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Origin of Symmetry
Origin of Symmetry
Price: £5.95

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4.0 out of 5 stars My favorite of the three, 7 Jan. 2004
This review is from: Origin of Symmetry (Audio CD)
I find it strange that I am reviewing OoS now, considering I bought the album (on MD) about a year ago. I only since I recently bought absolution that I went back to this album and realised how great it is! The daringness of this album is what really hits me, tracks like screenager and the more *unusual* tracks on this ablum make me appreciate Muse more for the fact that they're not afraid to try something different, something which is not seen of many bands today.
Quick run down on the tracks:
New Born:
The first Muse track I ever heard, and it pulled me in straight away. Great guitar and keyboard licks. One for the mainstream rock fans. Great vocals by Matt in this ones, display his talent with out going too over the top.
It took me while to get into this track, not so sure if should have been realeased as a single. It still oozes talent, fantastic great sweeping keyboard arpeggios, and a gorgeous bass sound from Chris.
Space Dementia:
I love the opening to this! I am a fan of classical piano anyway so I would, but still the way it hits in with the big minor chords, with Matts voice slowly creeping into the first vocal, bloody great! Interesting effect on the chorus, with a slow phase put on Matts voice, not sure if i like it or not sure, but definately different.
Hyper Music:
Fat guitar stuff is great, hence why this is great! Great drumming track. One of my Favorite vocal lines, great sound that hits you as he gets higher in pitch.
Plug in Baby:
The track that made me start playing the guitar! A good track for people new to muse, not my favorite anymore probably because I've played it too much. Great guitar licks, no wonder it was released as a single, definately a rocker-friendly track.
Citezen Erazed:
I can imagine the idea behind this track was, put everything we can into it and see if it works. and it does. From the great harmonics and fat bass riff at the beginning, to the slow and more sombre chorus at the end, this has to be my absolute favorite Muse track. It doesn't ever take you away, its always changing its mood, effects and emotion. Awesome!
This is the ultimate like it or hate it piece. I'm still not sure now where I sit with it. Matts voice is completely falsetto throughout this piece, giving a completely operatic sound (although sometimes its hard to make out the actully words from the notes). Definately a step in the 'try something different' slot, I'm getting to like more every time. Guitar riffs at the end are to die for!
I love this, gorgeous minor+maj7 chords for the musical out there. Acoustic guitar is a nice break from the distortion on the other tracks. Great lyrics, gorgeous chord progressions and a nice use of latin percussion. Definately one of my favorites.
A lot of people dismiss this track as a mediocre track, randomly enough I love it. Large array of different guitar/keyboard solos, ranging from the distortion guitar to start with, brass keyboard, and beatiful highly reverbed acoustic guitar. My favorite vocal piece, the last couple of choruses are soo full of emotion, Matts near enough shouting with anguish toward the end, love it.
Feeling Good:
Classic, I really liked the original Nina Simone version before I even heard of Muse, this just takes a fantastic twist on it, its almost cheesy really, you can imagine one of the mjust playing it for a joke at rehearsal, then realising what a good idea it might be!
Another try something different slot, with the church organ entering halfway through the end. I hardly get to listen to this track being the last, as I'm usually listening on train journey etc. The journeys over before the disc! I still like it, even though its been neglected by me, just love the organ!
right, down to the point, I love this album, since buying absolution, this hasn't left my minidisc player. definately a buy and listen to a couple of times before I like ablum though.
9/10 from me, go on buy it, if will willing to hear something different you won't be dissapointed.

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