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Fender Stratocaster Tribute Steve Ray Vaughan Miniature Guitar
Fender Stratocaster Tribute Steve Ray Vaughan Miniature Guitar

5.0 out of 5 stars NICE PIECE OF MODELLING, NICE GUITAR, WELL MADE !, 25 Oct 2013
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This is a really nicely made model of Stevie Ray Vaughan's classsic SRV stamped road guitar. It's got that nicely laquer worn look of the real one, It's very nicely priced as well, and ceretainly as good as some much more expensive ones I have on my shelf. About 9" high includes a stand, and looks good. Guitar is well profiled and makes a very pleasing momento of one of the great blues legends. Well worth getting if you collect miniature guitars, if not so far herte's a nice one to begin with !

Jericho Road
Jericho Road
Price: 15.23

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5.0 out of 5 stars TAKE TO THE ROAD WITH ERIC BIBB..., 25 Oct 2013
This review is from: Jericho Road (Audio CD)
Just how does he do it, Eric Bibb has an amazing voice, plays superb guitar, but that is only the beginning. Very few artists consistently produce such brilliant albums, and this is again proof of his talent. The recent three albums have I thought impossible to equal, in the wonderful 'Booker's Guitar' ,he gave us the true art of acoustic blues in an album that was among the best of 2009, then in 2010 'Blues, Ballads and Work Songs', a celebration of hislove of the blues and the songs he grew up with, apart from a few tracks at the end a wholly solo affair, then last year we had 'Deeper In The Well', a slight change indirection in bringing in musicians he'd not recorded with before and peoducged another classic recorded down in Louisiana. Now in 2013 he's produced an album of what is going to be one played and rereleased for years to come. Bringing in producer Glen Scott, adding some African musicians,a horn section here and there, not to mention the strings alongside his voice and guitar on 'They Know', one highlight of so many in this stunning set. Gospel flovoured songs like 'The Lord's work',benefit by having some horns added, the really funky blues beat of 'With My Maker I Am One', will get those toes a moving, as will'Can't please Everybody', the driving rhythm's of 'Freedom train', the more traditional blues style of 'Death Row Blues', even this sounds so fresh and full of new ideas. This does not ever take away that we love so much about his music, Scott adds a new and exiting dimension to produce surely an album worthy of the highest awards going, it must be in there for Grammy's and the major blues awards come next year. It's one album you can't praise highly enough, it's one you've just got to hear for yourself. Eric bibb is one of the great singer/musicians of his generation but this album is just like having the cherry on the cake. Warm, wonderful and utterly enjoyable, every secongd of it !
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Give It Back
Give It Back
Price: 13.71

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5.0 out of 5 stars TEXAS BLUES AND FUNK BY ONE GREAT ARTIST !, 9 Oct 2013
This review is from: Give It Back (Audio CD)
I've seen and enjoyed Hamilton Loomis several times, bought the albums and live DVD, but this time he's really hit the bullseye with a cracker of a release. He has a fine voice, a truly top guitar player, and leads a great band, which on tghthis album includes UK drummer Jamie Little (seen some of the big tours by top artist you've more than likely seen him playing the arena's).
The songs here in the main he's been playing on tour the last couple of years, he's honed them to create on record his superb live sound but with a few additions like backing vocalists on a couple of the songs.
The music throughout is that mixture of blues, funk, soul and a sound thats outside the normal bliues box, music to move your feet to, choruses you soon join in on (go to a live show he encourages it). A major album from a major blues talent, all the way from Fort Worth ,Texas,a dozen songs, all new,all very good indeed, by aan man that leant much from Bo Diddley.
Listen to songs like Eternally, see him live, get his, Live In The Uk album, and your onto one of the most talented and likable young men around today. Want an album of slow 12 bar blues, forget it that's not Hamilton Loomis, he puts the temperature and his music sizzles, 21st Century Blues / just a really fine , and hugely enjoyable set to lioft the spirits. One of the best blues based releases of the year !

Tires Rushing By In The Rain
Tires Rushing By In The Rain
Price: 12.81

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I've seen Martyn Joseph over the years, spoken to him, but most of all heard and enjoyed his amazing music.He is one of the great songwriters, and has over the years produced some truly excellent albums, and he's one of the finest artists Britain has, and you wonder why he's not as big as the Boss. Just listen to another album similar to this new one in 'Evolved' to see what I mean by his incredible songwriting talent. Here though is something rare Martyn recording someone elses songs, and its no less than the Boss he's chosen for this collection. As a massive fan of Bruce's I must admit I wondered when I recieved an e-mail a while back that this release was coming. I need never have worried, like 'Evolved' its jusy Martyn and his guitar. It needs no more, like Bruce he has a superb voice and these songs fit him like a glove.Doing it this way the depth and quality of the lyrics really do breath through every one of the 17 generous songs in this set. Martyn sure has done the odd Bruce song on his live shows, and they've proved very popular, and this five star set shows why.
Very rare for him to do covers, and certainly the first set of this type he's put out, his guitar is so full throughout, the songs flow, the lyrics so clear, you must think Bruce would enjoy thgis himself, and hopefully mention it on his website or the fan magazine.A release I believe many Bruce and Martyn fans will really enjoy over and over again. From the opening,'Growing Up', through 'Walk Like A Man','Land Of Hopes And Dreams','Thunder Road','Blood Brothers','The Promise','Brilliant Disguise','Ghost Of Tom Joad','The River','Badlands', to songs like 'The Rising' and the beautiful 'If I Should Fall Behind' show just how well chosen this set is, the performances throughout are simply stunning and this if there are any rights be a huge album, the toiurur this Autumn will sell out.
One idea here, Hey Bruce how about you doing an album of Martyn's wonderful songs say in the style of 'Devils And Dust', that too would be something to really look forward to. Two great artists of our time,two great songwriters, and this is an album of absolute musical qua;ity..unmissable !

Good Feeling
Good Feeling
Price: 16.61

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5.0 out of 5 stars PAUL CARRACK...ONE OF THE BEST VOICES AROUND !, 23 Aug 2013
This review is from: Good Feeling (Audio CD)
Paul Carrack has over the years proved to be one of the finest artists Britain has ever produced. An excellent musician he is, but as a singer/songwriter he has few equals. From the hits he wrote and sang with Squeeze and later Mike And The Mechanics, proved his incredible worth and lasting quality as an artist of true greatness. The solo albums have all been superb, as a live performer he is out of the top drawer. Saw him earlier this year as part of Eric Clapton's superb tour band where throughout the tour Paul performed some of his great songs as vwewell as playing keys for Eric.
OK background, but now this new album and it's a cracker, full of quite superb songs mostly written by Paul, plus one or two very fine colaberations along the way. Plus, and as a massive Bruce SApringsteen fan, Paul doing his version of 'If I Should Fall Behind', fan of the Boss or not this is a superb cover beautifully played and Paul's voice suits the song perfectly. From the opening'Good Felling' which gets the album off to a really feel good beginning, to a song I'm really growing into ' Marmalade Moon', great in the studio and equally good live. 'Long Ago' was a song he was doing live and it's such a good song and appears here. Another classic PC song 'I Can Hear Ray', is worth the price of the album it's such a great song that I can see being covered many times in the comong years. Another fine track is his cover of the sixties pop song 'When My Little Girl Is Smiling' is again well worth bringing back just as he did with 'When You Walk In The Room',a little while back.
Paul's own songs though are the real heart of this excellent release, 'Nothing Without You','From Now On', and 'I Don't Want To Lose Your Love' are standouts in an album full of them. A mentio too for the excellent saxophone work of Steve Beighton, and Jack Carrack (yep it's his very talented son on board) plkus of gourse Paul on vocals, guitars and keyboards. Look if you want one album you'll play again and again then this is one of those. This is modern music of lasting pleasure and constant replaying...5 STARS easily excellent Paul.

Live At The 55 Arts Club (3dvd+2cd)
Live At The 55 Arts Club (3dvd+2cd)
Price: 23.16

5.0 out of 5 stars OH YES THIS IS LIVE AND ITS ELECTRIC !, 21 Aug 2013
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Lucky Peterson is one of the finest,most exiting and inventive artists playing today. His mix of great blues,stomping funk a wife Tamara Peterson who is also among the best soul/blues singers around. Take this band off to a Berlin Club, set them up and watch them tear the place apart. This amazing set over five discs 2 x live CD's, three DVD's a cracking booklet and your in for one heck of a good time. Lucky plays awesome keys, some firy electric guitar, and for good measure some real deep south slide to get the groove going and your feet moving. Two hights at the club, two complete sets, no repeats, his band doing thier bit on the bonus disc, and they are pretty good themselves.
If yoiu buy one DVD/CD set this year it's just got to be this stunning set by just about the funkiest blues band on the planet, all the way from Texas to Germany then in our homes, this is just as good as music can get. Both Lucky and Tamara have great voices and use them to the full, the three piece band just adds the cherry to a very appetising cake indeed. Live album of the gotta believe this is it, every track is pure blues,funk and soul gold. Unmissable release.

Paradise Valley
Paradise Valley
Offered by Sent2u
Price: 6.80

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5.0 out of 5 stars JOHN MAYER... GREAT SONGS, GREAT SOUND., 21 Aug 2013
This review is from: Paradise Valley (Audio CD)
I'm a big John Mayer fan,loved his early blues influenced albums and live recordings, thought last album Born And Raised was very good also. when I heard about this new one, someone said it was a bit country I thought at first where was he now going to. Well I'll tell you this is a superb album,eleven great songs, John's voice and sublime guitatplaying shines throughout this set. A very nice cover of J J Cale's 'Call Me The Breeze', obviously recorded before JJ's recent death, great bass and rolling beat, one of the best versions of the song I've heard. The duets with first Katy Perry is a great song and again so well performed, as is the track with Frank Ocean, 'Wildfire'. The piano opening of Lost At Sea by Chuck Leavell (Sea Level/Rolling Stones/ plus he's got a great solo album himself this year) is just enjoyable to listen to. The steel guitar on a couple of the songs is played by the superb Paul Franklin (Notting Hillbillies/ Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits) is very tasteful. The opening 'Wildfire' is a cracking Mayer song that gets the whole album off to a great start handclaps and bass before the vocals come in, and John's great guitar all over it. It's very clear again at how good Don Was is at letting the artist develop an album as he has in the past with Neil Diamond and Waylon Jennings among otheres. Again using a small but tight group of superb musicians throughout the session. This is I feel a landmark album for JM, one full to the brim of good things throughout, great songs, vocals and his outsatanding guitarwork make this pne of the years best albums so far. Its a liitle bit couhtry,a little bit blues, a little bit pop but a great big slice of superb music.............Nice Album John,very nice indeed !

Made Up Mind
Made Up Mind
Offered by MEGA Media FBA
Price: 9.28

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5.0 out of 5 stars ALBUM OF THE YEAR...ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT !, 19 Aug 2013
This review is from: Made Up Mind (Audio CD)
Derek Trucks is almost certainly the greatest living slide guitarist, after producing some amazingly good albums with his own band he two years ago brought his wife Susan Tedeschi in and oh boy this is by far the best soul blues band there is. The first album Revelator won several awards and rave reviews. Following this with 2012's live double, again an incredible set with the band delivering an albuim that was diverse, some awesome playing and ST's superb soul based voice. Come 2013 and this new one and what a release it is. The quality of the songs is superb, the band hitting great grooves throughout, Derek Trucks just continues to up the anti as a player, just listen to the opening track the guitar cuts the rhythm gets into the groove before the vocals come in. Whether rockin' or pure soul songs, this album has it all. The band of eleven,yes eleven great musicians not only guitar and keys but a horn section as well. This is a band of real class, but one that's exiting and equally progressive at the same time. Tracks like 'Make Up Mind' and 'whiskey Legs' are rock blues and reaaly lift the rafters (get the next door neighbours to go out and turn it up )' 'Part Of Me' will be in the songs of the year come the fall. The closing 'Calling Out To You' is just Derek and Susan together with another cracker of a ballad song his guitar is so tasty here and her voice which I feel gets better with every release, is now one of the best around. All I will say is just don't miss tyhis wonderfully enjoyable set by a band that deserves success because they have vastly more true talent than many filling the airwaves these days, and this truly is an outstanding release.
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Greatest Hits Live in Concert
Greatest Hits Live in Concert
Price: 4.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars NILE RODGERS & CHIC LIVE...SAYS IT ALL !, 31 July 2013
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Saw Nile Rodgers & Chic at Glastonbury this year, they were simply amazing and should have been headliners on the Sunday night (no reflection on Mumford and Sons who were great), but this was the music that lifts the spirits moves the feet and sends everyone home dancing and happy. This set recoreded in Amsterdam gives us seventy four minutes of that famous Chic groove and funk that dominated the dance scene for so long and of course Nile Rodgers produced the Daft Punk single Get Happy this year that went to number one. He's produced them all Madonna, David Bowie, Debbie Harry, Sister Sledge,Diana Ross,Carly Simon and even Johnny Mathis plus of course Chic his own band. The roots of his music is the incredible groove laid down by the guitar, bass and drums the very soul of groove and funk, a base on which everything else is built, these are truly the great dance tracks.
So to this live set, twelve tracks including all the best known ones including 'Everybody Dance', 'I Want Your Love','Upside Down', 'We Are Family', 'Dance Dance Dance', and of course the big Chic hit, 'Le Freak'. I love this album, just roll back the carpet, getbthe neighbours to go out or come round, turn it up and dance the night away. This ain't music for easy listening though you can if you want, this is music to groove to and enjoy and almost certainly sing along with. Nile Rodgers is one of pops greatest producers, and here live in Amsterdam is twelve very good reasons why. Sound is pretty good but the look at the amazing price, bargain grooves by any standard. Get a copy and have fun, and get fit as you dance away....brilliant !

Eric Clapton - Day by Day: The Early Years 1963-1982 (Day-by-Day Series)
Eric Clapton - Day by Day: The Early Years 1963-1982 (Day-by-Day Series)
by Marc Roberty
Edition: Hardcover
Price: 18.35

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars GREAT IDEA THAT WORKS SUPERBLY, 31 July 2013
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Mark Roberty is Eric Clapton fan number one, followed his entire career, every band, every gig, every trip into any studio in the world, noted who played on every session, every album he's played as guest on, you name it he's recoded it and now released the first part of a two piece pair of books on all these things. As a fan from Eric's days with The Yardbirds, John Mayall, Cream, Delaney & Bonnie, Derek & The Dominos, Blind Faith plus the solo years and been involved on a previous book myself on his time with John Mayall, I looked forward to Mark's latest book on Eric.
This is done diary style loads of pictures, accounts of tours by friends ,fellow musicians, producers, every date in the studio, on the road from University balls to small clubs to the major arenas of the world (of which there will be much more in volume two I'm sure). I found myself going through the times and places I'd seen him, its like reliving your youth at times , like the one day festival in Spalding in the tulip auction rooms there, terrible sound but a line up that included Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Move, Geno Washington's Ram Jam Band, and all for less that a pound. The clubs and town halls where we saw Cream emerging as the ultimate supergroup.
The amazing unreleased recordings of Eric, enough for an album full with George Harrison, recordings with The Rolling Stones, not live cuts but studio ones. There is just so much to enjoy here, start it and hours later your still head down in there absorbing the contents. In his book a few years back Mark said he'd heard then over seventy two hours of unreleased Clapton tracks many better than those released, ummmm ! For any EC fan this book is simply an absolute must, unmissable. Eric celebrates this year fifty years as he puts it further on up the road. If your bought a tour programme this year the whole thing is a listing of his live dates over the years, this book takes those adds photos, posters and much much more to keep any music fan happy for months to come. A labour of love but a book so full of life, of facts, of fantastic recording dates and line up, listings of songs played on every tour on every gig those recoded those not.
Simply get it, music book(s) of the year its just gottsa be !

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