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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2)
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2)
Offered by Future Gaming UK
Price: £9.33

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5.0 out of 5 stars The freedom of the state, 6 Jan 2005
Grand Theft Auto originally surfaced on the PSOne. Warmly received it became a breath of fresh air in a stale games market, the original crime simulator. That was until Driver came in to spoil the party. Real world locations, full glorious 3D graphics danced around in front of GTAs retro top down 2D look, enticing gamers away. Driver 2 soon popped up and with the revelation that YOU COULD GET OUT OF THE CAR MAN! in a style similar to GTAs car jacking japes, poor old GTA 1 & 2 rapidly became the forgotten classic. How times change. Years later, I scanned through Game to find GTA3 sitting on the racks. Taking a risk on a game I remembered was alright once, the joy was instant once I started playing it. Massive interactive cityscape, lovely changes from day to night, sun to rain. The perfect gameplay. The longevity of it all, a game where you decide what you're going to do ... be it pootle about the city looking for nifty places to drive down, looking for the best car to nick, finding a high population of people and tossing a molotov into the mix, annoying the authorities until they sent the tanks out or just heading straight for the game missions. To be honest, Driver was dull. Ropey gameplay, surprisingly restrictive structure and so much time spent on the realism that the fun factor was forgotton.
So it comes to the time when the latest GTA is to come out and Driv3r tries to get in on the act once again. Could it topple the big one where The Getaway and True Crime had failed? Well no. It ended up being a large, expensive farce. £45 for you to buy for a game engine that the Rockstar boys would generally do a variety of nasty things on from a great height. Nothing compound their status more than the latest in the series.
The state (not city!) of San Andreas is teeming with little joys for you to get to grips with. Cities, redneck towns, mountains, deserts, 3 airports ... the works. All a huge playground for you to burn round in your own custom car, churn up trail on a mountain bike or even nick a train (!) to drive round between the three cities ... oh and keep an eye out for bits where you can base jump off skyscrapers! Shops are there to be visited, and not just cosmetically, certain missions require you to be in certain clothes. Lead character Carl gets hungry, so you'll need to keep him well fed or he loses strength and health. Get him too fat and you'll need to take him down the gym to work out or he won't be able to jump or run very far! Gang wars take place over the state with you constantly having to win and defend ground. Girls are there to win the affection of, each with a type of man that she likes to go for. This is all on top of the usual story based mission sections which can range from driving alongside a train on a bike as a mate shoots a rival gang off from the top of the carriages to street races for cash to, bizarrely, rhythm based button bashing as your guy dances to impress a local DJ.
There are detractors, anyone who deems this the perfect game is lying. The shameful pop-up and draw of graphics, the improved but STILL fiddly shooting system, the soundtrack is a little too biased towards the hip hop side of things and very little else ... but to be frank, thats bog all in the grand scheme of things. Its an immense game with so much right about it. Everything from the past 2 outings has been tweaked perfectly, no more loading times, greater interactivity, a well developed story/mission structure and the sheer size of it all!
The game presents you with a wonderful amount of freedom. Cruising around the backwater mountain regions on a bike looking for stuff to jump off is a pleasure for me, as is nabbing a taxi to do some breakneck taxi runs for cash. I've completed the main story but I haven't even got as far as irritating the police enough to a nasty 5 or 6 star level yet! I set my own wants and objectives as far as the game goes, and the wonderful thing is ... GTA always lets you do what you want. You'll always get the most pleasure out of it since you're the one making the choices.
Everyone is hooked on this, a BT guy came round to install a phone at my flat ... we ended up discussing where to find a decen sniper rifle in certain districts of the game, I've heard stories of many a disgruntled girlfriend due to their bloke bringing the map to bed at night to study. Now it is your turn to be hooked. Grab this, San Andreas is waiting for you.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (Special Extended DVD Edition) [DVD]
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (Special Extended DVD Edition) [DVD]
Dvd ~ Elijah Wood
Price: £9.98

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5.0 out of 5 stars 1 year on ... we have our proper conclusion ..., 6 Jan 2005
A year after the final theatrical version surfaced in the cinema, the Lord Of The Rings trilogy comes to its FULL conclusion with the release of the Extended Edition of Return Of The King.
A couple of things for fans of the books to hear. Even at 4 hours running time, the Scouring Of The Shire doesn't make it into the film ... in fact the entire film from the closing scenes of Mount Doom onwards remain as they were in the cinema.. Also push aside those 'too many endings' scoffs, the story was never meant to conclude with the climax of the big battle. Delve into the appendix of Return Of The King and you find that the Fellowship's lives are documented right up to their deaths or parting from the realm of Middle Earth. The War Of The Ring was but a very small part in the history of the world and it was fitting to see in conclude back where the story began.
What a conclusion this series had too! The Two Towers saw a siege with 10,000 attackers throw themselves upon Helms Deep, Return Of The King sees 600,000 attackers in the crucial battle of the world. So many stories intertwine, with Aragorn eventually facing his destiny as the King Of Gondor, Gandalf preparing the city of Minas Tirith for the oncoming assault against the wishes of the deranged steward Dethanor, and most importantly Frodo, Sam and Gollum's final stretch to Mount Doom to destroy the Ring.
Of most interest with this DVD is whats 'new'. The best additions is the inclusion of Frodo and Sam's trek across Mordor, the section where they end up caught up in a battalion of marching orcs while in disguise makes a welcome addition from the book, as does the true ending of Sauruman (which frankly had an atrocious ending in theatrical version, merely dismissing him as 'having no power' anymore without Christopher Lee even making it on screen). A few treats for those who know what was missing. Then comes what can only be described as dodgy additions, for the first time ever. The extended scenes with the Army Of The Dead look very nice but completely ruin that air of suspense for when Aragorn finally turns up for the Battle Of Pelanor Plains. This time round you know EXACTLY who is on that boat pulling into the port near Minas Tirith. Rather than the joyous switch from 'Oh no! Its MORE bad guys! Wait a sec ... its ARAGORN!', you know that! the battle is already going to swing in the favour of good when they turn up. Also there is a suspicious scene between Gandalf and the Witch King Of Angmar which detracts from illusion of Gandalf being an all powerful wizard. A needless deviation from how that particular scene pans out in the book.
These are minor niggles from someone who loves the book, nothing can touch the book as far as I am concerned. You get to know the characters so much better and you get all those little gems which they had to cut out of the movie or alter to make the story tell well in a screenplay aspect. However, I don't think anyone else could have made as good a translation from book to film as Peter Jackson. This is one of the best series of all time, Fellowship Of The Ring still nicks it as my fave of the three movies if I was pushed to choose. You can't really detract from what he has achieved with this film, Tolkien himself gave the film rights away for practically nothing, deeming the book impossible to translate to film.
Since this is the Extended Edition DVD, this is the Extended Review. Once again the 2 DVDs of documentaries are an absolute joy. None of your usual dodgy tacked on DVD documentaries with 'deep voiced US geezer' commentary, these are superb. Cast, crew and Tolkien buffs all contribute, genuine fascinating footage to watch and such a variety and wealth of subjects to talk about. Every aspect of the movie creation is documented, right up to the final scenes of filming (bizarrely, these took place a few weeks after ROTK picked up their 11 Oscars ... nothing like an Oscar for an unfinished film!). A history of Tolkien and his inspirations, the discarded concept (thank god!) of the Aragorn vs Sauron final sword fight, the creation of the sets, costumes and the ongoing evolutionary process of the script design and editing. If you've bought these extended editions and not taken the documentaries out to have a look out, start this immediately! Hit t! hat 'Play All' button. They will enrich your viewing pleasure the next time you watch the film, and leave you thinking how lucky they all were to work on such a film when you hear their love from it and the tales from their time on it.
Heres to Peter Jackson taking on making The Simarillion into a series!

fabric15: Tyrant
fabric15: Tyrant
Price: £13.14

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5.0 out of 5 stars Electronic dance music ... all of it!, 9 Mar 2004
This review is from: fabric15: Tyrant (Audio CD)
This release in the Fabric series is special in many ways. It sees the return of Craig Richards at the controls, he who mixed the outstanding first Fabric mix, it sees you getting not one but TWO CDs for your money, plus it sees the Tyrant name attached to the mix even though we are minus Lee Burridge here. A personal mix from the depths of Craig Richards record box, not only are the tunes pieced together with care, but the artwork and packaging has also been designed by Richards. A dab hand at art as well as noises, hes also knocked up the designs for the likes of the Another Late Night series. Enough about that though and onto the music. Naturally you'll head straight to disc 1, within a few minutes you'll notice that this is a very different mix to the previous Tyrant mixes. Where they mined a solid tech house groove, here Richards heads for minimal shuffing clicky tech house. Those who appreciated Michael Mayer's Fabric mix will know whats coming. Experimental house music that sits between being deep (Seafoam's Vibes), being dancefloor (John Shenanigan's Charlies On The Dancefloor), being mindbendingly odd (Luciano and Quenum's rather 'fairground on acid' Orange Mistake) and plain chirpy and ridiculous (Morane's The Trick ... my personal fave!). All is mixed live and with the touch of velvet by Richards, the mix flows smoothly from beginning to end. The selection of tracks will remain timeless for their unique nature.
Now thats where the usual Fabric mix review would end. Here we get an extra bonus in the form of a second disc. Rather than continue the robohouse journey and merely ramping up the tempo, Richards flys around the styles from electronic dub to punky electro house before Chicks On Speed's Frequent Flyer Lounge kicks off a wicked little electro breaks section. The end of the mix drops down back to some downtempo tracks, my favourite being Air Liquide's Knifflige Fraggen. But rather finish on some ambience noodlings, you get brought right back up again with some furious breaks. A real tour de style! Out of the two CDs, this is turning out to be my favourite at the moment, but both are plain fantastic.
Anyone who has bought the Fabric series, or loves electronic music in general needs to have this mix. Its the flagship CD in the series, and setting down new rules in the mix CD market where forward thinking house and mixes are now becoming the future.

Golden Sun: The Lost Age (GBA)
Golden Sun: The Lost Age (GBA)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Bigger, better, bolder, 2 Mar 2004
MEATY. I've just been playing this little fella to death on a 7 hour journey to and from Manchester. The journey was entirely painless due to the presence of this game and helped me avoid inhabitants of overcrowded main line services who smell of mildew. Ever since starting this game up after finishing the original I've been hooked. I've trawled round the shops of St Albans behind my fiancee with my face buried in my GBA SP, suffering occasional bouts of panic when I look up to find that I've lost my bearings in a shop, cannot find the exit or my fiancee and have become ensnared in the see through lingerie section. Nice.
Golden Sun 2 continues off from epic GBA RPG Golden Sun. Starting just before the final events of the first game, the perspective shifts from Isaac and his little crew to that of Felix, Isaac's childhood friend turned apparent 'baddie' for the duration of Golden Sun. A nice switch. I love the way this series has turned out. It could have been just another RPG but put a killer game engine in place and then back that up with a storyline spanning now two catridges and its a top RPG. Those of you who have played through the original will be right at home here. After initially porting across your end of game stats from the original game, you get flung into action as Felix, Jenna, Kraden and Sheba. Felix is attempting to light the remaining 2 lighthouses to unlock the power of Alchemy. As far as you've been concerned from the first game, this is a baaaaad thing to happen. You opinion begins to shift about Felix as you play with him. You discover that Jenna, Kraden and Sheba aren't quite the kidnapped crew that it seemed from the first game. They all seem to know about an alternative aspect to the power of Alchemy that will actually save the world, as opposed to destroying it. All your preconceptions about the orignal games bad guys are thrown into doubt. Thank to this nice little storyline aspect, you find yourself hooked on the game. Eagerly eating it up to try and unravel what the heck is actually going on. Once you get involved in the game you reach joy #2. The game is MASSIVE. All the challenges and wonderful puzzle solving gameplay traits have been ramped up. You don't feel like you're going back to basics by starting a new game, having to learn everything again. At the same time, the game isn't entirely baffling for those new to it. I have to say, it really does benefit you if you've played the first game through before tackling this one.
The Golden Sun series is now shaping up to be one of the most entertaining RPG jaunts I've had in ages, and its surfaced shining and sparkling amongst the big Xbox, Gamecube and PS2 giants in all its tiny GBA glory. Being a big Final Fantasy fan, I'd even go as far as giving it the accolade of being better than the recent Final Fantasy Tactics excursion on the GBA. And thats a big thing for me to say! I can't say enough good about this game, it plays well, it tells the story well, it looks good and GODDAMN its portable and I can play it anywhere. Man, I even nip off to the loo at work to get a quick bash on this thing in. Utterly brilliant.

Final Fantasy X-2 (PS2)
Final Fantasy X-2 (PS2)
Offered by APE-GAMES
Price: £10.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars A different slant on the usual from Square, 2 Mar 2004
Final Fantasy X was melancholic affair. A world gripped by a perpetual spiral of death where the inhabitants had very little in the way of hope or joy to look forward to. The entire game had a sense of depression about it as you travel round the ravaged world of Spira. Along come Square-Enix with their first ever sequel to a Final Fantasy epic, and its almost like they've got a button on their wonderful Japanese machinery that is labelled 'Remix Final Fantasy X in a Charlies Angels stylee'. The game is literally THAT different from its predecessor! Upbeat cheesy music! Girl power in effect! Clothes! Oh so many clothes! Flashy effects and liberal doses of humour! Its like the complete negative of the very serious original. Where FFX tackled the concepts of mortality and the falsness of the religion of Yevon, FFX-2 has wiped the slate clean to bring a more upbeat take on things to the casual buyer.
The fights are flashy and entertaining from moment one, there is plenty to do with the return of Active Time Battles. Once again you find yourself quickly making choices to get your attacks in first. You get a greater sense of involvement than you did in the previous game, having to continually select actions, swap costumes, fire of salvos of bullets by tapping R1, trying to chain together moves in time. Much more to keep you entertained in battle in contrast to the more laid back style battles of FFX.
Rather than having a large party of people to manage, you just have our 3 ladies; Yuna, Rikku and Paine. Yuna & Rikku have joined a band of 'sphere hunters' known as the Gullwings after Rikku brings Yuna a sphere which contains an image of Tidus, trapped somewhere dark and unfriendly. They travel the world of Spira searching for more clues that could lead where Tidus' may be. Certain favourites make cameos in the game and the entire world of Spira is familiar and instantly accessable by your huge flying aircraft. Again this is down to Square-Enix trying to make this game accessable to new heads to the Final Fantasy game. Instant action and instant gratification.
Of course the depth is there for the hardcore. The Sphere Grid powerup system has now been replaced by Garment Grids. Our main characters can change their abilities depending on what costume they wear. The standard Theif, Black Mage and White mage are present alongside new skill sets such as Songstress and Gunner. The amount of time a character spends in a costume determines how much of an expert they become with that skill. You have the freedom to decide how your characters will develope in this game. Add to that the replay value to get alternate endings and a branching storyline based on your actions, there are HOURS of play to get from this game.
If the hardcore can place their sceptisism aside about this new 'cheery' update and STOP pining for a FF7 update, they will discover more joys in the world of Spira. Those who are new to the game and have found it 'ploddy' in the past, will be mesmerised by the new 'instant action' approach that Square-Enix have taken, PLUS knowledge of the past game is not essential. Although I would say that the previous game is too good a bargain not to pick up since its on the Platinum range. Its nice to have something different from the franchise for once. Those wanting a fresh new saga in the more traditional style of Square will have to wait until FFXII surfaces later this year.

Price: £22.54

3.0 out of 5 stars Spacebreaks, 19 Feb 2004
This review is from: Waveforms (Audio CD)
Touted as 'best thing since sliced bread' by Adam Freeland, Waveform's LP is a pure, spacey breaks journey. Plenty of atmosphere. Slipping this on will transport you somewhere cosmic thanks to its gorgeous synth pads, intelligent beat work and resonating bass. Where the likes of Stanton Warriors and Plump DJs have managed to carve a niche in the breaks market with their own unique sound, Waveform do the same. I've not heard anything that sounds like them yet. Check the sci-fi synths of Soul Music, the chilled breaks of Escape and wonderful opener of Drifter.
You don't really hear of Waveform anymore at the moment, and considering this is a few years old, this could be an ideal pick up for a DJ who would like a secret weapon to add to their arsenal. Progressive DJs can add a bit of depth and space to their mixes, breaks DJs could have something that stands out from the norm. Even though a few of the tracks could be described as filler material, the few standout tracks are more than worth it.
Tracklisting for CD since its not on here!:
Drifter (7.16)
Breakers In Space (6.00)
Whats That Sound (5.52)
D-Tox (6.48)
King Of The Beat (6.43)
Landscapes (6.12)
Escape (5.43)
New Frontier (5.20)
Soul Music (6.20)
Deep Dubz (8.15)

F-Zero GX (GameCube)
F-Zero GX (GameCube)

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4.0 out of 5 stars Fastest racer you can get!, 16 Feb 2004
This review is from: F-Zero GX (GameCube) (Video Game)
The Gamecube is really showing itself to be the star for games which you can just 'pick up and play'. Simple games with intuitive controls so that when you drag a few mates round yours after a night out, you don't have to spend half an hour detailing that if you press 'Square, Square, wait for 3 seconds, press Triangle and Circle together ... no, CIRCLE!', your on screen bod will sidestep left. F-Zero is one of these simple in priciple games. The idea is that you race round a variety of futuristic courses in gravity defying vehicles, FAST. No weapons needed, just aggressive driving techniques. Simple at first, you soon start perfecting your driving technique, tactically planning your engine set up and where you're going to use your boosts around the course as you try to beat your 29 opponents to the finish line.
If left to its pure arcade bones, F-Zero could have had the lifespan of about 5 minutes. Luckily, there is plenty for the avid gamer to unlock. As you play and win more in the game, you get allocated tickets to spend in the F-Zero shop. With them you can buy new characters and vehicles to race with, new chapters for the 'Story Mode' of the game, you can even get in and tinker about and create your own racer from scratch with customised parts and paintwork. Once you have your own craft, you can even take your memory card down the arcade and use it to race on the arcade version of F-Zero.
There are plenty of challenges, Grand Prix mode has in total 4 cups to race in, with each having 5 gravity defying courses to its name. Story Mode sees you take on challenge based tasks, be it collecting capsules, racing along a cliffside highway avoiding huge boulders. Include varying difficulty levels and you've got plenty to get stuck into.
Graphics wise, the world of F-Zero is stunningly realised, everything has that arcade game look of 'wow' factor. Especially when you start racing up 90 degree inclines and speeding along corkscrews. For such a wonderous looking game it zips along at an amazing rate. Luckily your craft is responsive enough to nip around the course at your command and you never feel like you can't control the thing.
All in all, its a pure thrill racer, one for those wanting a nice arcade high blast and an injection of speed in their life. It may not be as hilarious as Mario Kart can be, but it definately provides an entertaining ride.

Final Fantasy X (PS2)
Final Fantasy X (PS2)
Offered by Gamesbuyer
Price: £10.38

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5.0 out of 5 stars Top Draw RPG action, 16 Feb 2004
This review is from: Final Fantasy X (PS2) (Video Game)
Take me as your typical office worker, I get a nice lovely wage that gets decimated each month by the extortionate London area cost of living. Its a saddening situation in life to be in. I only have a smidgeon of money to keep myself entertained each month while I whittle away the days wishing I earned more money. What possible solution could there be for an easily bored boy to help him get through the dreary midweek days? It turned out that the solution is Final Fantasy! When a new Final Fantasy is released, my housemates don't hear from me for months. I hole myself up in my bedroom, refusing all entry and only accepting two dimensional food that can be slotted through the crack under my bedroom door. Loud noises of monsters being summoned emanate from my little haven where the small space that I have is temporarily transformed into the world of Spira. Lets just say I find it absorbing stuff.
Where Final Fantasy triumphs for me over all other RPGs is its story driven game mechanics. There is a HELL of alot of story to be told, not something that would appease adrenaline fuelled action junkies. Its a quality story, not your cliched 'boy from village goes on quest to save quaint world from evil power', it takes the standard fantasy formula and twists it so well that you find yourself playing until 5am just to find out what happens to your little group of people.
The story of Final Fantasy X revolves around Tidus, who after his city of Zanarkand is attacked by a mysterious force called Sin, finds himself thrown 1000 years into the future. Waking up in the world of Spira, Tidus finds himself very much alone. Alone until he happens to meet summoner Yuna. He then embarks on a quest full of twists and turns in which he strives to help Yuna defeat Sin and unravel the mystery of how he ended up 1000 years in the future.
Spira itself is a gorgeously animated realm, those who remember how stunning Final Fantasy 7 looked when given the power of the PSOne, will once again be blown away by Square's wonderfully rendered landscapes, cinematic direction and huge huge special effects when unleashing magic and summonings.
Also, with each game that Square makes, the control method and powering up system becomes easier to use. Square gradually introduce you into the game, before letting you get to grips with the 'board game' style of powering up which is the Sphere Grid. For those fearing reams of numbers and statistics, put your fears aside ... its nice and easy to learn. Also, Square provide for the seasoned veteran of Final Fantasy by providing plenty of secret side quests and particularly mean monsters to discover. A veritable bounty for the avid adventurer.
Final Fantasy is the big budget RPG, but now at budget price, all you out there who are scraping their pennies to survive can while away hour after hour as you escape from the misery of the real world for something just a little more exciting.

Official Sony PlayStation 2 Memory Card (Satin Silver)
Official Sony PlayStation 2 Memory Card (Satin Silver)
Offered by sicodaddy
Price: £29.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Essential for those new to PS2, not so for old hands!, 12 Feb 2004
As with the standard range of Sony 8mb memory cards, this is an essential purchase for all PS2 owners who don't have a memory card. One thing to note, it offers no advantage over any of the existing range of Sony memory cards apart from fitting in with new Silver Satin model PS2. One thing is different however, price. The bog standard black memory card is £3 cheaper, if you're not really bothered about having the matching set then why not go for one of them? Essentially it IS a cosmetic choice, if you've upgraded from say a faulty PS2 to a new satin one and want one, have a bit of a think. Your current memory card will do the job nicely so that £20 could well go towards a nice spanking new game, you can get a game off the Platinum range for the same price. Those of you who have just got their mitts on a silver PS2 could do no wrong than to partner it with one of these. If you're planning on playing anything that requires saving, or data files (which pretty much is EVERY game nowadays), then you must get this ASAP. I've already got a black card but I'm a bit of a posy bast, however, and have an entire 'silver, theme going on in my entertainments department, so I'll probably be suckered in and get one!

No Title Available

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5.0 out of 5 stars Unless you are a goldfish, you'll need one of these, 10 Feb 2004
Sony's 8meg memory card is the essential purchase to go along with any new PS2. The nature of gaming nowadays means that we have high scores to save, progress during games to save, options files to save ... and because we've moved on from cartridge media, where do we save this? Negating the need for an internal hard drive, Sony provided the memory card as the solution. 8meg large, its plenty of room for the avid gamer to fit a hell of alot of game data on. Imagine you have been bought a PS2, a lovely Squaresoft RPG and no memory card. Unless you plan on keeping your PS2 turned on for the duration of the 60hours+ of gametime needed to play the game, you're not going to get past the initial stages. Frustration ensues, and the PS2 is regarded with disgust as you quickly bore of your machine. Many parents out there don't know of the need of having this piece of hardware, I hope I'm making you aware of this need!
Something to note, PS1 game owners will not being able to save their game data to a PS2 memory card (much the same as many PS2 games like Gran Turismo 3 are not compatible with the old grey Dual Shock controllers). If you plan on playing PS1 games on your PS2, you will need the old style '15 block' 1meg cards for that.
When I first got my PS2, I thought that the rather pricey tag pretty much took the mickey. I remembered this though, after using a 3rd party memory card for a while on my PS1, it began to corrupt, losing valuable save data. This is something you really don't want to happen. The one thing about Sony is that they KNOW how to make the best hardware to support their machine. They make the best controllers, they make the best memory cards. Stick with Sony basically, and if this is your first foray into consoles and you've just got yourself a PS2, you must own one of these.

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