely,although this book is about Foden special vehicles,it does not mention at least two Foden's that were built as Water-Tanker-type,4x4,Fire Engines,one of them is R986 LFE,code name Charlie 2.9.,based at Spalding,the other is C1 at Boston.These Foden's,built for the Lincolnshire Fire Brigade,are apparently based on the Foden 2000-Series 2215 4x4 Snowplough/Gritter model.

Pages 223,224,225:Certain Heavy Haulage Ballast Road Locomotives have not been listed,including the 4TE6/25,the 4TE6/50,the 6TE6/40,the 6XB6/80,the 6E7/80,etc,these,and other models have been been listed in other publications.

Page 229:The Gardner 6LXB Engine is listed as being available from 1960 to 1980,but this engine was not introduced until 1966.

The above apparent mistakes and omissions are the obvious ones,but they might be a few more.
BUT,these should not put people off from buying the best book on Foden motor vehicles to have been publshed so far.Wobbe Reitsma is writing a sequel to this book that deals with Foden export vehicle models.......I cannot wait! Foden: A Pictorial History
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Mickey Rooney & Judy Garland Collection [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import]
Mickey Rooney & Judy Garland Collection [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import]
Dvd ~ Mickey Rooney
Price: £26.05

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5.0 out of 5 stars GREAT ENTERTAINMENT AND FUN FROM JUDY & MICKEY., 14 Jan 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The MICKEY ROONEY & JUDY GARLAND COLLECTION DVD SET is a great showpiece for the great talents,both
individually and collectively,of not only "The Mick" - Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland,but all the supporting players,performers,directors,music composers and arrangers,et al,including,of course,the producer of the film musicals in this DVD Set:Arthur Freed.Also the Turner and Warner companies deserve much credit and praise for devising and producing this much-needed DVD Set!,which has the following four Mickey and Judy film musicals:BABES IN ARMS,BABES ON BROADWAY,STRIKE UP THE BAND and
GIRL CRAZY,plus a bonus DVD of an interview with Mickey Rooney,21 complete Judy Garland song performances from some of her most famous film musicals and a Mickey & Judy Trailer Gallery.
This extra DVD resides in a 48-page book which provides in-depth details of the above four feature films,with photographs,film posters,etc. Each feature film DVD has extras,such as radio plays,and two of the discs -BABES IN ARMS and GIRL CRAZY - have commentaries by Film and Judy Garland Historian,John Fricke.......and each of the four films is introduced by Mickey Rooney.
Unfortunately,the dynamic Mickey Rooney,over the years,has been overshadowed by Judy Garland and underated,needlessly underated.These four films prove just what a superb,versatile and multi-talented artist and performer Mickey Rooney is!:He is a quite a good actor,quite a good dancer,not a bad singer,a good drummer,a very good piano player,a good comedian,etc - he is a great star! And his talents ought to be more recognised and appreciated.
As for Judy Garland,well.......she was the first superstar:A great singer,a very good dancer,a great actress and superb all-round entertainer who was special to her many fans - she meant everything she was doing!
Thus both Judy and Mickey were great entertainers each in their own right:Each was dynamite.Fate must have recognised the artistic merits of these two artists,and with the help of MGM producer,Arthur Freed,put Mickey and Judy to star and perform together in the above four film musicals,and the result was double dynamite great entertainment and magic! You can see that they were real-life friends and enjoyed working with each other,and a lot of this added to the performances of Mickey and Judy and to the enjoyment of the films by the audiences.Judy and Mickey's enjoyment and enthusiasm also comes through in the films,and also added to the enjoyment of the films.
Favourite musical numbers in the films include Good Morning,BABES IN ARMS;Do The La Conga (Mickey,Judy,the dancers and cast must have had great fun rehearsing and filming this number!),STRIKE UP THE BAND;How About You?,BABES ON BROADWAY;Could You Use Me?,Fascinating Rhythm (performed by the great Tommy Dorsey Orchestra,with Mickey playing piano),I Got Rhythm,GIRL CRAZY. Although the plots,story-lines,and even some of the dialogue,are virtually the same in the first three films - GIRL CRAZY has a differant plot and story - these are great classic MGM film musicals,starring two of the most talented artists from the Golden Era of Hollywood:Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland.ENJOY!

Portrait Of Jennie [1948] [DVD]
Portrait Of Jennie [1948] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Jennifer Jones
Price: £2.90

5.0 out of 5 stars The Wonderful PORTRAIT OF JENNIE - IT IS NOT A GHOST STORY:Portrait Of Jennie IS ABOUT TIME SLIPS., 11 Dec 2011
Yes.The very memorable Portrait Of Jennie feature film,starring Jennifer Jones and Joseph Cotton is fairly often misinterpreted as a ghost story.It most emphatically is not a film about a ghost:It is actually a film about how the eternal love between a man,Eben Adams(Joseph Cotton) and a woman,Jennie Appleton (Jennifer Jones),and the power and beauty of art can transcend time and space.
I saw this film several times on television when I was a kid,and I was enchanted with it then -and,yes,I did think it was a ghost story.But being greatly interested in the reality of the supernatural,and having researched it,I gradually realised that this film is actually about time,fate and art.Hence the time slips.
The film's grand and mighty introduction in the clouds,accompanied by the wonderful and evocative music of Claude Debussy music,with french horns and all,actually states that the film is about time:-

A PORTRAIT OF JENNIE.It's a fascinating and thought-provoking introduction.......
Narrator in prologue: Since time began man has looked into the awesome reaches of infinity and asked the eternal question: What is time? What is life? What is space? What is death? Through a hundred civilizations, philosophers and scientists have come together with answers, but the bewilderment remains... Science tells us that nothing ever dies but only changes, that time itself does not pass but curves around us, and that the past and the future are together at our side for ever. Out of the shadows of knowledge, and out of a painting that hung on a museum wall, comes our story, the truth of which lies not on our screen but in your hearts

Most if not all of the beautiful and evocative music in this film is by Claude Debussy,and is based on his beautiful and enchanting The Girl With The Flaxen Hair composition,beautifully arranged by the famous film music arranger and composer,Dimitri Tiomkin.This haunting music,and the way it has been arranged,is equally both appropriate for this film and also a film about ghosts!
But,as I've already stated,A Portrait Of Jennie is a film about time slips,differant time periods merging together and time travel.The film is set in New York in the year of 1934 - Eben Adams'time period.He takes a walk in Central Park,and the atmosphere changes -he can feel it -and then he meets Jennie,a beautiful girl who is dressed in the clothes of a schoolgirl from the early teen years of the 20th Century.She talks about the German Kaiser of that period,1912.
But there is no wonder,because her time period IS 1912!,because she is living in the year of 1912.She realises even then that Eben is the love of her life,and promises to grow up as quickly as she can for him.She also sings a hauntingly beautful and mysterious song for him,which has an appropriate musical arrangement and backing.As the film progresses,Eben gradually realises two things:Jennie is the love of his life and she gives him the great inspiration to became a great artist of portrait-paintings,and also to paint portraits of her.
Her time period is 1912 to 1924,during this time she reappears,disappears and reappears,and on each appearance she has grown more and more into a beautiful young woman.Meanwhile,Eben is still essentially living in 1934,but when he and Jennie meet his time slips into her time,or visa-versa,or their two time periods merge as one time.......and it's all brought together by the power of love,fate and art.
This film works well on that level,but it does loose some credibility in that the main characters seemingly do not fully realise (especially towards near the end of the film) that they are actually living apart in two differant time periods,which slip or merge so that Eben and Jennie can be together.There are no referances,for example,of the differances between the motorcars,music,fashions,etc,of 1924 and 1934.The film would be more authentic if those referances,conversationally,aurally and visually,had been made.
Jennie has a psychic premonition about a lighthouse and a great seastorm in 1924.Eben actually does more or less makes referance to 1924 and the great seastorm.He then goes out to rescue Jennie from this storm.
All in all,A Portrait Of Jennie is delightfully unusual,romantic,haunting,memorable and is a great film.In real life,Eben and Jennie would now be together forever in the Afterlife.


Scammell: The Load Movers from Watford
Scammell: The Load Movers from Watford
by G.N. Georgano
Edition: Hardcover

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Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Scammell is,without a doubt,one of the most illustrious and revered marque names and companies in the history of commercial vehicle manufacturing,not only in it's native United Kingdom,but throughout the world - many Scammell lorries and other motor vehicles were exported all over the world.
Scammell Lorries Ltd,of Watford,Hertfordshire,was in production from 1922 to 1988,during which period the company produced high quality,tough,durable,hard working - in some cases very hard working - commercial and military vehicles,some of which were also innovative,pioneering and trendsetting.
Nick Georgano's excellent book on the history of Scammell documents every single model that Scammell made,and is well illustrated with great photographs of these legendary and memorable Scammell's.
Scammell's hallmark general haulage lorry model was the normal control-bonneted articulated lorry - a tractive unit connected to a semi-trailer - which was produced in various forms from the original Articulated Six-Wheeler Lorry to the famous Highwayman models,the last of which were made in 1970. These models were popular for general freight trunking operations,also as tankers,while others were used for heavy haulage work.
Scammell built some big and really impressive lorries,so it's suprising that they also built the small Mechanical Horse - a 3-wheeled tractive unit that was connected to a semi-trailer - and used mainly by the railways: The most famous model and user of this type of vehicle was the Scammell Scarab operated by British Railways.Speaking of semi-trailers,Scammell also built a range of semi-trailers,but the trailer division was sold to York Trailers in 1976.
Other Scammell models included the R8 Rigid Eight-Wheeler Lorry,the later Routeman Rigid 8-Wheeler Lorry,which had the stunning,delightfully unusual and beautiful Michelotti finned cab,as did the later Handyman and Trunker Tractive Units. And who could forget the superb Scammell Pioneer "Coffepot" 6x4
civillian and military cross-country model,which had a very versatile all-terrain performance and was developed into three famous military vehicle models:TRMU Tank Transporter,R100 Heavy Artillery Tractor and the SV/2S Heavy Recovery Vehicle,all of which gave great service in WW2 and in the post-war years - many of these Pioneer's became Showmans Diesel Road Locomotives. Scammell also built a special model for fairground use:The Scammell Showtrac Showmans Road Locomotive. Other postwar models included the Mountaineer, Constructor,SuperConstructor,Explorer,Crusader,Contractor and the S26.
Scammell excelled in both military and civillian road and off-road military and commercial transport. But the company very especially excelled in building very efficent,impressive and heroic heavy haulage tractive units and ballasted road locomotives for companies such as Pickfords,Wynns,
Sunters,Econofreight and ALE - Abnormal Load Engineering.
The lorries that really put Scammell on the map for heavy haulage work were the two 100-Tonner Heavy Haulage Lowloader Articulated Lorries: KD 9168 of 1929 built for Marstons Road Services - M.R.S.,and BLH 21 of 1930 which eventually was operated by Pickfords.
The Scammell Contractor Ballasted Road Locomotive model could single-handedly pull above 1000-tons on it's own! -unofficially. Scammell road locomotives and tractive units were involved in more heavy haulage operations,for a long time,than any other marque of lorry in the the UK at least.
Such names and terms as Scammell Road Locomotive, Pickfords,Heavy Haulage,Scammell Constructor Ballasted Road Locomotive,are synonymous with each other forever. A great book!.

Foden: A Pictorial History
Foden: A Pictorial History
by Peter Davies
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars Foden S21 SPACESHIP SPUTNIK Lorries,Other Lorry Models,Motorcoaches,Etc:Foden:A Pictorial History,Peter Davies., 6 Mar 2011
Foden was in business from 1856 to 2006 and was the world's oldest commercial vehicle manufacturer,and produced some of the best lorries,motorcoaches,buses and other vehicles,not only in the United Kingdom,but also in the world.
Foden started off as general and steam engineers and produced large industrial stationary steam engines and portable steam engines for farmers,etc.It was in 1880 that Foden started to produce a steam traction engine range,compound versions of these traction engines and road locomotives were
introduced in 1887.Steam lorry production commenced in 1901 and continued until 1933,traction engine production ceased in 1920.By the early 1930s most people were buying petrol and diesel lorries,and steam lorries,even the latest designs,could not compete with them in all respects. Because of this situation,Foden was on the verge of going out of business but then fully concentrated on producing a successful range of petrol,but mainly,diesel lorries,especially the DG range of 4,6 and 8-wheelers of the late 1930s and early post-war years.Foden also built military vehicles,tanks,etc,in World War Two. After the war Foden introduced the new FE/FG Lorry range,the new PV Motorcoach and Bus range and the new Foden FD4 and FD6 Two Stroke Diesel Engine range,which became the standard engines for the Foden range with Gardner engines as options.Foden also built crane carriers and dumptrucks.
Foden introduced the famous,beautiful,stylish and exotic S21 Spaceship Sputnik Cab in 1957 at the very start of the Space Age,so,because of this and it's flamboyant styling,it was very appropriatly nicknamed the S21 SPACESHIP SPUTNIK Cab. This name was even more apt when the lorry was powered by the fantastic and musical sounding Foden two stroke diesel engine! Foden's S21 Spaceship Sputnik Cab was outstanding,but Foden designed and built other stylish cabs,such as the S20,and the first British mass-produced tilt cab,the S24 that was introduced in 1962.
All of the above is documented in Peter Davies' great book,as is the later history of Foden which includes the take over of Foden by the American PACCAR company in 1980,the transfer of Foden production from Elworth Works,Sandbach,Cheshire,to Leyland in Lancashire in 2000,but,as this book was published in 2005,it does not cover the needless,misguided and mistaken deletion of the legendary Foden marque name in 2006.
Some of the black & white and all of the colour photographs of Foden motor vehicles were taken by Peter Davies,and they include Foden DG's,S18 FE's,S21 Spaceship Sputnik FE's,S24 TE's,S39 8XB6's, Foden S83's,AR's,AC's,AG's,Fleetmasters, Haulmasters,S104's,S106's,S108's,4000's,Alpha's,etc.
Yes.There are some superb photographs of Foden motor vehicles,such as rigid eight wheeler lorries,military vehicles, articulated lorries and Foden heavy haulage diesel road locomotives. Foden fairground vehicles are also very popular. A very good book.
Foden Special Vehicles

Sheffield United Tours (Prestige) (Prestige Series)
Sheffield United Tours (Prestige) (Prestige Series)
by Trevor Weckert
Edition: Paperback
Price: £6.42

5.0 out of 5 stars Sheffield United Tours Motorcoach Holiday Tours., 5 Mar 2011
AEC Reliance/Plaxton Panorama Motorcoaches of SUT - Sheffield United Tours - the red and grey livery with exterior stainless steel embellishments on the bodies of these motorcoaches,that indicated that these hailed from the world-famous steel-making City of Sheffield,Yorkshire.......a colour photograph of one of these magnificent motorcoaches is on the front cover of this book.......the sight of them at many of Great Britian's holiday resorts.......the splendid sights and sounds of these motorcoaches in staggered convoys bombing up the A1 en route to Scotland and the start of Scottish motor coach holiday tours!
All of the above were provided by the well-liked,highly popular and much-missed Sheffield United
Tours during the 1960s and early 1970s,and these AEC Reliance/Plaxton Panorama Motorcoaches
epitomised SUT and were the flagship motorcoaches of the company during those years.Of course,it is'nt just these years that SUT motorcoach holiday tours,day excusions and motorcoaches will be remembered for. Sheffield United Tours was founded in 1935 after much wheeling and dealing by a local bus and motorcoach operator,Arthur Kitson,East Midland Motor Services,Yorkshire Traction and others.The company traded as Sheffield United Tours,but it also had another name during the pre-war years:Hancocks Motor Tours and SUT were mainly AEC motorcoach operators from the start,although other marques and models of motor coach were also bought.
All of the above facts are detailed in this very interesting book,as is the needless and unfortunate
disappearance of SUT into NBC's National Travel North East and National Holidays in 1974,the National
Bus Company having already taken over Sheffield United Tours on the 1st of January 1969.
On a much happier note this book has many photographs of Sheffield United Tours motorcoaches,including AEC Ranger,normal control-bonneted,Cravens-bodied Motorcoaches,pre-war and post-war Burlingham-bodied AEC motorcoaches,et al.......not to mention those 1960s-1970s AEC/Plaxton motorcoaches.
A very good book.

Wallace Arnold (Glory Days) (Glory Days)
Wallace Arnold (Glory Days) (Glory Days)
by Roger Davies
Edition: Paperback

5.0 out of 5 stars Wallace Arnold MOTORCOACH HOLIDAY TOURS Glory Days., 4 Mar 2011
Wallace Arnold Motor Coach Holiday Tours,and it's management company,the Barr & Wallace Arnold Trust,were merged into the equally famous motorcoach holiday touring company,Shearings,in March 2005,to become W A Shearings,which later became Shearings Holidays in 2007.
Shearings Motorcoach Holiday Tours and Wallace Arnold Motorcoach Holiday Tours ought to have been kept as two seperate marques,Shearings would then have retained all of the business of Wallace Arnold.
Shearings did bring back the Wallace Arnold marque name for all of it's eight travel shops in 2010.
With the very,very unfortunate dissapperence of the Wallace Arnold marque name on motorcoaches,this
book,Wallace Arnold,Glory Days,is a great reminder of this great and well-liked motorcoach holiday
tours company. It is also a well illustrated book full of both black & white and colour photographs
of Wallace Arnold AEC,Leyland,Volvo and other marques of motorcoaches.
An excellent book.

London Transport Coach Hires 1947-1949
London Transport Coach Hires 1947-1949
by David Ruddom
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars MOTORCOACH Hires For London Transport., 3 Mar 2011
London Transport Motor Coach Hires 1947-1949,David Ruddom & Ken Glazier,Capitol Transport.
Motorcoach hires for London Transport 1947-1949 is a fascinating subject,and is highly detailed in this referance book - there can be no other word for it! This book is packed with many photographs of some of the many motorcoaches that were hired by London Transport to work on many of it's bus and motorcoach routes,from October 1947 to August 1949,because of a shortage of buses.
Because of the passage of time,and other reasons,probably not every motorcoach that was hired is
documented,but the vast majority of them are:Where the motorcoaches operated from in a London Transport Garage By Garage survey and the routes they operated on,lists of Motorcoach Companies
and the motorcoaches that they operated and a Motorcoaches By Registration list.
This referance book also has a detailed article by Alan Townsin who lived and worked in London at the time,and observed and rode on many of these motorcoaches.And a great many of these motorcoaches were REAL GEMS!and would be (if they were still around) highly treasured star vehicles at today's vintage vehicle rallies!:AEC Qs,Maudslay Marathons,AEC Rangers,Crossley SD42s,Bedford OWBs and OBs,Gilford Heras and other Gilford models,and on,and on,and on,et al.And most if not all of the photographs of these motorcoaches were actually taken when they were working on these London Transport routes.
An excellent book.

Buses on the Old Fairground: Or the Bristols and the Rest
Buses on the Old Fairground: Or the Bristols and the Rest
by Robert E. Jowitt
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fairground Buses & Motorcoaches., 3 Mar 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Fairground buses and motorcoaches were actually former buses and motorcoaches that were converted by travelling showmen,and turned into fairground equipment load transporters and/or motor homes,and,in some cases,their engines were used to drive dynamos to generate electricity for the rides and other attractions.
Fairground buses,showmens buses,feast buses,fun fair buses.......all these terms mean the same thing.Buses and motorcoaches that worked on the fairgrounds were used by many showmen,while other showmen operated lorries to transport their equipment instead. Former buses and motorcoaches first came into fairground use probably in the mid to late 1920s,and,as a type of fairground vehicle,were used by many travelling showmen until the early 1970s when the vast majority of these buses were replaced by lorries.Today,there is only a handful of buses on the fairgrounds.
What probably inspired showmen to first use buses in the first place were the famous Tilling-Stevens Petrol Electric Buses and Motorcoaches,which had dynamos which drove traction motors which powered these vehicles.After entering fairground service their dynamos were used for powering the attractions.
This fascinating book is the first book be soley devoted to fairground buses,and more books of it's kind ought to be published! In this book the author,Robert E. Jowitt,says of these fairground buses:"buses which exercised a fascination and possessed a charm far greater than those of ordinary everyday buses".And he is absolutely right,and proves it with loads of atmospheric photographs,taken by himself,of Bristols,AECs,Leylands,etc,virtually all of which date from the 1930s and 1940s - the vast majority of fairground buses and motorcoaches were from these two decades during the 1950s,1960s and 1970s.
There also some photographs of some of the guys and gals who were customers of the fun fairs, fairground people and fairground lorries,all of which add character and interest to this great book!

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