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Great Cathedral Organs
Great Cathedral Organs
Price: 24.25

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great reminiscing material, 19 Oct 2011
This review is from: Great Cathedral Organs (Audio CD)
I am a rather avid churchgoer, along with Mrs O'Lye. We are very active in the church, helping with services as well as the numerous fundraising activities in support of the local community, not just the church. The sound of the organ is a remarkably warming and moving experience, particularly when played with passion. I first became interested around the age of 16 when my uncle's organ playing became a bit of a party piece. He was inspirational, and could handle organs of all sizes, from small 'Bontempi' types right through to the local church (where he was head organist). He did always enjoy to Bontempi as he said but his real passion was to pipe organ. I could never profess to be an expert player as I am tone deaf but I did get my kicks from understanding the intricacies of the pipes and how the magical aural delight seeps from the pipes once blown. I have to say that the collection of Great Cathefral Organs takes me back to my childhood and seeing the great delight on my unlce's face as he tinkered merrily on the large organ to the joy of the Sunday morning throng. I would often help the vicar service the organ and it is really from this activity that my working knowledge and interest grew.

The collection is a joy and one which brings back fond memories of my formative years, helping the vicar and my uncle, two proud members of the community, discussing the joys that can be had from playing such impressive pieces. I'd recommend this to anyone wishing to rekindle such memories. So I'd suggest you put this on, close your eyes and think of all the memories of all those magnificent organs.
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The Best Wines in the Supermarkets 2011: My Top Wines Selected for Character and Style
The Best Wines in the Supermarkets 2011: My Top Wines Selected for Character and Style
by Ned Halley
Edition: Paperback

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3.0 out of 5 stars Life is not so rosé, 17 Oct 2011
I love wine. It's a passion of mine and I am always willing to try new things - I love a fruity red or a dry white on my lips. I tend to buy wine by the case, from importers or specialist merchants. However there is always the need to nip to the local supermarket for a bottle of wine. I chanced upon this book whilst looking for an authoritative publication on the art of a sommelier - not the obvious connection but related nonetheless in that it serves to provide wine detail. Whilst it does provide SOME inkling of wines, I'd consider the detail a little basic and not particularly inspiring. I always take my guide from my good friend at the local restaurant, now don't laugh, Mike the sommelier. He always recommends the perfect accompaniment to meat, fish, salads, cheese, pasta etc etc. Too many to even mention. I suggested he write his own book on wine recommendations but he will never do this - he prefers and is guided by the face to face approach. He likes to see the joy on the face of his customers once he's taken them in hand and given them a truly remarkable experience from his very own tongue.

I would not wish to pass on any recommendations, however one thing always stands true - make sure you always have a Semillon whilst serving dessert. Your guests will never be the same again without having experienced it.
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Victorian Brass mortice rim handle knob
Victorian Brass mortice rim handle knob
Offered by City Deco Centre (London)
Price: 21.22

5.0 out of 5 stars I could not believe I'd found it!!, 3 Oct 2011
I have been renovating an old Edwardian town house in the centre of Brighton but could not find the exact design of the door knobs I needed - there were in fact 3 different styles all through the house but one was a dominant design and it was this one I particularly liked. I like wooden doors to really show the grain but they were all painted. We had to take out all the knobs in the house to clean the doors and some were unfortunately a little damaged. We decided to replace these if we could find the dominant design. So off came the knobs and I had to send the doors away to remove the unsightly white stainage (that in some parts was actually yellowy) built up over years with several coats of the stuff needing a specialist dipping service. Additionally the knobs also needed dipping as they had stains around the base - the main domes were actually as shiny as you could hope for as they had been subject to regular use and also polished every so often. However this required specialist treatment also but now look superb - both shaft and dome look tremendous.

Anyway, I had tried for a few months to find an exact match - something that I was resigned to thinking didn't exist but then I came across this rim knob and my eye opened up immediately. I ordered one as a tester and was amazed to find the polished rim knob was (almost) a perfect match, so much so that I ordered 4 more. They are solid, hefty knobs that add a touch or granduer to the house - sturdy in your hand, firm to the touch and a smooth action when in operation. Overall a very high quality item and (I believe made in UK) a real credit to the craftsmen who make them. In addition the pricing is excellent and gives real value for money.

All in all I'd thoroughly recommend a Polished Mushroom Rim Knob to anyone out there. Keep it up.

BlackBerry PlayBook Faux Leather Convertible Case
BlackBerry PlayBook Faux Leather Convertible Case
Offered by HomeandGarden
Price: 9.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Superb sheath for your device, 3 Oct 2011
I am a Blackberry fan. Some people like Apple. I also like apple and blackberry pie. With custard. Yummy. However this item is not sticky or sweet - it does however do exactly what it says in the description. On first unwrapping the convertible case I felt somewhat let down as it didn't seem to be the best made sheath and I thought that any rigourous use of my tool would easily split it if I was performing some particulalry hefty action. However I could not have been so wrong. It's a quality item and one that I would recommend to all Playbook owners - hence the 5 star rating.

On functionality my rather large instrument slips so neatly and snuggly into its little cover that you'd hardly feel like anything was on it and it does not detract from the great sensation when in use - everything is as sensitive as it is without the faux skin sheath. My partner would occasionally use the bare Blackberry but always complained it was not ergonomic enough to hold, however once it's slipped inside, she says it is a much more satisfying experience and will readily whip it out for a bit of a play. I can easily press all the buttons without problem and this is a true test of these sort of items.

Additionally, it has been an absolute joy to use at work - whereas before it would be a bit limp and lifeless on the desk or sometimes propped up by a bizarre assortment of items, it now stands up on its own. A remakable little gadget that enhances my equipment and makes it really stand out in the boardroom. It also feels nice in my hands - rich and indulgent and complements my leather wallet and briefcase very well. Indeed my work colleagues and customers have often commented on the design of the sheath and that the feel of the faux skin in their hands is just like the real thing. I do get pleasure from that.

Everyone should have one (who has a Blackberry Playbook). Top marks for the manufacturers for making something sleak and affordable as this that should really penetrate a gap in the market.
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Flymo Garden Vac 2700
Flymo Garden Vac 2700
Price: 60.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great blowing tool, 18 July 2011
Leaves - so pretty in Autumn with all the rich colours ranging from golden yellow through burnt ochre to scarlet red. Superb in the parks and on photographs, not so spectacular on your garden. In years gone by I've cleared up the mess by hand, raking the leaves up and putting them away, both wet and dry and it's a pain for each - dry ones get blown on a windy day, wet ones are heavy. My partner had often commented on my by-hand method and suggested she'd give me one of them `blower jobs' as she calls them - and I have to say it was a great relief that when she finally did. Now that I have my handy garden vac (which has a dual purpose - it doesn't just blow, it sucks really well too) gone are the days of being bent over in the garden. I first got my hands on this a couple of weeks ago and have to say I am impressed by the power it unleashes - it feels like it could suck a beach ball through a straw.

I've probably got around 17/18 trees that all shed stuff, and it's annoying to wake up and see the garden once again covered in fallen leaves. However I rose early on Sunday and could not wait to get my new tool out and show the leaves what for. I decided to use the vac function to get rid of the leaves rather than merely push them around - it's not like you can lift the lawn and sweep them underneath it. They are collected into the large sack which hangs down from the main shaft. It really is impressive how much you have in your bulging sack before you need to release it (into an eco-bin or something similar). It can get quite heavy and you have to be sure that all the wet residue is removed otherwise you might dribble down the shaft or over your feet.

I really like the feel of this tool in my hand and, even though I've only had it out in the garden two or three times, it's been admired by a few of the neighbours who have said they can't wait to get their hands on my large instrument. In fact the lady from No 19 has already asked if she can have a quick go with it as her front garden is quite thick with wet leaves that goes all the way round to her back passage. This will be a real test and I might have to wait for it to dry off a little as I think it might be a little too wet for any sort of meaningful penetration of the sludge.

All in all I am really pleased with this and I'd thoroughly recommend it to anyone who fancies a quick blow in the garden.
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Bosch AHS 48-16 Electric Hedgecutter
Bosch AHS 48-16 Electric Hedgecutter

5.0 out of 5 stars Great for overgrown bushes, 18 July 2011
Bought this from a local DIY store and has been a real timesaver this year. I used to use shears to trim the hedges and shrubbery to the front and back of the house - all that action on my 13m length made my arms ache. Not any more thanks to Bosch. It's light enough to hold one handed - it's not recommended to stretch yourself too much though. Wielding this tool around the garden is a pleasure. Sure it vibrates a little but you get used to that, especially when it cuts through thick stems with relative ease - have to agree with other comments on this. My only issue is a little on the girth of the handle - my wife successfully handles my tool but it took two hands and a very firm grip to fully control the beast, even then every now and again she was surprised by the power it unleashed. She also commented on its impressive length, again easy to reach those high spots.
On times, I used to spend a good afternoon, maybe 2 hours round the back and a good hour on the front bush but now this has reduced considerably.
Cord length is also good and cleaning is simple too - a quick wipe of the shaft and you're ready for the next bush.
A truly wonderful tool for trimming your overgrown bush!!

by Angela Boggiano
Edition: Paperback
Price: 12.79

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great for pie lovers, 16 Nov 2010
This review is from: Pie (Paperback)
I am quite an authority when it comes to pies - minced, savoury, pork, game, pheasant, hair - I like them all. In fact it's quite an achievement to have tasted so many pies in my time that I can honestly say I don't think there can be many variety of pie that hasn't passed my lips.

My partner actaully bought this as a present for my birthday and I have to say that after I'd unwrapped the slightly floppy flaps of wrapping, the sight of Angela's Pie made me quite excited. I had heard of this book through a friend who had already tasted several of Angela's suggested pies in the past and said she would love to try more. In fact no sooner had I whipped out Angela's Pie than my wife was licking her lips with excitement and very quickly got down to business, whipping up a veritable feast for our friend and leaving her pie well presented on a plate for her to taste. And what a satisfying taste it was. The depth of taste is incredible from a Cornish pasty right through to a cheesy pie (one of my favourites). My wife could not contain her excitement once she'd spread her pie out for all the neighbours to have a sample - small, simple presentation but nonetheless, an excellent display of the beef curtainage in her meat selection, whilst her crusty bits were something to admire. Some pies I find can be quite dry. I won't name names specifically but certain pork pies from a well known brand are very crusty and not at all what you would expect - I like mine to be moist on the lips, slightly savoury to taste and a very wholesome once you get stuck in. They need to be totally satisfying.

I wish I had the time to really get into Angela's Pie, unfortunately I have been busy with other projects in the O'Lye household, however once I do get a chance, make no mistake, I'll be pouring over Angela's Pie more and more in the coming months.
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Scotts EvenGreen Drop Spreader
Scotts EvenGreen Drop Spreader
Price: 27.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Great seed spreader, 8 Oct 2010
Being an avid gardener, I like a nicely trimmed lawn. It's key to have a well kept and depthy lawn, a bit springy and not too short. It's best to keep the depth with a relatively high cut length and maintain the thickness of the growth. For this I recommend spreading your seed at regular intervals throughout the summer period and make sure you water it well and keep the base moist once you've spread your seed with a regular spraying over the coming days. I have to say that I disagree with some of the comments made about this seed spreader - I have found none of the issues raised to be true and I thing the point about rust is a little wide of the mark. You need to look after your tool and I have to say that my seed spreader is well lubricated prior to any entry, be it rear or front garden. It also tucks away neatly when not in use but is always ready whenever needed.

All in all a trusty seed spreader and one that I will be using again come springtime.
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No Title Available

5.0 out of 5 stars True to its origin, 20 Sep 2010
I've always loved a bit ogf John Wayne, and this is a great example of a real man's poster - nothing girly about this I can tell you. Am sure there are many people out there who have not hear of Pals of the Saddle, but I first came across this as a boarder at Rimmington prep school for boys - it used to be shown as the Saturday matinee for those of us who would not be taken by our uncle.

The plot is simple - it revolves around a poison gas and a government agent however is a great movie and one I love to watch as I love to get my pals into my saddle. john Wayne plays effectively himself - he is one macho man and his saddle bags add to this movie. In this day and age when men are camp, meditteranean influenced, metrosexual or whatever, it's always refresshing to see a solid man's man, not afraid of telling it like it is and taking no rubbish from anyone. This is where Wayne comes into his own. Pals in the Saddle is a rare gem and something I like to delve into now and again, just to remind me that I am man and can enter another man's whole psyche.

QUIM: A Model for Usability/Quality in use Measurement
QUIM: A Model for Usability/Quality in use Measurement
by Harkirat Padda
Edition: Paperback
Price: 42.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars Great QUIM model, 20 Sep 2010
I have been an avid follower of usability measurment since my days whilst working at the international standards agency, primarily involved in empirical research but also looking at the practical application of such methods. I was delighted to see this publication from Harkirat, a great component of this approach and indeed could be deemed as a world leader, particularly with her software modelling. Her manipulation of her QUIM is a sight to behold, with her probing and getting to the real depth of what is at the very essence of the QUIM is amazing. It's a very complex area but one which she approaches with great dexterity and leads to reader to believe that there is only this method to truly excite one's inner QUIM. It's an interesting insight into the QUIM theory and I look forward to a practical, hands on example of what can be done with a QUIM.

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