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Simon J. Whight "fourfourfun" (Manchester)

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Power Clown
Power Clown
Offered by westworld-
Price: £14.98

11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars So good!, 10 Oct. 2003
This review is from: Power Clown (Audio CD)
Of Fila Brazillia's actual artist albums (leaving the astounding Brazilification and Another Late Night compilations aside), this and Maim That Tune are my favourites. Further along in the timeline than Maim That Tune, it offers up a more polished sound and varied. All bases are covered, the 'Whooo hoo! The album's started!' firing latin funk of the opener Bovine Funk, the almost swinging 60's of Here Comes Pissy Will which halfway through morphs into a dramatic orchestra electro track (nice tangent there!). Throwing Down A Shape is just one of the best chilling tracks ever, starting off with a booming standard electro break before softening into a beautiful stumming guitar led track. President Chimp Toe is also another class track, almost Bond like strings lead into another chilled guitar led track, just plain gorgeous for chilling. Tunstall And Californian Haddock has a wonderful continental latin vibe to it before it leads onto the wicked Feathery Legs. I'd kill for a copy of this track on vinyl. It kicks off as a funky breaks number before halfway through introducing nice house beats, a lovely synth line and little crowd whoops of delight. A killer track! Latin, funk, house, 60's, psychedlic experimentation, jazz, Fila have got it all going on.
Overall a wicked package, so many varied sounds on here, Fila at their best in my book! Talking of books, with the CD, each track has a 2 page comic strip dedicated to each song ... just so you can find out the story of Pissy Willy, or in Firelanes, why its not a good idea to cane Death and the Devil at cards. I find it hard to pick a best between this and Maim That Tune, they both shine in different ways. Best idea is to pick up both albums! More than just your ordinary chill out album, full of personality and originality.

Offered by EliteDigital UK
Price: £19.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Twisted Tyrant beats!, 10 Oct. 2003
This review is from: 24-7 (Audio CD)
The second installment in the quite impressive 24:7 series is upon us. Where Danny Howells went for a downtempo/uptempo split for his compilation, Lee goes straight for the jugular and brings out a quality selection of techy house and breaks. And its a bloody stormer. Tyrant 2 was heading the list of my favourite housey doings, but Lee has surpassed even that wonderous comp with this.
The Day disc is home to deep tech and breaks sounds. Dubby, groovy house tempo, not pounding but definately danceable ... hell I'd be happy with this as my Night selection. The tracks on this disc are bloody wonderful too, The Logic Box starts off proceedings deep and cosmic style but you know you're in for a treat when the hypnotic bleeps of Rhythm Plate cut in over the top of Miguel Plasencia. Nice breaks come from Bushwacka's Plank stable in the form of Marsupial Ten Dances, anyone who's heard Low Life or Night Works should know the kinda perky breaks sound to expect here. Standout track by FAR is Phil's Science - Philemon. Should float the boat of ANY Orbital fan, wondeful Orbital synth stabs set to a wicked driving bassline. Need this track on vinyl for myself. Mixing throughout is grand too, tracks get dropped in perfect locations, melding two tunes together to create a wondeful mash of sounds.
The Night disc ramps up the tempo and toughness stakes in a very Fabric manner. Once again, starts off fairly deep with the sounds of Terry Francis and as soon as the bass of La Pierre Polie kicks in its 'cor blimey guv!' time again! Just brings back memories of grooving at Fabric. Twisted distorted beats, trippy vocals. Old skool Chicago rhythms clash against the mad trippy tech house sound. Again, so many standout tracks, Groove Like This sports a cracking warping bassline, the mad twinkling keys of Kenny Hawkes. The beats are fresh and crispy with a real danceable grit.
Different in ideas to Danny's compilation, equal in sheer quality. Brilliant new series from Global Underground, make sure you get both of them as soon as possible. Best house music in AGES.

The Chillout Session: Ibiza Sunsets
The Chillout Session: Ibiza Sunsets

18 of 20 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Ministry churns out ANOTHER mix by numbers ... huzzah, 9 Oct. 2003
Plenty of classics here no doubt about that, the Ministry Chill Out is probably opening up the casual dance market to artists and tracks they wouldn't have heard before. This selection mines alot of obvious choices from acid house past (Frankie Knuckles, Beloved, Sueno Latino), the Madchester House scene (Stone Roses, Heller & Farley on The Farm, Primal Scream), and just some plain classic purveyors of chill and electronica (Aphex Twin/Polygon Window, The Orb, Future Sound Of London). So top marks on selection, REALLY good tracks. So why isn't this the best Chill Out CD of all time? Well its this, it just seems to lack soul. Probably created by someone who has plucked out ALL the obvious chill classics with an eye on the money making and not on the love for the music. The mixing is a bit shambolic in sections, key clashes and absolutely no imagination. Its a bit sickening when DJs who craft a decent mix, perhaps without the headline acts but STILL with quality, get overlooked and this is seen as the pinnacle of chill. It wasn't always this way. Ministry's Late Night Sessions mixes were absolute chill quality. So please, dump the computers and the tracklistings by marketing and get real DJs back in.
Still I could just be picky and moody, but I fancy just a little bit more that just another chill collection. For a casual buyer, this is ideal ... hell, this is sat on my desk right now, ready to be wrapped up for my girlie! Plus it'll be nice to hear stuff like Little Fluffy Clouds and We Are The Music Makers (with awful sound recording intact!) come from something she puts on! ;)
So if you're a casual dance fan buyer, give it a try, you will probably like it. Just make sure you go further, check out the artists on here and see what else they do. If you fancy a bit more substance to your chill out, perhaps head off to the (still commercially viable) Back To Mine series with the likes of Faithless, Everything But The Girl, Nick Warren, Groove Armarda, Danny Tenaglia at the controls.
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Holonic-Self Megamix
Holonic-Self Megamix
Price: £20.94

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The best of the best, 9 Oct. 2003
This review is from: Holonic-Self Megamix (Audio CD)
Having bought Krush's MiLight I decided to pass over this, essentially a 'best of' so far, since it heavily plunders it for tracks. Now I own this mix, I realise that it was a MASSIVE mistake that I didn't get hold of this sooner. Much more than a collection of tracks of Krush tracks up to when it was released in 98, you get Krush's fantastic mixing style thrown in to stir everything up. Tracks layered over each other, heavily effected scratching, plus I found that tracks like Light: Can You See It? were nothing like the version I had on MiLight.
So many highlights on this mix, the bass hum and dark jazz of What's Behind The Darkness, the trippyness of Dig This Vibe, the eastern wickedness of Kemuri. You get a good blend of Krush's excellence on instrumental tracks, plus a few tracks near the end of the compilation with some MC-ing in effect.
If like me, you own alot of these tracks on Krush albums already, don't let that stop you buying this. Krush really changes things around when he's in control of the decks (check out the Cold Krush Cuts mix he does on Ninja Tune, he makes the tracks he mixes together actually sound like they were crafted by him and not the Ninja Tune artists themselves!). If you DON'T own any Krush, then definately get this! Its a top way to get introduced to the world of Krush. Those of you who are into the craft of DJ Shadow will especially like the Krush sound, they are both unique masters in the world of hip hop.
If you're looking to get one of Krush's proper artist albums, a good place to start would be MiLight or Zen, both quality albums, if you're looking to get more of Krush in the mix, Code 4109 and Cold Krush Cuts (which also features Coldcut on FINE form as a bonus) are equally wicked. Too much quality in the Krush catalogue. ;)

Bad Brothers
Bad Brothers

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars A lighter take on Krush, 9 Oct. 2003
This review is from: Bad Brothers (Audio CD)
Not your usual DJ Krush here! The moody sparse landscapes you usually associate with Krush are pushed to one side as fresh bouncy hip hop is set against Ronny Jordan's jazz. Very funky, very soulful and light in mood. Lots of funky guitar and piano solos, plenty of good vibes. The standout track for me, however, is the track Bad Brother, more like your usual Krush ... wicked deep burbling bassline, gentle guitar, piano and synths. Quality breaks.
Its a short little album, but you get a nice variety of moods, instrumentals and mc/vocal led tracks. If you're new coming into the world of DJ Krush, perhaps start with something like Holonic: The Self Megamix or Zen. But if you're well into your Krush now and like me, just have to have everything of his. Grab this little oddity!

Chill Out
Chill Out

27 of 27 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The best Chill Out ever, 9 Oct. 2003
This review is from: Chill Out (Audio CD)
I've owned about 3 copies of this in my time due to 'lending out, never seeing again' catastrophe's. I can guarantee, when you hear this, you'll never want to let go of it either. Rather thinking of this as a series of tracks, I think of it as one long 45 minute musical journey. It tends to follow a consistant theme throughout the album. Train noises, sheep baaaaa-ing, dogs barking, the sound of shepherds at work, clanking bells, planes flying by, cars driving past. All set to an eerie choral synth noise, low strange ethnic chants which then change to uplifting synths and gorgeous steel guitars. Snippets of Fleetwood Mac, Elvis, Justfied Ancients float in and out of the mix. Tracks 9 & 10 see some beats introduced for a dramatic orchestral early trance excursion. It never gets monotonous or samey though, different moods float in and out of the mix as you progress through the CD. Sometimes uplifting, sometimes eerie!
Those of you who have heard The Orb's A Huge Evergrowing Pulsating Brain The Rules From The Centre Of The Underworld or the FULL 40 minutes of Blue Room should know what to expect from this. For several years, this was stuck on just as I was drifting off to sleep, the ultimate chilling album. Completely different class to anything you have heard before. Easily up there with The Orb and Global Communication.
Now go burn all copies of Ministry's Chill Out series and tell them that they're VERY naughty...

Do Androids Dream Of Electric Beats?
Do Androids Dream Of Electric Beats?

46 of 48 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars THE UNKLE mix to have, 9 Oct. 2003
Right, first off, the most helpful thing you can have for this mix is the tracklisting! Completely untitled and hard to pick up, this is an epic 3 CD mix by James Lavelle and Richard File, spanning breaks, downtempo and house:
Gi Mix ::: 1. UNKLE: Intro 2. Rare Earth: Get Ready 3. UNKLE: Lonely Souls [UNKLEsounds Edit] 4. The Psychonauts: Circles 5. Giorgio Moroder: Tears 6. DJ Shadow: Organ Donor 7. DJ Shadow: Organ Donor [Extended Overhaul] 8. South: Broken Head II 9. South: Broken Head [Jagz Kooner Mix] 10. Queens Of The Stone Age: Feel Good Hit Of The Summer 11. Garbage: The World Is Not Enough [UNKLE Remix Beats] 12. Sunna: I'm Not Trading [UNKLE Remix Instrumental] 13. UNKLE: Nursery Rhyme [UNKLEsounds Edit] 14. Blur: Battle [UNKLE Remix]
Tai Mix ::: 1. Tycoon To$h & The Terminator Troops: Prop Master’s Party 2. Star Wars Theme [Obscure Version 3. Prodigy feat. 3D: No Souvenirs [UNKLE Remix] 4. Peter Dildo: Physical 2000 5. UNKLE feat. Ian Brown: Be There [UNKLEsounds Edit] 6. Kraftwerk: Numbers with Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance With Somebody 7. Forme: Kick A Hole [Tigerstyle] 8. Howie B: Hey Jack [UNKLE Metamorphosis Remix] 9. The Beatles: Tomorrow Never Knows [UNKLEsounds Edit] 10. UNKLE: Eye For An Eye 11. Bushwacka!: Feel It 12. Mercury Rev: Holes [Unknown Remix] 13. Forme: Percussive Thinking 14. Bushwacka!: Egyptian 15. UNKLEsounds Interlude 18. UNKLE: Rabbit In Your Headlights [UNKLEsounds Edit]
Shin Mix ::: 1. UNKLE: Intro 2. Red Hot Chili Peppers: Breaking The Girl 3. Animated: Grab The Rope 4. FC Kahuna: Mindset To Cycle 5. UNKNOWN 6. The Rolling Stones: Sympathy For The Devil [UNKLEsounds Edit] 7. Morel: True [The Faggot Is You] 8. UNKNOWN 9. Bladerunner End Titles [possible UNKLEsounds Edit] 10. Iggy Pop: Nightclubbing 11. Echomen: Thru 2 You [Bushwacka! Remix] 12. Landmine: Fairytale 13. Depeche Mode: Dream On [Bushwacka! Blunt Mix] 14. Medway: Release 15. Lazonby: Sacred Cycles 16. Radiohead: Everything In Its Right Place [UNKLEsounds Edit] 17. Layo & Bushwaska: Untitled 18. Fleetwood Mac: The Chain 19. UNKLEsounds
The Gi mix heads down familiar UNKLE sounding moody beats, exclusive versions of UNKLE tracks and remixes. The new version of Lonely Soul and the full on extended version of DJ Shadow's Organ Donor are absolute star highlights of this mix. Quality.
The Tai Mix heads into moody Layo & Bushwacka! style breaks territory, and does it VERY well. Lavelle has been influenced by his DJ stints down at Fabric, incorporating dark house and quality breaks into a wider reaching Mo'Wax sound. Fantastic electro bootleg of Whitney Houston, the wicked bass stabs of Layo & Bushwacka's Feel It, Beatles get warped up in an UNKLEsounds remix and you get an early version of Eye For An Eye on here.
The Shin Mix goes for dark acidic house music. The CD sounds like its screwed and skipping at the beginning, but its meant to be like that. The FC Kahuna bleepy house sound is rife on here, dirty basslines and gritty beats. Bushwacka again provides the highlight for me, closely folled with the excellent UNKLE version of Radiohead's Everything In Its Right Place.
There were only 500 of these 'officially' pressed up, although bootlegs do appear. If you see one, grab it, its the inspiration for all Lavelle's mixes to follow .... chunks of this can be found on mixes such as Do Androids Dream Of Essential Beats (Lavelle's Essential Mix), Big Brother Is Watching You, FabricLIVE01. Also of a similar quality is his Global Underground Barcelona Mix. THIS is the best of the lot though. See it, buy it.
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Time Has Come [12" VINYL]
Time Has Come [12" VINYL]

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Before there was Psyence, 9 Oct. 2003
This review is from: Time Has Come [12" VINYL] (Vinyl)
I picked this up by chance while flicking through an HMV store. A glimpse into pre-Shadow UNKLE (well kind of, you get to hear Sir Josh of Davis's voice on the intro to the track!). A 14 minute trip hop excursion from James Lavelle, shifting from jazzy breaks, to cosmic choral voices, to an almost lurching drunken finale with wonderfully sloppy scratching!
Also thrown onto this EP are interpretations from Portishead (who do what only Portishead can do, you know the score), a messed up stark and stoned version from Howie B with unsettled and almost out of time samples and the odd kung fu whoop, with Plaid rounding things off with a couple of remixes of some other UNKLE tracks (Coffeehouse Conversation & Sassafrass).
Its a great EP, one for UNKLE completists to search out, worth it for the epic UNKLE track and the frankly superb Plaid remixes on here. For a fan of both UNKLE and Plaid like me ... discovering this was an absolute joy.

Beaucoup Fish
Beaucoup Fish
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £12.69

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars 3rd epic from Underworld, 3rd slice of quality ..., 8 Oct. 2003
This review is from: Beaucoup Fish (Audio CD)
Don't be put off by the reviews before this! This is a good Underworld album. In fact, its a very good Underworld album. What it isn't is a natural progression from the dark electronic mood of Second Toughest In The Infants. This is where Underworld excel, they evolve their sound, move with the times, sure they could churn out Underworld-by-numbers tracks to keep the masses happy but wheres the fun in that? Its the difference between Underworld being the Oasis of the dance world, or the Radiohead of the dance world. Experimentation.
Cups opens up the album, with its Todd Terry-esque New York House beats, soulful bluesy vocals from Karl and deep hypnotic bassline. Its one of the best Underworld tracks you can get, gently building over the 10 minute track. Towards the end, the tempo rises and harsh synths and breakbeats lead you into Push Upstairs, a bangy techno track with short stabbing pianos. Jumbo is the next track up, absolutely sublime. Light in mood, Karl sings gently over the top. The bassline bounces along and the way the track fades away leaving extatic twinkling synths at the end is fooking class. Shudder/King Of Snake fires back into storming techno mode, a twisted techdisco number with Donna Summer's I Feel Love bassline used to great effect. Winjer and Skym see Underworld take a more chilled, melancholic stance, similar to something like Stagger from Second Toughest. Bruce Lee is a catchy little number, more indie-ish in nature, funky little guitar stabs with Karl rambling over the top in his usual style. Kittens heads back to dancefloor material, military drums pounding away. A track that builds and builds and builds. Captures the feel of 'Live' Underworld. Push Downstairs takes the vocals from the Upstairs version and sticks them over a chilled Winjer/Skym style backing, a nice take and an interesting way of portraying two ways a track can be done. Something Like A Mama marries frantic breaks with a simple guitar loop and chilled synth pads, pacey yet relaxing and deep at the same time. Moaner (from the Batman & Robin) movie finishes the album off. Pure and simple techno, nasty harsh twisted acid lines, thunderous beats and Karl chanting "shes on the phone again, shes calling from America, shes calling from America" ... a real moaner! A nice gentle breakdown with twinkling bells provides a good contrast in the track.
So, perhaps not as coherant in style as Second Toughest ... perhaps due to the imminent parting of ways that Underworld were to have. Still, from my perspective, no drop in quality. Tracks like Cups, Jumbo, King Of Snake, Kittens really shine out. Also, this album featured some top remix packages, do try and search out the Cups and Bruce Lee mixes ... some of the best you'll hear. NOT quite as good as Second Toughest but not the absolute drop in quality that the picture has been painted on these reviews so far.


1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Bite sized Plaid, 8 Oct. 2003
This review is from: Undoneson (Audio CD)
A nice little three tracker that surfaced around the same time as their Not For Threes album. One of the tracks, Headspin, is actually from that LP and sums up Plaids sound on the album. A unique blend of orchestral sounds and arrangements versus their love for old skool electro and hip hop. The track shifts through so many moods, its difficult to believe that its only 5 1/2 minutes long. What I like best about this release are the non LP tracks. Undoneson is a bright and sparky breakbeat number that'll have you smiling, Spudnik is a nice happy chilled little electro track. Both complement the more serious moody atmosphere of Headspin and make this a grand quirkly little release.

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