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Hozelock Killaspray Plus 10 Litre
Hozelock Killaspray Plus 10 Litre

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1.0 out of 5 stars Pretty dire, 22 July 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I run a 5 man gardening business and needed a sprayer urgently so bought this one off Amazon rather than spend ages sourcing pro spec units. I was expecting a 2-3 day delivery - it took a week, and we missed the job it was inteneded for. Not only that the delivery driver threw it over a fence and we only found it 2 days later after complaining to Amazon about non delivery despite tracking data saying it had been delivered. Amazon still have not got back to me as I write this review.

The unit itself - Usual stuff, plastic, a bit flimsy, especially the wand and trigger mechanism. Instructions are all pictures, apparently aimed at 8 year olds. I wanted this unit in particular because it came bundled with the drift cone which stops breezes dispersing weed killer. This feature is utterly useless and the spray nozzle that is intended for use with the cone is 100% rubbish. The spray pattern varies from minute to minute, it's impossible to get anywhere near even coverage with the cone. You can miss 80% of the ground you think you are spraying. Removal of the cone revealed the true extent of the pattern of this nozzles spray. Basically it would fire liquid in any random direction.........or even not at all if in the mood.

Another very stupid feature is that when you let go of the flimsy trigger, the spray keeps on coming for a few seconds. How dozy is that ? Be careful near anything you don't want to kill off !

Resorting to the second bundled nozzle, this puts out a high pressure jet over a 6 feet distance - a rate that you could weed kill next doors garden over the fence - so imagine trying to use it in a situation close to plants you want to keep.

I wanted to send this thing back but had destroyed the box. Amazon asked me to review the thing, so I took my chance to vent.

Moral: Buy a decent pro spec unitfor twice the price,such as Solo, from a specialist garden supplier.

A Matter Of Life And Death [DVD]
A Matter Of Life And Death [DVD]
Dvd ~ David Niven
Price: £3.60

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5.0 out of 5 stars Jaw dropping, 21 Dec. 2011
I first saw this on TV one afternoon before I knew much about films.

It had just started and was showing Niven in the burning plane talking to June, his soon to be love, at his airbase. I remember thinking 'not another boring old melodrama' and my attention wandered to something else.

Then the scene switched to Heaven, and black and white. At this point I can honestly say that my jaw dropped open and stayed there whilst this scene played out. I was hooked and saw the whole film through and became a Powell and Pressburger devotee without question.

This film, as others have remarked, could probably only have been made in the charged atmosphere of (just) WW2 London. Filming started September 1945.

The film is a masterwork, capturing the psychological damgage inflicted on an individual in wartime with the most astounding use of set pieces e.g. the escalator to Heaven as Peter (Niven) almost loses his grip on life, the Heavenly court scene where thousands of servicemen and women from the current war, as well as servicemen from previous wars, suitably attired, form the audience.

The massing effects as groups of for example, Puritans all put on their hats silently, and in unison, and nurses all sit down silently, in unison, with snappy editing, are just astounding cinema.

On a more pedestrian note, the escalator construction project was called 'Operation Ethel', and overseen by London Transport !!

The film was originally suggested by a government department to cement Anglo-US relations. For Anglo, read David Niven, for US read Kim Hunter.

All the big name in Powell and Pressburger cinmea are here:

Roger Livesey
Kathleen Byron

Natalie Kalmus: Technicolour
Jack Cardiff: Photography
Hein Heckroth: Costumes
Alfred Junge: Production Design


Marius Goring
Raymond Massey
Richard Attenborough

Evocative music by Allan Gray (African Queen, Colonel Blimp, I know where I'm going, Berlin Alexanderplatz)

CEL HT2 20-inch 18V Celgarden Powerhedge Trimmer
CEL HT2 20-inch 18V Celgarden Powerhedge Trimmer
Price: £45.90

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent, even for professionals..., 21 Dec. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I've had this trimmer for several months now, and as a professional year round gardener, I can say it is excellent. I have used it on dozens of hedges, for trimming shrubs, cutting down dead plants etc.

The main advantage is it's lightness, closely followed by no noise and no poisonous 2 stroke fumes.

I used the high power (2.6ah) battery which gives around 45 mins of trigger time.

CEL do seem to have one or two duff batteries, my original 1.3ah one has gone back
to be checked as it doesn't seem to hold it's charge despite modest use (use the 2.6 mostly).

The unit can cut up to about 12mm stems, so it will deal with most hedges that I have come across.

If you want more power and the ability to cut thicker stems, you'll need to spend more on a hideous heavy, noisy, problematic petrol machine, or £360 ish on a Stihl HSA 65 or 85 cordless trimmer, which is going to be my next purchase.

But I still favour this device for 90% of my work, and at £35 for the naked machine, you can't go wrong.

Tip: WD40 the blades fully prior to every use, and allow the machine time to warm up a bit !! Honest...

Munchhausen [1943] [DVD]
Munchhausen [1943] [DVD]
Offered by MediaMine
Price: £4.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars First rate film, strangely melancholic atmosphere., 21 Dec. 2011
This review is from: Munchhausen [1943] [DVD] (DVD)
I have had the DVD of Munchhausen since 2003 and must have watched it 50 times.

The film was released in 1943, and was financed by Goebbels no less. The connection with the Nazis ends there - this is an accomplished re-telling of the Munchhhausen tale, even now.

This particular version was digitally remastered in Australia. The original Agfa colour process, if you don't know about these things, gave pastel colours, so the colouring is not quite what you might expect from a colour film, things look more like a childrens fairy tale book at times. The sound is excellent.

I won't bore you with the plot. Suffice to say it's a re-working of the well known liar Barons outrageous exaggerations using 1942/3 special effects which it has to be said, are very clever, and done with great intelligence.

The music score throughout is similarly truly excellent, and a real asset to the film without doubt.

There is a curious air of melancholy present throughout the film as others have mentioned. Although the Baron himself reaches this condition late in the film as he realises he wishes to renounce the gift of eternal life bestowed on him by the sinister Cagliostro, the feeling is present almost throughout. I'll leave you to your own conclusions. No doubt Nazi Germany figures pretty highly in the analysis...

Munchhausen is a film that stands apart. Witty, technically very clever, musically superb, wordly, imaginative, excellent acting and characterisation, but ultimately rather sad. But always entertaining and highly memorable.

Footnote: Cagliostro, the aforementioned magician in Munchhuasen is played by Ferdinand Marian who was the central character in another film made at the behest of Goebbels, the infamous antisemitic 'Jew Suss'(1940).

Munchhausen is well worth the 4 quid.

Alan Titchmarsh Rubber Wizard Rake (Old Version)
Alan Titchmarsh Rubber Wizard Rake (Old Version)

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1.0 out of 5 stars Fine, when new...., 14 Dec. 2011
I am a professional gardener, working all year round on residential and commercial sites. I bought this rake against my better judgement after several bad experiences with other Bulldog tools, namely edging irons, ratchet secateurs, and pruning saws, all of which failed fairly rapidly despite modest use.

Sure enough, after only a month of intermittent use, the flimsy head started to twist out of shape, the rubber tines constantly work loose from the head and plop out. This means getting out the toolkit onsite and fiddling with minute screws and nuts, the screw heads have worn away and now need replacing.

Today I lost patience with the thing after the tines yet again came adrift in the middle of a job, so I binned the whole rake.

Talking to a garden centre owner a few days ago revealed what I had suspected - Bulldog make many of their tools in China, the quality is truly appalling.

Ok, in my case they might get more use than in a domestic situation, but it's not that heavy.

I use a blower rather than a rake most of the time, the rake id only used as a last resort.

A complaint to Bulldog met with the reply that they have been going for 200 years and have a great reputation.

I've had it with these comedians - I'm switching to Wolf Garten, Felco, Silky and other manufacturers who can design and manufacture a robust, durable product, not a piece of flimsy overpriced rubbish.

You have been warned....
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