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Do Not Disturb
Do Not Disturb
Price: £4.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Do Not Disturb, 16 April 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Do Not Disturb (Kindle Edition)
“Do Not Disturb” picks up where “The Girl in 6E” left off, with the reader rejoining Deanna about two weeks after the events of the first novel.

Having stepped outside once, Deanna is now taking massive steps at rejoining the real world - her relationship with her love interest steps up a gear, and she even goes as far as making a massive purchase on something we may take for granted.

Deanna’s online activities, however, leads a caged beast to make a more active interest in her, to the extent where the lives of her nearest and dearest are now in the firing line.

Told again, in a mixture of first and third person narrative, the short chapters make the story fast paced and lively, so you will finish it within a few days.

Again, there is scope for the reading of the third novel in the series, called “If You Dare”, but you'd need to read "The Girl in 6E" to enjoy this fully.

To conclude: another great thriller from Ms Torre!

TP-LINK TL-WA854RE 300 Mbps Universal Wall Plug Wi-Fi Range Extender/Wi-Fi Booster (WPS function, Easy Configuration)
TP-LINK TL-WA854RE 300 Mbps Universal Wall Plug Wi-Fi Range Extender/Wi-Fi Booster (WPS function, Easy Configuration)
Price: £16.95

5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic!, 3 April 2016
I now lived in a rented shared house where we are "blessed" with thick walls and a router placed downstairs. This resulted in months of frustration of waiting for films to buffer, music to stream and WhatsApp/Skype calls to get cut off at key moments of the conversation. Not so any more!

Plug it in near to the router, press the WPS button on the router, and another on the front of this - wait - and you've got Wi-Fi coverage anywhere in your abode.

It has been so simple to set up and use that I wonder why I didn't buy this earlier.

In a word - fantastic.

In Real Life: My Journey to a Pixelated World
In Real Life: My Journey to a Pixelated World
by Joey Graceffa
Edition: Paperback
Price: £6.29

4.0 out of 5 stars If you don't spread your wings you won't discover how far you can fly, 31 July 2015
I am a massive fan of YouTube and (shamelessly) admit to spending a good half hour (perhaps more) watching videos about such things as a Japanese cat called Maru as well as the clever and funny content from BuzzFeed, not to mention repeatedly watching Charlie’s finger biting skills, so naturally I stumble across Joey Graceffa and it appears that he’s written a book, no less!

I identified with a lot of what Joey has written about - less so with his family life, but definitely with the other aspects mentioned - the bullying and loneliness, his personal life issues and dating life, to perhaps the most drastic tactic of uprooting yourself and going on a journey to follow a passion as I’m about to do the same in a matter of weeks. It did feel at times like I could have written parts of this myself, which is scary…

Though the chapters do end with some life advice clearly aimed at people (dare I say a generation) much younger than myself, apparently autobiographies by people who produce online videos do work because I finished reading it within a week.

The message we're to take away from this is that it's not about where you begin or where you've come from but about where you end up.

Zen Kyu Maestro: An English Teacher's Spanish Adventure
Zen Kyu Maestro: An English Teacher's Spanish Adventure
Price: £2.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Las aventuras de un profesor inglés en España, 12 July 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
In just under two months, I will be doing what Jeremy did - packing my bags and setting off to sunny Spain to teach in a private immersion school working with primary school children in the Canaries, no less.

A lot of the humour comes from the anecdotes written about the children themselves as well as Jeremy and his wife's lack of language skills in doing things we would consider fairly run of the mill communicating in our language. When I was first there in 2006-2007, I remember being giggled at because I couldn't get my English tongue around the Galician version of George (Xurxo), being offered pig's ear and assured it's the most delicious part - so yes, Jeremy's anecdotes made me chuckle out loud.

Anyone who is thinking of upping sticks and moving abroad, especially to teach, should read this as a preparation for what's to come.

Was I entertained? Yes. Did it remind me how much fun teaching can be? Yes. Am I likely to be telling my friends and family anecdotes of a similar nature in the next few months? Yes!

Zen kyu Jeremy!

Kindle Paperwhite (6th generation), 6" High Resolution Display (212 ppi) with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi
Kindle Paperwhite (6th generation), 6" High Resolution Display (212 ppi) with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A library in your pocket!, 4 July 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I’d been debating buying a Kindle for some time but I personally prefer the look and feel of physical books. Reading the blurb, looking at the cover art as well as the new smell is all part of the buying experience.

“You don’t need one, you have an iPad”, said a friend. Yes, the iPad is lovely – but it does more than necessary for reading, I don’t wish to be annoyed by Facebook notifications, iMessage or the temptations of YouTube for example, and certainly the Kindle battery will last longer than any tablet computer.

However, as I’ve recently accepted a job to go and work in Spain, the idea of picking good books to take with me does present a quandary as you can only fit so many into a suitcase or backpack can’t you? Books in Spain are also expensive too, so a Kindle was purchased.

Looking at Amazon’s cheapest model, it didn’t impress my eyes, and I didn’t need the seventh generation device, released only a few days before I purchased mine either.

The device itself is a nice size and it’s very simple to use, I feel like one of the Star Trek officers I watch on DVD. If you have any smartphone you don’t need to buy the plug adaptor, the cable will go neatly into your phone wall plug charger but a case/cover is a good investment, personalising it, as well as protecting your device.

Why did I get the Kindle? Because I enjoy reading, and that’s what it does plain and simple.

The Girl in 6E
The Girl in 6E
by A. R. Torre
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.99

5.0 out of 5 stars The Girl in 6E - Time to meet the killer next door, 15 Jun. 2015
This review is from: The Girl in 6E (Paperback)
Told in a mixture of first person and third person narrative, The Girl in 6E tells the story of Deanna, an online webcam model, who has locked herself away to stop herself from acting upon her psychotic urges, having already killed once before.

Everything is going well in her structured world of prepared food and easy money until one of her clients rocks her world with a disturbing fantasy, though when she goes to the police no one believes her. Having locked herself in her apartment with only her neighbours and her deliveryman Jeremy as her connection to the outside world, what can she do?

Comparisons to "Dexter" are perfectly valid here, we really get into Deanna's head, learn her backstory and get into her world. The short chapters keep the writing and the story fast and interesting, like any other good thriller.

With an open ending (and therefore scope for a sequel), I very much enjoyed this well paced thriller.

mophie juice pack air for iPhone 6 (2,750mAh) - Black
mophie juice pack air for iPhone 6 (2,750mAh) - Black
Price: £65.90

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A modern lifejacket for your iPhone, 30 May 2015
Comprised of the battery/connector and a cap, the Juice Pack Air is easy to fit and remove when necessary and when required certainly puts life back into your device when it inevitably gets to that 'life threatening' 10%.

Simply flip a small switch on the back of the case and you're back on track in the twenty first century! The Juice Pack Air will extend the battery life of your iPhone by double, allowing you to get more time for calls, texts, music, videos, games - whatever tickles your fancy.

The only negatives I think are that the switch on the back is quite small, as well as the case itself being of a matt finish, so any scuffs will show over time.

However, in this day and age where our smartphones indeed rule our pockets and indeed lives, something that can extend the battery life of your iPhone is definitely worth it's weight in gold.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple, effective way to banish clutter forever
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple, effective way to banish clutter forever
by Marie Kondo
Edition: Paperback
Price: £6.00

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars How tidying can be life changing, 16 May 2015
Since starting this book I have finally managed to part with my graffiti laden secondary school polo shirt, which I last wore in 2001, and university notes I've not looked at since writing them down in 2007.

Kondo's approach is methodical and indeed ruthless, and recommends starting with clothes. Why? - You may ask. Well to me this makes sense. She recommends starting here, as we're all prey to buying something new every season, and in theory discarding things we dislike or that have gone out of fashion. By sorting your clothes first, you then have the know-how to approach other items you may own, sorting and decluttering as a result. Books are the second type of item to be sorted.

The way to figure out whether an item is worth keeping or not, is whether it "sparks joy" - these are her words, not mine. Again, this methodology makes sense. If you don't love an item, why are you keeping it? If you apply this theory to every item you own, you end up with only the items you truly cherish, and you end up happier as a result.

The author's culture and her background do seep through in some aspects of the book, but in a way that appealed to me. Don't let this aspect of the book put you off though - take it with a pinch of salt, as the message behind it is well meant.

No amount of nagging from my mother, Feng Shui books or the approach of trying to sort out a corner of my bedroom at a time was going to get me to sort all of my stuff out - until now. So far unloved clothes have been donated, books have been given to the public library in town and I have felt "lighter" as a result.

Though I'm a long way from a clutter free life, I've certainly broken the camel's back with the KonMari method and if like myself, you've struggled with clutter for whatever reason, this may be the book you're looking for.

Thoroughly recommended.

Magical Course in Tarot: Reading the Cards in a Whole New Way
Magical Course in Tarot: Reading the Cards in a Whole New Way
by Michele Morgan
Edition: Paperback
Price: £14.99

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars How to read the Tarot, Rule #1: Rip up the rule book, 2 May 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Learning the Tarot, like learning any other new skill or practice can be tricky, especially if you're wading into unknown territory. So I was quite glad I came across this title on the recommendation of a YouTuber called Kate aka Daily Tarot Girl.

Advice on choosing other decks apart from the beginners go-to "Original Rider Waite" are suggested: Voyager Tarot: Intuition Cards for the 21st Century, The Hanson-Roberts Tarot Deck, The Enchanted Tarot: Book and Tarot Deck, Robin Wood Tarot Deck and the Morgan Greer Tarot are some of her suggestions. The main point Morgan makes is to choose a deck which speaks to you on a personal level. Tricky to do so on Amazon, but there are sites online where you can have a look for yourself. My decks include The Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot Deck and Morgan Greer Tarot, simply because I fell in love with its vibrancy having looked at pictures online.

In contrast to other Tarot books, sample readings are given before the author's definitions, and the advice is to say what you see, and start journaling as well. Frustratingly no mention or guidance how to phrase questions or even sample questions to ask the Tarot, so again you may have to refer to the Internet. I found the section on symbols, colour associations and numerology the most helpful bit of this book, so I will be consulting this section in future reference but I didn't care too much for advice on how to use the Tarot to cast magick either, nor how to find a good psychic in my area.

Other titles from my local bookshops or even other titles I've picked up, require you to digest the 78 card meanings and definitions, or even worse, write your own (gulp!) before even getting to a sample reading. This method is just far too time consuming for people who just want to get on with it, and what I learnt from Morgan is that with the right deck, the answers to your questions will come from your intuition, once activated.

In my opinion, if this is your first Tarot book, you'll need something like The Tarot Bible: Godsfield Bibles to assist you, as although it's a good title, it's not perfect, but Morgan's approach to reading the Tarot is refreshingly different and makes for an enjoyable and easy read.

Yogamatters Get A Grip mat towel + dots, Royal blue
Yogamatters Get A Grip mat towel + dots, Royal blue
Offered by Yogamatters Ltd.

4.0 out of 5 stars Om shanti, 2 April 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I dabbled in hot yoga for a few months last year and rather than rent a towel at a few pounds each time I went, it was much easier to purchase a yoga towel and take it myself.

This towel is designed for placing over the mat in order to act as a collection agent for your sweat, rather than using it on it's own as some other reviewers have suggested. It certainly does the job, as I found it oddly satisfying to see a pool of sweat on the towel at the end of each lesson.

If you're properly into your hot yoga, then I'd strongly recommend buying another (perhaps in a different colour), so you can alternate between classes.

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