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Nana Mouskouri: Live At The Royal Albert Hall [DVD] [2013]
Nana Mouskouri: Live At The Royal Albert Hall [DVD] [2013]
Dvd ~ Nana Mouskouri
Price: 14.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars NANA MOUSKOURI FINAL TOUR DVD !, 12 Mar 2013
Having seen Nana several times over the years, we just missed her final concert in Rhodes, and then found out to late to get tickets for her very final one in Athens, the Royal Albert Hall one on this DVD we were away on holiday 'but thanks to this release we can enjoy it now albeit five years after the event. Having also now got the Athens one on DVD as well (highly recommended as she performs many Greek songs associated with her career in the wonderful Herod atticus by the side of the Acropolis, by the way this is also available though Amazon). The RAH set is different as she still performs some Greek favourites but also includes songs such as the beautiful opening of Amazing Grace, Love Changes Everything, songs from the motives her mother used to sing around the house, her father was a projectionist at a movie theatre, songs from the UK, Germany, France, Italy , USA all included in a wonderful over two hour performance in front of a very enthusiastic audeience. The band are simply superb throughout, her voice full of that breathtaking beauty sahe has always had. The opening of the concewrt sees a montage of photos of her career, the her band play a piece before she comes on stage ,for this her final concert visit to Britain. It's said she has sold more records world wide than any other artist, that is amazing but with a voice this good it's only right.we'll miss her but this DVD gives us the chance whenever we feel like it to enjoy her magical voice anytime we feel like it. Highly Recommended !

No Title Available

5.0 out of 5 stars VERY NICE PHOTO INDEED!, 12 Mar 2013
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Right I'm a massive Bruce fan I have his albums,DVD's books, signed photos, nodels of his guitars, saw this on Amazon, ordered it in the afternoon and it arrived the following luchtime, how's that for service. It's a superbly produced pthoto obviously a recent one with his signature digitally put on, but it looks exactly like a fresh signed one but at an amazing price. I mounted it, framed it, and it looks great straight above an authentic personally signed ptoto of Bruce in concert, next to a charcoal drawing of him. It's a really nice piece of memorabilia any fan will be thrilled to own and at under a tenner (just), it going to thrill any fan of the Boss.

The Next Day
The Next Day
Offered by Sent2u
Price: 7.10

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5.0 out of 5 stars AWESOME, BOWIE AT HIS VERY BEST !, 12 Mar 2013
This review is from: The Next Day (Audio CD)
The artwork on the cover maybe the 'Heroes' album with a piece of paper over David Bowie's original photo, the back the same, the sleevenotes a poster type with the lyrics on ,and who's playing what. But then the album itself, put the CD on, and oh boy 14 tracks of David Bowie at the very best. There will not be an album by anyone this year coming anywhere close to this truly amazing set. I put it on and just sat and enjoyed every second of this, full of truly classic Bowie songs, full of original ideas, intricate at times,experimental at times,melodies that stop time in their beauty at other times. This is a benchmark for any other release this year. The opening 'the Next Day' with trobbing bass, a superb layer of funky sax and a beat that draws you into it, what a start, by track three's 'The Stars' you know your onto something incredibly special from one of the greatest artists of all time, and after a ten year break when wew wondered if he'd ever produce another album of original material we get this, and boy was the wait worth it, you bet it was. In one swipe he's again redefined modern music, as he did with Aladin Sane,Let's Dance, diamond Dogs,Ziggy Stardust et all. the quality, style and width ofis music scapeand depth is still amazing after all these years. the soaring voice of Gail Ann Dorsey leads one song , the lyrics of 'Valentine's Day' give us the ballad side of him, but the backing by his band up the anti to the another level. Every track is different, bristling with ideas, excellent musicianship, his range of styles continues as it always has to set him apart from the norm but still setting trends for others to follow. To piock out specific songs is unfair as the overall album needs to be heard its just that good. Foutreen songs of pure Bowie, and the wait has een long but really worth it. A book that came out late last year lead us to believe he'd retired and was just enjoying life with his family, and that he had nothing to prove but here he is, comeback no he never went away just worked on music this good and caught everyone out by announcing The Next Day and as I said set the trend for others to follow, as Q said this month this is a 5* classic, how right they are!
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Live in Chicago 1992
Live in Chicago 1992
Price: 10.04

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5.0 out of 5 stars NEIL YOUNG ALONE AND ACOUSTIC, 4 Mar 2013
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This review is from: Live in Chicago 1992 (Audio CD)
This is an outstanding recording by a truly outstanding artist. Alone in Chicago playing guitarbanjo and pie organ in a superb show of great music. NY is such a great songwriter, plus one of the best acoustic guitarists in music, and as iit starts with one of my all time favourite Neil 'Long May You Run', I knew i was going to enjoy this wonderful set, live. The quality of the recording is consistently excellent, throughout the two discs,which I take was the full show in one evening.Full of classics, Neil certainly writes some simply beautiful songs, as we hear here, plus the rockers we get when Crazy Horse join him.This is solo as I've said, so it gently moves along to give the listener a wondeful and enjoyable Neil Young evenong.Get a comfy seat, put it on, dim the lights and suit back and enjoy one of the greatest artists ever, you'll love it Highly Guaranteed !
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Degas His Life and Works in 500 Images: An Illustrated Exploration of the Artist, His Life and Context with a Gallery of 300 of His Finest Paintings and Sculptures
Degas His Life and Works in 500 Images: An Illustrated Exploration of the Artist, His Life and Context with a Gallery of 300 of His Finest Paintings and Sculptures
by Jon Kear
Edition: Hardcover
Price: 15.29

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5.0 out of 5 stars WONDERFUL BOOK ,BEAUTIFULLY PRESENTED !, 4 Mar 2013
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This series of books on great artists are exceptional in quality and value.Many books of this standard are very expensive but here is a series where anyone can dip into the work of artists such as Gegas and enjoy again and again their work in your own home. the narrative is straightforward and easily read, the quaity of the colour pages is outstanding.Anyone with an interest in great artists, their different periods, their lives, and those who inspired them will love thses fine coffee table sized books. There are always in these picture you may not know or be aware of, another enjoyable plus. As I've said they are outstanding and will find a place on any artlovers bookshelf.If your just getting into great artists then they are the perfect place to start. I already have books on the work of Turner,Renoir and Cezanne as well as the one being reviewed and they are all of the highest quality.
Enjoy great artists and their work, then enjoy these uniformly excellent books of the masters !

Gonna Tell Your Momma
Gonna Tell Your Momma
Offered by langton_info_england
Price: 35.50

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This review is from: Gonna Tell Your Momma (Audio CD)
The Cadillac Kings are a great rockin' blues based band in the mould of the Fabulous Thunderbirds, bbut are certainly no copy of the band.Using a mix of self penned somngs and some great covers, live they are one of europes most exiting and talented bands. Vocalisat Mike Thomas is the real deal, leading a five piece band including keyboards,guitar,bas and drums plus harmonica and on the occasiuonal song accordian as well. This live release they are on top form,a great bunch of songs, some seriously great musicianship providing a party in your own home. R n B style. So simply roll up the carpet and get ready to boogie. A superb and hugely enjoyable release from one truly brilliant IK band !

Good to Me
Good to Me
Price: 15.99

5.0 out of 5 stars PAUL COX UK'S BEST BLUES/SOUL SINGER !, 26 Feb 2013
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This review is from: Good to Me (Audio CD)
Saw Paul Cox a few weeks ago at the Famous Oxford Monday Blues and he went down an absolute storm, he has such a great voice, full and melodic.Not many can deliver a song in the soul-blues category like Paul. He has also one great band full of the best and most experienced in the business. If there were any justice Paul would and should be among the arena fillers in the UK.He's certainly very popular in Europe and if you like blues and soul then get along to see him when he's on tour, hear this album and you'll want to be there.
To this album then, fourteen tracks of original and covers Produced by Roger Cotton at Roundel studios, Roger among other projects was keyboard player with Peter Green's Splinter Group,and as well as playing is a top class songwriter as well. As well as playing in Paul's band he's usually on tour with Buddy Whittington when he comes over from the USA, so we know the production side is strong.Guitarist Mike Summerland spent fifteen years with Georgie Fame's band, and also himself involved in writing some of the songs here with Paul Cox. The opening 'Weekend Blues Man' is a very popular live song and makes a great opener here as well, as does the next e 'Middle Of Nowhere', two solid rocking blues to kick things off. But whether rocking blues, or deep soul Paul's full voice gets the best out of every one of the songs contained here. The old Otis Redding hit, '634 5789' written by Steve Cropper and Eddie Flyd gets a very nice reworking here, as does the Andy Frazer/Paul Rodgers classic 'Ride On A Pony', Steve Dixon's title track, 'Good To Me' is a cracking song that should recieve several visits in the coming years one of those you know will be covered a few times. Paul band plus choice guests including the wonderful voice of Val Cowell from 'Bad Influence' onThe Old Otis song mentioned'plus a spinkling of funky hons here and there,not to mention Alan Glen's harmonica and Nick Payn surely one of our best sax men both live and in the sturio.So all in all a very fine album indeed by one of Britain's best.Highly Recommended !

Blak And Blu
Blak And Blu
Price: 7.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars GARY CLARK JR. WHAT A DEBUT ALBUM THIS IS !, 26 Feb 2013
This review is from: Blak And Blu (Audio CD)
First heard this guy on the 2010 Crossroads Festival DVD in Chicago, pretty good I thought then. The local record store has told me that WB Recoprds are putting quite a push on this album, he's also the special guest on the British dates of the 2013 Eric Clapton Tour. Well now the album itself, and it's simply brilliant, from 60's type Beach Boys rock n roll on 'Travis County',the superb use of programming and bits from records by Gil Scott Heron (who also co-wrote the track with Gary Clark Jr.) and from Albert King's 'As The Years Go Passing By'on the title track 'Blak and Blu', Twelve of the 13 tracks are self written with ine cover and what a cover, stunning guitar work of over three minutes of Hedrix's 'Third Rock From The Sun' segue into Little Johnny Taylor's 'If You Love Me Like You Say', this is just amazing stuff, getting the best of each piece yet all the while adding new areas and ideas. The closing song, 'Next Door Neighbor Blues' shows the acoustic slide talent of Gary, 'When My Train Pulls In' another great slice of hard modern blues but with some great guitar throughout it, 'Bright Lights' has already proved popular through an EP he put out, but here it really builds with full production, his band laying it down and again some awesome guitar involved. Gary Clark Jr. has a great voice,it's clear but full that adds so much throughout whet is for me already surely one of the best albums that we'll hear in the year. He's been nominated already in the USA blues awards for 2013, best new artist and best album categories. This album is just full of great tracks superbly played,in the main by I take it his touring band. The arrangements are tight, solid and right on the money.Some are already calling him the new Hendrix but I more think he's the new awesome talent that Gary Clark Jr. is, and I look forward to seeing him live on the Clapton Tour in May.Please do listen to this one, play a few times and you'll love it. Full of original ideas,great songs,superb performances and is above all else an absolutely great slice of modern music by a new major talent !

Live at The Royal Albert Hall
Live at The Royal Albert Hall
Offered by westworld-
Price: 10.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars THIS LADY IS PURE MAGICAL TALENT !, 22 Feb 2013
I first saw Emili Sande on tv last years at the BBC gig in Hackney, she was awesome that day, herr albums are great but liver with her full band you quicly realize what an incredible talent we have. Along with Adele and Paloma Faith the UK has the best three female singers in the whole of popular music. This CD/DVD set is chock full of great performances, the band and backing singers on top of their talent, then the lady herself, the smile, the joy she gives out throughout the performance. Every song is top quality, guest appearances by Laberynth (what a great song 'Beneath Your Beautiful'is), the Prof. Green adding his rap to 'Read All About It'. The amazing 19 song set ends with of course, 'Next To You'. The CD contains 16 tracks from the performance, a nice book style packaging full of some great black and white images from all involved, plus an on-the-road film as a bonus on the DVD, make this a really wonderful release. Fans will love it, but with Emili having such a warm and friendly personality new visitors to her music will be hooked at one fabulously good artist.
FFopr good measure we are also treated to two brand new songs. The quality of this set both soundwise and in it's filming is simply superb, and surely thgisis might well be the biggest selling live music recording for 2013, it certainly deserves it, WONDERFUL.

Price: 13.33

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This review is from: TAKE MY HAND (Audio CD)
Alan Nimmo, one half of the Nimmo Brothers formed this new band and what a great album they have produced here. Including bassist of the year award winner Lindsay Coulson. I'd not heard too much of the band until I saw them in December 2012 at a blues weekend and well they were simply sensational.Often that live feel doesn't get the same feel in the studio,well this has ! A mix of rockin' blues some great slower self written songs as well. Alan has a really great voice,strong throughout, and includes here the best version of 'Old Love' I have ever heard,and I'm a massive Clapton fan. This track really packs a kick towars the end where Alan's guitar playing is simply amazing. Throughout this set is of the top drawer, the band are tightly gelled together, The playing order couldn't be bettered.Another standout is the Buddy Guy performed song 'Feels Like Rain',again a stunningly fresh arrangement gives such a depth to a great slice of ballad blues. A massive live favourite 'Mr Highway Man' will get your toes tapping big time, as will the opening track 'Lose Control', these two are I believe Alan's own songs. Eleven songs make up this release, every track is a standout incvluding the wonderful title song. If this band arn't top of the blues band league very quickly then I'll be utterly amazed. With guitars and kilts, this is a band and a an album not to be missed at any price. GET IT!

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