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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (PS3)
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (PS3)
Offered by Ace Goods Co. Ltd
Price: £14.72

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Definitive Tekken, 5 Jan. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
First off, this is a MASSIVE improvement on Tekken 6.

I have followed this series since the original was released on PS1 so, having been majorly disappointed by Tekken 6, I was prepared for the worst loading up this game for the first time. However, on first play through you get the feeling that the developers have genuinely gone all out in addressing all the niggles of the previous game in an effort to present its fans with a thoughtful, entertaining and nostalgic experience.

Being a sucker for Tekken 2, I don't care much for some of the new characters so it was great to see the likes of Jun Kazama, Angel and Kunimitsu back with decent skill sets that didn't make them feel like they have been added in just for the sake of a Tag game. For nostalgia buffs there's even a movie theatre dedicated to the openings and character endings from Tekken 1, 2, 3, and the first tag. There is a massive rostra of characters but this doesn't jeopardise the quality of the game.

I found the greatest improvements to be the music (with some reworked recognisable tunes and the opportunity to edit in tracks from your own music library), the levels which are interesting and diverse without being ridiculous or just plain unimaginative and the character renderings with detail paid to the various textures and materials. This game feels a lot less cartoony than Tekken 6. Best of all, its just easy to pick up and play.

All your usual modes are here, Arcade (with some decent and genuinely thoughtful endings), Ghost, Versus, Team Battle etc. Customization has been limited somewhat but I found this streamlining to work in the game's favour.

After Tekken 6 I had all but given up on the series. The FREE DLC characters and the clear effort that has been put into creating this game gives the strong impression that the developers had a genuine desire to appeal to fans of the originals and for this reason TTT2 certainly has more than a hint of nostalgia!

CatIt Senses Play Circuit
CatIt Senses Play Circuit
Price: £9.49

5.0 out of 5 stars Great for an active kitten!, 12 Dec. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: CatIt Senses Play Circuit (Misc.)
Bought this for my very active 5 month old kitten and she loved playing with it for short periods of time. After a few minutes she would get bored and wander off to look at something else!

However, she recently had an operation and had to wear a collar to stop her pulling out her stitches. As she is a very active cat who loves to be constantly on the go, this play circuit was great for her as it allowed her to have some gentle exercise without over-exerting herself. She would lie or sit next to the circuit and bat the continuously rolling ball back and for with her paw keeping her entertained for ages. It also gave her something to do, kept her interest and stopped her feeling too sorry for herself as she couldn't run and leap around playing with her usual favourite toys.

Now that she is back to full health she still plays with this circuit for short periods of time. It doesn't require a human to be throwing a ball around so she can play with it on her own which is great if it's late at night! She can't resist walking past it and whacking the ball with her paw.

It is well made, the plastic is sturdy and it's easy to set up. For the price, this was an excellent purchase!

The Tribe - Series 1 [DVD]
The Tribe - Series 1 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Beth Allen

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Spirit of The Tribe is Strong Inside..., 11 Dec. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: The Tribe - Series 1 [DVD] (DVD)
I thought about getting this for a while since I used to love watching The Tribe on a Saturday morning way, way back in the day but just never got round to buying it. Well, finally, I decided to get it and am so pleased I did. I never saw The Tribe from the beginning and can honestly say I am thoroughly enjoying it all over again! It always stuck in my mind because it was so different from anything else on television. The themes, the costumes, the characters and the storylines all made this a really unique show that has stood the test of time and is still entirely watchable. If only they still made programmes like this...

If you loved The Tribe when it was on TV all those years ago but are unsure about getting the DVD, just buy it! You won't regret it!

Cats in Ukiyo-E: Japanese Woodblock Prints
Cats in Ukiyo-E: Japanese Woodblock Prints
by PIE Books
Edition: Tankobon Softcover
Price: £20.00

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A Heartwarming Portrayal of the Cat in Kuniyoshi's Woodblock Prints, 24 July 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The full title of this book is 'Cats in Ukiyo-e: Japanese Woodblock Print of Utagawa Kuniyoshi' and features the various depictions of cats that Kuniyoshi created for some of his woodblock prints.

Knowing very little about Kuniyoshi, this book was both a charming and endearing look at the way Kuniyoshi's own love of cats inspired the often tender portrayals of our feline friends in his works. My favourite chapter was the depiction of cats in everyday circumstances - His prints of women and their cats include more than few circumstances which would be familiar to modern cat owners! Kuniyoshi captures their curious and often mysterious nature. The information provided is in Japanese and English and clearly explains the importance of the prints and the relevance of the depictions.

The book came sealed with a piece of cotton material decorated with cat prints from the book which made my purchase even better! The book is printed on quality paper. It has a charming cover and an in-built bookmark shaped like a cat. This book was well worth the price and I would recommend it to everyone who loves cats. A thoughtful and intriguing little book.

Carousel Animals
Carousel Animals
by Gary K. Wolf
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £22.50

5.0 out of 5 stars Carved Treasures - A feast for the eyes!, 1 May 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Carousel Animals (Hardcover)
First of all, I love this book! I bought this on a whim whilst reminising about a carousel I used to ride as a child at a theme park in the early ninties. Of all the high tech and exciting rides that were in operation at the time, the most vivid image I have of the place and my favourite ride as a child was the carousel. The chance to ride on the back of a ferocious tiger or in a lavishly decorated chariot pulled by zebra was more exciting to me than riding on any rollercoaster!

It was this trip down memory lane that got me thinking about the history behind the carousel and if any of the animals or lavish decoration had any meaning beyond simply looking pretty. This book fulfilled those wishes.

It has full colour images of carousel horses (and some other animals including tigers and zebra!) which showcase the various carvers styles. The photographs are beautifully presented taking up whole pages and are shot against dark backgrounds which really accentuates the artistry and incredible detail of these astounding carvings. Each animal is accompanied by details regarding its date of production and the company behind the design as well as an explantation of the significance of the pose, trappings and how carving styles evolved. There is also a short history of the carousel and information about particularly influencial carvers.

This book made me sad at the carousels demise and the eventual decline in the need for the skills of these carvers. However, it also made me happy in the knowledge that the stories behind these machines and the carvings themselves are being preserved and recovered with a new appreciation. In short, this book is first class and is also great as a coffee table book - everyone who has spotted it has been unable not to pick it up! I heartilly recommend this book to anyone who has ever ridden on a carousel. It has made me keen to try and find out even more on this fascinating subject!

5 stars!

Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 - Deluxe Edition (PC CD)
Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 - Deluxe Edition (PC CD)

5.0 out of 5 stars Best game I've bought in a while..., 25 April 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Looking for a simulation game for the PS3 that was something along the lines of Theme Park for the PS1, I came across this...and it's much better than I thought it would be.

I have Windows 7 and had no problems installing this which was my main worry but it seems to work fine.

The controls are easy to use, every little detail of your park can be managed, the graphics are great and there is just so much to do with the two expansion packs alongside the game that you don't know where to start when building your new park! This is definitely the best game I've bought in a while. I was indecisive about getting it to begin with but glad I did. I've played Zoo Tycoon many years ago but, personally, I think this is better.

If you love these kinds of games you won't be disappointed at all!

The Trail of Painted Ponies War Cry Figurine
The Trail of Painted Ponies War Cry Figurine

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars An Evocative Piece, 11 April 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
First off, Amazon did a really first class job with the packaging on this item. Having previously had a bad experience of delicate items arriving in pieces (not from Amazon, I should point out!)I was relieved that this arrived with no problems at all. The horse comes in its own unique 'Painted Ponies' box and the polystyrene is moulded to fit the shape of the horse so it does come well packaged.

As for the pony itself...

A story card is included revealing the purpose of the pony as a means of honouring the Native Americans that took part in the Battle of Little Bighorn in 1876 and acts as a memorial to their sacrifices as they fought to protect their homeland and culture. The story behind the pony certainly adds an element of poignancy to the piece. The item itself is well made. It is quite a hefty chunk of resin with many intricate details. From a distance it looks like a fantastic and evocative piece immediately catching your eye. My only issue would be that the name plate is slightly marked on close inspection with the covering starting to peel and a touch of blue paint can be seen on the nostril. However, as a hand-painted piece, this is a fantastic addition to your mantelpiece full of power and beauty. If you love horses or do not have this pony in your collection yet you will not be disappointed!

Soul Calibur IV (PS3)
Soul Calibur IV (PS3)
Offered by Ace Goods Co. Ltd
Price: £12.04

3.0 out of 5 stars A Tale of Souls and Swords Eternally Retold!, 14 Nov. 2012
This review is from: Soul Calibur IV (PS3) (Video Game)
I wasn't particularly impressed with this game. The story mode was practically non-existant and the Tower of Souls was a poor substitute for Edge Master Mode from the original game. I even preferred the maze type quests from Soul Calibur 2 with the quick sand and ice which was a lot more entertaining than what's included here.

Graphically the game is ok but showing its age. Hands seem to melt through weapons and the characters seem rather cartoony. None of their motivations were clear to me apart from 'We must find the sword...again!'. It would have been nice to have seen them fleshed out a bit more and developed especially since most of them have been on this quest since Soulblade in 1996. Story/Arcade mode could have done this. Whilst the stages are nice there's nothing amazing about them - no interaction with the enviroments. Story mode is poor and the ending cut scenes pointless in most cases and it does not make you want to play through with each character. I'm still waiting for them to bring back the interactive ending cutscenes from the first game! The music is either nothing special or vaguely irritating unlike the soundtracks for the other games.

On the upside, gameplay is fluid, it's easy to play (button-basher heaven!) but a team battle mode wouldn't have gone amiss. The character creation mode is the most fun with tons of options. Overall the game kinda feels like they put all their eggs into the online basket with the detailed customization and online options and everything else was pretty much a second thought. Which is a shame although this is still the best weapon based fighter. Oh well, there's always Soul Calibur 6...

Siren Blood Curse  (PS3)
Siren Blood Curse (PS3)

4.0 out of 5 stars Do not resist the call..., 21 Sept. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I have found there to be a distinct lack of Japanese-style horror games released on the PS3 that have really grabbed my attention. I didn't particularly think much of Resident Evil 5 and, from what I had heard, Silent Hill hadn't been able to capture the spirit of its second incarnation effectively since, well, the release of Silent Hill 2. Hunting around for a interesting horror game, I came across Siren Blood Curse quite by accident and, from a little research, it sounded involving, interesting and down-right scary.

Having played the game from start to finish, I must admit, I did not lose any sleep over it. In fact, I actually found the trailer more frightening than the game. That's not to say that this game doesn't have its moments. The opening chapter with the shibito policeman was particularly heart-stopping and the hospital had some particularly edge-of-your-seat moments but as the game wore on it felt like it was losing...something.

And that's why I give this game four stars. I have found that a lot of games on the PS3 just don't hold my attention in the way that those on the PS1 and 2 used to. Siren Blood Curse did. The game isn't frustrating or irritating, the controls are pretty simple to navigate, the plot hurtles along at breakneck speed and it's entertaining. The game is broken up into episodes much like a tv show with a preview of 'next time...' which I thought was particularly innovative and a recap which helped keep you up to speed with what had happened the last time you loaded up the disc.

My major gripes were the fact that the sight-jacking, whilst an interesting concept, was not particularly vital to the gameplay for the majority of the time. You could quite happily run around, bump into a shibito and give him a few wacks with your weapon just as effectively as if you had used your sight-jack and snuck past him. The sight-jacking doesn't really lend anything to the gameplay apart from the few levels where you are in control of Bella who cannot defend herself and, as a result, must sneak past shibito undetected. It's these levels, especially the hospital, which are the best because of the sheer vunerability you are exposed to. For everyone else, though, it's obsolete. Some of the repetition of levels got a bit annoying towards the end and I felt a bit like the production was running out of steam a bit but the story is interesting enough to keep a hold of you until the final cutscene whereby everything makes sense...well, sort of.

This was a good game that was highly enjoyable but I felt that it was lacking something that I just can't put my finger on. I should mention that I've never played Forbidden Siren 1 or 2 but from what I have heard a lot of scenes and characters are replicas of their original counterparts so those who have played these may take a different view. If your a casual gamer, I recommend this. If you enjoy horror games, I recommend this. If you want a game that's different but not too taxing, then I recommend this since the entertaining and involving nature of the game allows you to overlook any flaws it might have.

Yami No Matsuei (Descendants of Darkness) Original Soundtrack 1 (UK Import)
Yami No Matsuei (Descendants of Darkness) Original Soundtrack 1 (UK Import)
Offered by thebookcommunity
Price: £79.36

4.0 out of 5 stars In the depths of teary eyes, the blue moon quietly falls into pieces..., 8 Sept. 2012
I really enjoyed this cd having purchased it many years ago after becoming a fan of the anime. Having enjoyed the 13 episode tv series so much, I ended up reading the manga and discovering that the team behind the anime had done an excellent job in translating the story and characters to a tv series. I actually prefer the anime to the manga! I especially enjoyed the music and thought that Tsuneyoshi Saito had done an excellent job.

The opening track, 'Eden', is one of my favourite anime opening themes: It captures the mystery and the tense nature of the show perfectly. Although the ending theme, 'Love Me', felt a bit out of place when I first heard it, it has now really grown on me to the extent that I now actually enjoy listening to it rather than thinking 'huh?' whenever it came on!

There are a few tunes which I still flick past. 'Devil's Trill' goes on for an absloute age and some of the combat tunes are a bit strange, then again, when did you last purchase a soundtrack cd where you thought every single track was awesome? On that note, I thought that this cd was significantly better than a lot of soundtrack cds out there. The music used in the anime captured the dark, forboding, anxiety-ridden tone of the series well. This is one of those cds that will grow on you with each listen.

The booklet has some scenes and interviews in English which were a nice touch.

Overall, I highly recommend this to fans of the series although,sadly and from the looks of things, this cd is going to be just as hard to find as the dvds on the show itself.

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