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Anker® Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless ( Light Hi-Fi ) Stereo Headsets for All Bluetooth Devices
Anker® Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless ( Light Hi-Fi ) Stereo Headsets for All Bluetooth Devices

5 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Very good mid range bluetooth headphones, 27 July 2013
So first I should start by saying that Anker sent me these headphones for free to test out. I am however not endorsed or employed by Anker in any other way. So here goes the legal disclaimer: "I was supplied a sample for test and evaluation, and I promised that my review is fair and honest"
Now that we've got that out of the way I can start talking about these headphones.

The headphones come in a nice minimalistic cardboard box. They come with three sets of rubber earbud sizes, two sets of rubber pads of different lengths, to hold the earphones in if you need them, and a charging cable. Other than that you get the usual manual and other paraphernalia.

These are in-ear headphones. They are slightly larger than regular earphones, and slightly heavier too, but nothing that will make them uncomfortable to wear. There is one flat rubberized cable connecting the left and right earphone which is 48cm long. 5 cm down from the right side, you have a rubberized inline remote with volume plus/previous song, volume minus/next song, and multifunction button. The buttons are all under a rubberized cover so there are no individual buttons to see if that makes any sense.

The earbuds are at slight angle to allow the earphones to remain straight when the earbuds are inserted into your ear canal. Other than that the headphones will protrude a bit more than standard headphones when wearing them.

There is no charging port on the headphone; instead, you have two small contact pads on the right earphone, facing the ear. This is actually much better than having a micro USB plug. Sure, now you have to bring an extra cable on any long trips, but it also means that there is that much extra space for battery, and that counts. Considering the placement of the charging pads, I suspect that Anker have crammed all of the battery and charging circuitry on the right earphone, and the Bluetooth antenna on the left earphone.

Overall the headphones look quite appealing and well made, probably as well made as any midrange headphone you can buy. I do like the flat cable a lot though, I think it adds a bit more to the slightly futuristic design that Anker have gone for.

As I said, these headphones are a bit heavier than standard cabled headphones. Because of that, and the fact that the rubber earbuds aren't very rough to the touch, I have to use the extra rubber pads. I attach them as shown below. Once the headphones are in with the pad, they're not coming out though. I haven't gone for a run with them but I'm pretty certain that they'll stay in; you'll also have the additional advantage of not having extremely sweaty ears that you would get with over ear headphones...

Because they are slightly heavier (10-20 grams more maybe) than usual headphones, you do feel them a bit more. That means that if you're going to wear them for hours on end (and I'm talking a lot here) you might feel some strain on your ears.
Now the cool thing to do with these headphones is to have the cable going behind your neck. Unfortunately I find the cable a smidgens too short for me to be able to have the cable behind my neck, and not feeling a pull on the headphones every time I look around to cross the road. I do have a rather large head though, so it might be fine for other people. Wearing the cable under my chin, these headphones have been great for walking to work and listening to at the office, etc.

The Anker Bluetooth headphones support the newer APT-X codec; in theory that means that they will support up to 384 kbits/s on 16bit audio. In other words, you will not have any additional loss of quality on most mp3 tracks you listen too. To be fair, I don't think I would be able to tell the difference between APT-X Bluetooth and cabled.
These also support Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy. If you're lucky enough to have a device which supports this, then you will get even more battery life out of these. I managed to get an estimated 5 hours of life from these on Bluetooth 3.0, but wasn't able to test them extensively for Bluetooth 4.0. I'd expect that to go up to 6-7 with LE. For android users, lots of the devices from last year onwards support Bluetooth 4.0 in the hardware. Unfortunately google is only coming out with a software stack that supports Bluetooth 4.0 in android 4.3 (released on Nexus devices last Wednesday, but you'll probably have to wait until the end of the year for a potential update from your manufacturer/provider).
The headphones were able to connect will all of the Bluetooth devices I had at my disposal. These included (I've added what the devices support as connection type. I had not obvious way of verifying this though)
- HTC one X (Bluetooth 3.0 apt-x connection)
- Samsung Galaxy S3 (Bluetooth 3.0 apt-x connection)
- Apple Iphone 5 (Bluetooth 4.0 apt-x connection)
- Sony vaio-z 2011 (I believe Bluetooth 2.1 connection, but don't quote me on that)
- Google/Samsung nexus 10 (Bluetooth 4.0 apt-x connection)
- Nokia Lumia 900 (unknown, friend's phone)
All devices worked well and were able to pair easily. You can actually pair up two devices with the headphones, so that's quite useful if you want to pair to your phone and your tablet for example. The only issue I found with this is that if both paired devices are in range, and have Bluetooth on, the headphones will automatically reconnect to the last device connected; if you want to use the other device you have to manually disconnect you first device from the headphones.

The sound from these is well balanced. There is not an extensive amount of bouncy bass, and bass heads will probably be disappointed. Sound clarity is good, although I would prefer a tiny bit more mids and highs. Overall, for their retail price of 30£ here in the UK (at the time of writing this review), I think they would be a good buy even without the Bluetooth.
There is one thing that I didn't like. There seems to be a low amplitude high pitched tone coming out if the left earphone whenever something is played. You can't hear it whenever you have music playing, but as soon as you switch to a talk show or an audio book, I find it very audible. This only comes from the left earphone, so I suspect it's the Bluetooth antenna which hasn't been shielded off from the speaker and is causing that tone. This isn't a deal breaker though. To be honest I had 3 other friends verify this and two of them said they wouldn't have noticed had I not told them.

So I guess what it comes down to is : If I were looking for Bluetooth headphones, and I had to pay for this myself would I do it ?
The answer is a resounding yes; I don't think you will find anything close to this in this price range. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for some, even more so if the background noise issue gets fixed.
I'd also like to point out that whenever I've had to deal with Anker, they've been extremely helpful, sending replacement as soon as I had any problems.

Anker® 2.4G Wireless Slim Solar Keyboard for Windows with Nano Receiver (US Layout)
Anker® 2.4G Wireless Slim Solar Keyboard for Windows with Nano Receiver (US Layout)

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Good keyboard for everyday use, 2 July 2013
DISCLAIMER: I was supplied a sample for test and evaluation, and I promised that my review is fair and honest

I've had this keyboard sent to me by Anker, and have been using it for about 5 days now. This keyboard is solar powered, and similar to the logitech K750 but without the Chiclet keys. This is the main feature here as you would expect never to have to worry about the charge level of the keyboard. In fact I've only had to charge this keyboard once with the supplied cable when I got, and I don't expect I will need to charge it again. Still it is nice to know that the keyboard can be plugged in with the charging usb cable if the batteries are empty. The keyboard also has an on off button under it so you can turn it off when you leave for holiday etc.

The keys use a scissor mechanism, and the typing feedback is the same as what you would get on high end laptops. The letters are large and quite visible on the keyboard, although they not etched. The layout is pretty standard, although Anchor have decided to use a small backspace key instead of a long one, and use the saved space for a long left shift key. I have contacted them about this and they have said they would take it under advisement.

I've summarized some of the key elements I like about this keyboard :
- Its very very slim, which means good for transporting if you need to, and the nano usb dongle can attach under the keyboard so you don't loose it.
- The space bar has two little steel bulges under it, and that gives a wonderful tactile and sound feedback. Actually its crazy how satisfying it is to now hit that key :). I really can't stress enough how pleasant this little improvement is.
- The feel of the scissor mechanism is quite nice. I've heard that some people prefer this over standard dome keys.
- The keyboard is solar powered, so you should never need to recharge it. If the battery does run out you can plug the keyboard in and you're not stuck until it charges
- There are no special drivers required under windows, just plug it in and that's it.
- There's a battery indicator to tell you when you run out of battery (if ever)

And also some of the things I don't like (I have contacted Anker about these things, and they seemed pretty positive about doing what they could to improve this):
- The return key is a bit flimsy when pressed down. This is nothing that stops you from using it normally but just thought I would mention it.
- The backspace key is too short for my taste, I prefer long backspace keys; this comes down to personal preference though.
- My main quibble is with the lack of led lights to tell you if you have caps, lock num lock or scroll lock on.

Overall this is quite a nifty little keyboard, and I think it will become my main keyboard form now on. I give it 4.5 stars (rounded up to 5 for Amazon) and would give it 5 stars if the leds for the lock keys were added. For the price, and the luxury of having a wireless keyboard where you don't need to worry about the batteries, you can't go wrong with this.

Neewer Replacement Pro Battery Grip for Canon EOS 550D/600D/650D/700D Rebel T2i/T3i/T4i/T5i + 2 * LP-E8 Battery
Neewer Replacement Pro Battery Grip for Canon EOS 550D/600D/650D/700D Rebel T2i/T3i/T4i/T5i + 2 * LP-E8 Battery
Offered by Ultra Sales Global
Price: £29.50

5.0 out of 5 stars Great alternative, 23 Jun. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is a great product. Cheap, does all of the required functions the real one does, and comes with. Two batteries (they do the show accurate charge level but otherwise work very well)
Overall very pleased

Pioneer VSX922K 3D Ready Home Cinema Receiver
Pioneer VSX922K 3D Ready Home Cinema Receiver

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Good product, but missing some features, 23 Jun. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I'm not going to go into sound quality as I'm sure people who know more about this can pitch in.
I found this to be a quite good amp for the price, and all the general features are working swimmingly. Yes it is hard to set up, but it's the kind. nd of thing you do once and never touch again so I don't mind spending a couple of hours sorting out issues at the start.

What I didn't like so much was:
- no phono input: aficionados will say good turntables 'end an external preamp anyway, but still, when you don't want 50 devices in your multimedia cabinet, it's nice to have one.
- radio menu is slow: one of the main reason we bought this was for the inter et radio. It works fine and you can create presets on the web after registering your device, but scrolling through the lists of stations/genre/countries is a bit slow
- sources available for zone 2: I would have liked to have two different things playing from the Internet radio in zones ones and 2, but apparently that isn't possible. This is only a software block I'm sure, to avoid cannibalistic of the model above in the same range, and that annoys me. You cannot even play any Internet radio in zone 2 as a matter a fact, only TV, hdmi and a few other inputs work in zone 2. However, you can play the same radio station in either zone A, zone B or both (the zone B being different from zone 2 and taking up the rear surround connectors).

In the end we were able to do what we wanted with this so overall I'm happy, and with the recent price decrease this is good value for money.

No Title Available

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent product, 23 Jun. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This works just as advertised, with no compatibility problems for the moment.
The cable is good quality, and I'm happy that this uses an external power source to make sure that power hungry devices don't have issues.
I use it with two usb3 type A câbles to switch my mouse and keyboard between two computers, so I'm constantly disconnecting and reconnecting the back USB A cable, and for the moment no issues.
Would recommend

Premium In Car Holder Windscreen Suction Mount for Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 / S4 i9500 - Mobile Accessories By Sunwire®
Premium In Car Holder Windscreen Suction Mount for Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 / S4 i9500 - Mobile Accessories By Sunwire®
Offered by e4deal UK
Price: £4.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Pretty good for the price, 23 Jun. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This car holder is great because it's sturdy. It attached to the windscreen well and detaches as easily thanks to the spring behind the suction cup.
It it pretty adjustable, and can accommodate other phones as well as you call pull out or push in the rubber holders on both sides. I have however had an issue on some phones, such as HTC wildfire, where the position of the micro use plug interfered with the rubber grommets on the side. Still, just rose up the phone a bit and it was fine.

Samsung UE37C5100 37-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 50Hz Slim LED Television with Freeview
Samsung UE37C5100 37-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 50Hz Slim LED Television with Freeview

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great picture (Once calibrated), Not bad sound considering size, 27 Feb. 2011
Got this because I wanted a very slim and design TV, but didn't really want to pay an extra 100 pounds for the C5800 series with freeview HD. TV was ordered late in the afternoon on monday and arrived wednesday afternoon with free delivery (delivery man even called me on my cell when I wasn't home to know if i had further instructions), well done amazon !!
The pictures is pretty good once its calibrated properly. Mine came with a Mstar Chip (check menu - support - contact Samsung, If the software version starts with T-MSX then you've got an Mstar version, if its something else its teh trident version; alledgedly the trident chip has better low quality video filtering capabilities).

For those interested, these are my settings (calibrated by hand, against a vaio z11 full HD screen which is supposed to give quite accurate reproduction with adequate icc file). What is really important is the white balance. It was way off to my eyes.

Backlight : 16
Contrast : 95
Brightness : 45
Sharpness : 15 for HD inputs (through HDMI for example) 30 for regular freeview
Colour : 50
Tint : G50/R50
In eco solution, eco sensor switch to on with min backlight of 10

advanced settings :
black tone off
dynamic contrast off (dark scenes show shadow areas way too dark otherwise)
Shadow detail 0
gamma 0
RGB off
Colour space native
white balance : R-offset 30 G-offset 20 and B-offset 20,R-gain 30 G-gain 25, B-gain 25
Flesh Tone : 0
Edge enhancement : on
Led motion plus : off (might serve a purpose for sports though)

Picture options :
Colour tone : warm 1
Size 16:9
Digital noise filter : auto
mpeg noise filter auto

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