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Are you there Vodka? It's me, Chelsea
Are you there Vodka? It's me, Chelsea
by Chelsea Handler
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Like the lady herself: Funny, Smart and oh-so Honest, 20 May 2009
After catching the her talk-show "Chelsea Lately" and loving EVERY minute of it, i was thrilled to learn that she was not only a stand-up comedian and hostess but also an author!

This book did not disappoint!

"Are you there Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea" has a very loose autobiographical structure to it, starting with a tale when Miss Handler is 9yrs old and then leaping forward several years later each time to particularly funny moments in her life. Chelsea's observational style is accessible, witty and laugh-out-loud funny. Chelsea's appeal is similar to quintessentially British humour: make the subject crass but discuss with impeccable grammar and an impressive vocabulary! I've managed to read the book relatively quickly but I would highly recommend the book due to the fact it has a high re-read factor; I can guarantee you that you will have firm favorite chapters in the book.

I would say, to anyone considering buying the book, that a good understanding of American pop-culture and A-to-Z list celebrities will help otherwise a lot of the references may be lost along with some of the inferences (if you've not up on your USA celebs, I recommend having an internet search engine handy!)

After reading this book, Chelsea's 1st book "My Horizontal Life" is already on my wish list.
Need a belly-laugh? Buy the Book!

Sex And The City : Seasons 1-6 Shoebox (18 Disc Set) [DVD]
Sex And The City : Seasons 1-6 Shoebox (18 Disc Set) [DVD]
Dvd ~ Sarah Jessica Parker

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5.0 out of 5 stars Carrie & Co. In Box-Set Gold !, 27 Aug. 2006
For six series, Sarah Jessica Parker & Darren Starr bought glamour, coutre and titilation into our homes (and on a mid-week too: an unheard of feat up until then) whilst hopping onto the zeitgeist and making Cosmopolitains & Manolo Blahniks "must-have's" for the upwardly fabulous & sent sales of Apple laptops through the roof. Our four 30-something ladies made us all want a little more NY in our lives. Like the Spice Girls before them, they spawned endless "Which One Are You" relatability tests. We we're never ceased to be shocked by the X-rated and sexually head-strong exploits of Samantha. We ached for Charlotte as her prim-&-Priss fairytales of Happy-Ever-After got dashed one by one. And we smirked as Miranda lost her glacier-like front but retained her razor wit.(We were also at odds to explain how Carrie could afford A-List fashions by only writing a 10 inch column in the USA's answer to The Sun) And then there's the men....

Mr Big








The russian (i dont have the srength or the "nerd" in me to find the correct spelling

** Add name of 1 x episode date here**

And then we mourned the loss of such an amazing series as HBO drew the curtain. But HOORAY!! the box set is here (in a suitably context-specific fabu-Box-set)

All 6 series are here in all their glory, including the dissapointingly short series 5 as S.J.P went on to have a B.A.B.Y. Having viewed them more or less back to back, it's evident the series doesn't fall foul to the occupational hazard that afflicts so many others of its kind; The charcters evolve (as does their individual style) in front of you. It woulod have been easy to film the no-brainer "how they meet" episode or spoon-feed us a sacharine finale were Charlotte becomes pregnant, Carrie becomes Mrs Big, Samantha utters the words "I Love You" and Miranda throws of her cynicism. But No (thank God) the series bravely and deftly deals with the issues- Cancer, death, divorce, pregnancy, marriage and loss whilst mixing in healthy measures of fun, fashion and love under a wide spectrum of sexuality in front of a stunning New York backdrop.

This series is just so damn WATCHABLE! Plenty of boxsets are probably relegated to the shelves in countless homes only to be dug out once anually as and when the mood takes but this is a keeper! Killer one-liners, great soundtrack, beautiful scenery and a stellar cast with palpable chemistry between them all!

Really, own this box set NOW!!!

I only have one critisism:


Okay, it's a given that some box sets come with a number of "superfluous To Requirement" discs containing more behind the scene's shenanignas then you would care to view but SATC has........ NONE (Well, none of worth). Series 1 has a Blink-&-You'll-Miss-It " featurette" shared with Season 3 disc as well as sharing an "Awards & Nominations" feature with Season 2 disc. And that, other than the obligatory Cast & Crew option, is it. Where are the deleted scenes??? Where's the blooper reel (how funny would that have been?) Where's the massive style extra with the top designers and contributors to the show??? Where's the interview with Candace Bushnell (who wrote the book FYI)??? Where are the recipies for the cocktails???? When you consider that some box set's go to such lengths to cram extra's into their releases that they'll interview the catering lady for 5 3/4 hrs that HBO haven't taken the time to give us quality extra's to this Platinum-Quality series.

But still, you dont always get what you want and i'll still give it the 5 *'s it deserves.

Pull up a chair, get a Browney & a coffee / olive & a Martini and enjoy some of the best entertainment produced this century. Pure high-heeled Classic!
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Price: £10.41

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3.0 out of 5 stars Libra tips the scales...but in which direction???, 16 Jan. 2006
This review is from: Libra (Audio CD)
Fresh on Aaliyah's old label, Toni returns with Libra! Clearly Toni has played to her strengths and produced an album of ballards and down-tempo tracks. The Scott Storch produced lead single "Please" has done little to ingite the promotional fire behind Libra, possibly due to the fact that the track wanders little far from Toni's safe Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins previous hit.
Is this the reason why we're yet to have a UK release rather than an import??
The only exception to the mid-tempo rule being the Rich "Crazy In Love" Harrison helmed "Take This Ring". Whilst the track certainly puts it down for the clubs, fans of Amerie and Beyonce maybe a little dissapointed but Harrison's cloning of his hit-making style.
Whilst admitidly there are no equivalent tracks to "He Wasn't Man Enough" or "Hit The freeway" to hold the attention of more bouncy R&B lovers, Toni's voice and delivery will certainly keep Braxton fans pleased likewise with the content: "Trippin", "Midnite" and "Finally" grapple familiar territory of Love's rollercoaster.
"Whats Good" is a saturday morning, lover-friendly groove with toni extolling the virtues of her man.
"Shadowless" finds Toni stripped (as with her image)to an acoustic guitar and truely show cases this womans beautiful smokey voice.
Whilst the album is solidly performed and produced, i was dissapointed in the "if it ain't broke dont fix it" approach in sticking toni with ballad-esque material. When you consider her contemporaries and those producers that are currently pushing the envelope in urban music, it's a shame more wasn't given to Libra. With strong Non-album material being released online, it certainly poses some questions with regards to this 10-track offering. But needless to say, a good album for a night in with ur lover!

Faithful Christmas
Faithful Christmas
Price: £18.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Essential Xmas Soul!!, 16 Jan. 2006
This review is from: Faithful Christmas (Audio CD)
This CD was actually bought for me as a Christmas present from a pen friend in the USA: and what a Christmas present it was!!!
"A Faithful Christmas", Faith Evans' 2nd CD on her new Capitol Records label, sees Hip-Hops favourite widow combine new Christmas material and the old standards. The strength in this CD lies on the fact that Faith has not attempted to replicate or "Karaoke" style the well-loved material, but each song has been given her own jazzy spin: Nat King Cole's The Christmas Song gets a soulful swing makeover and Faith holds her own on Eartha Kitt's Santa Baby. Faith channels James Brown and brings uptempo festive funk with "Soulful Christmas" and brings her R&B flow to "Christmas wish".
Other seasonal releases from America's contemporary urban artists are sometimes heavily based on Carols or more spiritually focused material that may alienate a less orthodox or non-Christian listener. Should this be the case, "Faithful Christmas" is ideal as faith closes the album with the only carol on the set "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" (more of a familiar word-play pun I'd say). Needless to say the production on all songs is beautiful! From start to finish it's a Christmas cracker!!!!
Faith has yet to garner the acclaim/sales/recognition she rightly deserves and is still plagued with unfair "Nearly-But-Not-Quite" comparisons to Mary J. Blige. However, "A Faithful Christmas", in this reviewer's humble opinion gives Mariah Carey's seasonal offering "Merry Christmas" a run for it's money.


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5.0 out of 5 stars One of the soundtrack albums of my life!!!, 22 Nov. 2004
This review is from: Chupacabra (Audio CD)
Imani Copolla sadly only released one album through her record label Columia before, one assumes, being dropped.
But what an album it is!!!
Whilst hip-hop beats and Sesame street-esque melodies may sound like uncomfortable bedfellows, imani marries them both flawlessly creating a bouncy, sunny soundscape peppered with self-depreciation, self-analysis and a good helping of self-love!!!
This is one of those "Flu" album that as soon as you play it to your friends, it catches!!! I think i lost count of the tapes i made for friends or reccomended where you could by it cheaply when i was in College !
This is a unique work that i'll still be playing in years to come! It's such a shame that even back in the day of '97, before the main-stream saturation of Have-A-Go pop-stars, Imani never got the recognition she deserves.

Night Of The Living Dead - The Remake [DVD]
Night Of The Living Dead - The Remake [DVD]
Dvd ~ Tony Todd

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5.0 out of 5 stars Own this film...... Own it NOW!!!!, 31 July 2004
Purists may well not like remakes... purists are fools!!
The film remains true to Romeros core principals (Concentrate - here comes the trivia part):
1) Each Zombie film will contain a vailant black, male central character.
2) Each film will contain an ineffectual female lead who will adapt qiuckly and survive longer than her male leads
3) The film will always represent conflicting human instincts within crisis.
Tony Todd once again cements his role as horrors premier actor whilst his supporting actors (the scene in front of the fire as he recounts a fight scene, snapping fire wood for effect ganrers him with the low-budget remake of the year award alone) slug it out along side him, providing a suitable spectrum of human emotion. I must admit, unlike others that have graced with their opinions, i prefer my zombie films CRAMMED with bad dialogue, poor dubbing and abbatior-esque gore, but this films delivers none of the aforementioned and instead grants the viewer a horror film with a genuine sense of impending doom, frustrating human conflict and a socially conscious ending! Whilst i lend nothing to the arguements of Heston or Bush regarding fire-arms, the films certainly make you want to "pack heat" in the kitchen cupboard in the instance that the next-door neighbour comes round for a cup of tea..... 48hrs after their burial!!!!!
like i said at the top of the rview: own this film....own it NOW!!!!

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