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P. Smithson (Cambridge)

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Captain America: The Winter Soldier

4.0 out of 5 stars Certainly to me one of the better entries in the shared universe, 25 Aug. 2014
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Certainly to me one of the better entries in the shared universe. Whilst the first Captain America was "superhero in a war film" - a natural comfortable fit for the character this one is superhero does the "real spy" genre - less one liners and martinis more betrayals and blurred lines.

That they manage to make such a clean cut character work in such a genre is an achievement that they manage to make it work well is incredible.

Mass Effect 3 (PC DVD)
Mass Effect 3 (PC DVD)
Offered by IDSS
Price: £5.18

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2.0 out of 5 stars Very mixed, 16 April 2012
This review is from: Mass Effect 3 (PC DVD) (DVD-ROM)
Mass Effect 3 is very difficult to review because it hits boths glorious highs and abyssal lows.

The highs:

1. Gameplay is an extremely polished version of ME2s and is extremely fun with a wider variety of enemies and far more tactical scenarios available.
2. RPG elements are back with a far wider ability to customise armour and weapons and the options to trade power cooldowns for more or better guns.
3. Some of the mission sequences are truely awesome (and utterly heartbreaking)
4. Your squads intereacts with each other are funny/touching/heartbreaking and you always want more.

The niggles:

1. Origin is not the world's best system so be prepared to have to various sessions of restarting Origin and/or the machine in order to force the installation to complete. Once in the game I had no problems though so it is irritating rather than critical.
2. There is a bug with importing character faces so if you really attached to your character's face caution is advised.
3. The cutscenes are long, unpausable and unskippable so if (like me) your character's face glitches half way through it can wreck the whole scene.

The lows:

1. The endings are every single bit as bad as everyone says being not just bleak but also illogical and frankly incomprensible. Any attempt to explain them ends up with a wizard did it.
2. I hope you like fighting Cerberus because you will spend most of the game fighting them rather than the Reapers.
3. The 'best' ending is not acheivable in single player so you would either need to play MP or do the iOS app - alternatively just look it up on youtube.
4. The squad is very small so if you don't like a character or like Liara they have very little to say don't expect much interaction with your crew.
5. The autodialogue - choices on conversations is severely reduced in this game which can produce extremely odd effects like my Shepard flirting with one of the new squad despite being the next thing to married.


As the game currently stands play it, enjoy and switch it off and the end of the final mission because what follows is a series of semi interactive cutscenes that destroy anything you ever cared about in the game franchise.

Alternatively wait for the extended cut DLC coming sometime this summer and see if that solves the problems.

Dragon Age Origins: Awakening (PC DVD)
Dragon Age Origins: Awakening (PC DVD)
Offered by TnsDealsUK
Price: £5.79

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3.0 out of 5 stars So OK it's average, 7 April 2010
I found Awakenings frustrating mainly - and that was before the bugs. It had some nice ideas such as being the lord of an area, sentient darkspawn and new specialisations. Unfortunately they all suffer from being poorly implemented or just completed ignored. For instance it makes effectively no difference what you do as lord apart from minor differences in the epilogue (which suffers from being multiple choice anyway - see bugs).

The new Spirit Warrior specialisation which involves your character making a deal with a fade spirit could have been a fascinating side quest or even developing the Fade spirit as an NPC....instead you drop 8gp for a manual and no-one mentions that they can see through you as you phase in and out of the Fade. The other specialisations suffer from exactly the same problem - Velenna won't teach you Keeper, Sigrun won't teach you Scout regardless of approval or personal choices. And as is somewhat traditional for expansion pack features they are insanely overpowered compared to the choices available in Origins.

I found the companions flat and completely expendable - certainly compared to Origins where I debated my choices desperate to avoid approval hits. In this if you take a companion with you you will have +100 with them with pathetic ease - for instance doing a 2 minute side quest with Anders will net you +32 approval with him.

Others have mentioned the bugs so I will just point out one of the most obvious depending on your final choices your codex will display one fate for companions and the keep whilst the epilogue mentions something completely different down to who lives and dies and the whether the keep falls or not.

In summary: too easy, too flat and far too buggy: avoid - or at the very least wait for all the bug fixes and the price to go down.

Cain's Last Stand (Ciaphas Cain)
Cain's Last Stand (Ciaphas Cain)
by Sandy Mitchell
Edition: Paperback

4.0 out of 5 stars Cain rides again., 5 Feb. 2009
For those who like Sandy Mitchell's other Cain books this is an essential purchase, for those who dislike them there is nothing in this book to change your mind. The series starts with a three book collection entitled Hero of the Imperium which I highly recommend for the relief from the unrelenting grim darkness of the other books set in the 40k universe.

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