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Doctor Who: Engines of War
Doctor Who: Engines of War
by George Mann
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £9.09

5.0 out of 5 stars Engines of War, 20 Sep 2014
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Engines of War portrays the Doctor is at his most violent and world-weary. A fascinating and gritty insight into the darkest of the Doctor's incarnations.

I'd love to read more, whether they cover the early days of John Hurt's Doctor, or novels set just before Engines of War.

Companions: Fifty Years of Doctor Who Assistants: An Unofficial Guide
Companions: Fifty Years of Doctor Who Assistants: An Unofficial Guide
by Andy Frankham-Allen
Edition: Paperback
Price: £9.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Doctor Who - Companions, 20 Sep 2014
An enjoyable enough read, if a little consistent throughout. It may perhaps have something to do with the authors own companion preferences. It's a shame the book loses steam as soon as we reach David Tennant's Doctor, with the Expanded Universe for his and Matt Smith's Doctor briefly slotted in towards the back. The author preferring to use their allocated space to tell us every single thing the likes of Donna and Rory do on screen. A complete contrast to the more evenly covered eras of the first eight Doctors.

Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: £9.20

5.0 out of 5 stars HAARP, 31 July 2014
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This review is from: HAARP (Audio CD)
Muse are without a doubt one of the greatest live bands currently going. Matt Bellamy is a true showman and, as a whole, Muse never fail to deliver. It is quite simply incredible to see the band performing live on the DVD. The live CD is also worthy of a listen, Muse manage to entertain without having a visual presence.

Ultimate Kylie
Ultimate Kylie
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £5.98

5.0 out of 5 stars Ultimate Kylie, 31 July 2014
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This review is from: Ultimate Kylie (Audio CD)
Pop perfection. The first disc doesn't have a single skippable track and the second disc is littered with Kylie classics. A very happy tenth anniversary to Ultimate Kylie!

Toy Story Andy's Toy Collection Sheriff Woody
Toy Story Andy's Toy Collection Sheriff Woody

5.0 out of 5 stars Toy Story Collection: Sheriff Woody, 31 July 2014
To put it simply, this Woody will be the most definitive to ever be released. Lovingly made from the data used in the three films, this product is an absolutely spot on rendition of the character we all know and love from the critically acclaimed and beloved Toy Story trilogy. The toy is more than sturdy enough to be given to a child to play with to their hearts content. The beauty of the product is that it's not just a collector piece, but also a toy that will bring hours of joy to anyone and will last for years to come.

The choice of phrases are fantastic and the interactive mode is good fun. The quality of the clothing is spot on and will last for a long time, whether for play for display. I think the certificate of authenticity is a lovely touch, and I have framed mine and it sits on the shelf proudly next to Woody. Very kind of John Lasseter himself to approve of the product.

The only slight negatives is the fact that the toy isn't voiced by Tom Hanks himself, but his brother, Jim. However, it's near enough a spot on match so there's nothing to worry about. I found that the stand included in my set is a little too big for Woody, unless you want him to be dangling in the air, and not touching the base, as the promotional pictures show. It's not a problem for me as I prefer to have him sat on the shelf, rather than upright on the stand, but it's nothing that a quick bit of sanding down can't fix.

It's worth noting that "ANDY" is not on the shoe of the toy. This is because the product is designed to not strictly be Andy's Woody from the films, but more a Woody of your own, as the packaging suggests, given it is in the style of the 50's / 60's box we see in Toy Story 2. The bottom of the boots are glossy, however, allowing you to put a name on there, whether your own or Andy's.

It's brought back a great deal of nostalgia for me [and now I can pass my 15-year-old Woody toy on to someone else, much like Andy does at the end of Toy Story 3], and I now own a definitive version of Woody. The only way that the toy will get any more definitive is if Tom Hanks did all the dialogue, but it's an unnecessary addition given the voice is fine in its own right.

Toys R Us are currently have it for £39.99 on their website. It isn't available for delivery, but can be reserved in a local store if they have stock. The in-store price is £49.99, but their online price guarantee will give you the £10 off.


Doctor Who: Tales of Trenzalore: The Eleventh Doctor's Last Stand
Doctor Who: Tales of Trenzalore: The Eleventh Doctor's Last Stand
Price: £2.07

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4.0 out of 5 stars Doctor Who: Tales of Trenzalore: The Eleventh Doctor's Last Stand, 9 April 2014
Tales of Trenzalore does what it says on the tin. It's four stories that are set during the centuries that the Eleventh Doctor defended the town of Christmas, featuring an insight into the brief sieges that we witnessed in the terrific 2013 Christmas special, The Time of the Doctor.

Each story has the same premise; an enemy of the Doctor seeks to bypass the Papal Mainframe's technology detectors, therefore allowing them to land on Trenzalore to kill the Doctor, thus preventing him revealing his name. The Doctor revealing his true name would then alert the Time Lords and they will know they are in the right place and come through the crack, and all the alien species above will descend on the planet and begin the Time War anew. The Doctor refuses to allow his enemies to destroy Trenzalore, so stays there, in the town of Christmas, and so begins his last stand...

Let it Snow - by Justin Richards - This story features the Ice Warriors and uses some clever techniques, particularly in regards to bypassing the Truth Field that is put in place on Trenzalore. However, the Ice Warriors plan is a little unimaginative and the climax of the story underwhelming. 7/10.

An Apple a Day - by George Mann - A highlight of the book. This story features my personal favourite monster, the Krynoid. Now, the Krynoid aren't an enemy of the Doctor, so they're not out to kill him specifically, but are wanting to inhabit Trenzalore and consume all life on the planet. This means the story offers something different to the others and it's very well done. George Mann manages to capture the Krynoid very well and the portrayal is faithful to their appearance in 1976's The Seeds of Doom. The Doctors companion in this story is a young lad called Theol and it works well, reminiscent of the Eleventh Doctor and Amelia in The Eleventh Hour, which further brings this incarnations era full circle. The conclusion isn't the best, but it's a great story nonetheless. 9/10.

Strangers in the Outland - by Paul Finch - My favourite story of the four included in this book. Strangers in the Outland features the Autons and it's a very clever and a rather chilling story. Paul Finch offers a new take on the Autons and it works brilliantly, something that could only really be done in prose and not on screen. Finch's prose is really good and his descriptions really paint a full picture in this readers head, making for a very enjoyable read. I'd love for him to do some more Doctor Who. 10/10.

The Dreaming - by Mark Morris - This story isn't bad as such, but it's rather lacking, I feel. First of all, I was reading this and it just seemed blindingly obvious that the story was originally meant to feature the Fendahl and not the Mara, so the latter monster was added in as a last minute substitute and it doesn't really work as a result. I think had it been the Fendahl then the story would have been a lot better, but it doesn't quite work as it is. I'm not sure why the sudden change, but perhaps it was to have monsters represented from the various decades of the show? The Ice Warriors from the 60's, Krynoid from the 70's, Mara from the 80's and the Autons from the 00's & 10's. Alas, I didn't enjoy the story a great deal. 6/10.

It's interesting to note that the Doctor loses his leg throughout his life on Trenzalore [which is cleverly used in one of the stories] and we never do hear the story behind it. The Doctor does tell the story to the children of Christmas, but we don't actually get to read about it. I believe that the reason behind loss of the Doctors leg was in the script for The Time of the Doctor, but it was ultimately cut from the final edit, so I suppose that is why we aren't told in one of the four stories comprising Tales of Trenzalore. In reality, Matt Smith badly injured his leg and had to see a physical therapist as a result, so I imagine the cane [which it emerges is carved from a Krynoid tentacle!] and the Doctors increasing lack of mobility as he ages were worked into the storyline accordingly. The leg loss sounds like a reason behind the cane and lack of mobility, but obviously didn't make it on screen in the end, so it'd be nice to read the story behind the Doctors leg loss.

I think there's definitely enough potential for more tales from Trenzalore and I'll certainly be purchasing if so. The book brought us new stories from the more obscure monsters like the Krynoid and Mara, so I'd be interested to see some more obscure inventions tackled. I think there's also scope for a Tales from the Time War book featuring John Hurt's excellent War Doctor. I don't see a problem with the concept or having it limited to the Time War; all of the four Tales of Trenzalore stories have the same premise and each does something interesting with it, so I'd like to see that extended to another undocumented and long period of the Doctors life.

Tales of Trenzalore is a great read all in all and for £2, you can't really go wrong. It's essentially four of the 50th Anniversary Eleven Doctors, Eleven Months and Time Trips series in length for the exact same price as one story from the two series mentioned. I believe there's a paperback version of the book due out sometime later this year too, which is nice.

A well deserved 8/10 overall.

Breaking Bad: The Complete Series [DVD]
Breaking Bad: The Complete Series [DVD]
Dvd ~ Bryan Cranston
Price: £40.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Breaking Bad: The Complete Series, 6 Jan 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
There's not really a lot of things I can add that others have not mentioned. The complete Breaking Bad collection is a fine set for a fine show.

I won't go into details about the episodes, but the uncensored versions are very much appreciated on the set. Many shows just stick the transmitted versions of the episodes on the DVDs, so the fact we are getting what I believe to be the *definitive* versions is fantastic.

I have been making my way through the special features over the festive period and the set is packed full of them, all of which are worthy additions to the set. I would have been happy to have paid £50 for the episodes and perhaps outtakes and deleted scenes. Adding in commentaries [My personal favourite special feature] and other features make this set fantastic value for money. £50 for six seasons is reasonable in itself, factor in all the features and it's quite remarkable.

I have just one complaint, and it's the lack of two hour documentary that I believe is exclusive to the limited edition version of the set. In fact, this isn't even a complaint of the set, it is just something extra that could have been added to an already jam packed set.

Absolutely fantastic. Definitely get it bought. There's a market for the UV code that comes with the set too, so if you want to make an extra bit of money back [I got a tenner for mine, but I have seen many go for £15 - £20], then it's worth flogging the code, making the set even greater value.

Fortunately, the Milk . . .
Fortunately, the Milk . . .
Price: £3.08

5.0 out of 5 stars Fortunately, the Milk..., 6 Jan 2014
There I was, in college, just under an hour ago, pondering on what to do with my free lesson. Fortunately, I had my Kindle on me and remembered that I had treat myself to "Fortunately, the Milk" over the festive period, and so I started to read...

"Fortunately, the Milk" is absolutely bonkers fun from the mind of the wonderful, award-laden and bestselling author Neil Gaiman. The book generated some wonderful memories of reading Roald Dahl books as a child, as well as a reminder of Doctor Who, of which Neil has penned two televised stories and a short story eBook. I could easily imagine the character of Dad being replaced by Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor, who is left looking after Angie and Artie, whilst Clara has gone to the Midnight spa. Or something. However, that said, the illustration of Dad is an uncanny likeness of Mr Gaiman himself!

My Kindle is a Touch model, so I could not experience the audio / video features, but I am more than pleased to have spent 99p on the book just to read the actual story. I feel compelled to mention the superb illustrations by Chris Riddell in this review. His drawings compliment the book perfectly.

Life is an adventure, and Neil Gaiman captures this brilliantly.

Doctor Who -  The Complete Series 7 [DVD]
Doctor Who - The Complete Series 7 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Matt Smith
Offered by FLASH
Price: £24.49

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Doctor Who - The Complete Series Seven, 30 Dec 2013
I'd go as far to say that this is probably my favourite series of Doctor Who, certainly since the show was revived in 2005. I have been a great fan of Doctor Who since first watching it in 2006 and I have loved every series, some more than others. Here are my ratings [Out of 10] for the complete series seven [I have included the two recent specials as, despite not being included on the set, form a part of series seven]:

The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe - 7
Asylum of the Daleks - 10
Dinosaurs On A Spaceship - 8
A Town Called Mercy - 8
The Power of Three - 7
Angels Take Manhattan - 9
The Snowmen - 9
The Bells of Saint John - 8
The Rings of Akhaten - 10
Cold War - 10
Hide - 10
Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS - 9
The Crimson Horror - 10
Nightmare in Silver - 9
The Name of the Doctor - 10
The Day of the Doctor - 10
The Time of the Doctor - 9

Perhaps I am just easily pleased, but I think this is by far the most consistent series of Doctor Who there's been. I do, however, firmly believe that the show should opt to hourly episodes starting form next year. 13x60 minute episodes would be superb, but I would be prepared to see the series drop down to 10 episodes if there could be an increase in length. I feel that the biggest drawback of series seven is the episode length. Whilst I don't think they effect the episodes severely, many of them have suffered from rushed endings as a result of the 45 minute timeslot.

Ratings and episodes aside, I think the set as a whole is superb. I was initially a bit pessimistic about what would be on the set, given that Doctor Who Confidential was axed in 2011, and the show contributed towards a bulk of the special features on the NuWho sets. However, I needn't have worried as the set is chock full of Value Added Material [VAM].

Every episode, with the exception of "The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe" has a behind the scenes featurette, each averaging at around 5 minutes in length. These offer a nice insight into the production of each episode. I wasn't a massive fan of Confidential overall, as I felt that they were mostly too long and off-topic [The Confidential cut-downs on the boxsets were better, but often suffered from the wrong content being cut], but these 5 minute features are pretty good. They could perhaps do with being more like the Behind The Lens features that have been on the DVDs of The Day of the Doctor and The Time of the Doctor; fun and offering a great insight into the production of each episode.

We haven't had a full series of commentaries since series four in 2008 [Most, if not all, of which were taken directly from the official Doctor Who site], but series seven has four of them on the following episodes: "The Snowmen", "Cold War", "Hide" and "The Crimson Horror". They are all great and range from interesting insights and comments from Mark Gatiss, to a hilarious listen from the Paternoster Trio and Matt Smith's first and so far only appearance on a DVD commentary. Matt is a guest on the "Hide" commentary with director Jamie Payne. I think that this is by far the best commentary of the set, and perhaps one of the greatest Who commentaries, as it is so clear that Matt utterly adored his time as The Doctor. It's worth noting that I listened to the commentary on Christmas Day, just before the explosive regeneration in The Time of the Doctor, so Matt's love of the show really hit home.

There are also three documentaries on the DVD which were originally broadcast by BBC America. The docos are 45 minutes in length and are basic introductions for new fans, but enjoyable nonetheless. It's worth warning that two out of the three docos feature John Barrowman!

To round the set off are several scenes that are exclusive to the set: "Inforarium", "Rain Gods", "Clara and the TARDIS" and "Clarence and the Whispermen". The first two feature the Doctor, the latter of which is set during the first part of the series and the latter is set sometime during the second half and features River Song, as played by Alex Kingston. The title "Clara and the TARDIS" says it all, really, and "Clarence and the Whispermen" feels like a cut scene from The Name of the Doctor and could have perhaps done with being included in the story itself.

All in all an excellent set to accompany what I feel has been an excellent series of our beloved show. Recommended.

The Dark Knight Trilogy [DVD] [2005]
The Dark Knight Trilogy [DVD] [2005]
Dvd ~ Christian Bale
Price: £12.00

5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The Dark Knight Trilogy, 29 Dec 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I received this set for Christmas and I personally think it's superb. All three of Christopher Nolan's incredible films featuring the caped crusader, with over seven hours of bonus features to boot. You can't go wrong, really.

It's worth noting that the Amazon reviews for this set are muddled. There have been many different versions of The Dark Knight Trilogy released, yet Amazon see fit to merge all the reviews into one. Please bear in mind that if you order this product you won't get the fold out set with book and lenticular cover. If you want that set, then you will be better ordering The Dark Knight Trilogy (DVD + UV Copy) [2012] version.

Instead, with the regular DVD set, you get the three films, two discs with each, in three individual cases, housed in a slipcase with a sort of metallic effect over it. I will add an image to The Dark Knight Trilogy [DVD] showing what the set looks like, just to sort out any potential confusion.

Recommended if you just want the trilogy on DVD. If you want a snazzy set then you are best of opting for the DVD + UV version. Normally I would opt for a fold out set, but given that the films are only a trilogy, I like to see each individual one on my shelf, as they don't take up a great deal of room.
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