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chace "tell me do i look better than last time" (scotland)

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Doctor Who - The Black Guardian Trilogy: Mawdryn Undead / Terminus / Enlightenment [DVD]
Doctor Who - The Black Guardian Trilogy: Mawdryn Undead / Terminus / Enlightenment [DVD]
Dvd ~ Peter Davison
Price: £17.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars underated why ???, 20 Jan. 2012
this is one of my faveroute boxsets and quite honestly one of the best most other boxsets ( with exception of the mara and kamelion tales ) feature a theme but diffrent doctors ie earth story or the beneath the surfface this boxset features a complete season minus frontios and a ark that sives all the way trough heres my thought on the included storys

mawdren undead ***

the most over rated story of the davidson era ( i loved caves and resurection ) the main reason this is so high with fans is because of the return of the late nic courtney if the story didnt include him this would have been low yea ok its dark and creepy mawdren himself is a example here in part 2,s cliffhangner but it takes too long to get going once part 3 happens all we,ve seen is back to earth then ship and it gose on like that

turloh got on my nerves in this story dont get me wrong mark strikson is fantastic :) as the companion from hell but he improves by the end ( his performance in frontios is superp) tegan and nyssa dont get to do much and the doctor is well the doctor regardless of regeneration all together a weak story but improvements a superp part 2 and 3 cliffhangner makes up for this

terminus ****

ok i love this story sue me and ill be the first to say it the story is pure rubbish that the (blank ) is in the (blank ) of ( blank blank ) ok iam a no spoiler man hince the blanks lol but seriously it is a rubbish plot but the idea of what terminus is thats what i love part 1 cliffhangner is excellent in ( and yes over way over the top ) setting it up lazers or leprosy is a serious skin condtion and to see it happen to someone ( spoilers ) is heartbreaking its also the sets this isnt disney land its dank creepy ( the screen where tegan and turlo is hidding in the celler with the victims walking above ) for me this is the highlight next to the last story really well done side from the lame plot :)

enlightenment *****

80s creepy with a saphire and steel plot and feel all cast at their best ( stricson the standout ) a superp plot a unintentional funny perfomance from lee jhon ( from imagenation ) and two supperb cliffhangers yup this is one of my personal faveroutes

as a boxset id highly recomend this it shows the 5th doctor as his most darkest ( in the i dont take crap from nobody ) a gorgeous story in the final and two good first storys

overall grade A
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Collection [Australian Import]
Collection [Australian Import]
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £4.47

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5.0 out of 5 stars abc its easy oh wait the new romantic band, 13 Jan. 2012
abc was one of the first new romantic bands of the 80s and this collection proves that they are one of the most polish bands of the time

songs like the classic poison arrow and look of love plus all of my heart vanity kills the late 80s feel of iam in love with you the night you murder love smokey sings and be with you are all examples of the brill sound of this band just get this and hear for youre self you wont go wrong only minor cripe is wheres how to be a millonare

No Title Available

3.0 out of 5 stars classic, 13 Jan. 2012
the constructicons is one of the very first combiners in transformers history the green and purple leaving a firm foot print in our minds and this is a perfect representation of them oh wait .......

ok i know what youre thinking ko ( knock off ) but its not this is a g2 version of bone crusher prity much the same deal but with a diffrent colour schem

ok is it still a good toy hell yea this breought back memorys and the transformation is simple enough so it wont take you ages the plastic is good too nothing too flimsy ok maby the head it wont stay in one place but thats a minor cripe

if you want a classic ( i prefer green and purple) but yellow good too get it and relive that childhood

X-Men: Mutant Massacre TPB (X-Men (Marvel Paperback))
X-Men: Mutant Massacre TPB (X-Men (Marvel Paperback))
by Chris Claremont
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars a dark story badly let down by the art, 13 Jan. 2012
ok first of all this is a 80s collection and yes that means dodgy art ropy dialog and first person dialog but take that out and what you have is a dark villont story espechally the battle between the maurauders and the x-men

there are some fantastic screens here the open pages with a morlock running for her life keeps you hooked the sceen where one charecter out of outrage and anger kills another ( wont give it away as to who but hes conceder one of the most gentle charecters )

and the unsetteling screen of powerpack explaining to leech ( its unsetteling cause powerpack are kids themselfs and shouldnt have to do this kind of thing )

those ar emy personal faves but there is some bad points the ending feels like a cheap lets make everything happy and forget what happend wrap up

it feels cheap because you spent 90 present of the book reading these unhappy dark events and then all of a sudden bam new charecter ( betsy )

there is another very bad point and thats theres too much padding theres screens we dont even need to see ( 3 morlocks and peir )

side from that its a great classic story highly recomended

The Beano Book 1991 (Annual)
The Beano Book 1991 (Annual)
by D C Thomson
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars iam a child again lol, 8 Oct. 2011
i love this book when i was a kid and to have it back was a joy i found it in a charity shop the comic strips is still funny to this day and tops the now past it state its in now well recomended

Transformer Revenge of The Fallen Scout Dirt Boss
Transformer Revenge of The Fallen Scout Dirt Boss
Offered by DealsCentre
Price: £48.00

4.0 out of 5 stars could have made a good constructercon, 6 Oct. 2011
iam just getting in to the transformers toys again so buying well winining this toy was such a joy yes the bits do become loose once you use it for first time but side from that its a nice looking decepticon

dirtboss transforms in to a forklift truck and the transformation is easy as pie might take a few trys to get right the look of the toy is good too green and silver looks good together

the forks on the hand act as blades not suppose to but its more fun

ok not much to say on this it depends on the person really i l0ove this guy a great toy

V: The Final Battle [DVD] [2002] (2-Disc Collector's Edition)
V: The Final Battle [DVD] [2002] (2-Disc Collector's Edition)
Dvd ~ Jane Badler
Offered by mecodu-uk
Price: £5.45

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5.0 out of 5 stars this really dark and very 80s so its a good thing, 28 April 2011
v is a excellent series everything you want from sci-fi is here alien invaders fight screens deaths spaceships tension all here its also one of the darkest series from the 80s theres some screens you wouldnt expect to see ok you would but it sneaks up on you and that works so well for the chill factor

derection is excellent theres so many screens to choose from the fight screen over the dispatch of the red dust is excellent short but sweet other stand outs the serverce platter screen and jemmas revenge on ryan are excellent the former is so creepy it stand in youre mind for weeks ( david parker is excellent here )

talking of danyal his development in to the bastard earth traitor is excellent shows what happens when youre faced with death or work for the enemy tough choice ( ryan makes it easy for him but still )

all in all excellent show cant wait to see the tv sereis

A +

No Title Available

4.0 out of 5 stars shame this didnt last, 16 April 2011
when you think of x-men you natch think scott summers, logan,orio,hank mc,coy magnus and charles xavaier this comic take you away from that timeline and in to another and its awsome .

one of the reasons it didnt last was because of the fans of the original sure x-factor gen x the spin offs was what fans wanted when this came along it couldnt top it but what most people dont relize is its a original series nothing to do with xavier or logan or the brother hood all new personas all new sagas all new threats


its a standard 90s art circle but it gets the job done you know whats what and who is who the shading gives it a darker feel along with the coulours the backgrounds look real for the time too the mutant night club springs to mind as that would work for a hideout for the seres but as you know or will know not to be


this starts off the the on the run story you just got to read to find out what i mean but the story is really good and well wrriten love the part where xain coocoons himself nice bit of wrriten


really well drawn and well scoped out i cant really pick a fave as each has their own spechal qualitys junkpile trough was a bit of a same old same old kind brute but he dose it so well

all in all the comic is great and you souldnt be put off just cause it dosent tie in to the x-men unerverse get it now then get part 2 and 3

A highly recomended ( just my veiw )

Doctor Who: The Glamour Chase
Doctor Who: The Glamour Chase
by Gary Russell
Edition: Hardcover

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4.0 out of 5 stars great book, 11 April 2011
this book rocks lots of twists nice aleins and excellent use of a english villege


something isnt right as rory said someone just walked over my grave the doctor is disturbed by the strange behaviour of the risidents more so the owners of a mansion that they are staying at a war survivor who can sence the enemy comming so what is the glamour and why is a woman found in a coocon

the plot is excellent perfect for a tv show and the cliffhangner could be when amy sees herself ( read the book and itll explain what i mean ) it is a bit confusing but as the story contiues it makes sence

the doctor

again very well wrritten love the way he makes fun of rory just like in the tv show and his manirisim ( his fingers thing turning round when excited his dialog) you can just imagine matt smith doing all this stuff


perfect in every way possible cant say more than that


not sure about him to be honest i can see him but thats it


the men in red suits these guys remind me of the sontarans just the way they go about things not careing just going after a goal ( sontarans war these guys the glamour) these guys are my faves from the new books

the woolen things ( ok not so much villains but they do things wich villains take fun in )

they start off villaines but when you get well i wont spoil things but they are a wonderfull creation nice wrritten wonderfully humorous i want to see this on tv come on moffort

the others

the mansion owners are the only weak spot i did not get them as much as the aleins yea one of them has sympathy lashed over them but the others are just what ever i did like rorys (corect theory) on why this is happening but theres nothing there the ending with them was diffrent but thats it

so this was glamour chase i loved it the book moves like a duracell bunny and you can imagine eveyrything going on the regurlers was well wrriten ( dispite what i said about rory) the monsters was awsome what more can you ask for


just the mansion owners they didnt do much and bores you quite easyly the story dose get off to a slow start but thats also serves the story purpose still slow pace isnt always good

great book with one or two downsides

A plus

Doctor Who: Endgame
Doctor Who: Endgame
by Terrance Dicks
Edition: Mass Market Paperback

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3.0 out of 5 stars unless you know the history this will bore you, 29 Mar. 2011

unless you know the history of the subject at hand, ie the cold war. then this will bore you i found myself checking the chapter contents to see how long ive got to go befor the story evolves.

the story is set in the cold war and i have no understanding of what that period was about so reading the book was head scratching it felt like a spy book with a dr who logo and untill we got to the last couple of chapters it didnt feel like sci-fi what we have here is a spy called the doctor

the only thing that connects anything to the tv show, is the tardis thats it nothing eles altrough he dose ref some of his past lives . it dosent last trough to be perfectly honest

all that said the book is wrritten well we get in to the mind of the doctor and how he feels about the memory loss what he has to do to survive thats the stuff that makes this book if you dont know about the cold war

i gave it 3 stars because of the way terrance dicks handles the memory loss as i said if you dont know about the cold war then this will take away the fun you want from the dr who books

b+ ***
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