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The Woman In Black (Jessica Daniel Book 3)
The Woman In Black (Jessica Daniel Book 3)

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2.0 out of 5 stars Good book but much the same, 3 Feb. 2012
I bought this book a good few months ago now and I read about 80% of it then put it down and forgot about it for months until I picked it up again this week and decided I needed to finish it. If it was really an excellent book I could never have put it down without finishing it!

Jessica is the main character and this is the third book about her, to be honest it felt a lot like the last two, nothing really seems to change in her life, there's approx 2 new characters per book but to balance it out 1 or 2 old characters drop out, stories the same, this one for me was really unbelievable, someone dropping hands in the middle of the day in a busy city and no one noticed anything? really?? In comes Jessica, she's only 30 yet a DS which seems quite a high rank for someone so young, she single-handedly solves the case (with some vague recollection of something that is pointed out completely by accident by someone not involved in the case), always finishes it by herself with the perpetrator and ends up in injured or in grave danger - bit stupid if you ask me, ever known a police force to ignore a serial killer and let one lone policewoman go after them??

It's a good book and a good series but I wont be waiting with bated breath for the next installment

A Song of Ice and Fire (5) - A Dance With Dragons: Book 5
A Song of Ice and Fire (5) - A Dance With Dragons: Book 5
Price: £12.85

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1.0 out of 5 stars Haven't read it yet - says it all, 3 Feb. 2012
I have just noticed I bought this book in July 2011 - and I think I've read about 100 pages since then!
The previous book to this was really disappointing, this book I had high hopes for as I understood it was going to be more action and about the characters which weren't mentioned in the last book - however so far I haven't recognised any of the characters and they're not interesting. It's going to be a struggle to read more but I will do it - I care about the main characters, just disappointed I haven't read about them in what seems like ages, it's all getting a bit confusing now - too many new characters, not enough about the old ones, who knows what's going on?! I'll read it and I'll write another review then - hopefully before July 2012!

Still Missing
Still Missing
by Chevy Stevens
Edition: Paperback
Price: £8.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Worth the hype?, 3 Feb. 2012
This review is from: Still Missing (Paperback)
Yes I read the book in two sittings (had to sleep sometime)and yes I think it's a great book, I liked the way it was written and the main character was mostly believable but I'm not sure if all the hype is really worth it. I never quite understood the relationship between Annie and her best friend, it just never sat right with me, I was also expecting a profound ending from the other reviews I'd read and it wasn't. It wasn't *that* graphic and to be honest it's not the best thriller I've ever read - Karen Rose has better ones.
It's a really really good book and definitely worth reading, expect that and try to ignore all the hype around it.

The Picasso Scam (Detective Inspector Charlie Priest Mystery)
The Picasso Scam (Detective Inspector Charlie Priest Mystery)
by Stuart Pawson
Edition: Paperback

5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant, 14 July 2009
I think this book is hilarious!! I spent most of my time reading it laughing out loud, the main character Charlie Priest is the most lovable character and his one-liners are really funny.
Most of the crime authors I read are American so it's really cool to find an English writer who has English wit which I love so much.
I like the story, although I have no interest in art, but it's the characters that pull me in more, the interactions they have with each other are really good and I can picture everything easily.
I can't wait to read all his books and hope he keeps churning out more!

The Fifth Victim
The Fifth Victim
by Beverly Barton
Edition: Paperback
Price: £12.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Definitely an author to add to your list, 14 July 2009
This review is from: The Fifth Victim (Paperback)
I bought this book yesterday and finished it today. It's really good, I like the characters, the plot, the way the story runs and generally everything about it.
There are some story and plot flaws - only little ones, some almost word for word character descriptions that are repeated a couple of times, I never could picture the main woman Genny, couldn't figure out how old she was, there was some writing that didn't make sense and some that just didn't seem to fit and although an ending that rounded off everything really well I don't know if I liked it....Oh - and there's lots of sex in this book, more than I usually find in thrillers - but it's very well done not cheesy or too hardcore.
I didn't know this was the first in a triology so hopefully we get to learn more of the other characters in the following books - I did wonder why she was introducing characters but then not doing anything with them.

I will definitely be reading all her other books, and definitely finish this triology off, it really is worth reading.
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Superpet Critter Bath Powder, 413 ml
Superpet Critter Bath Powder, 413 ml
Price: £2.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars Not like it says on the box, 14 July 2009
I bought this product, along with the little bath house thing to go with it and my hamsters never went in there, they didn't seem to know what they were meant to do with this product!!
The box says this:
Watch your pet sniff, dig, and immediately flip, flop and frolic as it bathes its way to clean, fluffy and matte-free fur.

My hamsters sniffed then promptly ignored it and never went back - I tried it in different containers but they still ignored it though one of them walked through it once...but they didn't seem interested in immediately flipping and flopping to have a dust bath.
After I saw them doing their little sand bath flips in another part of the cage with their wood chips I gave up and took it out, haven't used it since.

Small Dwarf Hamster Gerbil Ceramic Dust Bath House
Small Dwarf Hamster Gerbil Ceramic Dust Bath House
Offered by Save Plus U.K.
Price: £13.54

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2.0 out of 5 stars My hamsters wouldn't go in it, 14 July 2009
I bought this product, along with the dust bath powder stuff for my two dwarf hamsters.
They weren't interested in it at all, I kinda think they were scared of it. It's a really pretty product and very well made but they wouldn't go in it. Unless they are going to sleep in it I think they prefer objects with more than one opening.

No Title Available

1.0 out of 5 stars Replacing it already !!, 7 Aug. 2008
I've owned this radio for less than a year and have to replace it already !! The clock is "autoset" and there's no way to change the time - but the "autoset" is 10 mins behind normal time so i'm always 10 mins's finally just become too annoying
That's not the only problem, all the buttons on the top of the radio are sticking so I have to repeatedly press them to get any response.
The worst thing is the snooze button - I'd love to press it once and have a nice 6 more minutes of sleep before it goes off again but because it sticks when I press it it doesn't stop the alarm, so I start pressing it repeatedly to try and get it to shut up before it wakes up my other half - for some unknown reason it then goes into a continous high pitched beep and the only way to stop it is to turn the alarm off altogether - there goes my peaceful start to the morning !! and my extra 6 minutes of sleep...

Good things about this is the fact that it has 2 alarms, the clock display is quite nice but really bright (it's supposed to dim in darkness but it's not noticeable)....yeah...that's all

The Frighteners [DVD]
The Frighteners [DVD]
Dvd ~ Michael J. Fox

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5.0 out of 5 stars LOVE this film, 18 Aug. 2007
This review is from: The Frighteners [DVD] (DVD)
I LOVE this movie, when it came out at the cinema I saw it about 7 times and I've watched it since on TV...I may be slightly biased as it's filmed in my neighbourhood, my street is used a couple of times and other places around, I like watching it to see what I recognise.....

Anyway, this movie has all the elements - love story, scary bits, sad bits, funny bits, cute lead male, murder, mental FBI agent, horrible nemesis lady, brilliant CGI, ok storyline - a little simple but it doesn't always have to be seat of your pants, twist turning until the end storylines and it's beautifully shot and directed.

I think Michael.J.Fox does a fantastic job in this movie, he really proves he is a versatile actor, he's on cue for the funny lines and he can cry and - if you imagine quite a lot of it must have been him looking scared at a blue screen, he's very convincing.

Peter Jackson cameos - as does his son Billy, if you know Kiwi actors there's a lot there to pick out - Melanie Lynskey from Heavenly Creatures is there as well, Todd Rippon, Angela Bloomfield
John Astin, Jake Busey, R.Lee Ermey, Troy Evans - you probably don't know their names but you'll recognise their faces

So, all in all this is a brilliant film and I'd highly recommend it - no, it's not a horror film and it's not got twists all the way to the end but it's definitely watchable and you'll love it too.

Goodbye Pork Pie [DVD]
Goodbye Pork Pie [DVD]
Dvd ~ Tony Barry
Offered by BLT-Deals
Price: £11.73

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5.0 out of 5 stars Oldie but goodie, 18 Aug. 2007
This review is from: Goodbye Pork Pie [DVD] (DVD)
Reading the other reviews makes me think that you just had to see this movie when it came out....and be a Kiwi. I remember watching this when I was younger and it is a fantastic movie. Yeah it was made on a budget and it's around 20 years old now so of course it's going to be a bit outdated. Naturally the visual and sound quality aren't going to be the best but if you want to look at the history of New Zealand film then this and Came a Hot Friday are the two films NZ produced in the 1980's that everyone remembers best.

It's good for a laugh and it's good for the memories it invokes.

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