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K. bruce "BubbleWorm" (U.K)

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Rule of Rose
Rule of Rose

10 of 11 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A Real review with more than one line!, 15 April 2010
This review is from: Rule of Rose (Video Game)
I just noticed that this classic game has only "one" review, and a one liner at that! so I felt it necessary to write an informative review that does this title some justice at least.
Basically I got this game a while back along with "Kuon" and this is by far the better of the 2, in fact I can't really compare the 2 as they are completely different, Kuon is more in the vein of project zero, etc.
Rule of rose revolves around a young girl called "rose" incidentally, who finds herself lost and alone on a strange dark street that leads to an orphanage, you cannot go anywhere else for if you try to walk up one end of the street you will find yourself back at the other end again so you are left with no choice but to go to the orphanage. Here you see the first cut scene, which will also let you in on why this game was banned in the UK upon it's release, (que children, torture and death in the same context...) although I didn't find any offense or quarrel with it, we see this kind of thing in movies all the time, so I don't see why gamers should have to loose out just because one fat cat at the BBFC decided to have a tantrum because they are probably one of those over-sensitive cotton wool child wrapping lunatics......(end rant)
Anyway the game is very creepy, has a good soundtrack and atmosphere, excellent for fans of haunting ground or clock tower 3, it's creepy suspenseful and laced with phycological horror elements and some very inventive baddies, that could easily invite themselves to hang around with pin-head and the rest of his crew... There are however alot of equally frustrating elements to the game, for example, there is an awful lot of running around back and forth before an event will unfold that allows you to move forward onto the next stage, and if a room is filled with baddies that you then take the time and effort to get rid of you will find that upon re-entering the room they are all there again! having a coffee! so my advice is not to waste too much time killing them as it does NOTHING!
Another thing is that you do not have a weapon of any sort or a way to boost your health after an attack, you just have to keep going until your heath stabilizes itself.

It also uses the same "fear" system as in haunting ground, so the more scared your character becomes, (usually in a chase scenario) the more disorientated your character becomes, this is reflected in the controls and what you see on the screen, making it increasingly difficult to coordinate your movements and get away, however this is not implemented as much in this game as it is in Haunting ground.

I would definitely give this game a go if you can afford it, (as these rarer titles are going for around £50 at the moment) and if you are in the habit of collecting vintage horror survival games, and you already have all the others, such as the resident evil games, silent hill series, project zero, forbidden siren, clock tower, haunting ground etc then why not give this a go too?
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The Sword Volume 3: Earth (Sword (Image Comics))
The Sword Volume 3: Earth (Sword (Image Comics))
by Joshua Luna
Edition: Paperback
Price: £13.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Just as awesome as the first 2! but getting better...., 29 Nov. 2009
This is just a quick review to let you know that the Sword is a must have for Luna fans! and this volume picks up alot of speed, is probably the most gruesome, has the most action, and leads the story up nicely to it's climax.
In this volume our protagonist is as angry as ever with what has happened to her and wants revenge, she goes after the 2nd sibling in this book, knossos? who controls earth and the book finishes with a confrontation between her and Malia.
She again loses the sword in this one and comes super close to death, but that's all I'm saying!

If you liked GIRLS and need some more Luna to keep you going definitely try out this and Ultra!

Ark [DVD] [2005] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Ark [DVD] [2005] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Offered by M and N Media US
Price: £75.72

1 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent CGI offering, best of the low budget bunch! including Kaena the prophecy!, 29 Nov. 2009
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Well Lets hope that this review will make it on to the site, as my last 8 or 9 reviews have still not been published over the last 5 months so I'll have to put this review elsewhere on other sites also as Amazon cannot be relied upon, shame really, I have lost a few reviews because of them as I didn't save them anywhere else and Amazon have been completely non responsive about this. anyway here is my review for the film.

I didn't expect this to have such a great storyline as well as stunning visuals after watching a few of these region 1 CGI offerings including Kaena the prophecy and Dragon Hunters, I initially thought this would be the weaker of them, but I was wrong, (I haven't watched Delgo yet so I can't compare it to that) The film feels very final fantasy like so if you enjoyed the spirits within or advent children you will like this, the visuals are just as rich as those movies, perhaps a little more game-looking, I suspect that maybe the film was made using a game building software or engine, I don't know much about that so I can't really be sure, however the colors, textures and details are very good and definitely on par with, if not a little below the final fantasy films.

This was by far the superior film in contrast to Kaena the prophecy, (dragon hunters is too different to give it a fair comparison, with that being more like ice age, igor etc) having a much more solid storyline and more rounded and three dimensional characters, the voice actors were also very good and I never felt that any of them were wooden or lacking in depth aprt from a few minor issues with facial/voice matching, for example, when the queen is shouting out a speech in one scene, her face would have benefited from more expressions, as her face didn't look as passionate as her speech, but things like this only happened far and few in-between and didn't effect the overall brilliance of the film.

The theme of the film is not so unfamiliar, the Korean animated feature "Sky Blue" has alot in common with this film in terms of the story as I'm sure alot of other films have, ie: separation of races, dome like city's amidst wasteland, (Ergo Proxy) fantasy elements, slavery, man rescues child from opposing race and raises as his own, (I know I've seen this done before but can't remember where?) but despite all of these similarities to other films the film still works on many levels, holds your attention and still offers some surprises along the way.

The characters are well fleshed out , even the minor ones and you do feel some sort of connection to them and you are bothered about what happens to them, whether good or bad. Whilst watching this I also thought of a few live action films such as Bladerunner and the 5th element, maybe even a little minority report, just for one or two touches like the backgrounds or the feel for the environment.

This is definitely a must for fans of anime, especially if you like sci-fi, fantasy, mecha, although it was not overloaded with mecha and mecha was not a main theme, just that there were a few robots around but not all the time, nor was there any signs of a cyborg entourage, but there was a little robot bird thing to add a touch of quirkiness to the fil but nothing was too OTT or overdone which is what I liked about it. Some parts would have benefited from a little more explanation but for what was covered in the time alloted I found it easy to follow and understand and no rushed, (90% of the time)

A great movie definitely worth watching if you can, yes it's quite expensive to buy at the moment, especially as it is not a region 2 release, so you will need a multi region DVD player to watch. It's probably worth paying out for if you can get it for less than £20 considering that it's hard to find, and if you like this sort of thing you probably won't mind spending that to watch and own it so why not! If you are a fan of anime, particularly sci-fi/fantasy then I would definitely recommend it if you don't mind CGI, if you liked" Kaena the prophecy" then you will like this as it's a much more solid venture all round, If you like world cinema such as Pans labyrinth, Belleville sisters etc then again you might enjoy this, obviously it's not for people who don't like sci-fi or animation etc but I guess if you are looking at this page then you are already mildly interested so all you need to do now is get it and watch it!

how I rate the film/brief summery

Visuals 10/10 (stunning, special effects were excellent too)
Vocals 9.5/10 (very good voice-overs, forgot I was watching an animated feature)
Characterization 8/10 (good strong characters, especially the laeding roles)
Character design 9.5/10 (everyone looked different and were not too stereotypical, besides maybe the bad guy)
Story 9/10 (excellent story, only loses a mark because it's been done before, but the director has still made it unique in may ways)
Concept 10/10 (I really like the idea behind the story, although simple I think it makes for a good story and it has)
Execution 9/10 (this is where most ideas fail flat but I'm pleased to say this was not the case here and that it was handled very well!)

So my final thought is that this was a great film, great story although done before it was executed well enough here to make this a clear winner, I would also recommend Kaena, although it wasn't executed as well and there was some technical glitches it had more innovative character designs, and a more imaginative world, it also felt much much more unique in it's story, visuals etc, although the leading protagonist in that film was not as visually pleasing as this one, the film still gets my vote, Definitely buy this, "The Ark" if you can and are interested, and if your hesitating between this and Kaena just buy them both, they are very different in their methods but similar in story, (sort of) and are both rewarding viewings, with this one rating slightly higher for me, but then again you may prefer Kaena depending on your tastes so I'd say get them both together, you won't be disappointed (beware that there are some time frame rate issues in Kaena but it's not too bad, maybe a little distracting)

The Legend Of The Shadowless Sword [2006] [DVD]
The Legend Of The Shadowless Sword [2006] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Ji-Woo Choi
Offered by rsdvd
Price: £4.49

36 of 43 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Stunning visuals spoiled by cheap camera tricks and a flawed script., 15 Jun. 2009
I didn't plan on writing a review for this product but wanting to see what other people had said I had a look and thought that this film needed a constructive review. however I am very tired so I'm not sure if that's what you will get! but hey! I will try!
The visuals in this film are quite breathtaking and simply stunning to look at, the cinematographer has certainly got it spot on, as with most of these films, and for me, this is what kept me watching the film after I realized that the plot wasn't going to get any better.
I am all for fantasy martial arts, ala crouching tiger, the flying on rooftops etc doesn't bother me, (I just pretend it is an ancient kung fu style) however this film was too a little too silly for my liking, and there were also too many plot-holes and certain aspects didn't fit, for example the main female character of the movie ends up falling for the "prince" that she is escorting, (trust me I haven't spoiled anything for you, it was obvious) however there is nothing to like about him, he is not good looking, there is no chemistry between them, he doesn't do anything that would make her like or even love him, it just doesn't fit? when you are watching "house of flying daggers" their love is believable, I know that sounds corny, but it's true, and that's why it had an impact on me, (I still cry every time I watch it!) but the love in this film is rather weak and non-convincing, as a result the film falls apart for me, because if you don't believe that she loves him or he indeed loves her back, then the reasoning behind their actions doesn't make sense.
Another thing that annoyed me or rather ruined the film for me was the way the bad guys just sprung up out of no-where, for example in one scene, they had fled the baddies and were in some underwater cavern type place and woah and behold the bad guy springs up out of the water to fight them! It was so stupid I wanted to turn it off there and then. Or there are times when the baddies are waiting for them on ahead etc.
I think the main problem with the baddies is that there is no tension built up, instead of biting your nails and feeling pannicked, your just like, "oh, there's another bad guy" it's just that simple.
Then the fight scenes, ah the fight scenes, well I wouldn't call them that, rather cheat scenes, instead of seeing some fine choreographed artistry what we get are a multitude of camera angles, that constantly change to give the impression of action, and some extreme close-ups of...wait for it...A FOOT CHANGING POSITION! WOW! or...wait for it...A HEAD TURN! amazing! it does get annoying after a while...

The film definitely looks stylish and has an expensive quality feel to it, but it's definitely a case of style over substance, there is nothing moving or deep about it although it tries to be, you may have been looking at "the restless" or "the promise" if you are looking at this, and with those films at least we know they are fantasy and are not taking themselves too seriously so they tend to get away with the style over substance thing, but as this wants to be a serious and epical film it just doesn't cut it. there's nothing there, it's like buying a hot dog, but finding there's no meat in the middle when you take a bite.

Get it if you want to see for yourself or just to take in the lush visuals, maybe if you haven't seen any other wuxia film then you'll like it more, but when there are films such as house of flying daggers, curse of the golden flower, hero, etc out there then you really don't need to bother with this.

Also check out the warlords that's pretty good, and An empress and a warlord, (something along those lines) looks decent but I haven't watched it yet, will review it when I have!

Thanks for reading. x
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Mum & Dad [DVD] [2008]
Mum & Dad [DVD] [2008]
Dvd ~ Perry Benson
Offered by Jasuli
Price: £8.45

2 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Pulls you into the TV set and holds you there until it's definitive climax!, 25 May 2009
This review is from: Mum & Dad [DVD] [2008] (DVD)
I watched this in the early hours of the morning, I couldn't sleep as I had had such a terrible day and decided to watch a few horror films to take my mind of things. this was the last of the bunch that I watched before going to bed, and I'm sure it would have given me severe nightmares had I not been so distressed with what happened to me earlier in the day! (My brand new canon camera was stolen from me from right under my nose practically and it contained over a hundred family pictures and videos) I had seen this film advertised in the cinema a while back and at the time had felt it looked like "just another stupid horror film" so avoided it whenever I was looking for new DVDs to purchase, however as I saw if for £3.99 brand new and it had relatively good reviews I decided to buy it, and I'm glad I did! for of all the 3 films I watched that night, (last night) this was the only one that kept me from thinking of my stolen camera and lost memories of my family for the entire duration of the film, and in a sick way, I am thankful for that.
I say sick because ultimately this film is just that, sick. well not entirely because it has some intelligence to it unlike others in the genre but still gross in places all the same...

The acting is superb and very convincing, I had feelings for each and every one of the characters be it curiosity, contempt or repulsion- because they were so convincing in their performances, the film drew me in and made me feel I was there with the characters, I found myself constantly planning on what I would do if I was the victim! on how I would play along as much as possible to ensure survival and then escape when I gained their trust, everytime the victim tries to escape, or pulls a stunt I got a knot in my stomach and found myself begging her not to do it! to just go back to bed and play along! only because I found it too nerve-wracking everytime she went against them as such, and I like it when they are clever like that in films and just play along whilst they plan their escape.

Some have compared this to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, however I feel this far superior to that film in terms of character development and overall "fear factor" this film has a little more intelligence, a hint of humor and a strong sense of realism that make the chainsaw massacre look like a cardboard stage production.

Another thing to point out, (although I may not be correct without double checking so apologies if i'm wrong) is that several reviewers state that the "victim" is a Polish girl, but I am sure she isn't and felt it a tad bit assumptive? I'm pretty sure that the when the girls asks her if her accent is "polish" or something along those lines she replied with a NO and stated where she was actually from, but I could be wrong!

The "sister" really got to me, I absolutely hated her, she was probably just as nuts as the parents, it was astonishing how conniving and malevolent she actually was, even Jealous at her "new sisters" torture, apparent when she hissed at her brother how "Mum" doesn't "play" with them anymore!

Yes there was an underlying hint of humor in there and the Christmas scene was very "league of gentlemen-esqe" but what annoyed me in this scene was continuity, the girl had to be "good" up until that point or else, I mean given what we were shown "Dad" was capable of earlier on, I wouldn't DARE piss either of them off! I certainly wouldn't want mum to get bored of me and thus get passed onto dad as a result, so why in this scene does she have the balls to spit in dads face! this shocked me and I was surprised that their seemed to be repercussions? but what happened next was brilliant and I found myself shouting at the TV, on the edge of my seat with anticipation. Of course the field scene is a little melodramatic, but good all the same.

I would have liked to have seen a further 2 or 3 minutes of footage after this because I wanted to see what happened next for the "brother" and our "victim" but the film sadly faded to black so I guess I have to guess the rest.

I am one who likes alot of explanation in films and so I would have liked to have known a bit more about the "brother" and why he did certain things in the movie.

After watching it I discovered it was based on the crimes of Fred and Rose west, well I had never even heard of them so I spent a few hours reading about them on the internet, I was extremely shocked to find that the true crimes were much worse than those in the film and was also surprised that this film was allowed given the controversy over the channel 5 documentary? I almost feel guilty now for enjoying the film, (as a dark humored expression of depravity and of course for just being a "movie") as It was based on very true crimes caused by some very sick people, probably the worst killers I have read about! (but saying that I haven't read about alot)

I would definitely recommend this movie to any horror fan or even to those who don't really like horror but enjoy good acting and dark humor, like many have said the scenes of the family eating breakfast together could easily be placed in TVs "Shameless" or any other similar UK show that revolves around dysfunctional families and the like, and you do almost feel at ease during these scenes, the tension slowly decreasing until something happens to remind you.... this formula works very well, jumping from extreme horror to these strange family scenes only serves to play with your emotions toying with them and taking you to hell and back a number of times.

watch it and you won't be disappointed, maybe a little sick, but not disappointed with the roller-coaster ride from hell it will surely take you on.
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Quarantine [DVD] [2008] [2009]
Quarantine [DVD] [2008] [2009]
Dvd ~ Jay Hernandez
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £1.31

7 of 10 people found the following review helpful
Ok so I don't totally hate remakes, some of them are actually quite good and occasionally better than the original, but not in this case. In fact I am shocked that there are 5 star reviews for this film? perhaps they have not seen the original and that's why, who knows I might have given it a better score had I not seen the original first!

I bought them both because I wanted to see the Spanish version first, (I love foreign language films) and then I wanted to see the American interpretation of it after reading many positive reviews, so I watched this with no biased feelings, fully open to take it for what it was.


Right from the start I was consciously aware that the "main girl" was just acting, I didn't feel her presence very convincing at all, and found her a little irritating, as the film went on I found it annoying that the scenes were copied step by step with little or no improvisation until much later on when certain scenes were varied or explained differently but I'd already seen it and this wasn't anything different. So in that sense I can't really fault it because I know it is a remake, and I'm sure if I'd watched this one first I would have still preferred the other one for the fact that the acting was far superior and thus the film as a whole was more convincing and terrifying as a result.

There are a couple of known actors in this such as the guy from hostel and Richard Fish from Ally mCbeal, I didn't mind the hostel guy but couldn't watch Fish and not see him as Fish! Another thing to point out about the acting is how they don't seem to react to some of the earlier death scenes as well, for example a man falls from an upper landing to the ground where they are all gathered, and they barely bat an eyelid! out main girl is fat too quiet in this scene, and you almost forget she's even there, whereas in REC the girl is screaming and in the frame with the rest of them who react alot more convincingly to what just happened.

There are on the plus side some scenes that I did like in this that were not in REC such as what happened when one of the residents tried to leave the building, for some they will prefer their imaginations to fill them in, as with REC but I am one who likes visual explanations so that went well for me.

The final scene in which they are in the penthouse suite was frustrating in this one as the tension was not built up as well as it was in REC, this version decided to cut out the explanations and theories given in REC, (which I don't feel were the true cause but rather that the person who owned the room thought this and it was nice to see a bit of insight into that person) then when they find the cassette player and it plays all that burbling demonic rubbish it just totally ruined the scene, and why would she have even left it on? surely it would un-nerve most people in that situation? in the original the words spoken on the tape were far more horrifying than the "sounds" played on this tape, purely for what they said in the last few sentences, (imagine being in a room and hearing that! you will need to watch it to know what I mean!) and you would have a reason for leaving the tape on as the speaker was giving you some further insight.

I won't discuss this scene any further in case of spoilers...

The last thing I wanted to mention was the actual filming, I found the camera a bit annoying most of the time and the constant zooming in and out totally unnecessary, it was a little jarring that the camera was not the same throughout the entire film, ranging from steady to shaky etc. but I liked how the cameraman put down the camera once or twice to engage with other actors, even using the camera as a weapon in one scene which I thought was fantastic and got the camera involved rather than pretending it wasn't there, one problem with these hand-held movies is that the cameraman never gets involved in the action, and never puts the camera down making them a little far-fetched but this had a good use of the camera man and incorporated him into the film as an actor as well as just the cameraman.

I would only recommend this film if you don't want to watch REC for some reason, for example you might not like subtitles? (as some people can't seem to watch both the imagery and read the text at the same time god knows why!) or if you have seen REC and want to watch this to compare them as I did, but ultimately I would strongly recommend watching REC and forgetting about this one, as REC is by far the superior of the 2!
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Rec [DVD]
Rec [DVD]
Dvd ~ Manuela Velasco
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £2.23

2 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Best of the "handheld" bunch!, 25 May 2009
This review is from: Rec [DVD] (DVD)
I watched this movie yesterday after a very depressing day, so needed something to take my mind of things, straight after it I watched the American Remake then "Mum and Dad" so am going to review all 3 now!

(basically this and the last one kept my mind off the terrible events of today, but the 2nd one didn't)

Right from the start the acting was very convincing, I was never conscious that they were "just acting" I felt it was very authentic looking, The camera movements weren't too exaggerated like in the American one, (which has too much zooming in and out as well as jerking around in it, along with almost "fixed" camera scenes so the drastic change was very jarring at times) The setting is bright and clear, which is refreshing as alot of these "handheld" films are dark and grainy, (such as the remake of this) I think it works very well to create a tense atmosphere and setting despite it being in a brightly lit apartment block! The fact that the actors are speaking in spanish only adds to the authenticity, I think when we hear the American accent we just associate what we are seeing with being a film because we have become so accustomed to it, so seeing it in a foreign language only serves to make it better in my opinion.
Plus the lead actress is very good, I liked how she was constantly talking to the camera, and asking the cameraman, "Pablo" what was going on when she couldn't see the action and him telling her to shush! but she kept asking anyway, moments like these only serve to reflect human nature, and it gives us a glimpse of each actors personality traits and for me made it all the more convincing.
She starts off, slightly bored and wanting some action, (she is in a firestation filming for a tv show called: "while you are sleeping") but soon goes through the motions of anger, frustration, fear, hysterics, etc and does them all extremely well, I was actually on the edge of my seat, hands clenched to chest, through the latter half of this movie, (when the heat really begins to build up) and I must say that was all down to the actors, if their fear had not been convincing it would not have affected me at all.
What made it scarey was being able to feel what they were feeling, and thus being able to feel yourself in that situation, that's what makes a true thriller/horror!

The final scene had me chewing my nails and my heart racing the first time round, I won't talk about it so as not to spoil but the "tape recorder" tie in was brilliant! just imagine been stuck in that room, in the dark and then hearing those last few words on the tape deck! (they chose to cut this from the remake, and replace it with silly demon talk- which a normal person would not leave playing, it spoils the effect this version is by far the superior one, I wouldn't even waste time with the remake unless you are the type that cannot watch subtitled films, or you want to compare the 2 as I did)

I don't really have anything more to say, the acting was good, camera was good, FX were good, story was good, etc etc. If you are deciding if you should buy the film or not then I would say stop wasting anymore time and get it now! and if you want an even deeper layered horror get "Mum & Dad" which I am reviewing next, that has got to be the best horror I have seen in years! (and I've seen alot!)

The Tale of Despereaux [DVD]
The Tale of Despereaux [DVD]
Dvd ~ Emma Watson
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £1.94

18 of 20 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars excellent little gem of a movie!, 16 May 2009
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: The Tale of Despereaux [DVD] (DVD)
I stumbled upon this film whilst browsing the kids section in HMV, to see if there was any C.G.I efforts that I didn't own yet, I'd never heard of this movie and was surprised to see something I had neither heard of or seen an advertisement for! The artwork on the box made me pick it up, I scanned the blurb on the back and decided to buy it based on curiousity and the drawn in "Burtonesque" (my term for anything that reminds me of the artwork/style of Tim Burton the king) faces of the human characters on the cover.
I watched this with my 6 year old daughter as my 4yr old son was too busy playing "Sonic the hedgehog" to want to come and watch the film, (probably just as well, as I feel the film may not have been as 'engaging' for a younger child- as the other reviewer pointed out that the film sits somewhere between the lines of being an adult/child cartoon)
As an adult cartoon I very much enjoyed it and found the artwork therein to be absolutely stunning! yes it does look a little like "shrek" and it follows a somewhat "mish-mash" formula as does shrek but the film differs in that it has dark undertones and barely any humour at all. This did not make the feature boring, instead it gave it a mythical, epical and most importantly serious feel instead, there is nothing wrong with a cartoon being serious in my opinion and it made a refreshing change from all the other happy go lucky colorful stuff out there.
The story is not really all that epical after you've watched it but the general feel of the film due to it's style, themes and sound give it an epical feel. There are only a couple of laugh out moments, the rest of the film's focus is pretty serious and straight-forward with a few darker themes, It still held my daughters attention from start to finish none the less!
I loved the visual style of this film, the narration I felt worked well most of the time, although at times I did find it a little intrusive, but not so much that it spoilt my enjoyment of the film.
I gave this 4 stars because I thought it was a brilliant addition to my C.G.I collection and well worth the £12 I paid for it, I don't think anybody should give it a miss based on opinions that it is not engaging enough, I don't feel it should be compared to other contemporary C.G.I efforts, this is not toy story, bee movie or shrek, but it has it's own style and enough charisma and substance to sit among classics such as "Rattatouie" and "The nightmare before christmas" just for being different and grown up! this is definitely one for the adults, but children who have an affection for more grown up stories or who like to watch films with their parents rather than on their own will watch this. Get it if you yourself like cartoons and quirky imaginative storytelling and/or you have kids who share your tastes, fine for older children, some younger children may not find it engaging enough to sit through the entire movie, but that's just some, we are not all the same!

Alan Moore's Hypothetical Lizard
Alan Moore's Hypothetical Lizard
by Alan Moore
Edition: Paperback
Price: £13.99

0 of 11 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Only half a GRAPHIC novel! beware!, 27 Feb. 2009
I just thought I would take the time to review this book after purchasing it recently- having been intrigued by the storyline and of course the fact that it was written by Mr. Moore himself!

Now I'm not afraid of text only books, in fact I have plenty and at one point that was all that I read, I only discovered the graphic novel recently and since then I have been collecting and reading as many as I can get my hands on! I have read watchmen, the swamp thing saga, tank girl, some 30 days of night, tekkonkinkreet, the league of gentlemen-moore, wildcats, silent hill, black hole, silverfish etc etc.

And whilst I find color more interesting to look at, I don't mind B&W if there is alot of shading, so that the predominant colors are blacks and greys rather than white with black outlines- I find that visually chaotic and it gives me a headache just trying to work it out! (halo jones for example, another disappointment due to the chaotic black and white scrawls everywhere) anyway this book is also in B&W but with shading, so the result is a pleasing array of blacks, greys, and whites, giving you nice clear image and the text is clearly definable from the image-(unlike halo jones in which the text and drawings are exactly the same so there is nothing interesting on the page just black and white everywhere- yuk!)

Anyway my review is about this book, which I HAVE NOT READ because after flicking through discovered that only half of it is a graphic novel and the other half is text only, this gives the impression that the artists could not be bothered to finish the work but it was published anyway, so it feels like a half-hearted attempt basically to make some cash! The first half that is a graphic novel doesn't flow like a typical GN does, ie: people talking to one another, action, etc, it's just a series of images with narrator type speech in boxes above the image, with some occasional dialogue, it's more reminiscent of the internet (now on DVD) flash based series "Broken Saints" which was basically a graphic novel/comic that was mildly animated with sound for the internet - after much success the creators were given a budget to do it again as a DVD...

anyway I give this novel 2 stars for the fact that it's Alan moore, has some nice artwork and an interesting premise, however I wouldn't really recommend it, buy his other stuff instead.

NOTES: This was a book before it was translated into an illustrated graphic novel, however that does not excuse the fact that is was not finished as a graphic novel.
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Eden Lake [DVD]
Eden Lake [DVD]
Dvd ~ Michael Fassbender
Offered by HarriBella.UK.Ltd
Price: £3.16

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5.0 out of 5 stars Got inside my head and left me cold..., 23 Jan. 2009
This review is from: Eden Lake [DVD] (DVD)
A strange title for a review I know but I couldn't think what else to call it! British horror at it's best had already gone so. Anyway, here is another "teenage terror" movie, but this one is actually good! the actors were very convincing, (for once) and the film flowed well with perfect pacing.
The film builds up the tension perfectly, of course it is very predictable in places, but that's not a bad thing cause the shock factor and the unexpected are still there. In the beginning there are moments where you are just swearing to yourself at some of the things going on, for example, if you and your partner go to a crappy lake in the U.K on a camping holiday, and the female decides to wear a bikini, (I personally would never choose to wear a bikini in the U.K, maybe with shorts if it was especially hot but it didn't look hot here) anyway along comes a group of teenage yobs along with loud music, (a very good sound for a crappy little tape player I might add!) booze and fags and even a signature rotweiler! wouldn't any normal women cover herself up immediately? simply because we all know what these gangs of "wasters" are like! Who hasn't gone past a group of teens and experienced some sort of abuse or intimidation? especially if you are a women and you look attractive! of course a group of hormonal teenage boys are going to use that as an opportunity to start something! anyway sorry about that. back to the review, It's just one of those things that annoyed me in the film, however they didn't start on them because of that no, what happened was that the man decided to go over to them- stepping into their space and ask them to turn their music down! who does that? and he then procedes to actually turn the stereo off! C'mon who would do this to a bunch of teens? knowing that their all gobby little so and so's with nothing better to do except try and live up to this stupid street image of being "the baddest".
rant over.
Things get worse and the guy even goes into the boys house! etc etc... but all these things can be overlooked considering what happens next...

I'm not going to talk about the main plot, but like the descent and Apocalypto it draws you in and chews you up, messes with your emotions and stays in your head for days after watching!

All I can say is watch it! you won't be disappointed!

Some truly shocking moments, yes it does make you shout out alot, and put your hands to your mouth etc.
But there are alot of things you don't expect too, whatever it is, the formula works and this is definitely one of the best in british horror to be released in...well ever!

GET IT! and if you haven't seen THE DESCENT, GET THAT TOO! these people have it spot on! but prepare for depressing themes of sadness and unhappy endings...

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